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The Bachelorette Recap Including “Bachelor Pad” Cast Info, the New Promos, & Arie’s Friend Speaks Out

-Before her 1-on-1 date with Jef, we see Emily and Ricki playing in her hotel room. Guess this must’ve been one of the few moments of play time on a break from I’m sure the 8-10 grueling hours of homework they were putting her through. Or not. Emily asks Ricki what her favorite place was that they visited and she said Buckingham Palace as only a 6 year old can. Close enough. When Emily asked her who lives there, she said “The king and the dragon.” Once again, close enough. Back to studying Ricki. Dammit, do your homework and quit goofing around. You need to be up to date on all your London history before you can go to Dubrovnik. Before you leave London, you and Sean will have a Scantron test about English culture, with the bonus question being “What’s the name of the big giant clock?” If you can answer it right, you will get a new daddy. If not, Brad Womack will buy you another kite.

-Sean and Jef seemed to make out like bandits in this episode considering Sean was on the 1-on-1 date with her when Kalon called Ricki baggage, so he can’t take any blame for not notifying her. And Jef wasn’t on the group date, so he’s blameless as well. Funny how that worked out. Jef arrives for the date wearing a gray blazer, skinny black tie, and skinny brown pants. Apparently this is some good look or something. All I know is this, if a contestant wore this that we know didn’t last long and wasn’t a factor this season, he wouldn’t be getting nearly the praise that Jef is. If some no-name wears it, he’d get ripped mercilessly. But when Jef wears it, it becomes “cool” and “hip.” Just stating facts, because you know if Joe wore this on their date at the Greenbriar Resort, the reaction would’ve been completely different. Jef definitely seems to march to the beat of his own drum. I don’t get it. Guess I’m not supposed to.

-These two end up having afternoon tea, with a wonderful etiquette teacher named Jean, who basically acted exactly how you’d expect a British etiquette teacher to act. Honestly, this was the stupidest date they’ve had thus far. Totally staged, Jean completely over acted the scene, and there was nothing funny about it because none of it was organic. The woman was obviously told to interrupt them at every chance she could get, and the reactions we got from Jef and Emily were expected. So we were really expected to believe that Emily and Jef ditched the date when Jean had to go to the loo? And then to see her bad acting when she got back and they were gone, like she had no idea what was happening? Just a bad date all around and not remotely funny. I hope Jean doesn’t put this on her demo reel. Can’t see her parlaying this into much acting work after that butcher job she just did last night.

-Emily and Bieber skip over to a pub and order some beers. He tells her that he was the one that Kalon called Ricki baggage too. “If Ricki is baggage, she’s a Chloe handbag that I want forever.” Almost too perfect of a line. I didn’t buy it. Then again, in Jef’s defense, I don’t buy most of the lines guys say on this show. Basically when he’s sitting there at lunch, Jef is feeding Emily every possible line that you’d want to hear as a woman. Was he sincere? Hell if I know, but it certainly worked on her. He’s telling her about wanting to be with his best friend, how excited he is to be there with her and cherish every moment with her, that Ricki is a Chloe handbag and he’d keep it forever, on and on and on he went. If you read Sean’s interview from last week on the conference call, or even Chris Harrison’s blog today, you’ll know that what Emily did to Kalon was the talk amongst the guys once they got back from the date. So obviously in Jef’s first opportunity to talk to Emily since that incident, he’s gonna throw his two cents in and make sure that she knows he’s on her side.

-When these two headed up into the London Eye, it was more of the same from Jef. He wants to throw dinner parties with Ricki, they can sing into combs, he wants to be with his best friend, etc. It was a bit much if you ask me. He told her everything she wanted to hear. Now, if she’s engaged to Jef today, I guess it all worked and he’s got a lot to live up to. If she’s not, then just seemed like he was telling her what he knew she wanted to hear. But like I said, at this point in the show, when you’re down to seven guys, you obviously know you have a decent chance at her, and Emily’s made it known she likes Jef. I just sat there and listened to everything he told her in the London eye, and it was almost too rehearsed and too perfect. I mean, not even just Jef, but anybody. What are you gonna say at that point? “Yeah, this whole Ricki thing is a big question mark in my mind. Not sure how I feel about that.” The second that comes out of your mouth, you’re off the show. And you know that every guy still remaining wasn’t ready to be a step dad. Hell, more than half the guys they cast this season probably had no interest in being step dads, they just wanted to be on TV and travel. So that’s the problem with trying to dissect a date like this. We know Jef gets far, we know she likes him, and we know he’s telling her what she wants to hear. But since we don’t know Jef, it’s impossible for any stranger watching to know 100% that he was sincere.

-And even with all that said, and how smitten Emily was with the guy, for some reason, his balls were still jammed up into his skinny tight jeans and he wasn’t able to kiss her on the London Eye. That’s now three failed attempts when he’s had her alone and has yet to kiss her. I guess the fourth time is a charm. When they get off the London Eye and begin walking around, Jef tells this long drawn out story about all the times he’s THOUGHT about kissing her, but didn’t. I think for everyone who’s watching sake, lets put this dog out of his misery and get it over with. They finally make out and the world is a happier place. If you have to talk about how you want to kiss someone over and over again, you sound young and inexperienced. However, we knew this whole time that Emily wanted it, so I guess she liked it regardless if Jef had to tell long, boring stories leading up to it. I’m surprised Emily didn’t just grab his face and tell him to shut and kiss her. Women can do that, right? Right? For the record, we like that ladies.

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