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The “Bachelorette” Finale Recap

Ahhhhh, so here we are at the end of yet another season (Which for the record if you’re keeping score at home, that’s now 5 of the last 7 seasons correctly spoiled. I didn’t have any spoilers for Jillian’s season). What are my thoughts? Well, they are pretty much the same thoughts I have every season at the end. Congrats to the final couple, if they get married I’ll buy them a gift, but until then, the engagement on the show really means nothing. Look, I know it’s fresh in everyone’s minds because it happened last night, and plenty of you were probably wiping away tears and think they’re the cutest couple in the world and loved every word they said to each other. Great. But I’ve come to realize over the years that what we see on the ATFR show means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Sure, these two might end up getting married. Do I personally think it will happen? No. But I say that every season. I’m certainly not basing this opinion on what I saw last night though, that’s for sure.

Every single couple that’s ever sat up there on the final show of the season has gushed over how that person is perfect for them, and how much they’re in love, and how much they’re looking forward to spending the rest of their life with that person. Every single one of them do it. So nothing that Emily and Jef said to each other last night makes me think any more strongly that they’ll last over someone else. Here’s what I will say in favor of them though: The couples that have formed off the “Bachelorette” franchise have at least lasted much longer as a couple than those who came from the “Bachelor” in recent seasons. Ali and Roberto might’ve broken up, but they did at least live together for 18 months and Ashley and JP have been together over a year now. And going back to before Ali, Jillian and Ed lived together for a year. So that’s three straight “Bachelorette” couples that have at least lasted a year, which I guess is good news for Emily and Jef. Could mean something, could mean nothing.

Lets just say I’m none too surprised to hear that to make things work, “they” decided that it would be best if Jef moved to Charlotte. I’m sure there were discussions about this and what not, but when Emily was on Jef’s hometown date, she made it seem like it was totally 100% not a problem to pack up her life with Ricki and move to Utah and she’d do it in a heartbeat. Then we hear Jef last night say, “Weeelllllll, you know, like, in the best interest of Ricki, and like, you know, what we think is best for us, you know, like, I think I should move to Charlotte.” Uh huh. Like I said, not surprised in the least bit that that is what was decided in the end if these two are gonna work out. Hey, maybe on my next visit to Charlotte, I can buy these kids some Bojangles. And because I’m such a great guy, I’ll even let them go large on their Bo-Rounds.

Emily and Jef seem happy, they’re content to start their life in public now, and they’re even going to Africa for charity work with Jef’s company. Yeah, whatever secret these two were trying to keep since the end of filming they weren’t doing a great job of it. Now looking back on it, we can point ALL these things as signs that Jef and Emily were together the whole time:

-Jef’s peace sign tweet from a boat near Barbados five days after the final rose ceremony taped. His GPS location was on his Instagram, then it was removed later.

-On June 1st, Jef tweeting a picture and saying he was visiting his mother in South Carolina for a weekend. Considering he was about a 45 min flight from Charlotte, safe to say now that he probably saw Emily at some point that weekend.

-Emily tweeting just days ago she had to go to the doctor to get a round of shots. Well, her ABC bio that was up all season said she was interested in doing charity work in Africa. And Jef’s company was making it known on their website that they had a water drop in Ghana coming up. So you put two and two together, and now we see what that was all about.

-Emily tweeting a picture of her and Ricki fishing a couple weeks ago. Now we realize that Jef was probably the one taking the picture.

There were plenty of other instances throughout the last few months that pointed to these two being together. That’s why before I released the spoiler, I kept saying that most of the evidence I had was pointed to Jef. But that was all post-show stuff. I can say it now, I had more people in the Salt Lake area telling me, “Hey man, I live in the area, and everyone who runs in that circle knows she picked Jef,” yet, I still wasn’t going to let that force me into an announcement. It definitely helped to hear that, and way more people were telling me she’s with Jef than those that were telling me she’s with Sean or she’s with Arie. In fact, exactly ZERO people told me she was with Arie. Not one person in two months ever said, “Hey, I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Arie and I hear they’re together.” So yeah, I had a good feeling it was never him. I just didn’t know he got to final 2 until the night before the overnight date episode aired when I got it confirmed 100%. Never again will I base information about who the final pick is off stuff I hear after the fact, or Twitter, Facebook, tabloids, message boards, social media, etc. I base it off finding out what happened on the final day of filming. Once I get that, then I’ll report it. Took me til July 3rd this season, but I’m glad I got it.

I don’t know if the show plans on keeping the Twitter/social media rules the same when the next season starts filming, but if they do, they’re making things an awful lot easier. Sure, I didn’t base my information on what people were emailing and what I was witnessing on Twitter, but it sure made it easier to confirm once my sources did tell me for sure what happened in Curacao. At that point, all the puzzle pieces added up. And I knew that all noise coming from press releases and people from the show was just a way to try and distract viewers from what was being reported. Go look back on all the tweets from people associated with the show from July 2nd on and see how ridiculous it looks now in regards to the ending. I mean, basically they were flat out lying to their viewers. Nothing “shocking,” nothing “unpredictable,” nothing close to being a “bombshell.” Just a normal season, and an ending we’ve seen plenty of times on this show.

Thanks again everyone for following this journey for the last ten weeks. It’s been fun. You made this the most viewed, most profitable and successful season yet on and I look forward to September, when the next “Bachelor” season starts filming and I continue to give you information as it happens. I will continue to do what I do for as long as this show stays on the air. In the meantime, lets enjoy “Bachelor Pad,” shall we? Be back tomorrow with your recap. Send your emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page.

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  1. johannablue

    July 25, 2012 at 4:42 PM

    LMAO, @Cammie99 . @aatex, and @ rollingeyes…… and several others….. great ending to a pretty crappy day!! You ladies are fun……ny!!!!! I looked for the FB page, can’t find it but I would likley be classified in the “evil bitch” “fat cow” “bitter bitch” …. oh and I forgot snarky catagory but I guess since I can’t find the FB page I can’t meet the ladies who have laid claim to those titles. Let me be the first to say WOW, keep it up because it truly brightens my day!!! Oh and Dianne…… go take a Prosac you take this too seriously!! Ooops, there I go sticking my nose into something I shouldn’t, now I’m gonna get it! lol! Just so we’re clear… not new to this site just reserved in my comments because let’s face it, it’s all been said already, on every level!

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