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It’s Picture Day! Two More Contestants, Pics from Ben’s Group Date Yesterday, and Reality Roundup – 9/27/11

As I said once “Bachelor Pad” ended, just not a lot of “Reader Emails” anymore until the season starts back up. You know, it is ok to ask questions that aren’t “Bachelor/ette” related. If you wanna ask about some other reality shows, or are looking for Dr. Reality Steve to make an appearance again, by all means, send those questions in too. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Reality Steve’s work, scroll down the right hand column and go look at past columns. The man knows his sh**. Anyway, here’s a few emails that were sent in over the last couple weeks:

Hi Steve,

another international Fan from Germany!! Thanks so much for your blog!! Due to the time difference I always have to wait ALL Tuesday for your funny comments. But it´s always been worth it. You really turned me from a naive reality-tv-believer to a “don’t forget the edit and the fame-whore – aspect” viewer! argh thank you for that!

I FINALLY have a question for you, that I think nobody has adressed until now. Although I know that you are more than happy that BP is over – I hope you find the strength to answer another question.

I noticed that we never got to see Ashley delivering this second date card on the 4th episode. I can not think of a reason why they would edit this out; or how your splendit sources could be wrong about that. I hope I didn’t skip this info somewhere. But I am ready, I take the risk for you to roll your eyes .

Although I of course would love to see more of Ashley and JP – the junkie that I am – I find it so great that the both of them take it easy with the media. It’s also a little satisfying (in Germany we call it Schadenfreude hehe) to think about the producers finally once having trouble getting contestants on the air and exploiting the grap out of them!

Well thanks again and I’m looking forward to the Ben Spoilers. I am not over enthusiastic about him, but the after-proposal-scene makes me wonder if he might be able to throw some curfballs during the season..And I hope they cast some really interesting girls so we can hope for a snowball effect on the next seasons.

Cheers from Munich

Comment: I still don’t know why they didn’t show Ashley delivering the date card in episode 4. Only thing I can think of was that it was very short, so they figured it wasn’t really all that important. But she did deliver it.

I have fans in Munich, Germany now. Outstanding.

And no, I didn’t bother to correct any of the spelling in this email. Gave it a little bit of flavor, don’t you think?

Hey Steve!

Was just reading through your reader emails where you discussed 90210. Don’t know if you’re aware of this or not but episodes also air M-F at 11 and noon (that’s the EST schedule anyways). Speaking of 90210, do you see any Mark Reese resemblance in Ben? I catch it when he squints or a view from the side…sorry if you think I’m out of my mind, but for some reason I’ve thought that from the moment Ben cut his hair during Ashley’s season.

Straying from the 90210 talk I have 2 more questions. I remember earlier in the franchise the guys were given a choice if they wanted to pay for the engagement ring. I believe an interview was done with Aaron talking about him paying for the ring and I think Firestone paid for his also. Are they still given this option? Since they recycle contestants they don’t seem to have the wealth that previous leads have…perhaps this is another reason Neil Lane stepped in.

Lastly, what happens to the ring after the girl accepts but can’t wear it while the show airs…who takes possession of it in the meantime?

Thanks and congrats on taking on the website full-time!

Comment: Yes, I’m aware of the two 90210 episodes that air Monday-Friday on SoapNet, but those are covering the high school years, and sorry, but those seasons sucked. Never really cared for Shannen Doherty. The show was much, much better once they got into college.

I’m sure every guy eventually can buy his own ring if he wants. But for the purpose of the finale, that ring will always be a sponsored ring given to the show for free promotion.

Once the girl receives her ring in the finale, she gives it back to the producers to hold on to until the “After the Final Rose” airs. Which makes sense. Not because they think the girl will wear it out in public and ruin anything, but because why even take a chance of something happening to it in the two to three months she’d have it while the show is airing?

Hi Steve,

I wanted to start off by saying how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading ever since Jason’s season – I’m one of the people who found you for the spoilers and stayed for the snark. I have a few questions for you, which I hope that you will not deem to be totally idiotic or alternatively that you have not answered before this.

1.) The new Mario Lopez show, H8R, which is about internet ‘haters’ who say negative things about people (I can’t bring myself to call the celebrities) from reality shows, had Jake Pavelka on the pilot episode. First, I was wondering if you saw it? It was pretty hysterical, especially because Jake managed to prove himself to be even more of an arrogant jerk than before. He even managed to have a hissy fit and storm off before he was able to put on his phony ‘I’m such a good guy’ face. It was great to see this twenty-year-old chick with a bunch of tattoos bring Jake down to size a little bit. How does he possibly think that going on yet ANOTHER reality show can help to repair his image? And why on earth do the Bachelor producers keep acting like he’s such a good, misunderstood guy? Do they just not want to admit what a mistake he was? The editing on Bachelor Pad was so obviously skewed in his favor, trying to make Kasey and Vienna the villains, and I simply do not understand the motivation. Do you have any insight?

