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Hey Steve,

LOVE your column! Thank you for all the great info and insights.

I just have a comment. Chris’ douchebaggery is mind-blowing. I live in Chicago, and quite frankly, he is an embarrassment to this fine city. I just hope that the second this show is over, he fades into oblivion and I never have to see his weird-looking face again. I have watched every season of this entire franchise and I can’t recall ever disliking someone so much. Unfortuantely, one time I happened upon his Twitter page, and he seems to spend a whole lot of time retweeting people telling him how great he is and forgiving his actions. I refuse to believe he is an okay guy, unless I hear otherwise???

Comment: Wait a second. You’re telling me that a contestant from this franchise loves retweeting every time someone writes positive comments about them? No way!!!!!

Hi Steve,

When you posted that thing about ViSalus, I couldn’t help but laugh. TONS of my facebook friends – some of whom are in high school – have been doing the same thing. They post before and after pictures non-stop and try to defend their pyramid scheme. Many of them used to be a part of Primerica, which I think is a pyramid scheme related to ViSalus. I think ViSalus might even be a part of Primerica. The one girl is in high school and her ‘about me’ info says she’s a Director of ViSalus … so I’ll let you deduce how impressive the role is. I’m sure the Bachelor will have some clever job title created for her, a la “Luxury Brand Consultant”.

Comment: No doubt. Good for her in what she does. I don’t care. My thing is, this is obviously someone who openly tweeted how stupid she thought the show was and that no one stays together. And said she hated it. Four times. Then someone nominates her, she goes through the process, and now she’s all excited and can’t wait to be on? Oh ok. She’s not lasting long. Not a chance. Because the fact that this info is already out there, whoever the next Bachelor is, will get wind of this and know she’s obviously there to promote her career.

And make no mistake about it, Kristy will be on the show. They’re not gonna revoke her acceptance because of what I posted Tuesday. You’ll see. Guarantee she’s still on and they probably told her just to cool it with the Facebook posts and tweets.

Hi Steve,

I went to a Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan concert in a suburb of Chicago the other day and Chris B. was there posing for pictures the entire night. I literally saw him posing for photos over a span of four hours in different locations at the venue. I suppose that was very nice of him to do so, but I’m sure he totally felt like a celebrity or something. I even saw on twitter later that he somehow got pictures backstage with both Jason and Luke. It all just makes me laugh so I thought I’d share!

Comment: Remember, Chris’ 1-on-1 date with Emily in Charlotte was them scaling the wall of the Mint Museum, then dinner, then a concert by Luke Bryan. My guess is Chris got hooked up by Luke personally for his concert last weekend.

1) Why did you not address the Jaclyn/Ed thing? That was one of the most awkward conversations I’ve ever seen.

2) How long did the Rachel and Michael relationship last? Did it end as soon as he left?

3) What do you think about Michael’s proclamation, (on his blog), that he was done with reality television? He seems to enjoy the limelight a little too much to leave it…

4) Just out of curiosity, how did Erica get so rich? Just family money? Also, is she a real lawyer… it just doesn’t seem like an court would have her after her ridiculous television antics.

5) Are any ITM’s shot in the actual moment? I thought that was kind of reality show 101, all the talking heads are shot wayyyy after the moment.

Also, I keep forgetting that Nick exists, he literally hasn’t been shown talking more than twice, maybe?

Comment: 1) Actually, I just forgot. We all know Ed’s reputation. Hell, even Chris Harrison is ripping Ed in his columns about what a mess he is in relationships. If Jaclyn thinks he’s changing for her, someone who doesn’t even live in Chicago, I think she’s got another thing coming. He embarrassed her on Monday’s episode in front of a national audience. Sure, feelings can change, and I know they’ve hung out together since the show ended, but let me ask any one of you (or anyone in the Chicago area who’s well aware of what Ed’s all about): Do you think he’s going to have a monogamous relationship with a woman who lives in NY? Me neither. I think Jaclyn is setting herself up to be let down. It’s obvious she’s waaaaaaay into him, and he, well, kinda likes her.

2) Ummmmm, there really never was one.

3) I pretty much don’t believe anything most of these people say anymore.

4) Her dad is like the #1 plastic surgeon and very well known in Houston. No, she’s not a lawyer. She graduated law school from the University of Houston, but she’s not a lawyer.

5) It’s a case-by-case basis. You just need to look at what they’re wearing on the date, and then see if they’re wearing the same thing in the ITM. Sometimes they are, which means they pulled them aside before, during, or after the date and had them talk about it in “real time.” But if they’re in a completely different outfit, or their hair looks completely different, then means it wasn’t even shot the same day/night the date took place.

