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Hi Steve,

I’ve been curious about something and I finally decided to just ask you this question. What is it that you get out of reporting on “behind the scenes” of these reality shows? I mean it’s fun and interesting and definitely a diversion from Real life, but on a personal level, why do you do it?? Is it your full-time job? Do you get compensation somehow? If this is too personal or you choose not to answer then don’t. I’m just curious here in Jersey…

Comment: Yes, it’s my full time job and I make money off it. As I said earlier, if anyone else had access to the information I get every season, they’d be doing the same exact thing.

Lets not forget though, has been around since 2004. And before that, for 2 years my recap was sent out in an email. For 7 years, I never got any spoilers and just wrote a funny recap every week. Since the spoilers came in 2009, that added to the site’s notoriety, which increased my nationwide readership. But the spoilers are just adding to things now. If it was all about the spoilers, then the day I posted the episode-by-episode spoilers would be the biggest day of the year on my site, and no one would ever return, but that’s not the case. Even after all the spoilers are out there, the recaps are there every Tuesday, and those are my biggest days of the week. So people are still coming back to read the episode recaps even AFTER knowing pretty much everything that’s gonna happen for that season. That’s how I know it’s not all about the spoilers with my site.

Now that you’ve been updating since the beginning of this new Bachlorette taping as it happens it’s really obvious how quickly the lead is ALLEGEDLY supposed to fall in love with their chosen 1. I swear it was like 2 weeks ago that all the guys first moved in the mansion and she’s already down to 10. It’s easy to forget the timing when we watch the season one week at a time on tv. A season that we see take 4 months really only took 4-5 weeks. I know Emily claims she “found love” last time she was on but I can’t see how any potential lead, knowing the production schedule from their past season as a contestant, would think they could find a meaningful relationship in such a hyper reality.

Comment: What I’ve been saying for years…

Seriously Steve, the haters on your comment board are taking all the fun away from reading the comments sections. I’d love to be able to read and share comments with others regarding the shows and the spoilers you provide instead of listening to these whiners bitch and complain about you and what you do. Don’t know if there is anything you can do about them. I know you choose to ignore them, but it really does take away the fun for some of us.

Good luck with the lawsuit. If you ever stop writing the spoilers, I will never have anything to do with the Bachelor Franchise again. I don’t even bother watching now, just read your spoilers. Wonder if those boneheads at ABC realize how many people feel the way I do?

Comment: Thanks. But I don’t really read the comments so I have no idea what’s being said. The only thing I could do would be to have my webmaster delete their account, but if they sign up again under a different email address I can’t stop that. People that determined to write garbage will keep signing up and doing what they do. Yes, it proves how much of a low life they are, but, there’s really nothing I can do to stop it other than taking out the comments section all together so NO ONE can post anything, which I’m not gonna do. I don’t read it, so frankly, I don’t concern myself with it. My webmaster occasionally monitors it to make sure there isn’t anything malicious going on, or illegal links being posted, and occasionally he’ll tell me what’s going on, but honestly, I don’t concern myself with what people write about me. I know about comments sections in general and the type of things people post, so why would I think mine would be any different? Total waste of time for me to read them. If someone wants to ask me something, they can email me. Or FB me. Or Tweet me. All my info is right there in every single column. People that snipe on message boards and comment sections are just looking for attention. Let them.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know you’ll never win with people like that. Nothing anyone says will change how they think because they’re an anonymous person behind a computer saying whatever they want because there’s zero repercussions. Translation: They’re losers. Everything I’ve ever said is attributed to me on my site, and there’s documentation of it, along with four different ways you can reach me personally. Best thing to do is never address people like that. The only thing people who write stuff like that in comments or on message boards are looking for is attention. If they were really serious about what they were saying, they’d address me personally, not behind some fake screen name sniping away on a comment section. So ridiculous. So the more people who react to what they say, the more they’re accomplishing their goal. Ignore the haters and they’ll eventually go away.

Little do they realize that every time they come to my site, they’re contributing to my income in some way. So let them keep doing it. If they hate me so much, yet are increasing my income, they are bigger idiots than I originally thought.

It’s two fold: If someone comes on my site five to ten times a day just to spew a bunch of hate in the comments section, then every time they come on, they are adding to my page views, adding to my page impressions, and in general, increasing my revenue. If those same people say, “Well, I only come on once and leave your site minimized on my computer and check periodically so you don’t get a lot of different page views/clicks,” then what they’re doing is increasing my “Average Time on Site,” which is tracked by my analytics and increases my revenue. Either way, if you visit my site (whether it’s once a day or 20 times a day), you’re contributing to the bottom line. So keep doing it. I appreciate it.


My wife and I love to read your spoilers. Keep up the great work.

I believe that this is a question that has not been asked before. I apologize if you have already answered it.

I was very surprised to learn that the Amazing Race has been franchised to other countries. Yes, there is an Amazing Race originating in Asia. This made me wonder, “Has The Bachelor been produced in other countries?”

Comment: Yes, it has. Canada will be having their own “Bachelor” franchise starting in the fall. And Maxsim did the “Bachelor” in the Ukraine, wasn’t it? I know other countries have it too, but off the top of my head, I couldn’t tell you which ones exactly.

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  1. CaliGirl

    April 19, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    Completely agree with you, rollingeyes. This is the first time that I can remember where Steve has continued to post an average of two blogs a week in the off season. It just seems like other outlets are having more coverage (mainly Wetpaint) because they post one or two little details and make them into a whole story with a headline. Wetpaint also tends to post the same headlines over and over again, especially on their FB.

    Steve tweeted that he’ll have the final four in today’s column and I haven’t seen that posted anywhere else so hopefully from now on for Emily’s season we’ll be getting the good stuff here first before it’s posted everywhere else.

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