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Ella’s New Body, More Links, Exclusive “Jean Jammin” Footage, and “Reader Emails” – 9/8/11

Your episode-by-episode spoilers for “Bachelor Pad 2” are in a link at the top of the page, or or click here. The finale spoilers have been included. You’ve been warned.

First gotta thank American Airlines for having WiFi on this flight so I didn’t have to stay up late last night doing the column. Is there anything better than the flight out to Vegas? I say no. Not a better feeling than touching down at McCarran Airport thinking, “I’m gonna destroy this city the next few days.” Lets see what happens. I have a good feeling about this trip (Or I’m just trying to convince myself I have a good feeling so I don’t have any negative karma).

In case you want to check out Erica and Blake’s exit interview from earlier this week, here it is: – Erica and Blake exit interview

Obviously the biggest news yesterday was Ella going under the knife recently and getting five surgeries done to change her look. If you have seen the pics or read the article yet, here it is:

Life and Style Magazine – Ella’s New Body

Now, the biggest beef people had yesterday on email and Twitter was along the lines of, “I thought she was complaining about being poor and wanting to do this for her son? What a hypocrite.” Easy people. That whole surgery was done for free. Why do you think Erica’s dad is quoted in the magazine. It’s free publicity for him, just like it was for Vienna’s nose. Ella didn’t pay a cent for any of that stuff. And lets face it, if you’re a woman who wants to get plastic surgery done like Ella did, whether it be nose, breasts, cheeks, lipo, etc, and someone is gonna offer it to you for FREE, you’re telling me you wouldn’t do the same exact thing? Of course you would. Some of you may be morally against plastic surgery, and that’s fine. I’m not speaking about you. But there isn’t a woman on this planet who if they wanted to get bigger boobs, and knew they could get them for free, wouldn’t jump at the chance. Please. I don’t fault Ella for getting the nose and boobs done. I thought the lipo was a bit excessive because you can naturally burn that off, but whatever. It’s her life. If that’s what she wanted to do for herself, and it was free, I don’t fault her at all.

So ABC sent out a press release Tuesday afternoon saying that Ben was the next “Bachelor.” Here was the link to it:

ABC Press Release – Ben Flajnik is the next “Bachelor”

Couple things here. First, I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard his last name phonetically sounded out. I’ve just always assumed it was pronounced like it’s spelled: FLAJ-nik. Nope, I guess it’s FLANN-ick. Huh? Interesting. You’d think after announcing him as a contestant on Ashley’s season back in April, some time between then and now I would’ve heard his last name pronounced, but until I saw that press release, I had no idea.

Secondly, who writes that garbage in the press release? Seriously? “A rare, modern Renaissance man, Ben dabbles in a lot of hobbies and crafts, such as crab fishing, sailing, golf, skate boarding, surfing, playing piano and singing in a tribute band. He is also quite handy with a hammer and saw, and loves fixing and building things, as well as landscaping.” Ben’s a renaissance man? Could’ve fooled me. Especially after we all saw that “Cream Dream” video that got removed 24 hours after I posted it. The guy is a frat boy, and just like any other guy out there who likes to drink, chase women, and make jokes about masturbation, all while squirting jars of lotion in a video. Please. I know you want to make your lead about to be something special, but that was going a little overboard, no? Ridiculous.

And finally, due to my super duper sources, I was able to get a hold of some footage I think all of you want to see. Remember how Melissa said last week there was some “jean jammin” going on between her and Blake? Well, lookie what I found. Here it is. Warning: There is some cursing and sexual situations in this video. If you’re a prude, don’t watch:

Ha ha. Ok, maybe that wasn’t Blake and Melissa, but it sure made me think of them. That was from “Bad Teacher” and probably the only funny part of the whole movie. Did you or did you not think of Blake and Melissa while watching that clip. I hope the guy sitting next to me on the plane isn’t wondering right now, “Is that guy watching porn on the flight?”

