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“Reader Emails,” the Emily/Chris Harrison Nonsense & Sean Lowe is the Humanitarian of the Year

Hi Steve, Love your website! I had to laugh at the press release about Ryan, I was at WetRepublic on Friday and saw Ryan and he was in no way judging the competition, he was standing watching like everyone else. I will give him credit and say that I noticed a few people recognized him, I refused to stroke his ego by acknowledging him though. 🙂 Also, the Wet Republic best body contest doesn’t have set judges, anyone in the audience can vote and that’s what determines who wins and Ryan’s name was never announced at any point. You have to laugh at this made up stuff his PR team is spinning.

This season has been so much less enjoyable not knowing what happens in the end, and I agree last night’s episode was such BS…I threw up a little when Chris Harrison kept claiming that ‘in the interest of full disclosure’ when it was so obvious they left significant pieces of what went went down…oh well, not surprised.

Comment: Oh Ryan. Enjoy it while it lasts.

That was the problem I had with the whole situation. Either give me an “A” or give me an “F.” Tell us everything or tell us nothing, and they basically gave us a “C.” They addressed the situation, but then didn’t give us any footage of the most important conversation that took place.

Hello Steve!

Love your blog! I believe it is the only reason I still watch the bachelor franchise!
One question… What is your thought that during the whole Emily season we have yet to hear in the previews “This is going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!”.

Comment: I’m on my hands and knees every day praying and thanking the man above that we haven’t heard that all season. I hope I didn’t speak too soon.

Steve – I’m sure you get a mountain of fan mail every day, but I just wanted to take a second and tell you how awesome you are, your writing is, and how much I love your site. I know you say you don’t read the comments and I don’t blame you. There are a lot of comments on there that just blow my mind. While someone will read your recap on YOUR website and then complain about the whole thing is absurd. The negativity is make your site less fun for the rest of us. You always crack me up, make my Tuesdays and Thursdays better, and I’m now known as the Go To Girl for everything Bachelor/ette and Bachelor Pad related, so Thank You for that! Keep up the great work and hilarious recaps. You’ve got yourself a loyal reader and fan.

Also, people need to lay off about you not having the ending. When you get it, you’ll share it- people just need to relax and enjoy the weekly recaps and video blogs.

Comment: It’s ok. If they’re that concerned about me having the ending, then it shows I’m on their mind and their visiting the site. All the better.

I LOVE these next two emails…

To echo the sentiments of another commenter this week –

Cool it on the women-hating. Jokes are fine in moderation, but you went way overboard with this week’s post. There’s a very fine line between funny, and just plain rude and sexist. If you have to insult half the world’s population to get a few laughs, repeatedly, you’re not funny, just kind of sad. I know you can’t make everyone happy, and I don’t have a problem with some offensive jokes, but this column was ridiculous. It went from amusing, to annoying, to pathetic. Not an easy feat for such a short column. Is the only insult/”joke” you can think of to call Chris a woman? (Chris sucks so bad he’s like a woman! Hurhur! Hey, you know what else! Chris is so weak, he’s a woman! HAHA I’M SO FUNNY. Oh, also, Chris is a woman, and he’s on his period, hahhahaha!)

I wasn’t aware Ryan Bowers was writing the column this week.

Surely you can see why this is offensive to read when it’s repeated over and over again. Not to mention the skank/whore/bitch language. It was just too much.

I won’t be visiting your site in the future; spoilers just aren’t worth it.

Comment: Darn. I lost a reader. Might as well just fold up shop and shut down the site.

Ok, I must preface by saying I never send random emails out and I almost did last week (to you) because after reading your recap last week I felt the need to let you know how funny it was but then after re-reading what I had typed out I thought nahhh he probably gets a ton of emails saying the same thing. This week I’m like I don’t care I must let him know how hysterical his recaps are. I periodically have checked out your website, read some recaps saw some of your web shows here and there over the past couple of years but the last couple of weeks I find myself thinking I got to get Steve’s take on this because you have the gift of story telling and pointing out the obvious with your wit. I can’t get enough of your snark! You have a calling here, and I’m totally serious! This coming from a casual viewer of The Bachelor(ette) and not some overly obsessed fantard. It’s really entertaining to read your recaps and I never ever read recaps of a show I just watched because they are never entertaining. Most try and be entertaining and they’re just not. But when I read your recaps I am seriously laughing out loud. I can’t even tell you the last time I read something that made me laugh out loud. The entertainment industry doesn’t even know it but they need someone like you because you are entertaining. And I’ve seen your webshows, I don’t even think you realize how funny you are because you seem to be so matter of fact when talking. Anyways for what it’s worth I enjoy your humor!

