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“Reality Roundup” Including Answering a Few “Bachelor” Questions

Got back into town late Tuesday night, so that’s why no column this past Tuesday. As for “Bachelor” news, it’s going to be pretty skim for the next month or so. They just completed hometown dates are down to the final three headed to Switzerland. But since we are down to our final few, I don’t get information nearly as fast, so I will release everything when I feel the time is right. Last “Bachelor” season, I revealed the episode-by-episode details on Dec. 8th. I’m guessing we’re looking around the same time this year. Once filming is over, I hope to get as much info as possible then go from there. I know who the final four were and I know which three are headed to Switzerland. But I’m not ready to reveal them all just yet because, well, I just don’t feel the need to. Kind of a work in progress since I’m trying to get my hands on some better pictures.

So why the picture of the horse? Well, that is answered below. Since a lot of you come here for some “Bachelor” scoop, I will answer the questions I addressed back in a post on Oct. 11th. In case you forgot, here they are:

Someone left early before a rose ceremony – Not sure of the correct spelling of this girls name, but her name was Britni.

There was another private concert put on by a musician in addition to the Clay Walker concert – The performance was by Matt Nathanson. You know, this guy:

Someone passed out during a rose ceremony – This was Erica Uhlig.

Someone arrived on the first night NOT in the limo – She rode in on a horse (No, that is not the same horse she rode in on pictured above. At least, I don’t think it is. Would be a hell of a guess if it was since I just randomly got that one off Google Images).

The women got to spy on one of Ben’s 1-on-1 dates – This was in San Francisco. Ben had a 1-on-1 date at the Bay Bridge with one of the girls who I will reveal later. Well, it just so happened that where the girls were staying at the Fairmont, you could see directly to the Bay Bridge from the balcony outside their room, so of course, producers set up a telescope for the women to check out Ben making out with his date on the Bay Bridge.

And here’s another one: On the limo exits, someone’s grandma actually gets out of the limo first to surprise Ben. The grandma then introduces her granddaughter to Ben. – This girl will be revealed later.

There you go. Hope that holds you over for a bit. All in due time, everything will be revealed.

“Dancing With the Stars”

Obviously with Monday’s episode being on Halloween, of course they were gonna go with that theme, which seemed to fit David perfectly since, well, that guy is just weird and spooky all by himself. Is he the worst dancer left and should he have been eliminated? Probably not. Nancy sucks, but there’s obviously a rabid fan base out there that wants to keep her around. Not sure why, and don’t quite understand their infatuation with tying up the phone lines every Monday night furiously voting for her, but whatever. Happens every season. There’s always a dancer that gets by more for their fanbase than their actual dancing skills, and Nancy is this season’s beneficiary of that. It sucks, but what can you do? David is now gone and he can go back to doing whatever it was he was doing before coming on this show. Which, I believe, was nothing. Well, other than going on Howard Stern and talking about his sex life with Courtney after she kicked him to the curb. Smart move.

As you may know, I was in California this past weekend hanging with family, attending my sisters surprise party, and enjoying trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew. Well, as much as you can with them sprinting from house to house. I don’t ever remember doing that growing up. Anyway, on Monday, my nephew’s school had their annual parade where the parents and family members show up to watch all the kids walk around in their costumes, while a DJ played Halloween themed music. You know what song must’ve played 15 times while I was there? Ghostbusters. So to hear JR dance to it Monday night, I felt like poking at my eyeballs with a pair of scissors. Needless to say, I pretty much skipped JR’s dance. Figured it’d be a solid effort anyway. And for the record, about every third boy at my nephew’s school was Spiderman. He was Thor and basically didn’t put down his two hammers the whole night while trick-or-treating.

Nancy doing the jive? Ummmm, no thanks. Lets just say that dance didn’t suit her in the least bit. But anytime Tristan can give me more great soundbites I’m all for it. I’m definitely torn. I’ve wanted Nancy gone since Week 1, but my man crush on Tristan is developing every week. Well, not necessarily on him, but moreso on his magically delicious accent. I think he could make reading the phone book hilarious talking like Mr. Lucky Charms. When is he gonna get his own reality show where he teaches American actors the art of the Irish accent? I’d watch it.

So the big story this week is the separation of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Of course, it really has nothing to do with DWTS other than her brother Rob is on the show. But you know what’s funny? I saw a piece on Access Hollywood on Friday (when all the rumors were in tabloids that Kim wanted out of the marriage), where Rob conducted an interview during rehearsals shooting down all the rumors. Basically saying that they don’t pay attention to any of that stuff, his sister couldn’t be happier, and he wishes that people would just mind their own business when it comes to his sister’s relationship. This interview aired on Friday, 3 days before his sister filed for divorce, so I hope he had some time to wipe that egg off his face. Either Rob was never informed about Kim’s “arranged” marriage, or he was just playing the part. But to say your sister is in love and couldn’t be any happier and the rumors are nonsense, only to have her file 3 days later, kinda makes him look stupid. But hey, he’s a Kardashian.

After the Maks/Len blowup last week, it was pretty predictable what would happen this week. No matter what Hope did, they were not gonna criticize her for technicalities and heel leads. They were gonna keep it generic, tell her good job, and send her on her way. And that’s exactly what they did. Was her dance any good? Not really. In fact, last week’s I thought was better than this week’s. But of course, the judges weren’t going to chance that in a million years and say, “I didn’t see any improvement.” Maks might’ve gone on a 3-judge killing spree if they said that. Either Hope or Nancy is gone next. All depends on which fan base decides to wear out their fingers less on the phone and on text.

Can I just say how much better a co-host Brooke Burke is than Samantha Harris? Not that I care about her interview skills or anything. Sorry. Not paying attention to that. I’m just talking about the little number she was wearing on Monday night. Yowza. David Charvet has got to be giddy that she decided to shoehorn his last name as part of hers. Cuz Brooke Burke-Charvet is shooting up the charts of “Reality Steve’s Favorite MILF’s On TV.” In case she cares. In an unrelated note, Chris Harrison has a new game show starting right after DWTS season ends, and his co-host is Brooke Burns. Sorry Chris. Short end of the stick on that one. I will not be watching.

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  1. mja

    November 4, 2011 at 7:37 AM

    Have to say, I like Tristan on DWTS a lot — great personality, and he’s good looking. Of course, the accent is cute, too. And if he can get along with Nancy Grace — that shows he has some interpersonal skills. I hope that they ask him back for seasons in the future.

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