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Gonna do something a little different today. I’m releasing today’s column in two parts. Frankly, I haven’t even written a word of my recap yet. I’m gonna do that on the plane. Last night was such a mess of gathering information all while trying to watch the show and take notes, this stuff I’m gonna give you now took precedence over the column. I’m gonna to post this right now, write the recap on the plane (which honestly won’t be nearly as long as usual just because I didn’t think much happened at all last night), and then just add the recap to the column later. I’ll tweet and FB post when the recap is added, but I figured before I headed to the airport, the least I could do was give you what you’ve been waiting for all season. What a great guy.

A few things to get to before talking about yesterday’s announcement. First off, gotta wish Olivia a happy 8th birthday today. Uncle Titi will be there in a few hours. Lets hope by the time I arrive she makes up her mind which movie she wants to see this week.

As much as I love the “Burning Love” franchise, after it was brought to my attention on Thursday’s live blog that a couple people had experienced some Crackle ad that popped up while visiting my site (I had never heard of it nor seen it), I did some research this weekend and found the root of the problem. My webmaster had informed me that none of our ads run any pop up ads, so it wasn’t coming from them. We realized that by embedding the “Burning Love” episodes into my site, it was then causing the Crackle pop up ads to appear. So unfortunately, I can link to the “Burning Love” videos, I just won’t be embedding them into the site anymore. It is a Yahoo! Web series, so it makes sense that they’d try to capitalize on viewers who were watching the episodes without logging on to their site.

In case you missed it, Doug’s exit interview with the media is now posted. He really didn’t say much, although it seems like he’s joined the long list of exited contestants that think Sean is the best fit for Emily.

The biggest news of the week came yesterday when ABC announced the finale date has been moved, and that the After the Final Rose will now be a live one hour show after right after the finale airs. So just to clear up any confusion, the actual 2-hour finale that was taped down in Curacao will go on as planned, just on a different day. The only “live” part will be the ATFR, which will air right after it. So next week, July 9th, is the episode of the overnight dates. The following week, July 16th, is the “Men Tell All” episode (which tapes this Sunday). Sunday night, July 22nd, the 2 hour finale will air followed by a live ATFR.

Since the announcement yesterday, a lot of speculation about why the live ATFR and what does it mean? Is Emily going to make her decision live on TV? Will there be a live wedding? Is there going to be a live breakup? Are they trying to keep spoilers from getting out? Why isn’t this done more often? Do all final three guys show up so she can give them her answer? I’ll get to all that in a minute, but here’s what I can tell you. After 6 weeks of getting sent more information that you can shake a stick at, I’m finally able to tell you with 100% confidence that:

In Curacao, Emily and Jef got engaged.

Now, you’re probably gonna ask me who finished second and who finished third. I don’t have that answer for you. What I do know now is that Emily and Jef left Curacao as an engaged couple and are still engaged today. Not sure who went home after the overnights (if anyone), not sure who (if anyone) met Ricki, not sure if the final rose ceremony has one, two, or three guys proposing. I just know that Jef definitely proposed in Curacao, she accepted, and they are engaged. Yes, it took me six weeks to get it confirmed, but by golly, I’m finally glad I did. So the live finale will NOT be Emily making her final decision, or pulling a Jen Scheft and choosing no one, or saying “no” to Jef. What happened in Curacao happened. They’re engaged. Of course no details are coming out about the ATFR, but if I had to speculate, here’s what I’d say:

-Most ATFR shows have the rejected ones on because while the fans may be happy Emily and Jef are engaged, they still want some closure from the guy(s) she didn’t choose. And since Sean and Arie were both kept around in Curacao until after the final rose ceremony filmed, makes me think one, if not both, will be at the ATFR to talk to Emily.

-I’m told Arie and Sean will both be in LA this weekend. Does that mean they’ll both be on the “Men Tell All?” I don’t know. Maybe they’re just going to hang with their boys at the after party. I just know they’re both going to be out there this weekend. Haven’t heard either way regarding Jef.

-Since the engagement happened in Curacao, and there won’t be any sort of live proposal at the ATFR, it makes me think they are doing this for one of two reasons:

1) a ratings ploy and they just didn’t want spoilers getting out because the audience in attendance would know what happened

2) Emily and Jef have an announcement to make. Whether it’s a wedding date, a pregnancy announcement, or maybe Emily’s moving to Utah. I don’t know.

