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More “Reader Emails”, Michael’s Excellent Post Show Interview, & What Does a “Bachelor” Acceptance Letter Look Like? – 9/15/11

Dear ‘Reality’ Steve,

I think what you are doing is ruining TV. Although its my choice to click on your page you are ruining the suspense for all the hopeless humans who are told pre-maturely because of your website. I think its really a lousy way to have a blog. I don’t know if what you are doing is endorsed by these channels, but if so i regret to say I’m going to start a boycott.

Comment: A boycott? Uhhhh, ok. You do that. Are you going to start picketing outside my apartment chanting and marching with big signs that say, “Reality Steve is a Sleaze”? While you’re at it, maybe you can get a “Donna Martin Graduates” boycott going again. We need one of those.

Some people have lost all their marbles.

You’ve said its not about the Lead, but the cattiness, jealousy etc. Well, what if there were 25 women and TWO Bachelors? The 2 men would have to be “matched” as far as looks, how interesting, intelligent or even educated they were, maybe even same height/build (and shoe size..ha ha) , so there would be no reason that all the women flock to one over the other. Maybe one blond, one brown haired to make it easier at first. Can you imagine the catfights, the “I saw him first” , sloppy seconds, etc etc etc. On top of that, what if both Bachelors want the same woman? Talk about jealousy!

The dates would be a bit different and ABC may not want to shell out $ for two rings ( which an interesting twist is, once there are two engaged couples, a coin is flipped -or some more interesting way to decide-to see which couple gets to keep their ring and will she love him enough to marry him without a ring? ) I can picture all kinds of dramafests. It actually sounds to me more like a cross between The Bach and “BP”

Comment: Two Bachelors the whole season? It’d never work. Production nightmare. I don’t ever see that happening.

Now I could see them doing the Byron/Jay thing again. That was a different type of twist that could even work nowadays. Two bachelors show up the first night and the women vote for which one they want to be the lead for the season. I don’t see why they couldn’t do that again. Especially since so many people have their favorites from the previous season, you’d think maybe that’s how they’d want to settle it. Rather than just settling on Ben and saying, “Ok ladies, here’s your guy”, have the first night be Ben and Ryan, or Ben and Ames, or Ben and Michael show up, then the 25 women vote for who they want as their guy and go from there. Don’t know why they haven’t done that since season 6.

Do you happen to know why Holly & Jesse broke up? Yes, can’t believe that’s what I’m thinking about lol. I checked out his bitter tweets after reading your column and sounds like she left him for another bachelor family member. Was it straight to Mike?

Also, how is your 90210 rewatch fest going? What season are they on now?

Comment: According to her, he gave Holly ulcers. Guess that’d be a good enough reason to leave someone.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my 90210 rewatching. This weekend are the last 4 episodes of season 7, which is senior year of college. I hope they start season 8 the following weekend. Haven’t seen that one in a while. You realize that Hilary Swank was Steve’s love interest for like the first 6 episodes? It was right around her time when she was cast as the “Next Karate Kid”, which never should’ve been made. Ruined everything for me. Don’t tarnish the “Karate Kid” name with Hilary Swank. We all know Ralph Macchio was, is, and will always be the “Karate Kid.” No mercy.

Hi Steve!

Thank you for your column. I love it! I had actually stopped watching The Bachelor after Charlie O’Connell’s season but then my friend turned me on to your site during Ali’s season of the Bachelorette. Now I only watch the show so I can read your commentary the next day. Being that you were just in Vegas, I was wondering whether any Vegas Sportsbooks have ever done a betting line on who will win The Bachelor/Bachelorette. If so, does that line change once you publish your spoilers for the season?

Thanks and I’m loving the additions to your site!

Comment: I know some did it in the past for Survivor, but then irregular bets started coming in from CBS employees so they had to stop that. Yeah sh**, no kidding. What’d they expect? What person WOULDN’T put a bet in on something they knew the outcome to? So to answer your question, no, they’ll never put up a betting line on who’ll win the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”, nor will they for any reality show taped in advance.

Speaking of betting, can I just say that I will be rooting heavily for both Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton from “Friday Night Lights” this weekend at the Emmys to win Best Actor/Actress respectively. Lets just say I could turn a nice profit if either of them do win it.

alright im going to keep this short and sweet – love you think you are awesome.
what in the world was up jackies butt at the final rose when they were talking to blake and showing the video of holly and him getitng engaged. honestly he – and she for that matter – arent my favorite poeple in the world but jackie looked like her best friend had just died.