2.) Do you think that they’ll bring back the gimmicky title for Ben’s season of the Bachelor? I mean, we had Matt’s season (London Calling or something) and Jake’s season (On the Wings of Love) but I don’t think that they’ve really been titling the seasons since then, though I might be wrong. Do you have any suggestions for the title of the new season?

3.) We know that they have psychologists to talk to the contestants of the Bachelor/ette before and after they go on the show, but I was wondering how long that responsibility lasts. Because the editing could give some people serious psychological issues (i.e. Michelle, Bentley) when they are being portrayed in such an extreme way. Also, the way that they play with people on the Bachelor Pad, do they have psychologists for them? Because after completely screwing Michael over in the finale, they really should have had someone present for him…

Anyways, thanks so much for writing the blog, and keep up the witty comments! It is really the only reason that I still watch this ridiculous show!

Comment: 1) I didn’t see it, nor do I care to. It’s a Mike Fleiss show, which is why Jake was on it. It’s really a stupid concept honestly. There’s plenty of people who hate celebrities and say and write nasty sh** about them on message boards behind fake names with no accountability whatsoever. So what’s the big deal if you take ONE of them and put them in a room with the person they hate? And knowing it’s being filmed and on camera, these people are obviously gonna cower. Anything that has to do with people who write on message boards and comments sections under fake names, I have no interest. Those people are losers with no life and don’t deserve any attention whatsoever, plain and simple.

2) Hmmmm, I don’t think so. But I’m sure if I thought long and hard enough about it, I could probably come up with some really stupid names for this season. How about “The Bachelor: Creaming the Dream”. Seems to fit Ben appropriately, doesn’t it?

3) I think it’s open to them until the finale airs, then unless they’re coming back for “Bachelor Pad”, they move on to the next group of people.

Hi Reality Steve!

I love your column and having a guy’s point of view on The Bachelor! First time emailer here, and hoping you can answer some things for me.

1. Do you think Ali and Roberto will ever get married? Her knee surgery sounded pretty extensive, yet she is flying to fashion shows and has been photographed numerous times–without crutches or a limp. Is the knee surgery just an excuse for postponing the wedding?

2. Why did Melissa Rycroft move to LA? Maybe I shouldn’t complain, since at least she is out of Texas (never was a fan of hers) but what talent does she have?

3. I haven’t noticed as many ex’s coming forward to spread stories about contestants. Why do you think that is? I am totally surprised that I haven’t hear about any third parties talking about BP contestants.

As a side note, you really got under Blake’s skin. Check out his tweet:

I could care less what reality Steve has to say. I didn’t get paid anything to propose, but he DOES live in his mom’s basement. #rumor

Lol. I guess Blake doesn’t know that we don’t have basements in Texas.

Comment: 1) Yes, I do. Their original wedding was supposed to be this past July at the end of the month, but got postponed due to her knee surgery. It will happen sometime next year and ABC will televise it.

2) Because she wants to be in the entertainment industry, and if you want to make it in that business, you pretty much have to live in LA or NY. She has no talent, but I guess she figures she’ll give it a try.

3) They’re out there. Some choose to talk, some don’t.

I addressed this in a previous column about Blakes tweet. It is what it is. The guy is a very angry individual who constantly runs to Twitter to defend himself. What can you say? As for the crack about living in my mom’s basement? I’ll just let him keep saying nonsense like that. Says a lot more about him to make those remarks than it does about what he’s actually saying, which is ridiculous. Open mouth, insert foot.

Hi Steve,

I have two questions.

1. After their shows were over, have any bachelors/bachelorettes dated/hooked up with the people they rejected on the show, other than Jason and Molly? Which ones?

2. Which former contestants are you aware of that have had real romantic relationships with other former contestants (e.g., Michael and Holly)? I don’t mean just hooked up once or twice, but rather had an ongoing romantic relationship?

Just curious. My apologies if you’ve answered these questions earlier.

Comment: 1) I know Lorenzo dated Sadie after him and Jen broke up. Don’t know of any others off the top of my head, but, I’m sure there was at least some contact, kicking the tires to see if there was any interest.

2) There are plenty. Too many to name right now.

Hi, Steve,

Is there ever a chance will become a pay-only site? Now that you have investors backing you, do you think they would ever pressure you to turn it into a members-only pay site? I know you have ads on your site that generate income but businessmen can be all about making a profit so I was just curious. I hope that is never the case. Keep up the good work and Kelly Raspberry right you are looking good. Hitting the gym hard is paying off for you.

P.S. Also, just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your integrity. You could rat a lot a people of out with all the stories you have heard about past contestants and you don’t. I believe that you are a good guy. If it was me, I wouldn’t even answer the people that email you wanting to know about your sources. It is not anyone business and pointless like you said. Some people just have no clue on what it means to be private and have discretion. Huge pet peeve of mine. Love the site, keep up the hard work

Comment: I can’t see ever becoming a pay site.