Comment: Here’s what I loved about those two emails: Each of them read the exact same column on Tuesday. I didn’t write one column for the first woman and one column for the second woman. Nope. Each of them read the same exact column. The first woman hated it so bad, got so offended and disgusted by it, she claims she will never visit my site in the future (which we know is a lie, but lets just humor her for the sake of argument). Emailer #2 had a completely different opinion and loved it.

And now you know why I don’t care about people who say they hate my column, or I’m offensive, or they can’t stand me, etc. Great. It’s not for everyone. I’ve always said that. But I’ve seen my numbers, and I know plenty of more people like it than don’t, so let the ones that don’t like it say whatever they want. It’s mindless dribble and they’re insignificant to the bottom line.

Hey Steve! I was surprised you didn’t mention the Emily ITMs from this week–it’s obvious they were all filmed after she was on a beach somewhere. (Her discolored arm from a peeling sunburn gave it away for me–could they not have given her a shirt with sleeves instead of a tank top? I even looked at her arms during the episode–definitely not as tan.) Which makes me wonder–did they not film any Emily interviews while in Prague? Or were they really off base for the final episodes? I noticed that pretty much all of these this week were of blistered-ex-sunburn Emily.

Also, I’m ready to see Chris go home. Thanks for ripping on him in your most recent column. He’s pretty bad.

Comment: Yeah, I completely forgot to include that in Tuesday’s column. Thanks for reminding me. No doubt a lot of Emily’s ITM’s shown Monday were filmed in Curacao. Could they have made it any more obvious considering she was wearing that blank tank and looked like she fell asleep on the sun? Last time I checked, the guys and her were pretty bundled up and cold in rainy Prague. But they love showing quotes out of sequence on this show. It’s all part of their storytelling.

And what are your thoughts (if any) about the recent talk of Cheryl Burke wanting to be the next Bachelorette? She’s my fav on DWTS…and I think she’d make a much more interesting bachelorette than Emily, Ashley or Ali.

Comment: Cheryl Burke is not going to be the next “Bachelorette.” Case closed.


I have been a long time reader, but never took the time to e-mail, however after reading the asinine comments from haters on your most recent blog, I cannot hold my tongue any longer. I work as a mental health counselor and swear the people who take the time to write paragraph upon paragraph of nasty comments on your blog are in more need of my services then my current patients. It is no secret that you tell it like you see it and far from sugar coat your opinions. If people want sensitivity they should buy a Care Bear and give it a nice little hug. If people do not like what you say or how you say do not click on every Tuesday, simple enough to me, BUT clearly more difficult to others. I am sure those who reprimanded you for how you described Chris and Ryan must be their best friends, considering you basically ruined their day over how “rude” you were in your blog. I would bet my life savings they are just obsessed reality tv stalkers who think The Bachelorette is real life. As long as you do not claim death to a contestants first born, I think everyone needs to relax.

It is a shame that you bust your butt to get us these spoilers, because I am sure it takes more then just sitting on your ass and reading text messages to figure out which piece of information is worthy of tying your name to it, yet people still criticize you do not have the ending. Without you the millions of people who come to your site would be duped by the producers thinking every male fighting for Emily is a prince worthy of saint hood. We know the final three which is my opinion is good enough for me, because now we are all along for the ride together as to who wins. More importantly, who gives a crap about who wins, looking at the history of this show Emily and her dream man will be broken up in 3 months. She is choosing between a fetus, a gladiator and a player, may the odds ever be in their favor.

Comment: Thank you. I appreciate it your email, but I don’t read my comments so I have no idea what’s being said. All I ever see is the # of comments on the first page, and if it’s a lot, I think I can tell you what they’re talking about. And your email pretty much solidified what I was thinking. It’s all part of what I do. People are gonna write whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want under a screen name with no repercussions. It is what it is. How come none of these people email me personally to tell me this? Like I said, I get very few negative emails. If all the negativity is happening in my comments section like this emailer suggested, well then, that pretty much proves my point. Very easy to say something in a comment section or on a message board, with zero repercussions. Say it to my face. I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me. If I didn’t want anything negative said about me, wouldn’t I just eliminate the comments section altogether? Or just delete every single one that’s negative? If that’s what people want to spend their time doing, let them. It’s sad, but whatever. I don’t concern myself with it.

