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Got a few “Reader Emails” to throw in this week. Not until January rolls around do I think we’ll be back to the columns that have 20-25 emails in them. But I’ll give you what I have until then, mostly from foreigners. Enjoy…

Hi Steve, Switzerland calling! (Yes, you have at least someone over here following you too…. and since I live in between here and Austria, there’s actually 2 countries you can add to your list….)

Anyway, I was really surprised when I read your spoiler for Zermatt/Matterhorn being the spot for this season’s final dates and rose ceremony. Tourist office guys here are gonna love the free advertise!

I totally see where you’re coming from, questioning it not being a tropical location… however, there’s more to the weather in Switzerland than your google search provided. (No offence intended!) See, yes, November is generally cold, obviously, but our weather has been pretty shaken up this year… we had summer high’s in March and April, then June, July and August were completely rained out with not even 10 sun days and the temperatures being significantly lower than usual. September was great, and October was fantastic… I went hiking several days last week in altitudes ranging from 8200 to 11.400 ft. – and I did it in 86° F and shorts. So if that is any indicator, they’ll go skiing in bikinis for their final dates! After all, the Bachelor has never done that! (/irony).

Second thing – the location of Zermatt. It’s several dozens of miles south of the alpine divide, along which storms and heavy rain/snow fall usually occur… in case of cyclones being over Switzerland (we’re not that huge, one is enough to cover the whole country), the clouds get stuck along the divide and bring bad and cold weather to that area and the area just north of that, and it allows for warmer and more arid air from the south to sneak its way into the very south end of Switzerland – where Zermatt is located. Yes, they do get huge amount of snow each year and are known as one of the skiing locations that is sure to get enough snow to last their season through spring, but half of that credit goes to the altitude. They could of course be out of luck and be stuck with several days of snowfall and really low temperatures, but that rarely happens (maybe 2 times at most in winter months) due to the complex weather and wind systems in the Alps… for low pression cyclones, it’s a hard place to stick around longer than a day.

Sorry, this got longer than I intended… anyway, sending you regards, and I look forward to watching my country on this show come March! Of course, as always, AFTER reading your recap… it’s only funny that way.

Comment: Just wanted to post this because this person seemed to know more about Zermat than most of us. If it’s cold and blustery when they get there, then I’m sure they will take the final rose ceremony inside and somehow try and get the Matterhorn in the background. If it’s sunny but still a bit cold, I bet they still try and pull it off outside, although I feel sorry for the girls.

Hey Steve!

I actually started reading your blogs before I started watching the Bachelor series… your commentary lead to me watching the show starting with DeAnna’s season.

I love the Bachelor(ette), but I love DWTS even more!! Who are/have been your top five favorite pros of all time? Also, do you know how they pair up the pros with the “stars” each season? Do they go by height or pure drama potential? (ie. who is most likely to hook up and have a scandal?) There are certain pros that seem to consistently get screwed and perpetually get paired with severely uncoordinated celebs. Do the stars have any influence over the pro they are matched with?

Also, what decides which pros get to be on each season? Why is Chelsie not in it (even though she’s still performing in the elimination shows) but that new Peta girl was?

I know you like Hope Solo, but I feel like she looks slightly mannish, yet her voice is so girly and doesn’t match with her appearance at all… She seems like a sweet person, but I can’t get over the voice/physique paradox.

Thanks for your entertaining work!!

Comment: Favorite pros on DWTS? All the chicks. I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed. Hope that answers your question.

In recent seasons, you can kinda see why certain pros are given certain celebrities. Maks is usually given someone who has potential, but that he’ll clash with personality-wise. Derek is given someone who has a chance to win, etc.

I have no idea how they choose which pros are on which seasons. Just as long as the Lucky Charms guy is back next season, that’s all I care about.

Brandon’s game play, such as it is, is quite easy to figure out. As I alluded to in an earlier e-mail, he’s a religious nut-bar. Religion is one of those things that can make an otherwise reasonable person do unreasonable things. When you add on top of that the fact that Brandon appears to be an emotionally unstable person it’s really no wonder his behaviour and choices are so strange.

Comment: Wanted to post this because if you remember a few “Reader Email” columns ago, this same person gave his thoughts on Brandon and his religion, and since they seem to have a hard-on for him, I figured I’d keep sharing.

Hey Steve

It’s your (probably) only reader from Iceland again!

