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Hi Steve!

First time email-er here, so I apologize if you’ve received both of these comments/questions a lot already!

1) Have you seen “Burning Love” w/Ken Marino on Yahoo? It is a Bachelor parody that is pretty hilarious.

2) Personally, I think it would be producer gold if they asked Chris Harrison to be their next Bachelor (and he accepted, naturally). I think it would be ratings gold, even given the fact that he’s older than all the previous Bachelors, just because he’s so synonymous w/the show. In what little glimpses we’ve seen of his personality though, I am sure he wouldn’t do it. What are your thoughts? Think he’s been (or will be) approached sooner or later?

Thanks very much – your columns genuinely give me laugh-out-loud moments!

Comment: 1) This email was sent before Tuesday’s column went up, so yes, I’m aware of the videos.

2) Chris Harrison is not going to be the Bachelor, it wouldn’t be ratings gold, and he’ll never be asked to do it.

Hi Steve – first of all I wanted to commend you on all the great work you’ve done with your site. It’s very informative and I enjoy your personal perspective. Also, could you please continue to make the donation information available. I am not in a position to contribute at this time, but would like to have the opportunity should my situation change in the near future. Finally to my questions, 1. in light of the information about Chris Harrison and his divorce do you think there’s a chance that ABC would approach him to do the bachelor at any time? I think it would make for an interesting season; 2. while I know you are opposed to becoming the bachelor, would you consider hosting in the Chris Harrison “role” if he were to be the bachelor? Easy gig right??? Thanks for your time Steve

Comment: No need to leave the donate button up anymore. I said I would take it down when the lawsuit was over, so I did. But I appreciate the gesture.

1) The “Chris Harrison for Bachelor” questions will never stop until the end of time. No, there’s no way they ever cast him.

2) Of course. Who wouldn’t want to host this show and make $60k an episode for doing nothing? With that said, it’s never going to happen. That’d be like asking me, “Hey, would you date Kate Upton? (Sorry, on a Kate Upton kick this week).” Of course I would. But will it ever happen? Hell no.


How do the roses work that Emily “pins” on the guys? I know I’ve always had a hell of a time pinning boutonniere on a man, but she does it so effortlessly. They’ve obviously rigged up something. The rose ceremonies are so drawn out that this is what I think about during them.

Comment: Magnet. 1000th time. Next.

Hi Steve,

if a contestant just flat-out refused to do a daredevil stunt on a date, what do you think the chances are that that person would receive a rose? I know they are all a little scared but push through the fear and it brings them closer blah blah blah, and i guess they feel pressure to do whatever scary activity to prove how cool and fun they are, but i can’t remember a time when someone was too scared and actually refused to do whatever it was. i personally would be one who would refuse – i’m pretty sure my fear of heights is of phobia severity – the really tall steep hills in san francisco even freak me out a little, and i once had a panic attack about 10 feet up on a climbing wall – i know would be physically incapable of doing anything like climbing even a 2 story building, much less something like the bay bridge. i doubt i’d like riding in a helicopter very much…i wonder what would happen if one of the contestants wouldn’t get in a helicopter that came to pick them up – oh the horror! keep up the good work

Comment: Of course they don’t refuse. They wouldn’t have put them on the date in the first place if they thought they’d refuse. And I’m sure a lot of them are scared to do some of the dates they’re put in. However, they know if they wuss out, the lead would probably look down on them for it, so they do it anyway whether they like it or not.

First, thanks for keeping up your site. I find it entertaining and it definitely adds something to the show. Not sure I’d keep watching if it wasn’t there. On to my question / comment. It seems to me like there’s less drinking just in general this season. I can’t recall having seen anyone obviously trashed yet and usually by this point it seems we’ve seen several alcohol-fueled incidents (humorous or otherwise). Is it just me or the editing? Or did they ‘stock’ the house with more sober religious types for Emily? While we do see her with a glass of wine in her hand we rarely seem to see her drink and I’ve never noticed her appearing the least bit inebriated. I think I like it better this way – maybe alcohol should be reserved for the viewers.

Comment: Arie was trashed on his 1-on-1 date with Emily. You’re right, there haven’t been any major drinking incidents, but maybe because these guys are all 250 pound meatheads with 2% bodyfat, they can hold their liquor better than some 105 lb lightweight female who gets buzzed off one Zima. But trust me, these guys are drinking. They’re just a little more subtle about it. Hell, when I was Ryan run his mouth, I totally think he’s drunk. But instead of being a loud, obnoxious drunk, he becomes one of those soft spoken, introspective, suave drunks that talks non-stop about nothing.

Hey Steve,

I was reading your bachelorette recap from last nights episode, just wanted to comment on jef’s attire at the rose ceremony. I traveled to Bermuda last summer, and pretty much all the men wear bermuda shorts and knee high socks as business attire. It is acceptable business attire for men there because of the humid and hot island climate. Nearly all men who work there wear these outfits daily; I’m sure the bachelors encountered many men dressed this way during their stay in Bermuda.

Also right before Doug’s 1-on-1 date, he, himself, stated that he “put his entire life on hold” in order to do this show. But if I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure he blew up at Kalon in a previous episode for Kalon saying that Doug put being a dad on hold. Now, obviously Kalon is kind-of a scumbag, but honestly, Doug has some major issues and is way up on his high horse. What do you think of Doug?

Comment: I think the “Jef dressed like that because that’s how Bermudan men dress” takes the cake for Most Frequently Sent Email Since Tuesday. I’m aware of that now. Doesn’t mean it didn’t look ridiculous. There were 11 other guys in the house that DIDN’T dress like Bermudans.

