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Good times last night on the video blog. Olivia finally lost her tooth last night, Nicholas woke up crying for no reason, and they’re all headed back to California now. If you missed last night’s show, it’s in the post below this one. 70 questions asked total, with the last half pretty much directed towards the kids. As I mentioned in the video last night, last week’s video blog never recorded by Vokle. I’ve done 12 shows now and that was the first one it’s happened to. When I asked them what happened and why the video never posted, they said technical issues that night, and every show on Vokle had that problem, and the show couldn’t be recovered. Is what it is. Vokle is a free service so there’s not much I can do. If it doesn’t record, it doesn’t record. Last night’s did, it’s up now, and you can scroll through and skip right to any question you want. I think my favorite was when someone asked Olivia about the tooth fairy. Apparently she thinks a Texas tooth fairy pays higher than a California one.

And the picture of them was from yesterday before we went and saw The Lorax. We killed some time in Barnes and Noble, and Olivia was obsessed at looking at the Teen Magazines so she could see all the kids from ICarly, Austin and Ally, Shake it Up, and Victorious. Geez, I don’t remember looking at those magazines until I was in about 5th grade, where I’d run to the store every day after school to see what new photos of Alyssa Milano was in “Bop” magazine. It was at that time when I realized what it was like to start becoming a man. Thank you Alyssa. I’ll always be grateful.

Since I posted yesterday about the two new confirmed contestants, and that Kalon McMahon was the one who left the show on his own, nothing has happened in the last 24 hours, so lets get right to the “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” questions. These emails were all sent in over the last two weeks. We’re about a month away from getting back into the normal routine of having a full email bag every week. Enjoy…

Hi Steve,

Not sure if my question has ever been asked, but if it has, I apologize for the repetition. This is something I’ve always wondered about the roses: Are the names of each contestant somehow taped under the rose for the bachelor/bachelorette to see when he/she is giving them out? I ask because I notice the first few episodes of every season, each Bachelor or Bachelorette will look down when they have the rose in hand, and then call out the names. I find it hard to believe one person can memorize and keep straight 25 names in their heads for every first rose ceremony. I remember one season (Jesse Palmer’s I believe?) where he meant to give the rose to Karen from RI, but instead called out the wrong name. Keep up the great work!

Comment: Oh boy. Please don’t tell me the rest of the mailbag will be questions like this.

To answer your first question: Yes, this question has been asked one gazillion times.

Hi Steve

I have a “challenge” question for you.

When contestants on Bachelor Pad, Survivor, etc. are giving directions on how a challenge is to be completed, are they given anything further than what is shown on tv? Like a demonstration or better instructions? Do they practice before the actual competition? If I was just given that very quick explanation that America sees, I’m sure I’d mess it up!

Comment: Definitely they are given more instruction. But time is of the essence on TV shows. They’re only going to show you what’s important, and explaining the rules of a challenge just really isn’t all that important. So they’d much rather save that time and devote it to scheming and plotting later on in the episode. I mean really, these challenges really aren’t that difficult to figure out, so, no need to waste time letting the audience know. We’re not participating in them so it really isn’t all that essential that we know. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a challenge on “Survivor,” and during the challenge or even afterwards, thought to myself, “I wish they would’ve explained the rules to us. I really didn’t understand that.” So unless a challenge is ridiculously complex, which they usually aren’t, you will rarely see any time devoted to explaining the rules of it.

Someone asked you today in your reader email column about releasing names before the show starts to film…

You said you choose not to release names before filming because then it ruins the guys chances of getting on the show. Why not release all the names you have before filming begins to screw with ABC? Then they have to start over with casting. Just a thought…?

Good luck with the law suit!

Comment: They wouldn’t start over with casting if I revealed what names I knew. Usually by the time the first episode airs, I only have a few anyway. It’s not like I’ve got the 25 person list and I’m just holding on to it. I release names when I get info, and I never know when that will be. The last few seasons, I have had names before the season started, but I waited until I knew the first episode was being filmed before I released them. This season, I believe Travis’ name was leaked early as well as Doug’s. I can’t control what other sites do, so, it’s just my personal preference to not release them until I know filming has started.

Reality Steve,

Your website rocks, so all the haters out there can suck it. Also was wondering since you write about reality tv, how come you don’t write about BL and battle of the Exes? Those are pretty well watched shows and get a lot of attention. Readers would love to know the info on these shows.

Comment: I honestly don’t think there’s anything funny to write about “Biggest Loser.” You read any recap on this site, and it’s a very snarky, satirical look at these reality shows. I’m not gonna sit here and make fun of a bunch of people trying to change their lives by dropping 100 lbs. I applaud them. “Biggest Loser” is a completely different reality show than the “Bachelor.” BL is actually trying to improve people’s lives. “The Bachelor?” Well, we all know what smut that’s become and what a bunch of famewhores a lot of them have turned into.

We did have a writer for the RW/RR Challenge that covered last season and he was good. I just chose not to bring it back this year for no other reason than that show just has too niche of an audience and wasn’t widely known in the reality TV world. Had nothing to do with Kasey Taylor and his writings, I just decided to take that show off the list of ones covered by this site.

Hi Steve I have a couple questions about the dates.

Who chooses who goes on which dates (1 on 1, group, etc) each week? The bachelor/bachelorette or the producers?

Who designs the date, where they go, what they do? Does the bachelor/bachelorette say, “I would really like to take a helicopter to the top of a mountain and have a picnic” or does the show set it up?

Who chooses the cities/countries they go to?

Comment: The producers choose basically everything on this show. The lead doesn’t have much of a say in anything. You sign on the dotted line to be on this show, you are pretty much at the mercy of the producers from beginning of filming to the end.

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  1. CaliGirl

    April 19, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    Completely agree with you, rollingeyes. This is the first time that I can remember where Steve has continued to post an average of two blogs a week in the off season. It just seems like other outlets are having more coverage (mainly Wetpaint) because they post one or two little details and make them into a whole story with a headline. Wetpaint also tends to post the same headlines over and over again, especially on their FB.

    Steve tweeted that he’ll have the final four in today’s column and I haven’t seen that posted anywhere else so hopefully from now on for Emily’s season we’ll be getting the good stuff here first before it’s posted everywhere else.

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