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“Reality Roundup” Including What Happened at the SF Rose Ceremony, Who Was on the 1-on-1 Date in Utah, and Where the Women’s Next Three Destinations Are – 10/7/11

So after Tuesday’s post where I gave the hint that the twist at the San Francisco rose ceremony was something we’ve seen on this show before, but hadn’t seen in a while, immediately speculation began as to what it was. And for the most part, the speculation was dead on. Yes, Shawntel Newton, the mortician from Brad’s season, does appear on this season. Here’s the details of her appearance:

-Shawntel was not one of the 25 women out of the limo on night one.

-Shawntel first appears on the show at the cocktail party on the night of the San Francisco rose ceremony, which was last Friday night.

-Her reasoning for being on the show? Well, she wanted to date Ben. If you go back to her Twitter account during Ashley’s season, Shawntel made it known to the whole world she had a crush on Ben. I’m guessing this is where they got the idea to bring her on.

-Shawntel shows up at the Fairmont hotel during the cocktail party and talks to Ben. Essentially tells him she thinks there could be something between them, they live close to each other, and she’d like the chance to date him, but, she will leave it up to him by giving him a chance to think about it and decide at the rose ceremony if he wants to give her a rose.

-Well, that pretty much backfired since Ben does not give her a rose at the rose ceremony and she’s sent home.

What’s funny in all this is I’m guessing Shawntel was pretty confident Ben would want to keep her around, or else why would she agree to do it? And hell, I’m sure the producers thought he’d keep her around. I’ve heard from numerous sources that Ben and Shawntel had definitely had communication before last Friday night in terms of speaking with each other. I don’t think they’d ever met up, or gone out on a date, but I know they had texted, emailed, and tweeted each other before. So naturally, she probably thought she had a chance. I guess Ben didn’t since he sent her packing a few hours after she arrives. Sucks for her.

As for the Clay Walker date on Tuesday night in Park City, Utah, it was the end of a 1-on-1 date with the red head in the Sonoma group picture. She’s the girl on the far right on the bottom row. Her name is Jennifer and she’s from Oklahoma City. Don’t know her last name or have any other pictures of her, but I’m guessing I will soon. She had a rose on her, so she was safe at the rose ceremony. Ben and Jennifer (or Bennifer for all those people who can’t type two names) arrived during Clay’s performance and they danced to the song “She Won’t Be Lonely Long.” After that song, they slow danced to a ballad of a song that hasn’t been released yet, so I’m sure when it airs, the song will be on itunes the next day or something. At the end of the ballad Ben kissed her, and Clay asked him, “So is she a good kisser?” and Ben replied she was the best kisser thus far. He asked the same to Jennifer and she said Ben was a great kisser as well. The End.

As for what’s up next, filming moves today to Puerto Rico. Not sure where, but having been to Puerto Rico twice myself, I’m guessing it’ll be in San Juan somewhere. And since none of the other locations are changing, I might as well tell you about those too since numerous people have confirmed to me where they’re headed. After Puerto Rico, they are going to Panama. From Panama, they are going to Belize. I believe Belize is the last stop before the final four comes back to the states for hometown dates. Once the hometown dates are over, they take off for the overnight dates in….uhhhh, you’re gonna have to wait on that one. I’ll tell you next week probably.

Here is our latest confirmed contestant:

9. Casey Shteamer: 26, Chicago, Illinois, works at the Chicago Board of Trade, part-time model, graduated Arizona St. University in 2007, was a Kappa Alpha Theta. I’m working on something else regarding Casey that could be quite interesting. I only found one picture of her online and it’s her default picture from her MySpace page that seems kind of outdated. Also, she was on the skiing group date in San Francisco that I’ve cropped her out of.

No “Reader Emails” this week. Just didn’t have enough worth doing. So if you want one answered, get them in to me in the next 5 days or so, and I’ll try to have them in next Thursday’s column. And I’m still very behind on “X Factor”, so I only covered DWTS and Survivor this week.

“Dancing with the Stars”

I think the biggest news to come from DWTS this week is to hear that Derek Hough is now schtupping around with Lauren Conrad. Huh? I thought Derek was dating Cheryl Cole? When did they break up? And why wasn’t I notified of this? Whatever the case, Derek and LC will last about as long as a Mark Ballas relationship. Maybe LC’s clothing line is failing again so she needs to get her name out in the public in a positive light. And since Derek is well liked by many, she figures by attaching her name to his, she might become relevant again. I wouldn’t count on it. Hey, I like LC. Always have. But lets face it, since she left the Hills, she’s kinda disappeared in the entertainment world. And maybe that’s exactly what she wanted. But having a failed clothing line and writing a couple books doesn’t quite have the same glitz and glamour as being linked with Derek. So lets see where this goes. Which I’m sure is nowhere.

