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Ella’s New Body, More Links, Exclusive “Jean Jammin” Footage, and “Reader Emails” – 9/8/11

Hey Steve,

Do you know if those two idiots, Vienna sausage and Krazy Kasey are still together after doing the Bachelor Pad? Either those two have absolutely no respect for each other or the editing on the show is incredible. Never was a fan of either, but even moreso now. They’re both annoying as crap.

Comment: Yes, they are still together. They bought a place recently in LA. Have you not seen them ONCE at all these premiere parties, or tweeting, or anything? Geez. I can’t go a couple days without getting some sort of update on them on the internet. How have you not seen this?

Good Morning Steve – can you please tell me if Blake and Molly are seeing one another – now that the show is over. My daughter and her girlfriends are dying to know. The smiles they shared and the chemistry surrounding them was so beautiful.

Comment: This email came before I posted the finale spoilers. However, has this person read ANY of my “Bachelor Pad” columns this season. I’ve been saying since Week 1 these two have been dating since the show ended. And now they’re engaged. So yes, Blake and Molly are still together. It was rough at first, since Molly was with Jason. But she pulled a “Jason”, had a change of heart, and now is with Blake. What a great couple. Really? Blake and Molly? People never cease to amaze me.

Hi, Reality Steve,

A couple of Bachelor thoughts:

Couldn’t agree with you more about Blake. He definitely has a snakey
quality to him. Obviously, Michael doesn’t like him, but Michelle also has
strong negative feelings about him and so do others on the show.
I know there is editing and that at home, we don’t see the whole story, but sometimes,
you can’t hide “bad seed,” and that seems to be what Blake is. Blake and Holly
may be going strong right now, but I’ll be shocked if they’re still together in a few
months. Of course, I guess we could say that about most couples born from this franchise.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this issue discussed in your column, but do you know
if ABC has ever thrown around the idea of having the Bachelor shows on more than
three times a year? (meaning, #1 Bachelor in Jan., #2 Bachelorette in the summer, and
#3 Bachelor Pad at summer’s end?) For instance, Ben’s season is ready to start
filming. What if Ryan was also cast as Bachelor, with filming simultaneous to Ben’s.
Obviously, they would need to double-up on crew, expenses, editing, etc. Then, right
after Ben’s season finishes airing in March, they could immediately air Ryan’s season,
and by then, it would be time for the May Bachelorette season to start.

Of course, there are programming issues with other ABC shows, increased production costs, and more work, but the bottom line is…….since this franchise is so successful ratings-wise, why not figure out a way to have it run almost year-round? You could still recycle old contestants to be the bachelor/ette, because, as evidenced by Bachelor Pad, we obviously haven’t forgotten or lost our interest in contestants of years gone by.

I guess there is the issue of over-exposure. Maybe part of the reason this franchise
is so successful is because we have to wait a few months in between each show, so
when a new season airs, we’re ready to pounce.

OK, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Thanks again for all of your writings.
You don’t know how many laughs you’ve inspired and how much more fun
you’ve made watching this show.

Comment: It would be overkill if it was more than 3 times a year, without a doubt. One of each season, plus, “Bachelor Pad” is enough. They’d never run seasons back-to-back without some sort of break. “Bachelor” goes Jan thru March, two month break, then “Bachelorette” begins, and immediately into “Bachelor Pad.” The only other time they could run another season would be in September thru November, but that’s DWTS season on ABC and it’s impossible to pull off. That’s why it comes back in Jan for two months, then during their two month break before “Bachelorette”, DWTS runs its spring season. You can’t have both of those shows on at the same time because they’re both 2 hours.

Hi Steve,

Do you know what is up (if anything) between David Goode and Natalie or Jesse?

I saw a clip of Goode on Youtube and he was doing his recaps and “predictions”, and it sounded like he read your entire spoiler section first.

Also, about what Kasey said when he called out Vienna about David and Wes? Any new details you can share?

Has David run through a list of of the franchise women?


Comment: Nothing is going on between Dave and either of those girls now. In the past? Yes. Now? No.

Of course he knows about the spoilers. All of them do. They’re just not allowed to ever utter my name in a tweet or in an interview, etc.

Dave admitted on Twitter that the Vienna story was true. I’m glad he admitted it because he would’ve been a liar if he denied it. Not sure what Wes said.

Yes, to say that Dave has had his fair share of former contestants would be an understatement. He’s probably in the lead if I had to guess.

I’ve found it interesting that not all the recycled leads seemed likable on their first go-around: like the show making clear that some of the other girls found DeAnna to be a snotty b**** when she was on Brad’s 1st season and that most if not all of the guys on Jillian’s season thought Jake was a cliche-spouting robot. Of course, a sympathetic edit doesn’t tell the whole story either. I seem to remember one of Ashley’s fellow contestants (maybe Shawntel) saying that she annoyed a lot of them with all the insecurity stuff.

Do you know if any former contestants who had to live in the mansion with future leads like Ali, Jason, etc (and I guess Ben is part of the list now) had anything interesting to say about them that ABC chose not to share with us?

