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The Bachelor Ben Recap Including Ben at LAX, Info About Next Week, & A Fun Little Courtney Vs Emily Video

Thanks to everyone who participated in the live video blog on Thursday. It was a lot of fun. Will be some changes to this week’s show. Same time (9PM EST/6PM PST) right here back on the site, but I’m going to keep it to 45 min. An hour and a half was way too long. However, the webcast does have a feature that allows me to bring up your text question onto the screen instead of reading it from the cue like I was last like. And furthermore, once the show is over, each question that is answered is “bookmarked” in the timeline in the show, so instead of going back to watch the whole thing to find out what was talked about, you can just scroll your mouse over all the “bookmarks,” see what questions were asked, and start the video at that exact point. Really cool feature that you all will like. So join me this Thursday, sign up, and get your questions in. I will answer as many as I can.

This past Friday I tweeted, “Well lookie what we have here” and said I’d received some information, video, and pictures that I would share on Monday. First the video and pictures. Ben tweeted on Friday that he was at San Francisco airport, but didn’t say where he was going. Well, a couple hours after he landed, I had someone who was on his flight tell me he was on Southwest flight 2686 from San Francisco to LAX. She was able to get these pictures of him:

Hahahahahahahahaha hey look! Ben is reading the tabloid magazine rack. I love the people who go on this show who claim they stay off the internet and don’t read anything about themselves. Are you kidding? They ALL read what people are saying about them. Every single one.

Here’s even a :40 clip of him getting picked up at the curb by what looks like Cassie Lambert, his producer:

At the time on Friday I figured this was significant because he never tweeted where he was headed, and now we knew he was in LA being picked up by production. So I was gonna wait to see exactly what he tweeted this weekend, and it could’ve been proof that he was with his final girl (regardless of who you think it may be), and having one of his safehouse visits this weekend. He very well might’ve anyway, but the next morning at 8am, Ben tweeted he was on a flight back to SF, which he was. And then Sunday he went to New York. So, we know he was in LA for less than 24 hours for whatever reason, but, the pictures and videos I thought became less important once he left the next day. Who knows? Maybe he did see his girl for one night? Usually the safehouse meetings are much longer than that, but, maybe they had to squeeze this in. Not sure. But at the time I tweeted Friday, I thought the pics and video could’ve been important, depending on what he tweeted the rest of the weekend. Alas, it doesn’t really prove much, other than he was there for a night.

As for the other information I received, I actually was told back in November that someone returns to the show, but didn’t have any details surrounding it. I heard again on Friday that someone does come back, and the previews last night clearly show it’s Kacie who returns in Switzerland (after getting dumped at the hometowns), to warn Ben about Courtney. Nothing more, nothing less. She doesn’t come back to try and win him over or ask back on the show, but she shows up in Switzerland to let Ben know Courtney is an evil witch that needs to drink a bottle of poison.

Also, the previews for next week also clearly lay out who’s on what date. Man, they don’t even try to hide stuff anymore, do they? It’s not even a big deal at this point when they are just giving things away in their promos. They gave the skinny dipping away back in December, Shawntels return in San Francisco, Kacie confronting him in Switzerland, and now next weeks dates. Kacie has a 1-on-1 which we knew, the group date has 6 girls on the boat – Lindzi and Jamie are sitting closest to Ben, Emily and Nicki in the middle, and Courtney and Casey at the front. Which means Rachel and Blakeley are on the 2-on-1 date, and Blakeley gets sent home.

The previews also show Chris pulling Casey S aside to tell her something. Well, that has to do with the boyfriend back home. The previews make it seem like somebody died and she has to immediately rush home or something, but that’s not the case. Look at what Chris Harrison says in his blog today about it:

“What I’ll tell you is this has something to do with her personal life back home and it concerned me enough to step in and talk to her about it. In next week’s blog I’ll explain exactly why I did what I did and how some of it was related to my regret of how I handled the Bentley situation with Ashley.”

Uhhhh, yeah. If he’s comparing it to the Bentley situation, this has nothing to do with any family emergency or anything like that. This has to do with what I mentioned back months ago, was that I was told Casey was dating a guy named Michael Patak before she left for filming. Don’t know how it’s presented or what the exact storyline is, but rest assured, her exit has to do with having a boyfriend back home. Even The Bachelor Fan Page on Facebook posted this status last Wednesday:

” Secret of the Week: Soon it will be revealed that one bachelorette still has a boyfriend… Who do you think it is?”