So Kristin is back with Jay Cutler? Why else would the chick’s ex-fiance show up on DWTS a week before he has a huge Monday night game in Detroit against the 4-0 Lions. I’m sure his teammates really respected that move. And even though their engagement ended before the season started, I’m guessing Jay is jealous of the attention she’s getting (or WAS getting) on DWTS now that the Mark Ballas rumors started so he now says he wants her back. Those ALWAYS work out, don’t they? Yeah, lets just say I wouldn’t start buying anything from their registry anytime soon. Now that she’s off the show, she slips back into oblivion and goes back to acting school to try and land a gig as a guest appearance on some CW show I’m sure.

You know what I miss? “Bruno vs Carrie: Dance Wars”. What an unbelievable abortion of a show that turned out to be. Can’t imagine why it wasn’t renewed for a second season. Of all the spinoffs reality TV shows have come up with, that was by far the worst piece of crap ever to grace our television sets. Do you remember that garbage? Carrie crying every episode having to eliminate one of her dancers. Bruno in his tight, tight, tight jeans and shirt unbuttoned Cowell-style while he coached his team to defeat week after week. Really fascinating stuff. I’d rather watch an hour of Len Goodman sitting in his grandpa recliner rambling about all things he doesn’t like than watch another 5 seconds of “Bruno vs Carrie.” Someone make that happen. Please.

Kristin Cavallari stole the words right out of my mouth when she went on Jimmy Kimmel after her elimination. Everyone was shocked she was eliminated since she obviously isn’t the worst dancer. But the minute she was I pretty much thought to myself, “Of course she’s gone. Everyone else last night had this tragic, heartbreaking story they told about their dance and Kristin’s was about graduating high school and deciding whether or not she should go to college or do reality TV.” Sorry, but that’s just not gonna win over voters. Especially the middle aged housewives that vote on this show. It’s not like Kristin actually had a chance to win, because she didn’t, but the theme of Monday’s dances definitely played a role in her leaving this early. Compared to what everyone else’s “tragedies” have been on the show, Kristin’s was pretty much laughable. Yeah, I don’t think people are gonna feel too sorry for a spoiled, rich, OC brat whose toughest decisions in life revolve around which club to get drunk at on the weekends, when you’ve got JR Martinez talking about driving over a landmine and being burned on 75% of his body. See ya, Kristin.


I’ve never been one to give out spoilers on this show because frankly, I don’t want to be spoiled. “Bachelor/ette” and “Bachelor Pad” are the only three shows I spoil because I don’t care about the end result. I know there are spoilers out there for “Survivor”, but I just choose not to look at them. Kinda easy to avoid. I get that even if people don’t read my site, they could still come across spoilers since so many other sites run with my information. But sorry, that’s just 2011. People are obsessed with the Bachelor franchise’s spoilers, and since for the last 5 seasons I’ve pretty much nailed every detail of what’s going to happen on it long before it does, word gets around. Case in point, I told you all that Ashley chose JP two months before the finale aired. And what happened during those two months? We see the paparazzi following JP around NY, taking pics of him walking to work, on the subway, etc. That’s unbelievable to me. If I were to tell you who won Survivor this season (even though I have no clue), do you think any paparazzi would be following that person around trying to get pictures? Of course not. Yet, Survivor has been on just as long, and averages about 2-3 more million viewers a week than the “Bachelor/ette” does. Crazy.

This isn’t really a spoiler, but thanks to our good friend and former Vanuatu and Fans vs Favorites contestant Eliza Orlins (who you can follow on Twitter at: @eorlins where she live tweets during the show), she has given me this little nugget. Remember back in the episode where Ozzy told Keith he had the idol because he said he could trust him, and then immediately Keith went running to tell Whitney? I made a comment that the only reason he’d break Ozzy’s trust that quickly and tell someone else, who just happened to be the best looking girl on this season, was probably because he wanted to get in her pants. Well, I was right. Eliza tells me that Keith and Whitney have been dating ever since the show ended filming and are practically joined at the hip. So don’t be surprised if the finale rolls around and we see another proposal, a la Rob and Amber and David and Carolina. I know, right? Who? That was pretty random when two people no one really cared about ended up getting engaged at the finale. David? Carolina? Uhhhh, hope all is well. So thanks for the info Eliza. We will be hearing more from her on in the upcoming months.

