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The Bachelorette Recap Including “Bachelor Pad” Cast Info, the New Promos, & Arie’s Friend Speaks Out

Quite a few things to get to today before starting the column. Lets start with the “exit” interviews from last week. Charlie spoke with the media (you can read his exit interview here), and a couple things stood out to me. He admitted that he’d met Emily before this season at a party in Nashville a looooooong time ago, and that they even talked about it, but producers chose not to show it. Weird. Man, they seem to breaking all the rules for Emily this season, don’t they? Granted, Charlie was not a major character on this season so it’s really not a big deal, but it’s interesting that he still got cast knowing she’d at least met him before. He must’ve made some impression on her back then to last a whopping four episodes this season. Better luck next time, Charlie. Also, I’ve got a new pet peeve when it comes to this show, and we can thank Charlie for reminding me. Any contestant who utters the line, “I gave up a lot to be here.” Seriously, shut up. Stop it. You’re acting as if you had no choice in the matter and that someone was threatening your family unless you appeared on this show. Everyone has a choice whether or not to come on this show. Nobody’s holding a gun to your head. Saying “I gave up a lot to be here” is ridiculous. That was your choice, not anyone else’s.

For the first time in this show’s history, a contestant who was still on the show was allowed to talk to the media to promote something upcoming in the show and talk about what happened in the house when Sean also talked to the media. I don’t know why they did this, I don’t know what it means, nor do I know if this means Arie and Jef will be on future calls as well. Just looks to me like they wanted to do something different, and since this season has been all about changing things up and doing things a liiiiiitle different than in season’s past, its probably nothing. I mean, read the interview (there’s 2 parts to it). Sean doesn’t say a lick. He doesn’t give anything away, he doesn’t reveal any spoilers, and the interview is about as generic as you can get. If we do see Arie or Jef appear on a future call before they’re eliminated, I’m sure we’ll get the exact same thing from them.

Which brings up something interesting for this weeks conference call: Who’s on it? Kalon won’t be because he’s doing “Bachelor Pad.” And I highly doubt there’s a great interest in putting Alejandro on the call. So this is either the call where Chris Harrison will make his mid-season “State of the Union” appearance and talk about what’s upcoming, or since they let Sean on last week, maybe Arie or Jef appear on this week’s call.

In case you missed my tweets this weekend, here’s the latest I have right now on “Bachelor Pad.” Lindzi Cox left for LA on Sunday, so she’s in. Also, Rachel Truehart from Ben’s season is in. So here are ones that I know for sure are in LA. Remember, just because you are in LA and sequestered, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get cast. Ask Brian Westendorf and Kathryn Sherlock. Both were set to be on previous seasons and were sent home right before filming:

Jaclyn Swartz
Blakeley Shea
Rachel Truehart
Lindzi Cox

Nick Peterson
Michael Stagliano
Kalon McMahon
Ed Swiderski
Reid Rosenthal

Also, I got word late Sunday that Elyse Myers from Ben’s season is also definitely in LA, and there were rumors that Chris Bukowski could possibly be cast as well. I’m very sure those nine listed are in. The last tweet any of them sent was Saturday at the latest, and Nick, Jaclyn, Elyse and Lindzi even shut down their Twitter accounts. It’s a safe bet we’ll see those nine and Elyse is possibly ten. Not real sure on Chris. Obviously there are others to be cast, and when I find out who the rest of the cast is, you’ll have it just like you have the previous two seasons. I think I have at least two, maybe three of the newbies as well. Although, ABC hasn’t said how many newbies they’re casting or how they’re fitting in to this season, so it’s hard to know exactly how many will be on at this point.

Yesterday, one of Arie’s female friends, a Kristina Owen, gave an exclusive
interview to WetPaint, regarding some things she felt needed clearing up I guess concerning Arie. Look, nothing in that interview surprised me. She’s his friend. Of course she’s gonna defend him. However, the story she told about how the producers were set on casting a different racer this season and they went to Arie for info on him, and Arie just chimed in, “Oh hey, if you need anyone, I’ll do it” seems to be a bit of a stretch. That’s not how it went down. Cassie asked Arie to come on the show because they kept in touch and Arie said yes. The spin job his friend tried to do was admirable, but I don’t buy it. One thing she did do though was shoot down the silly US Weekly story that as soon as Emily found out about Arie and Cassie’s past, she let him go immediately. Not true. We know Arie made it through the hometown rose ceremony because he’s in the final three. So even though his friend is shooting down the rumor of when he actually got sent home (“immediately” according to US Weekly), she’s confirming that Emily did find out about Arie and Cassie’s relationship during filming, which I reported almost a month ago. She’s just saying that what’s reported about how everything went down is inaccurate. We’ll see.

Speaking of that, there were two different sets of promos shown at the end of last night’s show. First, Chris Harrison’s voice-over says, “Next week, on the Bachelorette…” and all the clips they show are from Croatia. It’s here that we see the guys have a problem with Ryan talking about Emily as a prize that he wants to win, and Arie is the one that goes to her room and tell her about Ryan’s intentions. So it’s safe to say that Ryan had a 1-on-1 date, got a rose, the guys tell her about him after their date, and at the rose ceremony (where we clearly see a clip of her saying she’s starting to second guess her decisions), she lets him go. Then walks outside to where Chris and Cassie are talking about “Who else in there isn’t all about me?” Wow. Did she really say that? Can we just rename this show: “The Bachelorette starring Emily Freakin’ Maynard, That’s Who Bitches?” So that’s how next week will play out.

The second set of previews started with Chris saying, “And later this season…” which basically gave away the final three for those non-spoiled. Clearly shows Arie, Jef, and Sean all on separate dates with Emily in Curacao. But other than that, it didn’t show much other than Emily saying she’s falling in love with more than one guy, which I think we hear every single season from the lead. I think it’s in their contract to say that at some point to keep the audience on their toes. But still no shots of Emily at the final rose ceremony, or guys arriving at the final rose ceremony, or what the hell she’s even wearing at the final rose ceremony. All very interesting. The way they are playing this, as I said in the video blog Thursday, something is not right. I don’t think we’re going to get a normal ending where she eliminates a guy at 3, she has 2 final guys, they both meet the family, they both have one last date, she chooses a guy, and she’s engaged. Not saying she doesn’t choose someone in the end, because I’m pretty sure she does, I just don’t know who it is or how she gets to that point. But I’m getting closer. I can feel it. When I have it all, you will know. On to last night…

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