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The Bachelor 16 - Ben

The Bachelor Ben Recap Including Some Details from the Vegas Reunion and My First Live Video Blog This Thursday Night

-Jennifer’s date was up next, and to be honest, I was incredibly bored by the whole thing. So her recap will be quite short, however, it will include some insight on what happened from some emails I received. Jennifer immediately starts out with, “I haven’t been on a first date in a very, very long time.” Isn’t it amazing how many freaking girls on this show have such a hard time in the dating world? I mean, lets quit it with the BS statements ladies, it’s getting old. Every time I hear, “Well, I really haven’t met anyone where I live, and I’m tired of the bar scene, and online dating hasn’t worked, so I figured why not give this a try,” as a reason women give for coming on this show, it makes me want to vomit. To me, translated that means “I want to go on this show so I can be on TV and hope that opportunities arise after it like it has for past contestants.” Lets not forget that with social media nowadays, and the “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” as future shows, don’t think for a second that people aren’t coming on this show strictly so they can possibly be cast on another show. Hell, I heard Jaclyn an interview did last week (which you can read/hear right here), where she’s asked point blank if she were asked to “Bachelor Pad” would she do it and she said, “Hell yes.” Pretty much all you need to know about Jaclyn. Anyone that is that giddy to do “Bachelor Pad” is admitting they are looking to hook up with other contestants on the show and can’t wait to be a part of this incestuous family. Congrats. Keep it classy.

-So these two get strapped in and are lowered into a crater above water, where they will be dropped. I’m sorry, but I don’t get what the big deal was about this “drop.” Unless Jennifer can’t swim, which obviously she could or else she never would’ve been put on this date, there have been dates way more scary than what she was acting like. My God, you’re falling into water. You aren’t tight roping across two LA skyscrapers, or bungee jumping, or scaling LA buildings – you’re being lowered by harnesses over water then falling into it. Big deal. And judging by when the harnesses released them, it seems like they maybe dropped 20 feet? 30 feet? Whatever. The downside to those previous “adrenaline” dates they’ve done in the past is that someone could’ve have died if a fall occurred. Lets just say for arguments sake that all the harnesses ripped and Ben and her got released earlier than they expected. So? They just fall into water from a higher point and maybe do a belly flop. Better than being dead. I think they tried to make it seem like this date was more dangerous than it seemed. It wasn’t.

-Not to mention, they tried to make us think this hole was out in the middle of nowhere and that it’s so exclusive that no one ever uses it. Not quite. Here’s an email I got during the show last night from a reader:

Dear Steve,

I had to laugh about the date with Jennifer tonight. I am from Utah, and that crater is a well known dive spot for scuba divers. There is a tunnel from the entrance to the water itself, where everyone gets their scuba gear on. There is a wooden dock where you enter the water. They tried to make it sound like it was a crater in the middle of nowhere. It is actually at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah, and there are several houses around. The resort charges a fee for people to scuba dive and swim there. Here is the link for the resort:

Homestead Resort – Crater

If you look up towards the hole at the top, it is exactly the one that is in the show. It’s true that the top of the hole is fenced off, and they just got special permission to do the repelling into the crater.

So there you go. A whole lot of anxiety for something that people do day in and day out there. Thank you to whoever sent that in to back up my claim.

-These two go to dinner and get rained on. When Ben’s hair is wet (not talking mildly wet where he gets the frizzies, I’m talking like right when comes out from under water) his hair goes down past his neck. Just thought I’d point that out. Anyway, over dinner Ben asks his favorite question of the season. “So tell me about your last relationship?” That’s like 17 girls in a row he’s asked that to. Isn’t it funny when they ask him in return he seems to skip over the fact that he was sexting Shawntel, or secretly seeing Britt, or had a nice little one nighter with JLH? I guess these women don’t seem to care. Whatever the case, Jennifer says her last relationship lasted 4 ½ years, but he wasn’t gonna marry her, so she walked away. Well, good Jenny. At least you got out early enough so you didn’t waste your time with someone who was never gonna marry you. Oh, 4 ½ YEARS you said? Sorry. Then you’re an idiot for staying that long.