OMG, Steve. Your blog last night had me in tears. You took the most boring Emily episode ever and made it hysterical. I almost started crying I was laughing so hard.

On another note, I watched Holly and Blake’s wedding video. Attached to that, was another video with her and Deanna in it. They are acting as rappers and goofing around. They seem like the best of friends. Do you know what happened with their friendship? Was it because of the whole Michael thing? I know they don’t speak now, right? Just curious.

Also, when contestants on the show are being sent home, they are always in the car talking to the camera. Is someone sitting in the car asking them questions as they leave? Or are they told to talk to a camera as they are driving away (and the camera is in the car?) Just wondering.

Hope you are well!

Comment: Those videos of Holly and DeAnna were from years ago when, yeah, they were friends. They’re not anymore. Can’t imagine why not.

Yes, there’s a cameraman and a producer in the car with them. The producer is the one that’s getting them to cry and asking the questions to get them to talk about their experience. Anytime you see anyone in an ITM, there is a producer who has just asked them a question, or told them, “Hey, talk about this…”, and you are hearing their response.

Hi Steve,

First of all, love your site! Thanks for making my down time at work actually entertaining. Anyways, here’s my question (although I realize it’s a week overdue). Hopefully it’s not a stupid question and I’m not missing something here…

For the episode filmed in Coratia, Emily lets both Travis and Ryan go during their 1-on1 dates. Then, at the rose ceremony, she gives a rose to all 6 that are remaining so nobody goes home. They make a big deal out of this like Chris and everyone involved had no idea it was going to happen. You even showed Mike Fleiss’ tweet about it being a “Bachelorette first.” You were made to believe that she was supposed to eliminate someone else so there were only going to be 5 remaining. My question is this: aren’t most Bachelor/Bachelorette shows formatted where 8 contestants are reduced to 6? I went through your old spoilers and it was that way for Ashley’s season. Was it totally contrived to even have a rose ceremony for the sake of drama? I also believe there are normally 4 hometown dates. So does that mean in if there were only 5 contestants this week only one would have gone home? Please fill in the blanks for me.

Comment: I wanna say Brad 2.0 had only five girls before the hometown dates, and that’s when Michelle went home. But I could be wrong. And I really don’t want to go back and look at all past seasons to find out. I don’t know which seasons to be exact, but no, not EVERY season goes from 8 to 6 to 4. Most do, but there have been exceptions.

Of course the rose ceremony was contrived for drama’s sake. That’s what they do.

Hey Steve – I have a few questions for you.

1) Is any contestant that has a concert planned for their one-on-one date guaranteed a rose? With Ryan and Chris this season and plenty in the past the contestant is always given the rose before the concert. So I doubt that if the lead wants to send the contestant home on the date that the producers will let him/her because they don’t want to waste the concert.

2) Wolfner tweeted Sean during the show on Monday and basically said he didn’t know Sean snuck out in Prague to see Emily but wouldn’t the guys clearly notice he is missing? How would his absence be explained to the other guys because they are all usually accounted for?

3) You have said that a lot of the information points to Jef being the final one, so is that there is no information you’ve gotten that says she’s with Sean or just there’s simply more info that says she’s with Jef?

4) Yesterday you said on Twitter that the editing is tricky in the promo for next week and Sean doesn’t actually live at home although it clearly does show him saying the words verbatim in the promo. Can you explain this a little further?

Comment: 1) When there’s a concert planned, yes, that person who the producers pick to go on that date is pretty much getting a rose.

2) I didn’t see the tweet, but I have to guess Wolfner was sarcastically saying that. I mean, I would think the guys would notice Sean being gone for a long period of time.

3) More info I’ve been given points to Jef over Sean. But trust me, I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of, “I’ve been told it’s Sean” emails. It’s just not backed up with anything solid. Then again, neither are the “I know it’s Jef” emails. It’s just there’s more of those. So yeah, it may be Jef in the end, but I would never come forward with the ending of the show because more people told me they’re “hearing” it’s him. That’s ridiculous. I want to find out what happened on May 10th, because at this point, anybody can say anything about who she picked. Which they pretty much have. It’s just no one’s got any other details to go along with it.

$) That was answered on page one.


Enjoy your scoops and glad you consistently note the obvious — to
the unconscious — that reality shows are unreal.

Bothered in one area — the sexual imagery you rather deftly engage in and the denigrating words — skanks, bitches, whores, dry humps, hook ups, and so on.

I’m over 55 and nothing is new in the sexual arena– yet I’m bothered by the facile words and phrases that further demean people — 95% seeming self-promoting narcissists who don’t have the emotional wherewithal not to use and be used in the name of entertainment.