Look at what next weeks press release for the show even says:

“On rose ceremony day, Chris pays a surprise visit to the women, pulling Casey S. from the group. In another of ‘The Bachelor’s’ most dramatic moments, he confronts her about a situation she has kept secret from everyone. A shocked Casey S. then must admit the truth to Ben. How will he take the news?”

Yeah, this show is very well aware how long spoilers have been out and basically has accepted the fact that they might as well start using social media to their advantage to promote the show. And if that means giving away stuff early, then so be it.

One last thing before we get started that I hope you find amusing. One question I’ve gotten all season has been, “What’s the deal with Courtney’s mouth?” Yes, I agree, it does have some weird contortions to it. However, in case you weren’t paying attention to the cocktail party in last week’s episode, you might’ve missed our rapping Epidemiologist giving her a run for her money by moving her mouth side-to-side 1,000 times. So thanks to Nick Adams for spending the time to put this video together for me, I now present to you the Courtney vs. Emily “Face Off” from Episode 4 (You Tube is saying some parts of the country may not be able to view it. If you can’t, I’m sorry). Keep in mind, all these facial reactions were from one 15 minute segment during the cocktail party when these two went at it. Amazing.

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  1. poddington

    February 1, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    I was initially ok with Ben being the bach. I liked that he showed some emotion during his Ashley rejection….But now that is clear that was more about ego than feelings. Anyway observations:
    1) this guy has made less effort than any other bach to get ripped and in shape for his season. It is hilarious these gals are getting all hot and bothered over his “hot body”. Doughy and non descript. Must be in the script.
    2) agree with others: the fact he made the lady producer throw his 50 pound bag of hear gel and wack cream for a 24 hour trip in the back of her truck is apalling. the body language between them suggested she is disgusted. Don’t even start with women’s lib and all that crap. Chances are men have more upper body strength than women, plus it is HIS bag.
    3) I think Emily is cool too! Most of the time I can never imagine being friends with any of the women, even though they might be great people. She is smart and funny but …perseverates too much. She is so lucky she dodged this bullet.

  2. poddington

    February 1, 2012 at 7:09 PM

    I also found it creepy he was “fluffing” himself as he was running in the water to skinny dip with Courtney.

  3. fluxcapacitor

    February 1, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    Any woman that gets naked on a reality TV show that airs at 8pm for all the world to see, is not a woman most men want to take home to meet the parents.

    Courtney is a woman to bone, not a woman to marry.

    It’s SO obvious by body language, that she is not into Ben. She only wants to (gasp, hold your ears!) WIN, and it’s the only way she knows how to-by using her pink clam. That’s how she gets a head…oops, I mean, ahead in life with everything and anything. Sex appeal that she freely offers up to anyone she wants something from. When her looks start to fade, she’ll be a raging angry ugly washed up ex- MODEL (lol) who has NOTHING but a worn-out pimply smelly cooch.

  4. realitybiteth

    February 2, 2012 at 2:28 AM

    @ poddington : There is enough to rag on without making stuff up.

    “Fluffing”? Ben wasn’t playing with his junk, he was COVERING IT WITH HIS HAND.

    “the body language between them suggested she is disgusted” — you can tell all that from a few seconds of shaky cam video? All you can tell is she is quick and efficient, which are good qualities for a producer.

    For all we know, she had some stuff in the back that she didn’t want to squash with his bag, and is particular about where it goes.

    Maybe she is working out and likes to show how strong she is. WHO KNOWS. There are a lot of reasons why she might put his bag away.

    Further, since most people seem to think the producers are slimeballs (Mike Fleiss produced Superstar USA, and in order to get the audience to cheer the awful singers he told them that the singers were all terminally ill people who Made A Wish to be a star for a day), why WOULDN’T you make the evil producers of this exploitative show pick up your luggage?

  5. Dianne

    February 2, 2012 at 6:12 AM

    It amazes me how soooo many of you are professional doctors that can diagnose someone that you don’t know for the life of you, with BPD/NPD. What part of this do you not get? Courtney is getting BAD, and I mean REALLY bad edit. Give yourselves a shake already.