Yeah, pretty much. Doug and Tony both put their “daddy” life on hold to do this show. I don’t care how often they were able to talk to their sons, if you’re away for any amount of time, then yeah, you obviously can’t be the dad you want to be from thousands of miles away. So Kalon was right when he told Doug at the pool that day he put his daddy life on hold. Regardless, Kalon is still a douche. He probably did it because, as we now see, it’s very easy to get under Doug’s skin, so maybe Kalon decided to have a little fun and poke the bear. I bet Doug was one of those kids in middle school that if you went up behind him and flicked his ear lobe, he had a melt down.


so i bought melissa rycroft’s book and started reading it. noticed that she writes an awful lot of detail on the bachelor process and how she was cast, blah blah blah. i thought they have contracts where they are not allowed to divulge this information????

Comment: Obviously I’ve never read the book nor do I have any intention to and I apologize you actually wasted money on that thing. But without having read the book, it’s hard to comment on what she said. However, she seems to be ABC’s little love child and the rules don’t seem to pertain to her as much as they do other contestants. So maybe they gave her their approval. Or maybe they don’t care.

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  1. katyforella

    June 10, 2012 at 9:47 AM

    Hi everyone!! I just wanted to let you know that I know for a 100% certainty who Emily’s final pick is!!!!!! I’m going to remain anonymous and also not reveal how I got this information, because the person who told me, told me not to tell anyone. (That person only found out through complete luck/coincidence.) I don’t want to get her/him in trouble!!!! Anyway, I debated whether to post this, but I can’t keep a secret lol. Okay, Emily’s final pick is SEAN!!!!!! Also, from what I hear (I don’t know Sean personally), he is an absolutely amazing guy – smart, funny, talented, sincere, moral. Enough good things cannot be said about him. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. hotchacha

    June 10, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    @Katy – That same person told ME TOO!! OMG. LOL. XOXO #crazy

  3. CaliGirl

    June 11, 2012 at 8:11 AM

    @hotchacha, my thoughts exactly. Maybe someone passed her a note in study hall and that’s how she found out who Emily picked. Like, OMG!!


  4. Athena

    June 11, 2012 at 11:12 AM

    I’ve managed to avoid temptation and haven’t watched until breaking down and watching last weeks show online yesterday. I’m as curious as the next guy/gal as to who she picks, but I will say that I found Sean to be the cutest of the final 3. Having only watched one episode though, “cuteness” certainly wouldn’t be enough to base a real relationship on, so, who knows…

  5. reallife

    June 12, 2012 at 7:09 AM

    WOW – haven’t been here in a while. A lot has changed.
    Like this is now a self-promotion blog. Enjoyed it much more before you became such a diva. Wow.

  6. shalley88

    June 12, 2012 at 9:23 AM

    Did you all notice how Emily asked Sean when he was going to “drop the bomb” and tell her he has 7 children”!!!!! How hypocritical!!! Then the next day she is so offended when someone suggests her child may be an issue. Wow. That is the pot calling the kettle black..she would obviously have an issue with someone that had children…out of her own mouth!!!

  7. solo5

    June 15, 2012 at 11:52 AM

    I just want to give a little insight that may shed light on a couple of your questions/complaints(Steve) with regard to Jef Holm. I grew up in the same town as Steve, knew his family, and went on a few dates with him when we were younger (like 9 years younger). I haven’t seen him in a few years, so I don’t claim in the least to know him inside and out. However, when it comes to the culture around here (in Utah), even in our largest city, the social network is like that of a small town. Everyone knows everyone, especially the entrepreneurs. More new businesses come out of Utah than almost anywhere else, and it’s because of a ton of young, flashy, ambitious young people attending all of the universities in these parts. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Michelle Money’s brother happens to “know” Jef… Jef owns a business that has caught the attention of all of the twenty-somethings in the area. Michelle knows everyone. All of the “beautiful people” of SLC have all been to parties together and networked at business functions. So I don’t necessarily think there had to be any kind of conspiracy going on just because Doug was talking to Jef. Everyone knows everyone around here.
    Also, as far as other comments you made regarding what Jef said to Emily on their 1-on-1, mainly in the “Egg”- he is genuinely a kind hearted, gentle guy, and he grew up in a very very conservative environment. Even though he doesn’t consider himself an active member of the Mormon church, our culture for members of the church and otherwise is very traditional, and women are treated with a ton of respect. So the stuff he was saying, although trite and cheesy, was pretty legit. Family is king out here, and although Jef is relatively young, almost every one of his friends is married with children. At 27 years old myself, it is the norm to have most of my friends be mothers of 2. Regardless of his religious affiliation, it is deeply embedded in our area that starting a family at our age is something to be looked forward to and sought after. He has a close relationship with his family, and I’m sure they are eager for him to “settle down”, as 28 and single in these parts is bordering on scary. So, I honestly think a guy like Jef is more “prepared” to be a father than most of the other guys there. His surroundings allow for it, and it wouldn’t be a huge leap lifestyle-wise since he already has a ton of friends doing the whole kid thing. Also, his clothes, as much as you hate them, are all the rage here and in other areas of the west. It’s indie-hipster, and even though I’m not into it, it’s not like he’s way off in “I make my own rules”-land. Walk around Salt Lake City on an afternoon and you’ll see plenty of corporate guys dressed like that. Think what you will about Utah and Mormons, but I just wanted you to be able to understand why Jef is the way he is, why he’s different from the rest of the guys, and why it’s not an act- it’s very on par with men in this area.

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