Glad I told everyone to get their emails in on Tuesday. A full bag this week. Some good ones, some not so good ones, and of course, some repetitive ones. Enjoy…

Hi Steve!!

First off, love your blog and your dog Maddie is so cool almost as cool as my 2 doggies. I wish you would share more of your spotlight with her though, we like hearing about your dog.

I have not seen you address this before but I was curious if you have ever noticed how the girls are usually shown hanging out in sweats, hair up in a knot and no makeup on as they wait for date cards. Yea I know cameras are on 24/7 so they will catch them out of their best, but they should at least comb their hair knowing the whole world is watching. Do you think the producers do this on purpose and don’t let them get all dolled up?

Also during the hometown dates they always visit beautiful houses, which I know belong to the parents usually. It makes me think there is an income requirement in order to be casted. Never do we visit a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Is their credit rating that important on the show?

Have a good day 🙂

Comment: Not every girl wakes up in the morning dressed in full makeup with their hair done. This isn’t a soap opera. Those date cards when Chris arrives is very early in the morning, and since most of the people stay up late, no one’s gonna be ready to go dressed to the nine’s at 8:00am every day.

There are plenty of houses during hometown dates that I’ve seen which weren’t all that extravagant. Obviously, Chantal’s home last year was an exception rather than the norm. Sure, the inside is decorated how the producers want it if they don’t like the original look, but I haven’t really noticed too many super wealthy families. A few here and there but nothing like you’re talking about.

Was hoping someone else would ask my question, but since you mentioned you would take a break from readers e-mails I will ask myself.

Does the rejected (F2) bachelor/bachelorette who appears on the After the Final Rose episode bring a support system with them? After they get done talking to Chris and then talking with the lead who dumped them, do they have a family or friends in the back to lean on?

I can’t image Ben would just hang out in the back by himself after reliving being dumped on national TV? I do understand there are several months between the actual dumping and the filming of the ATFR, but it still has to be emotional to see the person you were going to propose to (or for the females, hoped you were going to be proposed to) for the first time in front of an audience.

I know the question is rather random, but I always wonder and you have *answered* some really random questions:)

Comment: They’ve brought friends and family before, but geez, it’s not like the person hasn’t gotten over it by then. For the most part, all of them have moved on. I think once they watch it back for the first time, it conjures up some emotion, but by and large, they’re at least 2 months removed from the situation. I don’t think these people need to be put on suicide watch or anything. It’s a silly TV show and once they’re removed from it, I’m sure they’re fine. Sure seems like Ben is. The guy hung out with Britt after getting dumped by Ashley, then went on a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and now he’s the “Bachelor.” So anything you saw in the finale, you gotta remember when watching the “After the Final Rose” was two months previous, and that guy probably went home and banged plenty of chicks while the show was airing. Pretty much what all the contestants do once they get home since women pretty much throw themselves at them because they saw them on TV. Pretty ridiculous, but that’s they way it happens.

Hi Steve,

Okay, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re going to say, but WHY WHY WHY is Ben the bachelor? He is so boring, just like Ashley was. I know everyone, including myself, will watch the show no matter what, and that the method of recycling people is tried and true, but COME ON!!!

Couldn’t they pick someone else from the franchise to be the lead? Like Michelle Money or Natalie Getz? Someone like them would be familiar, likable and actually interesting to watch. Natalie apparently is getting her own show, which sounds really dumb, so why can’t they make her the bachelorette?

Comment: Because he was the final 2 guy and has a backstory heading into this season where plenty of people want to see him end up with someone in the end. Michelle and Natalie as the lead wasn’t gonna happen because this isn’t the “Bachelorette.” It’s the same thing I say every single season: Just because you don’t like the lead, doesn’t mean plenty of other people don’t. When Brad was announced, it was “Why him again?” or “I’m not watching, we already saw him once” or “This show is ridiculous” – then over 10 million people watched the finale. Same was said about Ali, and about Jake, and about Jillian, and about Jason, and about DeAnna. On and on and on. You’re gonna have people that like the lead, and people that don’t. It’s pointless to debate. He’s the “Bachelor”, nothing you say is gonna change it, and you’re still gonna watch.

