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Hi Steve,

I only read your blog occasionally, depending on whether anything interesting is going on that I’d like to hear about, or whether I’m really bored with the shows you’re spoiling. I don’t mean to disparage your blog and your efforts, but a lot of the TV shows listed on your site are pure mind-numbing garbage. When I hear about them from someone else, I have absolutely no desire to waste my time watching that crap, and yet sometimes I watch half an episode on a rainy day when I have nothing else to do and I get interested despite myself. I guess the producers and editors really know what they’re doing to get people hooked. Anyway, when that happens I always head over to your site to catch up with what’s actually happening so I don’t have to watch any more than I have to and still know what’s going on. Your recaps and spoilers are always to the point and refreshingly snarky and cynical, which is the perfect antidote to all that fake sappy romance going on in the Bachelor franchise.

Which brings me to my first question: if you’re so cynical about reality TV and you know exactly how it plays with the emotions of viewers and contestants alike, why do you dedicate such a large portion of your life to it? Do you just find it worthwhile to entertain your readers more than the original show does, or do you actually secretly enjoy the shows for what they are? Or is it the thrill of finding things out that are supposed to be secret, like a spy game?

Another thing: I’m sure you know the Hunger Games, either the books or the movie, or at least you know what it’s about – basically a reality TV show where the teenaged contestants fight each other to the death and the one who survives is the winner. Fictional history of these games aside, how far-fetched do you think this concept is? Do you think by watching reality shows where privacy, emotions and dignity of people are exploited for ratings we’re being desensitized to human pain to such an extent that something like that would be the next possible step?

I think it’s a shame that so much obvious talent and money is wasted by producing an endless array of similarly pointless reality shows. I’m also not trying to preach from a holier-than-thou attitude, because like I said, I often fall into their traps myself and find myself following along despite myself. I only think that if there were more better-quality TV shows with a little more actual content, people would just be watching them instead and wouldn’t even miss the ones that use up all the screentime now. Do you think that’s too much to hope for?

Comment: To answer your first question in the second paragraph, it’s because I enjoy writing and I have information that no one else gets, and in turn, it draws a large readership which then makes me money. I really enjoy people who question why I do what I do. Trust me, if ANY of you had the information I get every season, you’d be doing the exact same thing as me. Period. End of story. I’d be an idiot not to.

The Hunger Games becoming “reality?” Not in our lifetime. Killing people on live TV becoming a network show? Uhhhh, probably not.

I’m not so sure what your point is. You say you hate it and it’s mindless, yet you watch it. Then you ask if there’s hope for better TV shows out there. Huh? Do you only have a TV that plays reality television shows? There’s WAY more scripted shows on TV then there are non-scripted shows. What channels are you watching? I guess you just need to look around more, read websites, find something you’re interested in and dedicate some time to watching it. There’s all sorts of good scripted television shows out there. But not knowing what your taste in shows is, it’s impossible to suggest things to you. But if you look around enough, you’ll find something.

Hi Steve,

I just saw the casting link for BP3 where they are having america vote on who the “fresh meat” will be…

Maybe its just me, but they seem to have a few interesting people among A TON of super boring people. Doesn’t it seem like they did this so that their top choices would be the ones getting the most votes? Seems pretty manipulative.

Also… what is up with soooo many people asking you what you think Emily will do? They must think you can read her mind, or are personally speaking to her daily.

Anyways, I hope that the a-holes suing you get their fair share of karma. If nothing else, this at least exposes them as the true jerks that they are. I just wish there was a good way of getting LOTS of people to understand just how wrong their actions are, but it seems like too many people are just way too brainwashed by the bachelor franchise.

Comment: I’ve watched a couple of the videos, but not many. By showing America some of these peoples audition videos, it seems to me that whatever “commoners” make BP3, it won’t be many. Like maybe 1 or 2.

I get asked stuff all the time that doesn’t make sense or people asking me stuff that I wouldn’t have a clue about, so, those asking what I think Emily will do is par for the course. I have no idea. I just know how the show works and what they want, and there’s no doubt there will be a proposal at the end and she’ll say yes. But that won’t mean a thing. It never does on this show. The real relationship begins once the cameras stop rolling, and something tells me with Emily being a single mom, and all the factors that are gonna go into dating someone as “high profile” as her, it’s gonna be awfully hard for her to find a husband on this show.

The only thing that gives her hope is that the “Bachelorette” relationships tend to last a bit longer than the “Bachelor” ones do.

Hi Steve,

First of all, your niece and nephew are adorable!

My question has to do with Courtney’s character. Is it possible or even likely that the producers gave her lines to say and that she was aware of being made the villian on the show? Maybe the outcome was worse than she thought as the show was shooting, but perhaps she thought she could have fun with portraying that character for the show. Sort of like Michelle Money, who was hated for a while…It’s definitely a way to stand out and get the focus on you (seems like if I were an agent, I might suggest this to my client). I’m asking because, it seems that now that the show is over, Ben seems happy with her, Ben’s friends and family seem to like her and there doesn’t appear to be any weird drama going on at all.