They don’t require further diminishment via “dirty” word smithing — these are all celebrity wannabes — unsophisticated, relatively uneducated, young wannabes with healthy libidos.

Users and used alike!!! Networks win.

Thanks for listening!

Comment: Ummmmm, ok.

Hey Steve

I’m not sure if anyone noticed the conversation on Monday’s episode of
the bachelorette between Emily and John.

He told her that when his girlfriend turned off her cell phone, he
called hospitals and …prisons.


That’s weird.

Was I the only one who thought that was weird?

Ps : love your blogs. Highlight of Tuesday and Thursday… No
seriously I mean it.

Comment: In the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, “I just figured she was a raging alcoholic.” Maybe he thought she got a DUI and got arrested so that’s why her phone was off and she wasn’t responding. But since she was banging “some doctor dude” on the side, we know that wasn’t the case.

See you tonight for the live video blog. Remember, back to the normal time of 9:00PM EST/6:00PM PST Send your emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tonight.

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  1. krb31

    June 29, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    GO ANGELS!!!!!

  2. kasey31

    June 29, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    @deb… true that! but it doesnt mean liz doesnt enjoy coming to this site for other reasons.. if u think about it like this, it makes more sense.. steve writes a blog about a show he cant stand! and he invests a whole lot of time into doing it, too.. and commenting on it..

    we could say the same for steve.. why invest so much time and write about a show that he cant stand and just talks crap about all the time? if he doesnt like it, then why watch it or write about it? there are other spoilers out there.. why not start a site that is geared towards a show or something he really enjoys.. he’s flat out admitted that it’s bc he enjoys trashing the show.. he could make money doing something else…

    what’s the difference? just bc he gets paid some money? liz has a full time job that isnt centered around something she hates, while raising 2 little ones and comes to this site and comments on it.. just like steve comments on a show that he hates.. i dont see much of a difference…it’s just freedom of speech, and it’s not like she’s insulting any of us on here or anything… she’s actually quite sweet..

  3. reallife

    June 30, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    So Steve doesn’t read these comments – alrighty then.

    If Steve doesn’t spoil the winner, of course people will keep hitting his blog to see if he has it yet. Once the winner is revealed, no reason to come back here. So is Steve intentionally holding back on us to get more hits which means more advertisements which means his blog makes more money ???

  4. bachette182

    June 30, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    I find it so hard to believe that Steve never reads these comments. I know if I ran a site like this I would check up on the comments when it seemed to be a large number. But yet again, I’m just an extremely curious individual!

  5. bkb12936

    July 1, 2012 at 6:33 AM

    Steve cannot spoil the winner because he don’t know and his sources are gone in my opinion. He always gets so angry when i say that, yet week after week he can’t prove that he has any left. If he does finally give out the winner it better be detailed or he will just be guessing, remember steve you have 33 percent chance. Well 50 percent really as you and everyone else says Arie is F3

  6. karynr

    July 1, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Caromondy…are you really going to drop something like “Arie is F2” and just leave us hanging??!! No fair!

    Kasey…I just read your remark about Debora’s obsession with Liz’s head and had to tell you I had a good laugh over that one.

    Debora…let go and have some fun!!!! Liz’s head is just fine. And so is Kasey’s sense of humor!

    Is anyone else experiencing a high amount of spam since that cackle stuff started? I’m talking about hundreds daily.

    I think I’m starting to lean towards she doesn’t chose anyone, dates Jef for a while, then it fizzles type of ending. I just don’t think it’s going to be as simple as one of the men getting down on his knee to propose, and Emily saying yes.

  7. sizzlin857

    July 2, 2012 at 12:06 AM

    Sorry if this has been answered before recently, but what does ITM stand for?

  8. Sunnyside422

    July 2, 2012 at 10:10 AM

    ITM stands for In The Moment…those interviews with the contestants during the show are taped at different times (notice Emily’s deep tan which she obtained in Curacao (sp) and certainly not in the previous stops) when producers ask questions and make suggestions to the various men and Emily. Scripting at its finest.

  9. kasey31

    July 2, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    @karynr- lol, right? how weird was it that deb kept asking about liz’s head?? and the possiblity of it exploding? she must have asked a good 3 or 4 times, when clearly liz was responding back that she was fine.. hahaha.. i just thought it was hilarious.. glad u picked up on my, sometimes overlooked, sense of humor 😉

  10. shari253

    July 2, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    Good times!

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