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“Bachelor Pad” Recap, A Warning, & Emails That You Gotta Read

Another season of “Bachelor Pad” is upon us. I’ll be here every Tuesday over the next eight weeks to cover this complete sh** show. And what a sh** show it is. A steaming pile of manure looks at this show and says to itself, “You know, I don’t look and smell so bad after all.” It’s one thing to go on the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” and cry over someone you barely know, or even make a stupid comment here or there. “Bachelor Pad” is a completely different animal. Like, these people think acting like this is going to make them look cool or somehow make other people like them more. I don’t get it. I mean, not to sound like a 37 year old fuddy duddy, but geez, do some of these people have any self-respect? Really? You want to act like that on national television? Hey, you’re making my job that much easier because the second you signed on that dotted line, you are fair game for every insult barb thrown your way over the next eight weeks. And based on what the first episode showed us, I can’t think of one person on this show that won’t be ridiculed at some point.

Wanted to bring something to forefront right now before it gets out of hand. For the past year, plenty of you have asked me on my video blog, or even in the “Reader Emails” what happened between me and Holly Durst and why I won’t talk about it. And for a year, I’ve taken the high road and just left it at that I don’t care for her, I don’t need people like her in my life, but I was not getting into details. It wasn’t anyone else’s business what happened, and even though I had cut off all communication with Holly, I wasn’t going to throw her under the bus. Well come to find out Holly appeared on a live video blog on Vokle last night and someone asked her what’s the deal between her and Reality Steve. She then proceeded to tell the biggest bold faced lie I’ve ever heard and accuse me of something I NEVER said. I’m going to say this as nice as humanly possible Holly, and I hope you take it to heart: Keep your f***ing mouth shut. You don’t want to get this started. I’ve never said nasty things about you in my blog or on my videos in the last year like you accused me of doing last night. Obviously you are being fed false information. Go back and read any “Bachelor Pad 2” recap, or any video blog I’ve done. I’ve NEVER told people any details as to why I didn’t like you. I just made it known that I didn’t. I’ve purposely bit my tongue on all the things I know about you, which you are completely unaware that I know. So I suggest you pipe down, and when asked about me in any situation whatsoever, you just do what I’ve done for the past year and say “I’ve got nothing to say about that guy” and quietly move on. There. That’s all you have to do. That’s all I’ve done ever since last June. Unlike you, I still have an ounce of respect for the friendship we once had, or else I would’ve already come out and obliterated you and your character. I’ll let your little lie you told last night slide because I’m such a nice guy. Don’t speak of me and I won’t speak of you. You’ve been warned. Tread lightly.

For the record, probably a good chance you are going to be seeing another one of these rants on Thursday. But this one will be for good reason, and it won’t be pretty. Amazing how insincere, phony, and downright disgusting some people in this franchise can be. Makes me sick to my stomach, and frankly, I’m tired of it. Tune in Thursday and I’ll explain a little further in detail. If I write it now, I may say some things I regret later. I need a breather. Good thing I’m headed to Vegas this weekend, because I seriously need a break from some of these self-absorbed, holier-than-thou contestants who couldn’t be more disingenuous and hypocritical if they tried. The pretentiousness of some of these people thinking they are “better” than the fans cast on this show, only confirms everything I’ve ever told you about many of these people. There are some good ones, but honestly they are few and far between, and I’m finding out more and more what a bunch of low-life famewhores most of them are.

Whew. That felt good. Now that that’s off my chest, what else can we talk about before getting started? Emily and Jef were on Jimmy Kimmel last night and it was pretty uneventful. Nothing major happened, but Jimmy did something that maybe ABC should take notice of. Since we all know the two hour finale was long, drawn out, and completely unnecessary to put viewers through, Jimmy and his staff thought they’d give people a :30 summary of the finale. Perfect:

So if you turned on your TV Sunday night for the finale, and saw that for :30 seconds, I think you’d have been much happier than sitting through the pomp and circumstance of two hours of the same things over and over and over. Other than Kimmel’s writers obviously looking at spoilers the last few seasons when they have the lead on in the beginning of the season, that show is definitely on top of the ball when it comes to making fun of this show.

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  1. karynr

    July 27, 2012 at 9:50 AM

    Thank you Athena. I appreciate your response. I learned a hard lesson and am pretty black and blue from kicking myself over believing some pretty ugly and malicious lies.

    I have never spoken with Steve, haven’t really changed how I feel about him in some ways, but he in no way, shape or form is he the person I was led to believe he was. Yeah….pretty stupid…..a grown woman believing the lies of strangers. No one needs to tell me that was not one of my finer moments.

    I see some of the hostility is still going on, but from both sides. Take note everyone, the anger and meanness has, and still is, coming from both sides.

    I’ll comment on the shows and may call out Steve occasionally if I don’t like something he writes, but I will never again get mean towards anyone. I can’t promise there won’t be a little snark occasionally. But, I’m going back to the way I was the first seven or eight years on this site.