I tend to lean towards #1. I think this is just all a ratings ploy to get more people to tune in, it’s something different to go live and have it on a Sunday night a la “Survivor,” and with “Bachelor Pad” premiering the next night, it’s another way for them to promote their other show. If Emily and Jef do have an announcement to make about something regarding their lives, then great, I guess that would be a bonus. But I think you can rule out a live wedding. I know that it was talked about last season with Brad and Emily, but do you really think Emily and Jef would have a live wedding, in one hour, with commercial breaks? No way. ABC would want to make a much bigger production of it, have edit control, etc. That’s just not gonna happen. I guess we will all find out on July 22nd exactly what will happen, but my guess it’ll be just like any other ATFR show with the exception of it being live. They’ll bring the rejected guy(s) out, they’ll ask “When did you know,” they’ll bring Jef out, Emily and Jef will talk about their relationship, and that’ll be that.

Back later on today with the recap of last night’s episode. Trust me, it’s not going to be nearly as long as a regular column. Too many normal people in the families last night. Dammit. Quit disappointing me.



  1. janet

    July 16, 2012 at 11:16 PM

    Steve, I have a hard time believing Jef is the one she picked. Especially since the Bachelorette show has been pulling out all the stops to make sure their finale is not spoiled, so why would it be now? I think they have succeeded in pulling the wool over your eyes by having you report the wrong guy as Emily’s pick. Even on the Men Tell All show you could see they were trying to lean a little more toward Jef when showing clips about the two guys left. Previously you also said you didn’t think Arie would be one of the 2 guys left and probably would be Sean, which was wrong. There is no doubting the chemistry she has with Arie and he is more suited to her than Jef would ever be as he looks like her kid brother. It’s Arie all the way!

  2. reallife

    July 25, 2012 at 9:11 AM

    Just saw Emily and Jef in one of their post Bach interviews.
    Emily in her real clothes and without the heavy makeup actually looked homely. Yes, her dress was nothing special, no special hairdo – just plain Emily. Jef’s look was much more spruced up than we saw him on the show – but Emily was the surprise !! She actually came across as a mother and potential wife instead of a rising star – LOL !!

    They were blending together for lack of a better term and I saw genuine chemistry. I am always optimistic for the couple’s future but there seems to be a difference here. They seem so relaxed with each other – more akin to Ashley and JP in fact – than most of the couples. Sometimes I can see that the couples are still in the lust stage (Ed and Jillian) when they first start appearing together but Jef and Em seemed as if they have been together for years. They have their plans and their goals and I hope they make it.

  3. jgomes007

    July 26, 2012 at 11:14 PM

    What happen to the bachelor pad spoilers, I can’t seem to find they anywhere? Thanks

  4. Susan

    July 30, 2012 at 5:56 PM

    They’re gone. I have a feeling that’s what Fleiss was tweeting about. Maybe he was hoping he could delete them and no one would notice.

  5. Dreamy

    July 30, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    I thought I kept clicking on the wrong spoilers. Lol

  6. couriouser

    July 31, 2012 at 6:10 AM

    This is getting curiouser and couriouser. So this past week, there has been mayhem over at the RS haters/lovers facebook site where Aatex was removed from the group for some sort of betrayal. According to the admin in the group, this person once thought trustworthy ended up making up some very bad lies, I think about Reality Steve but not sure exactly what happened. This same Aatex who spews a lot of hate in these comment boards about Reality Steve as per her previous comments turns around this week and on July 25th likes his Reality Steve page on Facebook. She even comments on Reality Steve’s facebook page under one of his columns “Great job, and have fun in Vegas!” Is it just me or do you find this very odd that she has nothing but contempt for Steve on these boards, also continues her hate of Steve on the RS lovers/haters Facebook group page and once she is kicked out she is all goo goo ga ga over Reality Steve on his facebook page??

    Also this week, Reality Steve has to deal with some jerk who he had anemail battle with. This character spews hatred and then goes on twitter and creates a fake Reality_Steve accounts and spews more hatred (all in the same time frame that this RS haters/lovers facebook page is having this Aatex drama), and now the bachelor pad spoilers are gone.

    What is going on???? Aatex would you please explain yourself. How do you go from a hater on this board to being a fan of RS facebook page? Why did you get kicked out of the Reality Steve lovers and haters facebook group? And where are these bachelor pad spoilers???

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