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The Cast Arrives in Belize & Your Reality Roundup Including “Reader Emails”

Not many “Reader Emails” once again, but since I haven’t had any in a couple weeks, I figured I’d throw these in there. If you’re really interested in having your email posted, now is probably the best time for it to happen since the email bag isn’t nearly as full as when it will be when the season rolls around.

Hey steve,

I read your blog from the u.k (England) because I’m strangely addicted to the Bachelor/ette-and even tho we don’t get it over here I watch it online… Your writing entertains me. Been reading since Jakes season (yes he’s a gimp but it hooked me) haha. I’d so be one of the girls that you would mock and apply to go on if it were over here. We have recently bought it over here and the guy is a celebrity/rugby player-not as good tho… I may apply.

Anyway, totally not my point, I love the X Factor, and I watch American Idol. Cheryl Cole is Geordie (she hails from Newcastle), her accent is lovely, she is English and she’s a good judge but the British public turned against her last year, mainly because it was perceived by many that she used some back handed tactics to try and win. That’s part of the reason I think Simon wanted to give her a break (what with the prick footballer cheating husband, almost dying from malaria and losing her first x factor). As for Steve Jones, he’s Welsh! He is such a pillock! He is getting slammed over here because everyone knows he’s welsh and he’s putting on some ridiculously uncharismatic toff (posh) english accent. As someone who wants the USA x factor to do well, what is Simon thinkin?? And I agree with you about Paula… Total numpty. LA Reid however-fantastic.

Hope that helps!

Ps I started following JLH for a while causa the Ben rumour but soon unfollowed when i realized she comes across like a complete ditz. ‘Twots of Twisses!’ blegh!


Comment: “Pillock”, “toff”, “numpty”? I guess by having readers around the globe, I get to learn new words. I have no idea what any of those mean, but they sure sound funny. I’ll have to look those up.

As for JLH, I pretty much gave up on her tweets. What else can you possibly say to the nonsense she spews on a daily basis without getting repetitive? I still follow her for one reason and one reason only. Well, two reasons. First, I wanna see what she says when Ben’s season starts up since, well, there’s more than meets the eye to their night together and the BS she spewed to Ryan Seacrest. But secondly, I love when she tweets something so bland that has no importance to anything, but then within minutes you see how many of her lemmings retweet it, or tweet back to her saying how much they love her. It’s really a great study in human behavior. Like JLH gives a rat’s ass about someone she doesn’t know, who has 6 followers, complimenting her on a dress she’s wearing or something she said. I cringe at the thought of what these peoples lives must be like to retweet celebrities all day long hoping you’ll get a response. Losers.

Hey RS,

On DWTS, if the “Bottom 3” each week “aren’t necessarily the bottom three in votes,” then the producers use that to boost votes for people they want to see continue on, right? Like Rob being in the bottom three the first week should ensure that more people will vote for him the next week, right? And Rob being on will ensure all the KUWTK veiwers are still watching. Wait, producers would never pull strings like that on a reality show, right?

I never knew who Nancy Grace was until the Casey Anthony trial, and obviously don’t like what she did there–but for some reason, I don’t want her to be voted off. I think she has the same thing Bristol Palin had: she sincerely is learning how to dance, and I like to watch that.

If they did a “DWTS: All-stars” version, who would you want to see on in?

Who was your favorite teacher when you were young, and why?

Comment: Nancy Grace can leave tomorrow and it still wouldn’t be soon enough for me. Can’t stand her.

A DWTS all-star version? Geez, I’d have to rack my brain of all the past contestants, but I’ll tell you this, I’d probably make it an all-female cast. I don’t really care to see Joey McIntyre or Joey Fatone dancing again, that’s for sure.

My favorite teacher? Uhhhhh, like anyone would know who that teacher is so I really don’t see the point of the question. Plus, I had a few, so it’s almost impossible to answer, and I don’t feel like listing a bunch of teachers names from middle school that won’t mean anything to anyone reading this.

Hi Steve,

A fan from Toronto , Canada .

Found you during Brad first season and look forward to your posts every Tuesday/Thursday. You always have me rolling with laughter here at work.

Question, is there any truth to the rumor of JP & Ashley getting married on TV as early as Spring 2012? They did entertain the thought of getting married by fall 2012 so maybe they just pushed it up? For some reason I think they will make it down the aisle before Ali & Roberto…

Thanks for all the info/insight you provide to us “Reality Junkies” each week.

Comment: I have no idea when JP and Ashley’s wedding will be, but rest assured, if/when they do get married, it’ll be televised. I think Spring 2012 might be a bit early.

hi steve. thanks for the entertainment. sorry if this is the wrong
e-mail address. couldn’t pull your regular one off of your page.

so, after several seasons each of bachelor / bachelorette, (just a
little desperate for some escapist entertainment. i’m actually one of
those people who has refused to own a television since my teens, but,
dammit, this crap is available on my computer. – foiled!) i thought i
finally had more than enough of this racist, disingenuous, ill willed
production. only to hear that they’re to be filming in PR, panama &
belize – all places i’m interested in but don’t know when it will be
possible for me to go. dammit! foiled again! well, maybe busyness will
overcome my crap tv phase by the time the air date arrives. not that
i’m hoping to be that busy, but it could happen. so, if someone with
my obvious disdain for this show is actually considering watching
another season, i imagine that the genuine fans must be frothing at
the mouth with excitement. haha… i don’t know how i ever even came
across this tacky show. – oh yeah – living with someone with a tv.
triple foiled! but thanks for making it more fun.