    Dianne, please let it rest. Please let people try and apologize without turning it into another reason to keep the vitrol going. You are not helping the situation and are actually adding fuel to the fire.

    jgunn, I am in no way a saint. I believe that was one of the points I was trying to get across. You did go on to say a couple of more positive things, so thank you for the somewhat nicer words.

    Have a great Friday everyone.

  2. steffy

    July 27, 2012 at 10:53 AM

    You have some nerve telling Dianne to let it rest or think your apologies mean anything. You and your deranged friends came here for months, talking like a bunch of sailors and egging each other on. I cant speak for Dianne but apology not accepted. Go somewhere else and let us have our board back. We love Steve regardless.

  3. iheartvino

    July 27, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    It’s clear the tables have turned and the “lovers” are now all speaking out and being absolute “haters” to the former “haters.” (I hope that made sense…) Look, I get where people are coming from and if I had been in other people’s shoes I’d probably wonder why the 180 too, and wouldn’t be all that forgiving. But I’d like to think that I would at least be able to appreciate that someone was admitting they were wrong about something and that their behavior hadn’t been all that great. That’s all that karyn, rollingeyes, a few others and myself have been doing.

    I couldn’t care less if anyone chooses to accept my apology for my unwarranted negative comments about Steve personally. I know how I feel and I’ve apologized to Steve. That’s all I can do. Let’s just please ease up on the hypocricy for five seconds.

  4. liz123

    July 27, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    As a reformed “hater”, I’d just like to say that while I understand where most everyone is coming from, the “lovers” (I hate those terms, btw, & always did, never believed it was that black & white) don’t know everything there is to know about the situation so their comments should really be neither here nor there to any of us. It’s not as if they know the whole situation & are still refusing to accept apologies or refusing to try to understand where the “haters” are coming from. I don’t want to do what an earlier commenter accused people of doing which is “dangling a carrot”, but I can’t really say more than what’s already been said. I will say that I have learned long before now that if a story is told & people are told that it’s a lie, then someone somewhere will miss the part that the story was a lie & it will spread further like wildfire as if it’s the truth. I guess my point is just that whether or not apologies are accepted doesn’t really matter to me. Everyone’s behavior going forward is the true measure of whether or not anyone is deserving of forgiveness. The former “lovers” can take over being the “mean girls” if they so choose. Seems more than a little hypocritical to me, but that’s for them to decide & for their consciences to wrestle with. To me, these are the important things: how we interact with one another from here on out, Steve’s understanding & forgiveness, & the past staying the past & all of us learning from it, myself included. BUT I won’t be leaving the snark behind. How boring would this be without that?! Judging from the lack of comments since the “haters” have quieted, you all agree. 😉 I just won’t be bashing Steve on a personal level ever again. Take care my RS peeps! Have a good weekend!

  5. jenny84

    July 29, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow night! Has anyone heard of ZingTube? I heard that Jesse from DeAnna’s season is going to be on it — sounds cool, but just wanted to see if anyone else knew anything about it.

  6. RainyNiteNTx

    July 30, 2012 at 4:55 AM

    @Liz123 – kudos on your post! It is up to each individual person to choose how they will act. I could only take the comments in very small doses because I dont believe in attacking people to the point it includes their mother or their dog….but to come forward and admit mistakes is a sign of maturity and really does show a bigger person. Snark? yeah always cause that is how Steve writes his blog – I doubt he would expect good ship lollipop comments all the time.

  7. Dianne

    July 30, 2012 at 11:39 AM

    @steffy..thank you, thank you, thank you!! So glad to know at least someone knows where I’m coming from. I have NO clue what happened, what went down, but I do know I always have, and always will support Steve, and I’m so happy to know you do too!

  8. kasey31

    July 30, 2012 at 5:24 PM

    all i can say about this situation is that a wise man once told me.. “crap, i cant remember what he told me” :/

  9. punka

    July 31, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    I will be honest here. I do not know what went down betwen RS and Holly, and I honestly do not care one bit. I do not know either of them personally, never will. So whatever it is, affects me zero.

    RS is my guilty pleasure during BAch seasons, and t hat will not change.

    Holly was also a seret crush when I watched her last season on Bach Pad. I had zero problems with what went down with her and MS. Relationships end. He blew it if you ask me, and realized it too late. Such is life.
    Honestly, I just enjoy watching all these people look like hyennas on BP. THey have no idea how stupid they make themseleves look, like grown up high school students. Very juvenile.

    Bythe way, I do wonder what the babies of Chris and Jaclyn would look like. Ugliest noses ever. Bird face (Jaclyn) + Baby Eagle Face (Chris). Great combo. And attitudes to match.

  10. angelfish

    July 31, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a re-cap of the 7/30 episode here? Did I miss it somewhere amongst the comments angst?

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