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Your “Reader Emails” & Who Was “Jean Jammin” in the BP House? – 9/2/11

Hi Steve:

Please forgive me if these questions have already been asked..but I think they are interesting ones.

1) Is it a requirement that you be single (other than being 1/2 of a power couple) to go on the bachelor pad?…So in other words, are there many contestants that actually have girlfriends and boyfriends back home that they may or may not be speaking about?

2) Who actually stays in the house with the Bachelor/Bacholorette lead? Are there producers that stay on?

3) Who actually stays in the house/mansion with the contestants?

4) How beefed up IS security at the mansion and/or bachelor/bachelorette house…..or do you know>? Is it a million cops or and/or private security?

Comment: 1) Well, I thought it was a requirement, but then they cast Gia, who had a boyfriend back home. Then they cast Kasey & Vienna, who are a couple obviously. Those were the only ones this season that were definitely in a relationship before this show started. I’m sure others had the ol’ standby back in their hometown just like every contestant does every season. Look, for the most part, these are good looking people on this show. These people aren’t hurting for dates. So of course they all have someone back home they could start dating the minute they got back from filming. They just like keeping their options open.

2) The lead is assigned a main producer that goes everywhere with them, and her name is Cassie Lambert.

3) Producers, cameramen, PA’s, etc

4) A million cops? I highly doubt that. They might try to keep everything a secret on this show like it’s the freakin’ CIA, but it’s not that guarded. I mean, we’ve seen how many dates in past seasons have been out in the public for people to take pictures, so, I highly doubt tons of cops are standing guard at the mansion.

Hi Steve,

I’m a big fan of your blog, and I consider you the go-to source on all things Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Anyhow, my question is about Mike Fleiss. Is it just me, or is he the most hideous human being to ever be on camera? Whenever I’ve seen him on TV, I am always taken aback by how unattractive he is. Doesn’t he work in the entertainment industry? And they let him get away with THAT face? And those teeth? He’s worse than the Crypt Keeper. And based on what I’ve read on your blog, he has hooked up with former contestants. That is totally disturbing and it makes my skin crawl. I really am not a shallow person, I just find the contrast between him and the female cast members totally remarkable. You have young, super tan, surgically enhanced, good-looking women… and then you have a modern day Elephant Man. If you didn’t know who he was, you’d never believe that this is the guy behind an over-produced, big budget reality show on a major network. He looks more like a sketchy producer of a po’ man’s Girls Gone Wild shown only on public access channels.

I apologize if this offends you, or if you’ve come to know and love Mike Fleiss as a person. I’m just calling a spade a spade.

Comment: Insulting Mike Fleiss offending me? How? I pretty much agree with everything you said. He’s a total dirtball. However, whether you want to admit it or not, he’s a genius for what he’s been able to do with this franchise. That can’t be disputed.


I enjoy your blogs. I’d ask my husband this question, but there’s not way he’d watch Bachelor Pad. Why do you think guys like Holly so much? Maybe it’s difficult for me to understand, because I am a woman, but I just can’t understand why two guys are after her in the house. She seems to me to be a silly flirt who just wants to enjoy the thrill of emotions. So basically, as a guy, you could have fun with her, but not a real enduring relationship. Maybe that’s it… the reason why guys like her.

Comment: You’re preaching to the choir.

Hey Steve,

Just a thought as I am reading your column from Tuesday. If you think that the producers on Bachelor Pad are slimy enough to lie about how close the votes were between Jake and Kasey on Monday night’s show, who’s to say that they wouldn’t lie about who was getting voted off that week? I’m just saying that if they wanted to create drama, don’t you think it would have created THE MOST drama if on Monday they lied and kicked Kasey off and watched Vienna freak out? Oh wait, if Kasey got voted off early, Vienna would probably pull an Ames and immediately eliminate herself as to not be stuck in a house alone with Jake. And no Vienna = no drama.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on this. I am just curious if you think that the producers have ever lied and kicked someone off an episode of Bachelor Pad (all 8 or 9 episodes in the show’s history) because it will create more drama than who would really be kicked off if they went by the votes.

Thanks for your awesome blog.

Comment: Initially, I would say no way, because it’s a game show and you can’t fix a game show. Can get in waaaaaay too much trouble for doing that. And there are people from Standards and Practices, or whatever that group is called, that are on set of “Bachelor Pad” at all time, making sure stuff like that doesn’t happen.

However with this season? Either those people were asleep the whole time, or they’re blind. Or both. Because it’s completely obvious to me things were being said, and contestants were being coerced into saying and doing things that would keep the more “popular” characters around. No doubt in my mind. I just don’t see anything coming of it. It’s over and done with, and they got the show that they wanted.

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  1. kmreed1

    September 2, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    I think probably Jason was confused about who he would pick. I mean, i could be wrong but i mean he DID go back and choose a different girl lol. And he was always saying how he fell in love with both Melissa and Molly, and I dont think he had enough time to decide.

  2. locondcoco

    September 2, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    To answer the question re: Holly-

    as a guy (yes, who watches this show), i’d have to say probably the flirtiness. guys like their ego stroked…so if a girl is giving you attention (flirting), then you’ll be drawn to it. she also does seem to have a friendly/bubbly personality that is appealing.

    of course i’m not speaking for all guys, but just a generalization. like RS’s comment in a previous comment about “women are emotional creatures…etc”.

  3. mommyof2

    September 2, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    I agree with kmreed1 that Jason must have been confused about who to choose as his final one, considering what happened afterwards.

    Also, I watched the finale of the show Sweet Home Alabama on CMT, and I have to say, that I just loved it! It’s a lot like the Bachelor/ette series, except that it obviously doesn’t have the big bucks for production as the Bachelor/ette franchise has, which is fine by me. The dates seemed real, most of the guys seemed real- particularly the “country” ones (and quite funny, actually!), and I loved Devin, the lead. She was not only beautiful outwardly (more beautiful than any of the lead Bachelorettes), but inwardly as well as she seemed to have been raised with many core values that she still cherishes. She picked a great guy, but the final 2 guy that she didn’t choose was definitely the hottest. And, Tribble (the guy she didn’t choose in the end) will be the next lead in the show that premiere’s Oct. 20th. He’s from Alabama and was the starting QB for Clemson a few years back. I can’t wait to watch him as he’s hotter than any of the former Bachelors, too. Another thing I like about the shopw is that there’s no proposal in the end. They just end of dating and seeing where things go from there, which is much more realistic. Great show!

  4. RavenFischer

    September 2, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    You know what I’ve never seen posted anywhere? Where the “mansion” is. If you’re from the LA area, you probably know it’s on Kanan. 2351 Kanan Road, Agoura Hills, to be exact. Look it up on Google maps if you wanna get the satellite view. And it looks like the house the Bachelor/Bachelorette stays in is right next door (2401 Kanan). So Justin’s “trek” in the ankle cast that he supposedly took a few seasons ago was really right. next. door. Just thought you viewers from around the country might wanna know…

  5. kaw0610

    September 5, 2011 at 9:14 PM

    Obviously the person that asked you if you know who wins Big Brother does not even watch Big Brother him/herself. If they did, they would know that the show is happening in real time (ie: live shows every Thursday, Big Brother live feeds on, Big Brother After Dark on HBO). And of course, the winner is decided live, so unless you can see into the future, no one knows who will win.

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