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“Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” & US Weekly Working Their Magic

Ahhh yes. Yesterday was Tabloid Wednesday. And even after the season ends, the stories still come. I’m sure plenty of you either saw the US Weekly magazine yourself, or read what the cover story is this week. They’re claiming Emily cheated on Jef by sexting another dude, Jef looked at her phone this past Sunday night, freaked out, and she left crying and he’s gonna leave her. Whatever. As I said yesterday on Twitter, I honestly don’t care about these two anymore. They are yesterday’s news in my mind. When/if they break up, we’ll all know about it, then I’ll talk about them. I’m on to the next season of the “Bachelor” already. I don’t need to comment on a bunch of speculation that US Weekly is running with. I have no idea if it’s true or not. Nor do I care. US Weekly was right about absolutely nothing during Emily’s season, constantly giving wrong information, so that should speak volumes right there.

Here’s all I will say about it: The story is so unprovable, it’s ridiculous. It’s exactly why they wrote it. Look, unless you actually have the texts you claim Emily had in her phone, or, you have the name, picture, info on the guy in question who she was allegedly sexting with, it’s not a story. They were right on the Kristen Stewart story because they had proof. Clearly they had pictures of her and that director caught in the act. This story is nothing but hearsay. All US Weekly needs is someone to call or email their tip line and say, “I heard this weekend in South Carolina, Jef looked at Emily’s phone and saw she was sexting a guy, he got pissed, she left crying, and now he wants out” and that’s good enough for them. They add a few embellishments and they can run with that because someone told them, so they just say “sources are telling us…” Emily and Jef released a statement yesterday saying the story is “100% false,” that they couldn’t be happier, and Jef is currently in Charlotte looking at apartments because he plans on moving there next month. Great. Wake me when something interesting happens between those two.

The “Bachelor Pad” finale tapes Sunday. I will have your spoilers posted as soon as I get them.

No live video blog tonight. On a plane to California in a couple hours where I’ll be studying my ass off for my fantasy draft come Sunday. I’m sure whoever I draft will snap their fibula in Week 1, or will have their ACL come flying out of their knee early in the season. Or, they’ll just flat out suck all year like my two starting receivers last season, Dez Bryant and Mike Williams, neither of which had a 100yd receiving game all of last season. Nice job, a-holes. So yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ll be up to this weekend, along with seeing the boys Saturday night in Manhattan Beach, and taking Olivia and Nicholas to school the first day of school on Monday. Have a good weekend and enjoy this weeks giant email bag of goodies.

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  1. kasey31

    August 27, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    @nobody1- im a girl, and i think blakely is very pretty..

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