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Ella’s New Body, More Links, Exclusive “Jean Jammin” Footage, and “Reader Emails” – 9/8/11

Hey Steve:

Love your clolum..You really need to be writing on a comedy show somewhere.

Couple of Questions: Here Goes:

1) No offense to Ben personally, but do YOU (personally) think he can carry a show? If the answer is no, who would YOU have thought personally would have made a better bachelor? I know people were asking you after the season ended, but would you mind answering again? Again I don’t mean to be rude to Ben, but if you READ people like I do, and it sounds like you do, and quite well I will say, there was something that just never seemed genuine about Ben and the way he expressed his feelings. I don’t know if it WAS because he was so closed up emotionally prior to coming on the show, but it just seems to me THAT if you are really trying to pull someone into your world AND you are sincere about it, you are going to come across a little bit more genuine. Go back to the wedding proposal, it just seemed off..IF you are going to ask someone to marry you, I would think you would be more romantic about it and not just blurt out..WILL YOU MARRY ME.
You have to admit something just wasn’t right..With that said..(sorry as I know there are about 5 questions in this ONE) Do you think HE thought they would be engaged because again, he looked like he was just going through the motions.

2) Blake: Do these people have jobs? πŸ™‚ I know Blake is a dentist and I could probably look this up,
but is he in private practice where he can JUST take as much time off as he wants? You have to admit doing the 2 shows back to back would take a chunk of time out of his business life. An insurance probably wouldn’t have to ask..but a demanding profession such as dentistry leaves you curious how someone could take all that time off. I realize The Bachelor Franchise is an entertainment organization but would you admit yourself not being able to see any kind professional energy, so to speak, connected to any of these people from their real lives while doing the show? Maybe it’s a prerequisite that you leave the work stuff at home, and although MOST of these people ARE professionals you would think at least once in a while you would see their professional demeanor creeping through somewhere in their personality to identify and/or match their profession. I think the closest thing that screamed or labeled Blake as a dentist was when they showed him brushing his teeth! Is it just me, or does that make sense?

Thanks so much for your patience and your answers! πŸ™‚

Comment: 1) Doesn’t matter if I think Ben can carry a show. He doesn’t have to. The 25 women, the dates, the drama, and the cattiness is what carries it. Not the lead. Don’t know how much clearer I could be about that. It’s why the show consistently draws between 8-10 million viewers every Monday night, no matter who the lead is. They have a formula that works, plain and simple.

2) Lets face it, we’re not dealing with any future CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies when we talk about the contestants on this show. I mean, I’m 36, college educated, have a full time job, and do quite well for myself, and I’d be able to do this show and take off 8 weeks or whatever if need be. So it is possible.

Hi Steve,

I was a little surprised by the responses of the women last night in the Nearly Wed game regarding how many dates do they think it’s okay to have sex. There were answers like 22 and 32.. that seemed high. I know some may have been kidding or not truthful (like Vienna)… so wanted to ask the resident relationship expert how many dates do you think is okay to have sex. I would say about 7. I just met a new guy and don’t want to move too fast. How many dates would you say is okay where you would still respect the woman?

Comment: 1. Do him as soon as you can before you lose him. Hey, Dr. Reality Steve has returned!

First time writing, love your blog, read it all the time.

My questions:

1. When they pick a new Bachelor/Bachelorette do they go by popular choice? If so, I have read a lot online that people are not happy on Ben F being picked.

2. Do you know how much evolvement Chris harrison has with the show? All we see him on tv do is say “this is the final rose tonight” lol they show him sitting with the lead having an “intimate conversation” about their feelings from time to time. Are those conversations rewritten? Because if Ashley choose jp as the one mentally early on, all their conversations had to be written for them! Ya know?

3. Why is the ground always wet outside….. Just kidding πŸ™‚

Comment: 1) Has been addressed ad nauseum this column already.

2) Not much. He’s not nearly as important to the show as he thinks he is. Basically just a mouthpiece, that’s all.

OK….. so, so tacky of Holly and Blake to get engaged BEFORE
taping of the finale, have the proposal conveniently recorded
so that they can show it during the finale, and somehow…..someway,
Holly just, darn, CAN’T get ahold of Michael prior to taping to
tell him in private…..? Gee, and to think I thought they rubbed
their dating in his face so much…..didn’t realize it could get worse for Michael.