I have a question that I hope you haven’t answered – Which do you like more – The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? Personally I think The Bachelorette is much better (might possibly have to do with the fact that I´m female and I enjoy watching a group of 25 smoking hot men) – I think everything around the contestants is so much more relaxed when it’s guys in the house, not girls. The girls fight all the time and there’s a bunch of drama but for the most part the guys just seem to enjoy hanging around, drinking and making friends. It’s almost my favourite part of the show is when they just show the guys messing around…I loved Ali and Ashley’s season because the guys were so interesting. And oh myyyy J.P – what I wouldn´t do for a guy like him. As you can see, I totally believe you when you say that the show isn’t about the lead at all, it´s about the contestants – completely true.

I’m pretty excited about Ben’s season even though I would rather have liked to see Ames as the Bachelor. Can’t wait for your spoilers, keep ’em coming!

P.S I like your picture at the top of the page. Your eyes are saying: “F*** you, I’ll spoil it anyway…” haha.

Comment: All these seasons are the same to me. I don’t have one favorite over the other. It’s the same thing every season, just with a different cast. My job is just to spoil it ahead of time. I don’t have any investment into these contestants while the show is airing. I’ve never cared who wins, I’ve never rooted for anyone to win, etc. It is what it is. A silly, fake, manipulated, and contrived TV show that takes itself way too seriously, and now it’s become one giant game to me to spill all their secrets. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hi Steve! I love your website’s new look and love that you have recaps from other shows now, too!

I have a few questions/comments.

1) I think BP would be 100x better if there were actual physical challenges like on RW/RR challenges. I understand the producers want to keep their budget down, but I think the show would be so much better even if they just had cheap physical jousting over the swimming pool or chicken-fighting or even obstacle course-type things where they have to get down and dirty, for example. I can think of all kinds of challenges that would be more physical and entertaining and give contestants a chance take out some of their aggression towards each other. Do you agree and do you think this will ever happen? I think that could be *more* of a draw for viewers vs. the ‘love’ aspect. Seeing 2 women who hate each other seriously cat-fight? Yes please! (And if any BP producers are reading this…please make it happen – the show is pretty boring!!!)

2) Have you been watching the new 90210 and if so what is your opinion on it? I know it will NEVER compete with old BH90210, but I watched the original and have been watching these new seasons.

3) Do you, or will you, be watching The Celebrity Apprentice or Master Chef? Those are the only 2 reality shows I can get my husband to watch with me. =) I’m excited about the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice!

4) Do you reply to all of the emails you get even if you don’t post them? Even if you just say “I’ve told you idiots why the driveway is wet 500x before..” Or to personally answer rambling questions like mine?

5) And I almost forgot – Did you watch Love in the Wild?? It was on NBC last year. It was kind of like a dating/Survivor themed show. Hot couples pairing up to win a trip around the world. I think you would like it!

Comment: 1) At least this season’s challenges were a major step up from season 1. I’m guessing next season they’ll continue to get better. However, pitting women vs another woman she doesn’t like is kinda hard, because it’s always one winner for the men and one for the women, and they’re all competing against each other. So maybe during the course of a challenge, you’ll inherently have two people who don’t like each other battling it out, but you can’t set it up that way because what about the other people in the challenge?

2) Yes, I’ve seen every episode of the new 90210. It’s kinda blah to me. The thing is, if it wasn’t named 90210, you wouldn’t watch the show and think, “Oh my God, this is exactly like the old Beverly Hills 90210.” Really, there’s no resemblance whatsoever. Outside of season 1 and a little of season 2 when they had Jennie Garth on, and cameos by Brenda, Donna, and Nat from the Peach Pit, it’s basically just another high school show. Nothing about it screams “90210” to me outside of the title. And none of the lead guys wear jorts and turtle necks like Steve Sanders used to, so it’ll never compare.

3) Celebrity Apprentice? Yes. Master Chef? No. I’ve never watched a cooking reality show in my life and probably never will. Why? Because I don’t cook for myself so no need to watch others cook. Btw, in case any of you haven’t seen the new cast of “Celebrity Apprentice”, you can read the full cast that was posted on last week.

4) All depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I rip through every email and respond to everything in there. Sometimes I’ll skip over a few that have been asked before, or sometimes when it’s someone who’s obviously looking for a confrontation, I’ll ignore it. There’s no point in getting started with someone like that because no matter what I say, I can’t win. So I just leave it alone.

5) Didn’t watch it, but I did read it got renewed for season 2 next summer. And I still won’t watch it. Just have no interest.

Dear Reality Steve,

Found Your site during Jake’s season and have been reading it ever sense. I have some questions for you?