Comment: As I showed in the video link earlier this column, NEVER believe ANY facial reaction you see from this show. “Survivor” does it all the time at tribal council too. They have cameras on you at all times. Taping lasted almost 8 hours that day. Facial reactions could’ve come from any moment. The Vienna look during the Jake/Kasey hug couldn’t have been a more perfect example. They wanted to make Vienna look bad and make it seem like she hated Kasey and Jake making up, so they show a shot of her pouty face, when in reality, you could clearly see she was smiling when those two embraced. I guarantee that wasn’t Jackie’s expression during Holly and Blake’s engagement video.

Hey Steve,

I was reading an article about Ashley and J.P. and it reminded me of something similar you wrote about….surprise. It’s about her moving to New York to be with J.P. and I realized something. It seems no matter who the lead is (male/female) they seem to end up moving to where the guy lives. I know they stress it in the Bachelor, that whoever he chooses will have to be willing to move to where the Bach lives, but I don’t remember them doing the same for the Bachelorette; maybe I’m wrong.

Any insight?

Comment: I don’t think there’s any insight there. I guess it all comes down to the individuals themselves. You’re right, I don’t remember the guy ever moving to where the bachelorette lived. Matter of preference I guess.


Love your column!

Do you think previous leads watch the new seasons ie Ashley watching Ben’s season? It would be weird I think!

I also had a Bachelor Pad question. I notice Ella’s date last week was a bit crappy compared to Michelle’s (as you pointed out). Why do that? Obviously the producers chose Ella to be on the show, so why then give her crappy dates? Although she did get to drive a very sweet car! I would have just driven that all day!

Comment: I’m sure all past leads watch the new seasons. I don’t see what’s really all that weird about it.

Some dates are crappy every season. Just the way it goes.

You may not have have to hear about Blake and Holly anymore once they “go off and live their life in South Carolina.” But I do. I live in Greenville. Ugh. I agree with everything you say. Do not begrudge them for falling in love on a show. Did they rush into engagement? Sure. Did they have to do it on TV. Absolutely not for every reason you say. Anyway, I really hope they do not become some local celebrity couple. I don’t really care to see his big teeth in every local car ad or her annoying mumbling in some fashion show commercial. Out of curiosity, I googled him to see where he worked (only to avoid his practice should my dental insurance change). All I could find was that he worked in Columbia, a good 2 hours away. Makes no sense why they said he was from Greenville. Maybe he spends time here? West is from Columbia. Maybe they didn’t want two guys on the Bachelorette from the same SC city? Who knows. Anyway, I love my home state, but it is a long way from California. I don’t see Holly settling here for long.

Comment: I think Michael’s answer in his conference call summed up Holly’s situation the best. Nothing I could add to that. I totally agree with everything he said. Dead on.

Hi Steve,

So in addition to all the other ways the F2 contestants in the Bachelor/ette might find out whether or not they are the chosen one, don’t you think the sunset (or lack thereof) during the final rose ceremony should tip them off? They always have the proposal timed with the sunset. So if you get there early in the day, then you could probably reasonably assume that you are the loser. I think Chantal even said during an ATFR that she was worried because it seemed too early for a sunset proposal. Do you think this is something more contestants will think about, and will ABC ever change their “sunset proposals”?

And secondly, from the reader emails and comments you get, do you think most people are buying Jake’s phony act? On the finale night of BP, the editing and the questions seemed very much in his favor, and they edited in audience sounds to make it sound like people were on his side. I’m not defender of Vienna, and would agree she’s a mess in many ways, but his phony act still tops all, in my opinion. It makes me gag to think anyone would actually believe he needed to go on national TV and chase his ex-fiance around to demand “closure” when she’s clearly uninterested in being near him all for purely unselfish reasons instead of trying to do some major damage control

Comment: As for the sunset proposals, yeah, I guess it’s something they could look into. Seemed to tip Chantal off it wasn’t her, so I guess it could in the future with others.

I’d say it’s a 50/50 split on Jake’s act in regards to the responses I’ve personally received. I think nationally it’s probably 75/25 more in his favor for God knows what reason. I just chalk it up to most people who watch this show being naïve.

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  1. mkc1

    September 15, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Oh my gosh, I SWEAR I noticed the Vienna smiling at Jake/Kasey hugging thing and I was gonna email you to ask if you had seen it, but I forgot. I can’t believe you noticed it too! I paused and went back like 10 times just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

  2. lexasmygirl

    September 15, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    First of all, anyone who doesn’t realize that reality shows are manipulated must be living on Mars. Even talent shows like American Idol are manipulated.

    So on to that master manipulation…Vienna’s look to Kasey when he and Jake were hugging. Does anyone really care what they all think of each other? Love or hate…don’t like anyone of them nor do I care. A bunch of loonies, if you ask me.