Comment: I’m sure every lead has had people from their seasons that didn’t like them, and others that did. From what I can gather, Ben was well liked in the house. As was Bentley. The guys really didn’t have a clue about the Bentley stuff until it started airing, which happens a lot. Once you get home, producers give you a heads up of what to expect from your edit, but until it actually airs, you never know. And yes, certain people have been told, “Hey, sorry. We had to edit you like this. It was really good TV.” So that should tell you all you need to know.

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  1. quesara

    September 8, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    Wow, my opinion of Ella just changed 100%. I always thought she was the most genuine and naturally beautiful woman on the show, loved that she was more voluptuous and “real” than all the other size 2 girls. Now she has the same straight nose and big fake boobs as most of the rest of them. SAD…

  2. kimone

    September 8, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    I wouldn’t be that judgmental of Ella. Steve couldn’t have said it better and he’s absolutely right…what woman would turn down FREE plastic surgery? Some, yes, but not a lot. Women are too critical of themselves to turn down a free opportunity to look better. It’s just a fact of life. Women don’t see what other people see. They only know and believe what they see in the mirror and most don’t like it. My only problem with Ella was like everyone else said, one minute she’s crying about needing money, next minute goes and has plastic surgery. So knowing it was free cleared up that for me. I say more power to her!

  3. ILoveRS

    September 8, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    Oh, Ella. I was JUST WATCHING last Monday, thinking, WOW- Ella is REALLY PRETTY and I hadn’t noticed it when she was on Jake’s season. Now, I learn that she’s altered her appearance..? I’m so sad. She was truly a natural beauty. She’s just not who I thought she was. Bummer. Let’s all be grateful when we look in the mirror and see our beauty…. and remind our daughters too!

  4. SherryfromD

    September 8, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    I thought she was really pretty too. I never noticed anything wrong with her nose.

  5. elhe

    September 8, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    How long before reports begin to surface that Holly is pregnant and that is why Blake proposed after about three months of dating? BabyPad?????

    That revelation would explain why the vote was so skewed towards Michael and Holly instead of Michelle and Graham as I feel personally (from what was shown) the cast was closer to Michelle and Graham as a couple than Michael and Holly, given the obvious Michael/Holly/Blake triangle. Obviously, I only know what I was “suppose to see” (thanks to Fleiss) to assume that dynamic.

    With that said, if Holly is pregnant and the BP2 cast knew that, I could see why they would pick Michael and Holly as to help out Holly with upcoming life changes and for Michael because he is a quality guy, from what was shown and how others have spoken of him.

    In my opinion from only what I saw each week and not Steve’s spoilers or TwitterPad, Michelle and Graham have played the game strategically, genuinely without backstabbing or drama thus far as of Blake and Erica leaving. If I remember correctly, Steve alluded to his assumption being that BP2 cast would not favor Michael and Holly over Michelle and Graham because of the collective mood/inter workings behind the seasons towards Holly because of the Michael/Blake drama.

    Yes, my first post and also email to Steve directly is an out-there conspiracy one! I just can not help but wonder if this glorious shock of a proposal that will be flaunted in all our faces at Michael’s expense for ratings is truly because Holly is pregnant and not solely because these two individuals are deeply and unconditionally in love and found their soul mate.

    Something is off. BabyPad? Thoughts?

  6. DawsMA

    September 8, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    elhe, I just don’t see that being the case, although crazier things have happened in this franchise. If she ever is pregnant, we would know about it. How? Because Steve would know about it if the cast/crew knew about it. Simple as that!

    Ironically Holly and Blake knew each other longer than other Bachelor/-ette couples prior to getting engaged. They’ve been together in the “real world,” unlike couples like Ashley and JP.

  7. zabbadoo

    September 8, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    She looks really different in the face for only having had her nose done.

    At some point during Ashley’s season, I remember hearing Ben introduce himself with his last name. Maybe it was meeting her family? It was only uttered once though – I thought it was FLAJ-nik too until I hear that.

  8. Tiffany_Michelle

    September 9, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Ben pronounced his last name on the show when he introduced himself to Neil Lane.

  9. nora j

    September 9, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    RS….I think you said no woman would reject a free boob job…I wouldn’t get a boob job even if it were free. It’s superficial and fake and I’m scared to be cut open..there’s a risk to all major surgeries and to go through that risk just for bigger boobs seems very superficial.

  10. JenJen

    September 10, 2011 at 12:00 AM

    Nora, what Steve ACTUALLY said was that no woman who WANTED a boob job would turn down the free surgery. He didn’t say all women want surgery. =/

  11. poddington

    September 10, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    the free Neil Lane ring puts a whole new spin on the Blake- Holly-blindside poor Mike on TV thing. Blake and Holly are narcissistic and dreadful and we are supposed to be happy for them? Things like octomom and this make me fear civilization is coming to an end.

    Did Ella have the surgery pre or post BP? I though she was looking a little “lusher” than on her bach season, but assumed she had gotten lip injections and maybe a boob job only.

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