Comment: I have no idea what the point of this email was. They were all over the place. And frankly, I can never associate myself with someone who chooses not to own a TV. They don’t own a TV, are bitching about the show, then are also claiming they’ll watch it next season? Whatever. Anyone who ever says to me, “Ewww…Ben is gross. How boring. I won’t watch next season” – save it. I don’t believe you. Yes, you will watch, because if you’re taking the time to tell me you won’t watch, it means you care enough about the show to comment on it. I’ll never understand why people complain to me about the choice of lead and tell me they won’t watch. Like I had some sort of say in who was chosen. I don’t care if you’re not watching, or claim you’re not gonna watch. Doesn’t affect me in any way, shape, or form, so why are you telling me?

Hi Steve,

1 – thanks for the info on Ben’s ladies, lots of pageant types so far.. do TPTB wait to decide on final casting until the lead is chosen? Are the contestants (besides ‘the fillers’) chosen based on the lead’s tastes, and do they allow the lead any restrictions i.e. no divorcees, kids, other ethnicities etc.?

2 – About a month ago Elan Gale teased with a tweet to Ashley & JP – “for the rest of my life, I will always stand in hotel lobbies at 4am, because you never know what could happen.” Cassie Lambert chimed in – “I just got heated all over again! wink #rebelswithacause”.. she followed with a response to someone that it was not the Hong Kong date. Do you know what they’re referring to that happened? Wondering if JP was so torn up after being ripped apart by Ashley’s sister that they broke the rules and allowed them a late night rendezvous.

Comment: 1) The contestants are chosen WELL in advance of the lead being chosen. They’ve been doing that for years. Around 10 of the contestants are basically “fillers”, 10 of the contestants are cast for craziness and good TV, and I’d say the other 5 are cast because they are compatible with the lead. But if you think they’re casting the 25 most perfect people that match up with the lead, you couldn’t be more off. It just doesn’t work that way.

2) No idea what they’re talking about. I try not to read into anything any of those producers tweet because most of the time, they’re not gonna give anything away. Fleiss’ tweet this week was obviously cut and dry about someone this season trying to pull one over on the producers. He wasn’t trying to be secretive, so that stuff I pay more attention to.

You ever get an email that shows up in your inbox that was sent months ago? Well, this one seriously arrived in my inbox on Wednesday. It was dated “6/11/10”. Wow. Is there a reason I got it 15 months later?


Your the only person I could think of that might have noticed…. I cant believe this isnt the latest buzz. Did you see on last weeks episode how Justin “Rated R” cast changed feet???? In one shot it was on his right leg, and then another shot on his left, both shots he has walking on crutches….WTH????????

Comment: When I first saw this, I’m like, “Please tell me someone didn’t just happen to be watching the episode from 15 months ago and decided to ask me this.” I think I would’ve set fire to my apartment if they did. But once I read the date, I realized they sent this the day after the episode, and it all made sense. Thanks, Yahoo mail.

Send your emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you later.

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  1. sophienettejc

    October 21, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    Thanks for that Steve! Note I ALWAYS give you credit on my blog 🙂

  2. munnygirl

    October 21, 2011 at 11:30 PM

    I can’t believe you don’t know who John Waters is??? Were you serious or being sarcastic? Pink Flamingos and Devine??? Polyester, Cry Baby & s Serial Mom??? Aggghhhh…. Steve – wake up!

  3. kc

    October 22, 2011 at 4:33 AM

    steve, hopefully you know by now that the belize newspaper did link to you/your website.

  4. janedoe

    October 22, 2011 at 4:47 AM

    Love your spoilers but you need to learn the difference between their and there!

  5. mja

    October 22, 2011 at 12:38 PM

    I also have to comment on Steve not knowing who John Waters is… all I can say is, Wow! I think munnygirl covered all of the basics in her post above.

    But, I guess everybody has their knowledge gaps. I’m sure there is stuff I don’t know about that he does.

  6. addicted2trainwrecks

    October 22, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    Steve, you are slipping up. I will attribute it to it being the “off season”. Check out the “stylish” dweeb bachelor in BLACK SOCKS AND SNEAKERS while wearing shorts. Cheez even my dad didn’t wear black socks with sandals and he was 83!!!!

  7. mommyof2

    October 22, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    Steve- The Belize paper article DID link directly to your page. I agree with you about DWTS on most accounts. I think the finals will (and should) include JR and Ricki. I also agree with you on X factor. I think Melanie is the best singer in the competition and I couldn’t believe that Simon originally nixed her in favor of Simone and Tiah of all people. I like the 14-year-old girl, too. I agree that the homeless guy shouldn’t have made it through nor the one newly-formed group of 4 women. Looking forward to reading about the Bachelor “scandal” Fleiss tweeted about. Also, LOVE the Reader’s e-mails- especially the one from England (I love these new words, too!) and that “foiled” one that made no sense. Hilarious!

  8. Stacey

    October 22, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    Bachelor was in Caye Caulker Belize last night appeared to be on a 2on1 date at ‘the split’. A whole bunch of work was done before they arrived… I am here now, I own a hotel on the island but am from Canada

  9. jack

    October 24, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    Steve, please get off of your high horse and do a bit of research and learn something about John Waters. Please tell me that you are not that arrogant/ignorant.

  10. brady6

    October 25, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    Yikes – I don’t typically comment, but who is John Waters? Never ever heard of the guy! I looked him up online and never heard of him or the references some poster made above…I am assuming your just alot older than me? Must be….! I just dont get the mean comments, and FYI… Steve said he doesn’t read the comments! Lighten up girls!

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