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Unless we are not being shown conversations that have taken place between Cochran and the Blue tribe, I don’t really see the point of him switching alliances. So lets just say the Savaii tribe absolutely hates Cochran, and he’s the 6th man in a 6 person tribe. Great. He just switched over to the Blue tribe which is as solid as can be, and now he’s the 7th man in a 7 person tribe? That doesn’t make sense unless Cochran has been promised things by Coach that we weren’t made aware of, which could most certainly be the case.

Lets just say Ozzy should stick to his soft porn career that he once had because his acting skills suck. Coach saw right through it, Sophie saw right through it, and even Albert said he wasn’t buying it when Ozzy appeared at Redemption Island and pretended to hate his tribe. That was lame. I’m sure if I was on the other tribe and not watching what had played out on TV, I would’ve still known what he was up to. He went way over-the-top on the acting job. Possibly if he was more subtle, and just gave props to Cochran for playing the idol, the other tribe might’ve bought it, but, he ruined that chance the second he tried to be fake mad.

I wonder if the next person sent to Redemption is Whitney, and that’s where their relationship started. Finally all alone together on the island, dirty and grimy as can be as they roll around in the sand with each other exchanging bodily fluids. Well, wherever it started, it’s still going considering Keith moved to Tennessee for her. If Whitney is sent to Redemption next, I’d be willing to bet, oooohhhhh, everything I have, that those two knocked it out quite a few times when they were alone. I saw on her Twitter account where she’s teasing people about if the rumors are true about her and Keith. Really? It’s amazing how people think you can’t tell what they’re doing or who they’re banging just by following conversations on Twitter. Or even Facebook.

“X Factor”

I figured out something bothering me about this show now. It’s becoming too soft, outside of Simon. I know we’re down to the final 12 and the best of the best, but has ANY judge said one negative thing about a performance outside of Simon? I mean, not all of the performances have been great, and I get a sense that it has to do with the judges mentoring the singers. Because in essence, if you criticize a performance, you’re criticizing the judge who mentored them as well. And they all seem to be buddy-buddy up there and are afraid to rattle the cage of a fellow judge, so to speak. I’m sorry, but Intensity just isn’t very good. Calling them the next “Glee” group is complete hyperbole and cross promotion. They are the worst act left and it’s not even close.

I think because it’s the first season, and they’re trying to win over the public, they’ve made sure that MOST of the comments are positive and they praise these singers as much as possible. I mean, how many times have we heard one of the judges gush over a performance that was good, but not great? And it seems like at some point or another, almost all the acts have been told they are a star, or “we haven’t heard the last from you”, or “we’ll be seeing big things from you in the future.” To a certain extent, I get what they’re doing. They’re selling their show to the masses and trying to engrain in people’s heads that these acts are better than maybe you think they are. Only time will tell how many of these people you’ll even hear from six months from now, but the judges are making you think every single one of them will be getting a recording contract, which we know won’t happen.

I still think Melanie is by far the best singer on the show. But Drew and Josh are also very good. As well as the Stereo Hogzz. Those four acts I’d say are the best ones they have, but as Simon said last night, this is Melanie’s competition to lose. Her voice is ridiculous for 19 years old. As is Drew’s for 14. Stereo Hogzz are great in their own right, I just don’t see America voting for a group. That “Rhythm Nation” bit was awesome, and it’s the one thing that separates this show from Idol. The production value and choreography is 100 times better than anything Idol does. So yeah, America is voting on who the best singer is, but, “X Factor” is also more about performance too. Every performance has a concert feel to it, so when you watch, you’re actually seeing how maybe that act would be if they were headlining somewhere, and you don’t get that on Idol when Scotty McCreery is boring us to tears walking around the stage with the mic in a horizontal position.

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  1. mja

    November 4, 2011 at 7:37 AM

    Have to say, I like Tristan on DWTS a lot — great personality, and he’s good looking. Of course, the accent is cute, too. And if he can get along with Nancy Grace — that shows he has some interpersonal skills. I hope that they ask him back for seasons in the future.

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