As for Natalie getting her own show with Jesse Kovacs and Wes, nothing is a done deal until a network picks it up. All their doing is shooting a show, then they have to pitch it to networks to see if they want it. Might happen, might not. Impossible to say at this point. Networks might say they’re interested now, but they’re the most fickle people on the planet. There were plenty of networks that were showing interest in DeAnna and Holly’s double wedding to the Stagliano’s last summer, then that never got picked up. So you never know.

Hi Steve, thanks for always making this franchise more entertaining! I am so glad I found your blog after Jason´s season (I know you´ve said before that´s when most people found it) I do have a question, but it doesn´t have anything to do with the Bachelor. I know you said the other day that you have received emails asking you about the tweets to Jennifer Love Hewitt. I thought it was really funny from the beginning, because they were so cheesy. So I do get the sense of humor. I´m just curious as to why you started doing it now, and not before. I mean, you have always talked about how you liked her and everything. Are you trying to make fun of her, or hoping she will notice that you´re being just funny? I get that it´s not serious, that it´s just funny, but I don´t get the purpose behind it. To make fun, or for her to think that you are funny, or just to be funny, which it is. So just curious. It´s entertaining to me! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your humor, putting smiles on people´s faces is always a good thing! My favorite thing you´ve done so far was writing like Ashley Spivey would talk, ahahaha, it made me laugh so hard every time. Oh, and all the Weatherman´s different nick names.

Anyways, I read Natalie´s blog here and there, and in the same page I saw that Blake was writing a blog as well. Lately you have been talking about his vocabulary, so I thought you´d like these little gems 🙂 You might have read it already, you probably are aware, but you always entertain and I thought this might entertain you. Copy and paste straight from Blake´s blog…

– The rising sun ushers in a new day, and along with it Chris Harrison to announce the return of the kissing contest…
– It seems to be human nature that we are often drawn inexorably to what we can’t have, and if we do have someone special in our lives, we don’t know how great they are until they’re gone. (That’s right, two clichĂ©s. One sentence. BOOM!)
– It’s this very mercurial nature of love that makes it so elusive, and yet so highly sought after.
– The starlit sky was ablaze with a million tiny diamonds and the moonlight washed over the snow in a cascade of luminescence. And yet, the most breathtaking sight of the evening was the woman sitting to my left.

Comment: Jennifer Love Hewitt will never respond to one of my tweets, nor do I expect her to. People are totally missing the point. I’m having fun and that’s essentially it. I could’ve chosen any celebrity to do that to, but I chose her because she became part of the “franchise” once her date with Ben got out. Nothing more, nothing less. If I wanted her to respond to me, I’d just retweet her personally so that only people following both of us would see what I write. Why do you think I put the whole thing in my Twitter feed? So that everyone sees what a smart ass I’m being.

Yeah, Blake sure has a way with words. But hey, it nabbed him a fiancé so I guess whatever works for him.

Do they contestants know when the date cards arrive every day? It seems like contestants on bachelor/bachelorette/bachelor pad are all coincidentally waiting when the doorbell rings.

Comment: I’m guessing they kinda know the date card has arrived. They don’t just randomly happen to go outside every single episode right when it’s there.

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  1. quesara

    September 8, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    Wow, my opinion of Ella just changed 100%. I always thought she was the most genuine and naturally beautiful woman on the show, loved that she was more voluptuous and “real” than all the other size 2 girls. Now she has the same straight nose and big fake boobs as most of the rest of them. SAD…

  2. kimone

    September 8, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    I wouldn’t be that judgmental of Ella. Steve couldn’t have said it better and he’s absolutely right…what woman would turn down FREE plastic surgery? Some, yes, but not a lot. Women are too critical of themselves to turn down a free opportunity to look better. It’s just a fact of life. Women don’t see what other people see. They only know and believe what they see in the mirror and most don’t like it. My only problem with Ella was like everyone else said, one minute she’s crying about needing money, next minute goes and has plastic surgery. So knowing it was free cleared up that for me. I say more power to her!