-Back at the hotel, the clouds are starting to form on Hurricane Courtnemily which is about to roll into town. All the chicks that don’t like Courtney are in the bathroom doing each others hair and gossiping, which is to say that everyone who isn’t on Ben and Jennifer’s date is in that bathroom. Yo MTV Emily is getting her hair did by Blakeley the VIP Cocktail Waitress/Hooters girl/Esthetician. Blakeley is one with many talents. None of which I’m sure are what I just named off. They are all pissed Courtney got the rose on the group date and DJ Germaphobe makes it known all while having aluminum foil in her hair: “I don’t want to see him fooled by the vegan raw doe-eyed model who doesn’t really know which way is up.” Awesome. Best line of the season. Now, I may be as sharp as a beach ball, but I think she just called Courtney stupid. What I want to know is how stupid is she? Is she just stupid, ditzy, I’m-playing-a-role-for-the-show dumb, or, is she like seriously dumb? Like this guy:

I’m sorry, but I’m a shill for game shows. And if you think I saw that clip this past weekend, saved it, and was just looking for some place in today’s column to sneak it in, you couldn’t be more right. Who takes a turkey to the beach? You know my favorite part of the video? The fact that the first person had already gotten them 131 pts, meaning they only needed 69 pts to win, and this jackass is up there laughing at his “Turkey” answers while the rest of the family is f-bombing him under their breath when the camera pans to them. Might be my favorite game show clip ever. Well, 2nd favorite. This one is the all-timer:

I’m sorry, but there will never be a better game show on the planet than the old “Newlywed Game.” To say “in the ass” on television in 1977 probably gave a few people heart attacks. Sure, it’s par for the course now given what we see on television on a nightly basis and is what you’d come to expect from anyone in this “Bachelor” franchise, but if you put that clip in perspective, and the time it was aired in, all the more shocking and all the more hilarious. Just wish the chick that said it could’ve been hotter.

Bottom line in all this: Courtney is dumb.

-Ben and Jennifer arrive for the Clay Walker concert being put on for a mass of people. Nothing interesting to report whatsoever since I wasn’t there. But here’s someone who was that can tell you all about how contrived and manipulated the filming of that scene was:

“First we got there at 10:30 PM where they had a row of tables blocking a conference room at The Canyons Resort where they had us fill out several pages of confidentiality forms. After we turned them in they marked our hands with a sharpie and had us sit in a conference room for about 45 min to an hour. They had a producer come out and talk to us and explain the run down of the night. They never said what show they were filming and they referred to Ben and Jennifer as “the 2 cast members.” They explained that they were going to come from the back and walk down a hill to a platform in the middle of the crowd so the people in the back would need to split in the middle. Then during the 2nd song they were going to need the crowd in front of the platform to split so the two could walk to the stage. He stressed the importance of not having your phone or camera on.

When they let us outside to the stage my husband made sure to get a spot right in the center to be at the split. We then stood outside waiting for almost 2 hours before Ben and Jennifer even came out. They ran through sound checks and gave us instructions again of how we needed to split. We heard the same 2 songs over and over again and we had to practice our part of splitting the crowd over and over again. At one point we were all getting into the concert like they told us to do and people started yelling words and the producers got on the microphone and told us that we should be excited and cheer but not to yell or scream actual words because people were screaming things like how they were here for Clay Walker and not for Ben. They also went over the instructions to split the crowd another time or two and said to be sure to not look into the cameras if we wanted to be on tv, with another follow up of the crowd splitting instructions again and a reminder that no phones or cameras were allowed. As the producers were going over the same set of instructions for the fourth time Clay grabbed the microphone and exclaimed “AND NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE!” which made us all laugh hysterically.

Afterwards Clay went into another rendition of “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” (the first song on the playlist) which we were jamming out to until the director cut in and said that we needed to start over again to get the shots they needed. So we ended up hearing the first song and another called “Like We Never Said Goodbye” 4 or 5 times each as they would redo each scene to get the needed/ wanted footage.

All of a sudden after waiting for almost 2 hours in the cold and rain, my husband saw them coming in on a ski lift. They were maybe 100 yards away but it took them at least 15-20 min to make it to the concert and they had a huge entourage following them. There were producers onstage with Clay making sure that everything was going according to plan and looked perfect. We were at the 2nd split and were right in the center so they walked right by us. Ben looks just as much like a Geico Caveman in person as he does on TV and his hair is just as moppy and frizzy. Jennifer looks cuter on TV than she did that night. And we were kind of shocked how short Ben was. My Husband who is 6’1″ and was one of the few men there was head and shoulders above the crowd and could see them dancing and said he is a HORRIBLE dancer and just kind of limped around or made out with Jennifer.

After the second song (and probably the final one they will show Monday) Clay played 2 more songs for us and talked to the couple. Ben said that Jennifer was the best kisser in the house and she said he was pretty good too. Clay asked where they saw this going and someone near us in the crowd yelled “DIVORCE” we all laughed. Production didn’t seem too happy with Clay wanting to play a few more songs and talking to them. They seemed like they were in a hurry to get them out of there and to the next part of the night or to do some ITM or something. The Producers then demanded us to split the crowd again to let them go.

Also the whole time the producers were giving us instructions (inside or outside) they kept getting feedback of how the date was progressing and where they were. This date was perfectly choreographed and staged.