I’m glad Michael won some money, but with Holly winning, it feels
like Blake won the dough as well, since he’s now engaged to her.
Hopefully, the girl has some money smarts and won’t just hand it
over to Blake, but use it for herself and her own family or maybe
even give some to charity.

I got married at age 33 and have been happily married for 15 years. Since I got
married rather “late” for a woman, I had many relationships prior, some
long-term, some not. Let me tell you something……to get engaged with
only knowing a person a couple of months is not a good thing. The odds
are NOT in your favor. Heck, you haven’t even had time to have an argument
with the person. You’re still in “gaa-gaa” land, where you feel in love and get
butterflies around the other person. But to make a marriage work, you have
to make sure you’re compatible, dealing with life’s reality. Those two certainly
have not had time for that. Could it work? Could they get married and stay
married a lifetime? Possibly, but absolutely not likely.

OK, I’m stepping down from my box now. Have a great time in Vegas,
Reality Steve.

Comment: Very good email and well thought out. You’re preaching to the choir.

Ok, so where do these girls get all these nice clothes to wear to all these rose ceremonies. It is crazy! No real girl who has a kid or has a regular job can afford to buy all those clothes or at least all the girls I know. Well I do live in Mississippi, not the fashion capital of America, if you didn’t already know but we got our own thing going on down here in the south. But anyways I digress, does the show buy these girls all those dresses. They have to! And another thing how long has Holly known Blake? That is crazy that she would marry him over Michael. He is cookie cutter cute and Michael is just so handsome and sweet! Stupid but I know how you feel about that whole situation just wanted you to know that there are people who agree with you on it. Well hope you post the email cause I really would like to know. Thanks sweetness. πŸ™‚

Comment: You probably answered your own question when you said you were from Mississippi.

Pretty much all these girls borrow dresses from friends before leaving.

Hi Steve,

Thought I should start out by letting you know you have a reader in North Dakota! This is valuable information because I know many people actually think its in another country. And that we probably don’t have the internet yet.

Anyway, I love reading your column every week and think you make watching the Bach series SO much more enjoyable. I especially enjoy the way that you expose reality television for the fake manipulation that it really is. Which makes for great mindless entertainment for me. So Thanks.

My question is….In your opinion, do you think Graham and Michelle actually came up with that strategy on their own for the Nearlywed Game? I think the producers wanted to see their storyline develop more, told them what the game was, and planted the strategy for them to use. It would make sense! That way the producers are still controlling who gets to go on the one-on-one date, and who will make it another week. I also wonder if there was any producer manipulation involved in the fact that Michael didn’t find out about Blake & Holly’s engagement until the finale taping. Either that, or Holly really hates Michael a lot to make him find out that way.

Lastly, the Real Housewives first recap was hilarious. The best on your site other than your recaps.

Comment: You’re right. I had no idea you guys had internet capabilities there. Congrats.

I think both your points are excellent. It’s all speculation at this point because it’s impossible to prove unless Michelle and Graham admitted it publicly, but, knowing the way this show works and how much producers have a say in things behind the scenes, would it surprise me if they were tipped off to go that route with their game play in the Nearlywed Game? Absolutely not.

Blake and Holly’s engagement happened on Sunday, by Monday night, all the contestants had their phones taken away and were sequestered and not allowed to see each other. So, it didn’t give Holly a lot of time to contact Michael, but I’m sure they were told not to tell him anyway because they wanted to get a sincere reaction from the guy once he found out about it on the show. There’s no doubt.

Those in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, I’ll be on with Kidd Kraddick Monday morning to discuss the “Bachelor Pad” finale. Don’t know what time, but last month, I was on during the 8:00 hour. Send your emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you Tuesday.