Hi there! I love your blog so much, it always makes me laugh out loud. I was just thinking that it is quite funny how the Bachelor and the Bachelor-Pad have produced just about the same number of successful marriages to date. Correct me if I’m wrong but the 2 marriages thus far from the Bachelor are Trista/Ryan and Jason/Molly, while the Bachelor Pad has produced Holly/Blake. I’m not counting the Deanna thing since they met off of the show. Just thought I’d get your thoughts! If Tony and Blakely do tie the knot, then they would be tied?

Comment: Yep. And hey, if Kiptyn would sh** or get off the pot with Tenley, that could be another one from Bachelor Pad that happens.

1. Do you think the twist at the end was to prevent any chance of Michael winning again? Maybe he went farther than the producers thought he would? Also, why would he tell anyone affiliated with this show about a girl back home, especially if she is not a former cast member? Or maybe I’m just wondering how you know about this if she’s not from this franchise.

2. How exactly does a rumor get out that Tony plans on proposing? If you were going to propose, you wouldn’t tell anyone on this show right? I guess I’ve just never understood how info like this gets “leaked”.

3. Why did the lawyers on set allow that twist to happen? Surely they had to see how manipulative the show’s producers were being.

Comment: 1) No. Michael was never going to win again anyway, even if he got the end. He wouldn’t have gotten enough votes from people to win it again, because who would want to see that? Rachel, although obviously bothered Michael got booted, had zero chance of ever winning if Michael ended up being her partner in the end.

2) I have no idea. But the more stuff I hear, the more you can expect it to happen on Sunday. In fact, it’d be more of a shocker if he didn’t propose Sunday.

3) Don’t know the answer to that one. Million dollar question.

Hey Steve,

Love your blog! Enjoy the behind-the-scenes look you offer with great commentary. I’ve never written in before but I figured I’d give it a go since this episode was just so ridiculously staged.

Something in Michael’s blog from this week caught my attention in conjunction with what Rachel said at the end of this week’s episode. Rachel was crying and turned to Erica and said that she and Michael did not stab her in the back because they did not vote for Erica. Then in Michael’s blog he (seemingly) confirmed that by adding how he and Rachel did not vote for Erica so as not to go back on their word to her. I’m assuming he felt comfortable enough to do this because he had the votes “as he was 100% sure how everyone was voting.”

Here’s an excerpt from that blog:

“I’d like to clarify a few things…

1. I (our alliance) absolutely tried to strategically send Erica home.

2. Rachel and I did NOT vote for Erica, we wanted to be “truthful” in telling Erica that we voted for Lindzi.

3. We both knew there was no way Lindzi was going to go home based on our numbers, so it was a white lie, or a black truth. Honestly, I feel like our plan had a very good chance of working UNTIL Chris took Erica into the voting room. That made my chances of staying slim to none.”

If this is true that he and Rachel voted for Erica, then wouldn’t that have made it a tie between Lindzi and Erica?

Votes against Erica: Kalon, LIndzi, Tony, Blakeley, Ed, Jaclyn
Votes against Lindzi: Chris, Sarah, Nick, Erica, Michael, Rachel

I suppose with Tony most likely deciding to vote out Erica and forcing the same outcome, they didn’t feel the need to follow their own rules and show that? OR, Michael is lying.


P.S. Chris is a jerk. But I expect nothing less from this franchise that seems to think their ratings depend on how much they can humiliate and disrespect women. I don’t care if the women “know what they’re getting into” when they appear on the show. Its despicable. I don’t see much of a difference between how Chris acted towards Jamie and how Bentley acted towards Ashley Hebert. Different show, same franchise and same producers.

Comment: I’m not too sure on the voting, but Michael has stated on more than one occasion since Monday’s episode that him and Rachel didn’t vote for her. Which means they must’ve known they had the majority of the others voting for Erica, or else they would’ve. And as he said, his plan would’ve worked if Chris wasn’t allowed to take Erica into the voting booth with him, which remains the single most ridiculously unexplained event this show has ever produced. Mind boggling.

Obviously I haven’t seen every episode of every other reality show that has a voting process, but I don’t think I can remember an instance where this was allowed. Could you imagine someone sitting at Tribal Council on “Survivor” and saying, “You know what Jeff? I think so-and-so is lying to me about who they’re voting for. Can I go over there with them to make sure they don’t write my name down on the parchment?” Please. Never happen in a million years. But Chris Bukowski brings it up on “Bachelor Pad” and lawyers and producers agree it’s ok? Huh?

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  1. kasey31

    August 27, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    @nobody1- im a girl, and i think blakely is very pretty..

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