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The Bachelorette Recap Including “Bachelor Pad” Cast Info, the New Promos, & Arie’s Friend Speaks Out

-At the cocktail party Emily makes it known once again, “I was shown a huge lack of respect this week and I lost confidence in myself.” I guess Emily and I will agree to disagree on this one. Yes, Kalon showed her a lack of respect, but the guy is classless, so we would expect nothing less from him. But her sole goal during the cocktail party was to grill guys along the lines of, “If someone said something bad about your girlfriend, what would you do?” Am I missing something? They DID tell her. And they confronted Kalon on it to make sure they weren’t falsely accusing him. Once he confirmed, Doug became the point man to tell Emily, and then immediately called an impromptu meeting so Emily could give him a public tongue lashing. Now she’s going around grilling guys about why they didn’t tell her earlier:

Travis: “I’ll step up to the plate if dat dere dun guy talk bad about my wuman.” Since the egg fiasco, Travis has slightly redeemed himself by being unintentionally funny in a Gomer Pyle sort of way.

John: “It’s been eating me up the last couple days that I didn’t say anything to you earlier.” Uh huh. Sure it was. Way to try and save face, bud.

Arie: She tells him, “I’d like to know someone has my back, and in that moment, I felt like I was by myself.” Arie: “Soooooooo, does this mean we can’t make out right now? Dammit.” Arie is now nervous he might not get a rose, even though he’s only one of three guys she even gives a shit about this season.

Ryan: He wants to lighten the mood a bit, and for the first time this season, Ryan seems to be doing something right. Make no mistake, Emily is making sure this season is all about her, so it’s nice to see Ryan step in and be like, “Ok, f this. No more sulking around over lame Kalon. I got some Shakespeare to read to you.” And he basically does it so he can finally lay a real kiss on her that isn’t part of a script. Ooohhhh Ryan, good one. That’ll most certainly keep you around one more week.

Sean: “There are some good guys here. I’m one of em.'” Emily says that with Sean, “I feel less butterflies in my stomach, and this may sound cheesy, but I feel them more in my heart.” Could mean something. Could just be a line that sounds good. Even though Sean and Jef both were off the hook on the Kalon mess because they weren’t part of the group date, they both told her that they will stand up and be her man and fight her honor like Peter Cetera says.

-Rose ceremony time. Sean and Jef safe with roses. Emily: “As you know…confused and a little beat up…such gentleman…made me feel so special and such a lady…goal is to walk away and in love with one of y’all…and if I don’t, I’m sure there is a D-list celeb or athlete that is bound to ask me out at some point. Do the Panthers have a cute tight end?”

Doug: Dougie Downer became Super Daddy this week. So gets a one week reprieve from being Mr. Sad.
Ryan: In his world, he stepped up his game this week and thinks he has a chance now. The rest of us know better.
Chris: Non-factor this episode. Not even to tell us how mature he is for a 25 year old. Surprising.
John: He raided Ames’ closet and stole his red clown pants for the rose ceremony.
Travis: Shelley the Egg would be proud you’ve made it this far.

“Emily, gentleman. This is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. Two guys, one rose. Arie or Alejandro. Might the most difficult decision Emily will face all season long. Who am I kidding? Whatever editor thought we were building suspense by having these two guys fight it out for the final rose should be fired.”

Arie: Actually, I think she gave Arie the rose for the sole reason she probably didn’t even know Alejandro’s name. I would’ve just gone with earrings guy.

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