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Steve: At the end of Monday’s rose ceremony, some of the cast mentioned that they were happy to be alive for another week. It’s not a week between rose ceremonies is it? I’m assuming the producers tell them to say this so the viewers think that each episode we see represents a week in the pad. Thanks and great work as always.

Comment: No. It’s three days.

Hey Steve,

First off, I apologize if this has already been addressed. I am one of your much older viewers (probably close to your Mom’s age)….however, I am a reality t.v. junkie.

Regarding Chris from the Bachelorette, and now Bachelor Pad. Why did it take so long for him to attempt a kiss with beautiful Emily Maynard, and yet on BP, he has hooked up with a couple of average looking women in a very short time. He sure put on a show while on the Bachelorette. Thank goodness Emily did not pick him.

I really enjoy watching your video shows (sorry, don’t know what they are actually called) Maddie is adorable.

Thanks for the entertainment Steve. (and the spoilers)

Comment: Because Emily isn’t as hard up for reality TV attention as the three girls he hooked up with. I mean, Emily Maynard vs Blakeley, Jamie, and Sarah? It’s really a no contest. There’s a reason people go on “Bachelor Pad.” For some reason, they have it in their mind, it’s more acceptable to act more slutty because of the format of the show. Hey, whatever you want to convince yourself of, have at it.

Hey Steve-

I’m curious as to your thoughts on Michael Stagliano. Is he really a nice guy that just happens to show up in as many bachelor related shows as he can? Or is he basically just a media whore who is doing everything he possibly can to stay in the lime light. He seems like a nice guy, but we all know edits and people can be deceiving. Thanks.

Comment: Lets not forget, Michael is a musician first and foremost. And since his appearance on last season’s “Bachelor Pad,” he’s done an awful lot of traveling and playing mini concerts in cities all over America. And his singles have done somewhat decently on Itunes. I guess. That’s what he’s said in his tweets, so I guess I should believe him. Do you think anyone more than family or friends would ever purchase a single from Michael Stagliano if he was never part of this franchise? Probably not. It’s all about marketing themselves with most of these contestants. Michael is no different. Nice guy, but he definitely is doing these shows for a reason.


I’ve been reading your blog for years (even pre-spoilers), and it always cracks me up. I especially enjoy your references to pop culture from the days of yore. I always guessed from some of the things that you mention (Beverly Hills 90210, Vanilla Ice, Z Cavaricci’s, etc.), that we are pretty close in age. Then, I saw your post about your birthday, and I realized we are only a few days apart in age. True but sad story that I know you’ll enjoy. I actually dated a guy who took me to see “Cool As Ice.” He thought he was Vanilla Ice and used to yell, “Drop the zero and get with the hero” out of his car window while he was driving. I guess the fact that I dated him means I have about as much self-respect as people that appear on The Bachelor. In my defense, I was in high school.

So, on to my questions:

1) You are pretty well-known now and have a large fan base. Do you have people that recognize you and approach you when you are out in public? If so, what is your response to them? Does it happen more when you are near your home or in places like Vegas?

2) You’ve made it pretty clear you are a single guy, you love your dog and your family, and you have a good sense of humor. Many of the people who watch The Bachelor are…how do I say this nicely? Single ladies who get very emotionally involved with people they’ve never met. I am guessing that all these factors may lead you to get hit on via e-mail from time to time. Did I guess right? If so, it shows that you are a decent guy to not include such messages on your “Reader E-mails” posts. Although they might be kind of entertaining to read…

3) When you first got the info on the Jason/Molly/Melissa switch, did you ever imagine where it would lead you? Are you happy with where you’ve ended up, even with the lawsuit nonsense, or do you wish those spoilers had never made their way to you?

I think that’s everything I’ve wondered about that has been answered many times before.

Comment: You really dated quite the winner there. It’s one thing for Rob Van Winkle to drop that line in his own movie. Your boyfriend used to yell that out of his car to women? Wow. Classy. What Hooters is he now a shift manager at?

1) No. It’s happened once two summers ago here in Dallas. Only time it’s ever happened in my life. And I hope to keep it that way.

2) Eh, not really. It’s happened on occasion, but honestly, I don’t pay too much attention to it. Kinda hard to follow up on something like that when I don’t know a thing about the person who’s emailing me and pretty much every time, they’re not from here.

3) No, I never thought the site would ever become as big as it has. I mean, sure I always hoped it would. But I never knew how. My plan was to keep writing in hopes that the right person would read it and it’d lead to some free lance writing, or writing for an entertainment site. Then when I found my webmaster three years ago who had a plan on how I could make money off the site, I realized it’d be better to go this route for the time being.

What’s your annual income? Just curious.

Comment: $100. Would you like me to scan my 1099’s for you too? How about give you the password to my checking account as well? (Who asks that to somebody they don’t know?)

Hey Reality Steve- A couple of questions this week:

(1) Whenever there is a date on Bachelor, Bachelorette, or Bachelor Pad that includes a date box with jewelry (like Lindzi and Kalon’s this week), or shopping of any kind (like Shawntel’s Vegas shopping spree on Brad’s season), do the people get to keep the items? On the one hand, a ‘diamond and sapphire bracelet’ like the one that Lindzi got this week probably cost more than the prize money for the show (so I don’t see her getting to keep that), but on the other hand, why would Blakely (or anyone) be jealous because Lindzi (or whoever) gets to wear some borrowed jewelry for a couple of hours?

(2) Why are the challenges on this show so stupid and cheap? a giant ice cream sundae race? carrying cups and saucers? How can a primetime network television show only afford the same challenges as a grade school field day? I understand that the main draw of this show isn’t the challenges but is the hookups and drama, but shows like RR/RW Challenge have PLENTY of drama and hookups and their challenges (for the most part) are relatively well thought out, pretty entertaining to watch, and involve more coordination and brain cells than a trained monkey.

(3) I think we are all in agreement with how stupid the idea of having a handful of “fans” on this season was. However, I can’t help but wonder if the outcome would have been different if they did more than just a few fans (that were completely out-numbered and didn’t stand a chance from day one), and instead did 50% fans and 50% veteran contestants. I know that the main appeal of this show is that the viewers already feel invested in former contestants, but think of how many more alliances/hookups/drama/surprises there could have been if there was more “fresh meat” (something else that MTV has done and was successful with)? Do you have any thoughts on this? After this giant flop of a change in format, do you think they will try to throw any more “twists” in the future casting of the show?

Comment: 1) Of course not. It’s given back right after the date, which is why it’s so ridiculous when these people freak out over it. Great, you get to wear it for a few hours. If you have to return it, what’s to be excited about? It’s not yours.

2) That’s where this show drops the ball. Their challenges suck, and are basically all variations of the same challenges they’ve run in previous seasons.

3) Honestly, I think they’ll drop the “fans” format next season. It was a bust. Only because I don’t think they’d ever cast half fans/half veterans. It was bad enough we didn’t care about 5 of them this season. Why would we care about another 4 or 5 if they split the cast with them? I just don’t see it happening. They tried it, it failed, move on.

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  1. kasey31

    August 27, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    @nobody1- im a girl, and i think blakely is very pretty..

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