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  1. quesara

    September 8, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    Wow, my opinion of Ella just changed 100%. I always thought she was the most genuine and naturally beautiful woman on the show, loved that she was more voluptuous and “real” than all the other size 2 girls. Now she has the same straight nose and big fake boobs as most of the rest of them. SAD…

  2. kimone

    September 8, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    I wouldn’t be that judgmental of Ella. Steve couldn’t have said it better and he’s absolutely right…what woman would turn down FREE plastic surgery? Some, yes, but not a lot. Women are too critical of themselves to turn down a free opportunity to look better. It’s just a fact of life. Women don’t see what other people see. They only know and believe what they see in the mirror and most don’t like it. My only problem with Ella was like everyone else said, one minute she’s crying about needing money, next minute goes and has plastic surgery. So knowing it was free cleared up that for me. I say more power to her!

  3. ILoveRS

    September 8, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    Oh, Ella. I was JUST WATCHING last Monday, thinking, WOW- Ella is REALLY PRETTY and I hadn’t noticed it when she was on Jake’s season. Now, I learn that she’s altered her appearance..? I’m so sad. She was truly a natural beauty. She’s just not who I thought she was. Bummer. Let’s all be grateful when we look in the mirror and see our beauty…. and remind our daughters too!

  4. SherryfromD

    September 8, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    I thought she was really pretty too. I never noticed anything wrong with her nose.

  5. elhe

    September 8, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    How long before reports begin to surface that Holly is pregnant and that is why Blake proposed after about three months of dating? BabyPad?????

    That revelation would explain why the vote was so skewed towards Michael and Holly instead of Michelle and Graham as I feel personally (from what was shown) the cast was closer to Michelle and Graham as a couple than Michael and Holly, given the obvious Michael/Holly/Blake triangle. Obviously, I only know what I was “suppose to see” (thanks to Fleiss) to assume that dynamic.

    With that said, if Holly is pregnant and the BP2 cast knew that, I could see why they would pick Michael and Holly as to help out Holly with upcoming life changes and for Michael because he is a quality guy, from what was shown and how others have spoken of him.

    In my opinion from only what I saw each week and not Steve’s spoilers or TwitterPad, Michelle and Graham have played the game strategically, genuinely without backstabbing or drama thus far as of Blake and Erica leaving. If I remember correctly, Steve alluded to his assumption being that BP2 cast would not favor Michael and Holly over Michelle and Graham because of the collective mood/inter workings behind the seasons towards Holly because of the Michael/Blake drama.

    Yes, my first post and also email to Steve directly is an out-there conspiracy one! I just can not help but wonder if this glorious shock of a proposal that will be flaunted in all our faces at Michael’s expense for ratings is truly because Holly is pregnant and not solely because these two individuals are deeply and unconditionally in love and found their soul mate.

    Something is off. BabyPad? Thoughts?

  6. DawsMA

    September 8, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    elhe, I just don’t see that being the case, although crazier things have happened in this franchise. If she ever is pregnant, we would know about it. How? Because Steve would know about it if the cast/crew knew about it. Simple as that!

    Ironically Holly and Blake knew each other longer than other Bachelor/-ette couples prior to getting engaged. They’ve been together in the “real world,” unlike couples like Ashley and JP.

  7. zabbadoo

    September 8, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    She looks really different in the face for only having had her nose done.

    At some point during Ashley’s season, I remember hearing Ben introduce himself with his last name. Maybe it was meeting her family? It was only uttered once though – I thought it was FLAJ-nik too until I hear that.

  8. Tiffany_Michelle

    September 9, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Ben pronounced his last name on the show when he introduced himself to Neil Lane.

  9. nora j

    September 9, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    RS….I think you said no woman would reject a free boob job…I wouldn’t get a boob job even if it were free. It’s superficial and fake and I’m scared to be cut open..there’s a risk to all major surgeries and to go through that risk just for bigger boobs seems very superficial.

  10. JenJen

    September 10, 2011 at 12:00 AM

    Nora, what Steve ACTUALLY said was that no woman who WANTED a boob job would turn down the free surgery. He didn’t say all women want surgery. =/

  11. poddington

    September 10, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    the free Neil Lane ring puts a whole new spin on the Blake- Holly-blindside poor Mike on TV thing. Blake and Holly are narcissistic and dreadful and we are supposed to be happy for them? Things like octomom and this make me fear civilization is coming to an end.

    Did Ella have the surgery pre or post BP? I though she was looking a little “lusher” than on her bach season, but assumed she had gotten lip injections and maybe a boob job only.

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