    Michael is a class act. He is lucky to be done with Holly. She’s immature and IMO she’s in love with love. He got off lucky.

  3. morrigan0

    September 15, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    Is it just me or did Ben look MORE like Constantine in the introduction video? I can only assume it’s because they weren’t together to compare.

  4. realitybiteth

    September 15, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    The reason the women move to the man’s town is because they tend to pair up younger women with older men.

    Older people tend to be more established in their careers, so it’s easier for the younger party to move.

    For the last 3 seasons at least, a 100% reliable predictor of the preferred female was the YOUNGEST ONE.

    Ages that I recall (may not be 100% correct):

    Molly was around 24 (Melissa was TOO OLD at 25, which Jason realized right after he picked her). Jason 32, +8 years, and had a son he couldn’t move away from shared-custody parent, and was an account executive. Molly was a department store buyer.

    Vienna was 23. Jake 31, +8 years. He was a pilot with a house near the 4th busiest airport in the WORLD. Vienna, no career.

    Emily was 24. (Chantal WAY too old at 28) Brad 38, +14 years, owned brick-and-mortar business. Emily was an event planner.

    Ashley was 26 and not done with schooling yet, so she is *starting* her career in NYC. JP was 34, +8 years again.

    Remember Ali, she picked her career initially over the bachelor and left. When she became Bachelorette, didn’t she quit her job? Roberto still had his. And San Diego is a lot warmer than SF anyway!

    And I’ve read they paid Brad $500,000 to be Bachelor so apparently if you get the gig, you’re not gonna be hurting for money for a while. Ali could afford to not have to work.

    I don’t know about DeAnna. Did anyone move in or was it over too fast?

    Holly and Blake: Blake is a year younger but he just BOUGHT a dental practice. Holly is a “children’s book author”, much easier for HER to move, plus she has the $125k (before taxes).

    Jillian moved to Ed’s town because her career ambitions were easier to relocate than his (restaurant interior designer vs. an executive at Microsoft). Afterward she got gigs on US television which is a little easier when you live in the US.

    If they ever have a 35-year-old career woman AND she chooses, say, a 25-year-old grad student, I’m sure he’d move to where she is.

    But that is unlikely to happen because successful women almost ALWAYS marry a MORE successful man. If she’s a neurosurgeon, she’ll marry the *head* of neurosurgery.

    Katrina Shreiber was the first woman admitted to the largest neurosurgery residency in the world at Uni. Pittsburgh, and she married Andrew Firlik, an established neurosurgeon, who became a Venture Capitalist (re: RICH) and also is on an advisory board AND an advisory council at Cornell, where he was ALSO an assistant professor at NYU medical.

    The woman with the highest IQ (Marilyn vos Savant) of anyone on record, of either gender, married the *inventor of the artificial heart*, Dr. Robert Jarvik.

    JK Rowling is SO rich, finding a RICHER guy wasn’t an option, but whereas she wrote children’s books, she married a doctor who’s also an anesthesiologist. He has vastly more formal education and saves lives directly. If one of them had to relocate, he is established at a hospital while she writes in coffee shops.

    So the answer basically boils down to the fact that women are attracted to more successful men, because successful men can better support offspring, and it takes time to be successful so they tend to be older; PLUS men are attracted to younger women, because younger women would be more successful at *having* lots of healthy offspring. And a successful man is probably already living where he wants to (Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, NYC) while a young woman is often living wherever her parents happened to move to have kids, often smaller towns that are better for kids but worse for career prospects. *Cough* Chico. Poor Shawntel.

    tl;dr: Biology

  5. kimone

    September 15, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    Crazy…I think Lacey Pemberton was one of the card dealers on Card Sharks back in the 80s. She seems so sweet on that show. Who would’ve thought years later she’d be in such an entangled web of deception.

  6. colson521

    September 15, 2011 at 7:13 PM

    I caught that smile/frown edit and tweeted about it on Monday night. The other thing I found is this picture from the finale that shows Jake and Vienna hugging. ABC needs to get over this story line. I am sure they were keeping up the fight in the house because that’s what producers wanted but they are really past it.

    Picture of the Jake Vienna hug….

  7. jcrb

    September 15, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    For the record, Roberto moved to California to be with Ali; they moved to a neutral city.

  8. kimone

    September 16, 2011 at 5:27 AM

    You would think after ABC rips you apart in editing that you wouldn’t want anything to do with them anymore. IE: Rego. He might be a bad example since his ego is obviously much bigger than his pride, but Vienna…you would think now after getting such a bad edit, she’d be done. They said they were gonna lay low for a while, but I doubt it. I would be livid if ABC edited my story that way and made me look like a biotch at the finale, knowing that wasn’t the case at all. People will do anything for fame, I guess.