Comment: I’m sure Courtney said a lot of stuff with the producers prodding her, but not realizing at the time how it was gonna come across on TV. People I’ve talked to who’ve been on the show have all said it. Even though you realize you’re on a TV show, and you know you’re being filmed at all times, sometimes you still don’t actually grasp the concept that millions of people will be dissecting every word that comes out of your mouth. Plus, more than half the time you’re drunk, and what do people do when they’re drunk? They say stupid sh**, and worry about it later. It’s just in this case, worrying about it later is when it’s played for millions of people. I can see how it’d get lost on the contestants in the moment. You’re drinking, you’re having fun, producers are asking you leading questions trying to get stuff out of you, and you say sh** not realizing the ramifications of it. Or maybe you do realize it and you don’t care. Happens every season.

You ask any former contestant on this show and they’ll probably tell you exactly what I just said. You just don’t grasp or comprehend how much people freak out about this show until you’re off it and they basically live and die off every word you say. It’s pretty disgusting. That’s why I don’t take this show seriously at all and have made fun of it for 10 years. That’s all you can do. It’s silly.

Hi Steve: Just wondering about last Saturday night’s bachelor/ette auction in LA. I know you were attending/working at it and there was someone that was going to be there that you particularly didn’t want to run into–can’t remember who it was right now. So how did it go? Any good gossip to share? What bachelor/ette went for the highest bid?

Comment: Plenty of good gossip, just none I’m willing to share.

Kacie B. went for the highest amount. I believe $3600. Roberto went for close to $2000. And then Michelle auctioned off 4 of Ben’s girls – Samantha, Monica, Shawn, and Casey S – and they went for $5500.

Hi Steve,

Glad you made it back to TX okay. How as the auction? Did you chat with any Bachelor folks? Was their reaction to you different, now with the lawsuit going on?

Here are some questions – hopefully there will be a column tomorrow!

1. In the history of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, who do you feel got the worst edit?

2. You’ve talked about past contestants enjoying their time in the spotlight and capitalizing on their fame. What do you think of those who seem to do so in the name of charity, such as Graham, Kiptyn, Michelle Money, etc. Are they legit?

3. This is not a question, but more-so a comment. You’ve referred to your distaste for Melissa Rycroft before. I never watched her season, nor did I see her on Dancing with the Stars, and I don’t watch GMA or whatever she works on now, but I still can’t stand her! It seems like she got married all too quickly after getting dumped by Jason, and now she has a baby and moves away from her husband with their child? Insane.

4. This is another fantasy suite question, and perhaps one for Dr. Reality Steve. I know there are a lot of inferences that a lot of sex happens on the overnight dates, however there are also a lot of leads who, after the fact, claim that they knew early on who their chosen-one was. Surely this must come up in conversation once filming ends – the chosen one asks his/her finance who s/he had sex with during the overnight dates. If you’re the lead, and you *really* knew who you were going to pick and propose to, how do you reconcile having sex with other contestants, and then explaining it to the person you have proposed marriage to?

5. Who took and sold the pics of Ben proposing to Courtney that wound up in every magazine? Is ABC going to file a lawsuit against that person too? 😉

6. Is it easier for you to find out background info on contestants who are from Texas?

7. Oh, and I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this before, but when everyone initially arrives at the mansion, it always looks like it’s been raining but no one uses umbrellas, do you know why? …….JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Comment: 1. I’d say Wes and Michelle Money got two of the worst edits.

2. From my experiences with Graham, Kiptyn, and Michelle and their charity work – all of them are legit.

3. Preaching to the choir.

4. Each season is different. Not really in the frame of mind to break down all previous 23 seasons to determine who slept with who in the fantasy suites. But just know it does happen where the lead sleeps with more than just the person they chose. How do they reconcile it? I have no idea.

5. Paparazzi, I’m assuming. I seriously doubt it was some passerby with a camera that just happened to get those shots halfway up a mountain. Call me crazy. ABC had to have known Ben’s finale was being followed by paparazzi. They aren’t stupid. Hell, they probably allowed it. More publicity for them. Which is why it’s so ridiculous they’re wasting time and money on me, but that’s another story for another day.

6. No, not at all. Hell, Brad had two girls on his season – one lived a block from me, and the other one taught at a school less than 5 minutes from me – and I didn’t have much info on them at all.

7. Thank god that won’t be coming up this season after the first episode considering it doesn’t look like they used any sort of driveway at the Charlotte mansion.

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  1. CaliGirl

    April 19, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    Completely agree with you, rollingeyes. This is the first time that I can remember where Steve has continued to post an average of two blogs a week in the off season. It just seems like other outlets are having more coverage (mainly Wetpaint) because they post one or two little details and make them into a whole story with a headline. Wetpaint also tends to post the same headlines over and over again, especially on their FB.

    Steve tweeted that he’ll have the final four in today’s column and I haven’t seen that posted anywhere else so hopefully from now on for Emily’s season we’ll be getting the good stuff here first before it’s posted everywhere else.

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