1. Do you know if Chantel from brads season is still engaged to the guy she met after the bachelor.

2. If you could date any of the leads from the Bachelorette who would it be?

3. Which Bachelor would you most like to be friends with?

4. Which Bachelor or Bachelorette season do you think was the most boring?

Comment: 1) As far as I know she is since it’d be news and on other sites if the engagement was somehow broken off, and I haven’t seen anything of the such.

2) The Bachelorette leads? I don’t think any of them are really my type. I guess the one I liked the most was Ashley, but I wouldn’t say I’d date her.

3) I’m not looking to be friends with anyone. It’s not like I sit back and say, “Gee, I wish he’d be friends with me.” However, I’ve always said I’d like to have a beer with Brad Womack someday. It’ll happen the next time I’m down in Austin.

4) They’re all boring to certain extent since it’s the same thing every season. But Lorenzo’s probably took the cake just because when you line him up against the other Bachelor leads, he just doesn’t seem to fit. That was really a reach when they cast him.

Hi Steve! I really enjoy your commentary on reality TV shows, it makes them much more entertaining. I was wondering, if you were asked to design a reality TV program, would you go for something cheesy and scripted you knew the audience would like, or would you try to make it as realistic as possible? Do you have a favorite reality TV show, or do you really not care?

Also I was wondering if your friends or family ever call you for spoilers.

Thanks again for your great website!

Comment: No interest in creating a reality TV show. Seems like every idea and concept has already been beaten to death. Doubt there’s anything I could add, but then again, I’ve never thought about it.

My all-time favorite reality show is “Survivor” and that’ll never change. It was the first of its kind, and literally set the stage for every reality show you see now on TV. It was the first reality show which incorporated “voting someone off”, and basically every other show on TV you see that has that feature copied from “Survivor.” They were the pioneers of that.

Send your emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you later.

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  1. rollingeyes

    October 27, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    Please do not refer to Chaz as “he”……

  2. locondcoco

    October 27, 2011 at 2:18 PM

    ooh, i’d say Survivor was the first reality GAME show. I would say that Real World was the first reality show.

  3. mommyof2

    October 28, 2011 at 6:51 AM

    I agree with what Maks said as well in that the judges have always had their favorites and judge the contestants differently (i.e. Chaz vs. Hope). Even so, I think Hope’s performance was terrible this week, although Chaz’s has been terrible EVERY week. I’m annoyed at how much they praise Nancy over and over, too, when I don’t think her performances are that great. I do agree with the judges comments on JR and Ricki, but it’s pretty obvious that those two are the best dancers/performers and deserve to fight it out in the finals for sure. It is true that Derek ALWAYS gets the partner that has the best chance at winning, which I can see as annoying to Maks. But, it’s also true that Derek (as well as his sister, Julianne, who I wish would return as a pro again!) is the BEST choreographer and teacher, in my opinion.

  4. kimone

    October 28, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, a million thank you’s for calling out Ricki Lake! I read that about her saying she’s down to a size 6 and will probably be a size 4 by the time the show is over. Really?? I’m all for weight loss, and I think she’s doing great, but there is no way in heck that she is a size 6 as of this moment. I’M a size 6, and after reading her comments, I was very taken aback. If she’s a size 6…wow, I’ve really misjudged how I look. By all means, I’m not supermodel material in the least bit, but I’m so tired of these people blabbing out their weight and sizes that are NOT even remotely close to what they actually are. I want to see Ricki go into American Eagle, for example, and try on a pair of size 6 jeans and then tell the world that’s what she is. Not gonna happen. Same with Kirstie Alley…I was blown away by her exaggerations, too. Why does it bother me?? Because they’re doing something so wonderful by getting back in shape and losing weight, yet overexaggerating their successes and making us lay people re-think ourselves. So if I’m a size 6, I must look like she does right now, so therefore I should work my way down to a size 2 or even less. That’s ridiculous. It’s sending the wrong message when they embellish what they actually are….even if TV does add extra pounds, you can tell within reason.

  5. freckledsmile99

    November 1, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    Why shouldn’t we refer to Chaz as a “he”, he is a he. It is how he identifies himself and it is how the world should as well.

  6. rollingeyes

    November 1, 2011 at 1:51 PM

    @freckledsmile99 – you can’t change DNA or chromosomes.

  7. Amy

    November 2, 2011 at 6:44 AM

    Well said kimone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many young impressionable teens out there….I hate to think what effect her comments may have had on them!!

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