  3. ILoveRS

    September 8, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    Oh, Ella. I was JUST WATCHING last Monday, thinking, WOW- Ella is REALLY PRETTY and I hadn’t noticed it when she was on Jake’s season. Now, I learn that she’s altered her appearance..? I’m so sad. She was truly a natural beauty. She’s just not who I thought she was. Bummer. Let’s all be grateful when we look in the mirror and see our beauty…. and remind our daughters too!

  4. SherryfromD

    September 8, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    I thought she was really pretty too. I never noticed anything wrong with her nose.

  5. elhe

    September 8, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    How long before reports begin to surface that Holly is pregnant and that is why Blake proposed after about three months of dating? BabyPad?????

    That revelation would explain why the vote was so skewed towards Michael and Holly instead of Michelle and Graham as I feel personally (from what was shown) the cast was closer to Michelle and Graham as a couple than Michael and Holly, given the obvious Michael/Holly/Blake triangle. Obviously, I only know what I was “suppose to see” (thanks to Fleiss) to assume that dynamic.

    With that said, if Holly is pregnant and the BP2 cast knew that, I could see why they would pick Michael and Holly as to help out Holly with upcoming life changes and for Michael because he is a quality guy, from what was shown and how others have spoken of him.

    In my opinion from only what I saw each week and not Steve’s spoilers or TwitterPad, Michelle and Graham have played the game strategically, genuinely without backstabbing or drama thus far as of Blake and Erica leaving. If I remember correctly, Steve alluded to his assumption being that BP2 cast would not favor Michael and Holly over Michelle and Graham because of the collective mood/inter workings behind the seasons towards Holly because of the Michael/Blake drama.

    Yes, my first post and also email to Steve directly is an out-there conspiracy one! I just can not help but wonder if this glorious shock of a proposal that will be flaunted in all our faces at Michael’s expense for ratings is truly because Holly is pregnant and not solely because these two individuals are deeply and unconditionally in love and found their soul mate.

    Something is off. BabyPad? Thoughts?

  6. DawsMA

    September 8, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    elhe, I just don’t see that being the case, although crazier things have happened in this franchise. If she ever is pregnant, we would know about it. How? Because Steve would know about it if the cast/crew knew about it. Simple as that!

    Ironically Holly and Blake knew each other longer than other Bachelor/-ette couples prior to getting engaged. They’ve been together in the “real world,” unlike couples like Ashley and JP.

  7. zabbadoo

    September 8, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    She looks really different in the face for only having had her nose done.

    At some point during Ashley’s season, I remember hearing Ben introduce himself with his last name. Maybe it was meeting her family? It was only uttered once though – I thought it was FLAJ-nik too until I hear that.

  8. Tiffany_Michelle

    September 9, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Ben pronounced his last name on the show when he introduced himself to Neil Lane.

  9. nora j

    September 9, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    RS….I think you said no woman would reject a free boob job…I wouldn’t get a boob job even if it were free. It’s superficial and fake and I’m scared to be cut open..there’s a risk to all major surgeries and to go through that risk just for bigger boobs seems very superficial.

  10. JenJen

    September 10, 2011 at 12:00 AM

    Nora, what Steve ACTUALLY said was that no woman who WANTED a boob job would turn down the free surgery. He didn’t say all women want surgery. =/

  11. poddington

    September 10, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    the free Neil Lane ring puts a whole new spin on the Blake- Holly-blindside poor Mike on TV thing. Blake and Holly are narcissistic and dreadful and we are supposed to be happy for them? Things like octomom and this make me fear civilization is coming to an end.

    Did Ella have the surgery pre or post BP? I though she was looking a little “lusher” than on her bach season, but assumed she had gotten lip injections and maybe a boob job only.

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