  9. DawsMA

    September 16, 2011 at 6:34 AM

    3 seasons ago? So Brad’s season then? I’ll guess Marissa; she seems eager to have a role in the Bachelor/ette/BP mix. I’d be surprised if it was anyone in the top 3, although maybe Emily. Chantal seems so far removed from the spotlight.

    Actually it is probably some obscure random who was let go the first night or something.

    I can’t believe people still bother to email Steve and ask who his sources are or why he doesn’t like Holly. He has been pretty adamant about keeping those things private. Particularly the sources; I mean, don’t these people realize if he said who they were, the spoilers would likely stop coming?

  10. Momma2

    September 16, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    Thanks Reality Steve for your blog – love it and have shared it with many friends!!
    Just thought i’d let everyone know that Steve’s prediction about Mark Ballas was soooo on the money! He and Pia Toscana broke up just recently…well whatdya know!?!?! Since he and Kristin have started rehearsals for DWTS, now he’s got his eyes on her!! Go figures!

  11. luv it

    September 16, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Here’s a quote regarding Jake’s decision to appear on BP….from

    And Jake, meanwhile, came off pretty well.
    Harrison: He came on for one reason and that was to rehab his public image. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do.

    Wish Jake would just admit he wants to be an actor; and let the chips fall were they may in the unemployment line.

  12. mommyof2

    September 16, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    Thanks for the form letter, Steve! Very interesting. I noticed a long time ago that the contestants never wear sunglasses and are often squinting on camera when the sun is in their eyes. It was really obvious during Ashley’s season b/c she was always shielding her eyes with her hands. She must have eyes that are really sensitive to light, like me.

    Also, I loved Mike S.’s interview. He is such a good guy. He says in it that he’s giving 10-percent of his winnings to his church, too, paying off debt, taking a much-needed vacation, and then what little is left will go into savings. Sounds very rational, so I’m happy for him. I love how open and honest he was about his thoughts and feelings. I don’t fault Holly so much for all of this as I do Blake. She and Michael were broken up and she developed feelings for Blake (who knows why, though). She still stayed loyal to her partnership with Michael, which is good. I doubt she had anything to do with the proposal, so that was on Blake. The only thing is that she should have called Mike ahead of time or refused to go on stage for the finale until she spoke to Mike privately first. Blake, however, is another story. He could’ve waited to propose AFTER the finale to spare Mike the shock, hurt, embarrassment, etc… But, Blake was just thinking about Blake. I doubt he and Holly will last. He seems to be too obsessed with “winning” and himself. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is just my opinion.

  13. Sunnyside422

    September 17, 2011 at 8:55 AM

    Of course Fakey Jakey came to Bachelor Pad 2 to rehab his reputation. Also to get some much needed camera time in the hope he can actually get a real acting job. NOT! Say what you will about Vienna, she knows what he is and what he is all about. Nothing that comes out of his smarmy mouth is to be believed. He is still in love with himself and telling that he still doesn’t ahve a relationship going with a woman. Here’s hoping he disappears once and for all. Don’t want to see shrimpy ever again!

  14. JenJen

    September 17, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    Twit pic of Jake and Vienna hugging

  15. MizSazzy

    September 18, 2011 at 1:00 AM

    Did Bryon move to Mary?

  16. jdub

    September 19, 2011 at 1:21 PM

    Congratulations ON the Kyle CHANDLER win.

  17. mermaidadrift

    September 19, 2011 at 4:03 PM

    curious why no one is talking about holly’s integrity? she played both guys pretty well and no one has commented on that. maybe she and blake are suited to one another….

  18. karynr

    September 21, 2011 at 7:44 AM

    mermaidadrift….no one has commented on Holly’s LACK of integrity, as anyone who would want a relationship with Blake, after watching HIS apparent lack of integrity, probably doesn’t place a lot of importance on it, which tells you all you need to know about both of them. How any woman could do what she did to Michael on national television, plus watch how Blake treated Melissa and still want to be with him, is beyond me. She seems like she might be a nice person, but she is sure messed up about what she wants out of life. And to move across country to be with someone she has only know a couple months makes her look needy, desperate and unable to be on her own, without a man. I wold love to know what her friends and family think about that slimy man. I was hoping she would watch him on BP and run the other way after that, but the fact that she didn’t speaks volumes about what is important to her. Holly gets her sleazy man and Michael can now move on to someone who actually has integrity.

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