  6. sourpuss

    February 2, 2012 at 6:15 AM

    @ladygazelle – oooh, that’s rich, coming from someone who thinks ludicrous is spelled like the rapper’s name LUDACRIS! Duh.

  7. karynr

    February 2, 2012 at 6:41 AM

    I did some due diligence, as I’m not a fan of judgemental people who don’t know surrounding circumstances and facts. I also am known as a very compassionate person. All I’m going to say is I live in Scottsdale and I have a good friend whose kids went to the same high school as Courtney. I also have a good friend who is a very reputable Psychologist in Scottsdale, and I asked her to observe the behavior. Yes, some of this is editing, but Lisa’s BPD comments could very well be on the money. Courtney does have issues. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

    Why were you not offended when Ellen DeGeneres did the universal whacko sign (twirling her finger around her ear) when talking to Ben about Courtney? She’s not a mental health professional either.

  8. spins22

    February 2, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    @ladygazelle I agree with you! This show is for entertainment only. Who cares if they went skinny dipping. These girls go on the showing knowing they are “sharing” a guy with MANY girls. Whether he gets action behind closed doors on the overnights or out in the ocean, who cares?! What’s the bloody difference. I actually found Courtney entertaining this week! and I see chemistry between the two, even if it is just physical! Woohoo

  9. punka

    February 2, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    Courtney is this season’s Trish. You all remember Trish from the Jessie Palmer season right? The model, who was slightly off? Both thought of themselves as more experienced and well traveled than the others and basically talked down to them, who were below them in their minds. Neither girl got along with the other girls. Yeah. Of course, Trish was hotter, but both of these women are kookoo for cocoa cocoa puffs.

    Jessie was smart enough to see it. Ben is not. That is hte difference.

  10. deedee1

    February 2, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    Steve –
    It’s not just Courtney’s mouth that annoys me….she cannot seem to leave her hair alone. I can’t stand this girl !!!

  11. bachelorette

    February 2, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    “Why were you not offended when Ellen DeGeneres did the universal whacko sign (twirling her finger around her ear) when talking to Ben about Courtney? She’s not a mental health professional either.”

    Whacko doesn’t equal ‘mental illness’. Apparently your friend didn’t provide you with enough education. People with mental illnesses are not whacko…they are sick. They deserve our compassion, not our labelling and judging.

  12. bachelorette

    February 2, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    If certain minutes of my life were edited into an hour-long show, I’m sure I could be diagnosed with a whole host of disorders. But I think we’re all smart enough to agree that we can’t all be understood based on a snapshot of our lives. Especially us women who endure personality changes thanks to our hormones.

  13. karynr

    February 3, 2012 at 5:56 AM

    I will; not share everything I know, as it is not the right thing to do. I sincerely apologize if I offended any of you.. The education I received was very enlightening.

    I agree….a snapshot of someone can be perceived many different ways. But, I’ve been able to put a lot of pieces together, with the help of others in the area, and it will all come out eventually.

    Compassion is warranted at times, but when cruelty and aggressive scary behavior is involved, sometimes it is hard to

  14. karynr

    February 3, 2012 at 5:59 AM

    I meant….when cruelty and aggressive scary behavior are involved, I have to reach deeply for the compassion. I am known as a very compassionate person, but have a healthy dislike for people that verbally or physically harm others. Especially when the cruelty is targeted, and someone goes for the jugular just to cause hurt.

  15. bachelorette

    February 3, 2012 at 7:09 AM

    Of course I share your healthy dislike for people who harm others…but equally, I have a healthy dislike for people who blame harmful before on individuals with mental illnesses…a cruel heart is not one in the same with an unwell person.

  16. bachelorette

    February 3, 2012 at 7:10 AM

    Of course I share your healthy dislike for people who harm others…but equally, I have a healthy dislike for people who blame harmful behaviour* on individuals with mental illnesses…a cruel heart is not one in the same with an unwell person.

  17. karynr

    February 3, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    bachelorette…I agree with you completely. Again, I’m not going to say anymore about the subject. It will all come out eventually. I just want to continue enjoying RS as I have for years. I respect and appreciate what you are saying.

  18. carol

    February 3, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    LOL – the phrase is “one and the same” (not “one in the same”).

  19. bachelorette

    February 3, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    yeah, my bad…thanks Carol

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