As I’ve said many times before, as much as I divulge in this column about the show and what I know, that’s probably about 15% of it. I could absolutely ruin some of these peoples reputations if I wanted to and lay out who’s slept with who, etc. But that’s not me. I just like knowing for my own personal knowledge because then I can truly see who’s being real and who’s being fake. Let me tell ya’, a lot more fake than real on this show. A LOT.

Ok after seeing the acceptance letter you posted, Im curious to know if the contestants have access to a washer and dryer in the house. I mean what if you are there for 9 weeks? There is no way i could fit 9 weeks of clothing into 2 suitcases. Shit i don’t even think I have enough clothes to go 9 weeks without washing some essentials! Thanks!

Comment: Yes, there’s a washer and dryer in the house. Once you get down to the final three on the overnights, you’re basically in your own villa/condo or whatever, so you have your own washer and dryer. In the mansion, you share.

Figuring out Lil’ Hantz’s attitude towards Mikayla is so straight forward it’s surprising to read so many bloggers who can’t figure it out. It’s just plain old, time honoured religious extremism/misogyny. Mikayla inspires sinful thoughts in him (i.e. turns him on) and instead of just coping with that like a normal guy he blames Mikayla as if she was actually doing something wrong besides just existing on the planet as an attractive, female human being. It’s similar to a news story I heard once where there was women’s fitness club next door to an orthodox Jewish centre of some sort. The Jewish guys couldn’t handle the women next door in their workout clothes (imagine butts and legs sticking up in the air) so they asked the fitness club to put up curtains. I thought, why don’t you guys put up curtains on your windows instead of bothering your neighbours who aren’t bothering anybody.

Comment: Interesting take on Brandon. I just figured he was crazy.

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  1. SherryfromD

    September 29, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    Wow, seriously? Kind of ridiculous. What are they going to think of next for these group dates? The girl in pic #3 on the far left in the reddish/pink bikini, striped socks and ski hat with the ball on top looks pretty large in that pic, but then she looks regular in all of the following pics. Guess that first one is just a bad angle, but doesn’t even look like the same girl.

  2. carollia

    September 29, 2011 at 3:04 PM

    I thought they were going to start filming this new season in November, after Thanksgiving, that’s what RSteve said, so I guess these aren’t actual dates but only footage for the upcoming season right???

  3. Tiffany_Michelle

    September 29, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    Yes, these are actual dates. Filming began September 20th, and ends BEFORE Thanksgiving.

  4. boomboom

    September 29, 2011 at 9:02 PM

    Steve, just read your bit about the X-Factor and Cheryl Cole’s accent. She’s a northerner – a Geordie to be specific (Geordie’s are people from Newcastle). British accents run the gamut just like American ones – Brooklyn accents, Boston, deep Southern, Cajun, inner city, etc. Cheryl Cole has a typical, if not a bit stronger than most, Geordie accent.

  5. Dianne

    September 30, 2011 at 10:11 AM

    Sherry, you call that large??!! must be built like a tooth pick. What exactly is your definition of “regular..somwhere in the size 2-4 area? What a terrible way to think.

  6. Dianne

    September 30, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    Curious to know what Blakeley Shea’s connection to the show is..should be interesting.

  7. Sunnyside422

    September 30, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Well looks like Ben will get a room full of breast implanted bimbos. Didn’t get that with Ashley. Should be interesting to see which dopey broad he is drawn to! Hope I won’t be yawning through this season.

  8. CaliGirl

    September 30, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    My thoughts exactly, Sunnyside. I’m trying so hard to like Ben but every time I see a pic of him I just yawn. Did anyone see the very end of the BP2 finale and he was talking to some people from the audience? He just sounded so boring and a even a little arrogant. Oh well, hopefully some of these girls will have major issues and provide us with somewhat of an entertaining season.

  9. mommyof2

    October 1, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    I do think the idea of a group date snow skiing through the streets of San Francisco is a pretty cool idea. I’d love to do that, actually. However, I could do without the skiing in the bikini thing. That makes the date ridiculous. But, my husband’s looking forward to that episode. I like Ben, actually, but I have to say that he looks kind of like a fish out of water in the skiing group date without his shirt on amidst these bikini-clad women. You’d just expect a hotter-looking guy with a model-type body to be among these women. But, like I said, I like Ben and he’s more like a normal-looking guy. He just seems out of place in the pics from this particular date.

  10. heatherkm

    October 3, 2011 at 7:09 AM

    Funny how you say that out of 100s of pics of Blakeley you can’t find any with clothes on. That’s just not true. Maybe you didn’t see them because you didn’t look past the 1st page that pops up. You’re making her sound like a particular type of person & that’s not who she is.

  11. SherryfromD

    October 4, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    Dianne, calm down. I specifically said that she looked large in the FIRST pic, but not in all the other pics, and that the first pic must just be a bad angle. Don’t have a conniption fit. No, I am not a toothpick and what I meant was that in the first pic, she looks larger than the usual skinny girls that they have on the Bachelor.

  12. sophienettejc

    October 6, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    Check out better angle of Jaclyn on my site. Just search for JACLYN SWARTZ on

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