You know what else is funny? Someone emailed me last night after the show asking, “So if Ben didn’t give Jennifer a rose at dinner, would the Clay Walker concert have been cancelled?” Well, if you didn’t put 2 and 2 together before, now you can. Pretty much anytime there’s a concert date, it’s because it’s already been set up with someone that the lead is giving a rose to. So yes, it’s pre-determined in a way.

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  1. bachelorette

    January 25, 2012 at 6:19 PM

    a skinny elizabeth kitt? elizabeth looks anorexic. i don’t think courtney is any skinnier than her.

  2. hordac

    January 25, 2012 at 6:29 PM

    I am disappointed in Emily. Do these girls actually watch the show prior to applying to be on it? The girl who rats out the bitch in the house always ends up being thrown out on her ass by the Batch. God knows that a man’s penis can’t be told the object of its desire is a manipulative shrew. Hey, it might even up the attractiveness factor. Lets face it, Ben is not in this to get married, and I think its the only way for someone like him to date a model for any length of time. I hope there is a similar post breakup interview between them like there was with Jake and Vienna! I also agree that Emily should have owned up to ratting out Courtney. As for the double agent who went and tattled? Bet the producers made her do this to stir it up.

  3. poddington

    January 25, 2012 at 7:45 PM

    good words, Hordac. So true. Keep in mind, if Emily met the “man’s Penis” right AFTER Courtney dumped it (and likely left it weeping with infection), she would be his wife for being so wise and nurturing. These girls are still young, they will learn.

  4. cidm

    January 26, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    why why why why WHY is Courtney’s forehead so oily and shiny in EVERY single ITM that she does ???? And where is the lower portion of her face and what’s up with her lips??
    By the way – great call on the comparison to Russell Brand, definitely is her doppelganger!
    Lindzi reminds me of a slightly disheveled Tenley – anyone else see it ???

  5. gege

    January 26, 2012 at 8:45 AM

    Ben could look like the tennis player Nadal if he’d uncover his face 🙂 Of course that wouldn’t make him any smarter but he’d be nicer to look at 🙂

  6. converse

    January 26, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    Rachel – “You know, it’s something that I’ve struggled with in the past”
    Ben – “What is?”
    Rachel – “Communication”
    Ben – “Ahh….perhaps including the subject in your sentence might help. Particularly if you are trying to communicate that communication is a problem.”

  7. locondcoco

    January 26, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Not that I’m defending Courtney, she annoys me too (i mean, what grown up woman says, “I can reach higher than any of you…”??), but what she actually said was: “I’ve always had boy FRIENDS”, as in her friends are guys, not boyfriends. Cuz she followed it up with that is why she is having a hard time co-existing with 11 other women under one roof.

  8. miss4real

    January 26, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Yes Courtney does look like AJ Soprano. Most excellent comparison

  9. hordac

    January 26, 2012 at 2:30 PM

    Yes, I noticed the Lindzi – Tenley resemblance too – love the Courtney – AJ Soprano comparison! That is SOOOO right on! I want Steve to put those two side by side as well. To me this is the most accurate resemblance yet.

  10. aziatn

    January 26, 2012 at 3:04 PM

    On the last episode, at the rose ceremony, they bleeped out Emily as she was calling Courtney a name. Emily called Courtney AUTISTIC. TWICE. This is the real reason for the feud. If people knew this, they would know why Courtney was so mad and offended at Emily. Rewind it. You can tell. ABC didn’t want the heat from Emily’s inappropriate comment so they bleeped it like it was any other word. Kacie B, Monica and all the other girls laughed when Emily said that. They are not “sweet” girls. These girls are vicious. Courtney’s response to Emily was totally appropriate. Courtney has not stooped to bad mouthing the other girls the way they’ve come after her. Shame on you Steve for falling victim to the editing.

  11. sherivannote

    January 26, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    What is your talent? Absolutely NOTHING, you find some dishonest ass that betrays ABC while filming and then you pass it on acting like hero, (in fact low life) and ruin the the bachelor season, yet again for many people. I won’t worry about hurting your feelings, since it’s obvious someone with out any intergrity couldn’t care less about anyone, including your own ugly sorry self……..

  12. karynr

    January 27, 2012 at 6:03 AM

    sherivannote…you made the choice to read RS and than blame him for the spoilers? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’d run to the closest therapist and get help for your anger issues. People read RS by choice. Or, was someone forcing you to read? Wow.

    Keep up the enjoyable commentaries RS! You make this so much more fun.

  13. BLT

    January 27, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    Anyone notice Courtney double-fisting at the end! Whiskey in one hand and a rocker glass with god knows what in the other? Booze hound extreme.

  14. luna

    January 28, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    What on earth was with the comment about Courtney being in Puerto Rico 2 months prior, whilst everybody was toasting at the end? So “classy”, throwing it out there. Dumby.

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