I’m sorry, but last night’s episode was incredibly boring for some reason. Usually the slower episodes happen pre-merge just because those people who are on the chopping block are never major factors in the game. And they are usually the ones at the bottom of the totem pole in their tribe. So it’s like we gotta fight through the first few episodes every season until the merge before the real game playing begins. Last night was one of those episodes. I’m sorry, but the BIG decision of who’s the lesser of two evils, Stacey or Edna, just wasn’t all that intriguing. The Redemption Island challenge was throwing a bean bag onto a stand. Yawn. And the Immunity/Reward challenge was something we’ve seen in seasons past. Now, for the life of me, I have no idea how Stacey was holding that pole in the middle of her back in the position she was in. That was bizarre. But nonetheless, you kinda could see Dawn was gonna end up winning when in the first half of the episode she kept talking about how she was the underdog, and she feels old in the tribe, and she needs to do something to stand out, then all the sudden the immunity is down to her and Stacey and she wins out. Not at all surprising.

And thanks to our Survivor blogger, Scott Ottersen (whose column is currently posted), I was made aware last week that Mikayla has been in Playboy. Usually I’m on the ball with stuff like that, but for some reason, I never thought to think that maybe a chick in the Lingerie Football League would have once been on the cover of Playboy. Silly me. Thanks for the heads up, Scott. I enjoyed doing a little more “research” on her. Fascinating stuff. Maybe that was the whole reason why Brandon flips out every time he’s around her. He must know that she’s been in Playboy, but the editors never let us see that conversation. And in Brandon’s world, Playboy = the devil. Which is why he’s conflicted about hanging around her and her tight little body. It’s ok Brandon. I hope since you’ve gotten home from filming, you’ve released some of your tension to Mikayla’s Playboy spread. I sure have. Or haven’t.

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  1. mja

    October 6, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    I definitely agree that Kristin’s story was one of the reasons she got the fewest votes. Not compelling at all! But I was surprised… I thought it would be David Arquette or Chaz Bono.

  2. poddington

    October 6, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    I am not going to lie…I am stunned Shawntal comes for one episode and then gets dissed.Not that she can’t get rejected…esp since there are a ton of skanks throwing themselves at him, but it just does not make good tv…which is what this is all about. This makes me think a couple things:
    1) this show is actually not staged.

    ok lets be reasonable… this is impossible. Absurd. Of course it is staged. Why would they set something so anti climatic up? mmm….
    2) are they setting her up as ‘ette? Maybe they will start another season soon? If she is ‘ette material (I think so), why on earth did they choose Ashley over her? none of this making sense.

  3. realityjunkie

    October 7, 2011 at 4:06 AM

    Agree completely with poddington. I think Ben has a better chance with him than the other…. girls, who are there completely for the fame. I feel bad for Ben, kinda liked him on Ashley’s season.

  4. Sunnyside422

    October 7, 2011 at 7:15 AM

    Well I think Ben is childish enough to choose the biggest fake breats in the bunch and never mind having any intelligence. Was never impressed with him at all looks or anything else. Each bachelor has gotten worse…really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these guys! He still reminds me of an neanderthal man….Geico guy!

  5. Dianne

    October 7, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    Wow! Talk about negative reactions! Did anyone stop to think that maybe Shawntell did her 1 episode for the money? I’m sure ABC gave her a very, VERY nice paycheque. Realityjunkie, amazing that you can make such a statement about these girls, unless of course, you know each and every one of them personally, and they all told you there were there for the fame. I am neither a Ben hater or lover, I don’t know him well enough to make that assessment..but I will keep an open mind and hopefully he won’t dissapoint.

  6. SherryfromD

    October 7, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    Dianne, why are you always getting your panties in a twist and acting so holier than though, telling us all how negative we are and “what a terrible way to think”. You did the same thing to me on the other post just because I said that a girl looked big in the first picture only, and that it must have been a bad angle. I’m not one to pick fights with people on these boards, but it bothers me how you are always throwing out these little judgemental jabs in your posts in reaction to someone’s comment. As you said, you don’t know us personally and we are going to express our opinions/discuss things. That’s what we are here for. Lighten up.

  7. Dianne

    October 7, 2011 at 10:52 AM

    Ditto, Sherry. I too will express my opinion as I see fit. If you don’t like how/what I write, don’t read. YOU lighten up, and cut with the boss attitude.

  8. nobrainers

    October 8, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    Ahhhh the catfighters return :)) Entertain me ladies heehee

  9. slaurae

    October 8, 2011 at 8:17 PM

    Yay, finally a girl/contestant from Oklahoma to make it past night one!

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