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Hey Steve,

Now I normally don’t even bother watching bachelor pad, because as ridiculous as the bachelor/ette is, BP is too over the top. But after reading your review, I had to watch the finale. First off, good on Nick. It’s a game. Get over it people. On to my questions!

1. Obviously the finale is pre-taped and edited, but do they take breaks between the “commercial interruptions”? When coming back, it’s seems like the people on the panel are talking and need to be reminded that they are back on. Is it for the illusion that they are “live”?

2. I can’t remember from Ben’s season, but did Blakely have the whole sleeve done? She showed a lot of skin but I don’t recall any tats.

3. Isn’t Chris Harrison a bit of a hypocrite to say to Blakely that she and Tony moved pretty fast? It seems that the BP people get to spend a lot of time together in the house as opposed to how little the bachelor/ette spend on their dates.

Thanks for your insight Steve!

Comment: 1. They take breaks.

2. She had tattoos, but she’s added to them since filming of BP ended.

3. Yet another thing that Kalon seemed to nail on the head in his conference call. Bachelor Pad is MUCH more conducive to meeting someone and starting a relationship with than “Bachelor/ette” are because you are spending every hour of the day with this person, and not 15 minutes here, and 5 minutes there, and living in completely separate quarters from the lead. Hence the reason I don’t buy any couples that come from Bachelor Pad wedding gifts. The whole point of me doing that is because I don’t think the Bachelor/ette process is realistic for people to get married from. But somehow if they do, then I have no problem getting them a gift. Meeting someone on BP, you spend a TON of time with them and can actually get to know them. And not only that, they aren’t dating 24 other people either. Completely different show.

I know this might sound crazy, but what are the chances that Chris, Nick
Ed & Kalon made a pact early on in the game to split the money…should one
of them make it to the end? It’s just so interesting that they are all 4 ‘suddenly’
opening up a restaurant. (also noticed some of their comments last nite, and
their recent twitter posts…maybe my mind is working overtime but???)
At first, it was only Chris, Ed & Kalon investing in the restaurant…but now Nick
has joined them. If they would’ve announced all 4 before the finale, it might’ve
caught more peoples’ attention?

Surely they knew about the final four splitting the money last year, and that
may’ve planted the seed. I’m just curious if you or anyone else had this suspicion.
There may be no way of proving it, or maybe you don’t care?

Comment: They didn’t agree to split the money. However, I do believe Nick is joining in on the partnership for Chris’ new restaurant venture in DC, so I guess that’s kind of a way of giving him money?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this: I think one of the reasons Jaclyn was also so pissed at Nick for what he did was not just because she’s bff’s with Rachel, but I’d be willing to be that if Rachel did win her $125k, she would’ve broken off maybe $5k or $10k to Jaclyn for not taking her to the finals. And if Jaclyn and Ed would’ve won, I bet they would’ve broken off a little something to Rachel. So with Nick taking all the money, yeah, they’re pretty bitter. Complete guess, but I could see those three wanting to help each other out and I don’t think it’s far fetched to think that at all.


I was so happy for Nick, and totally think he earned it. My question is why did he seem to run out so quickly? Last year it seemed like Micheal and Holly hung around to celebrate with every one. Nick just got up and grabbed his bag and left, and everyone was still sitting there.

Did you take before and {almost} after pictures of yourself while doing Insanity? I did the program and loved it, only I pulled something in my knee 3 days from the ending.

Comment: Not sure why. Especially considering all of them were going to the same place once the taping was over and that was the after party. Probably just done for dramatic purposes.

Yes, I did take a before picture the day I started Insanity. Then I took one at the 30 day mark, and I’ll take one this weekend when I’m done. Will I post them on the site? No. I’m proud of what I’ve done and even I’m surprised by my body transformation and how much better my clothes fit, but it’s just not me to do that and post for everyone to see. I’ve sent them to friends, but I would never post them on my site.

Not to mention, the only way you get your “Insanity” t-shirt is by sending in your pictures after you’ve completed the 60 days.

Hi Steve,

General observation: When former contestants complain and fuss about the bad edit they’ve been given, yet sign up again on future gigs that The Bachelor franchise offers them, is beyond me. It just goes on to show how cash and fame greedy they are. Shaking my head.

Anyway, about Sean’s possible Bachelor stint–he seems to be as real and genuine as they come. On his exit interview, I remember him answering the question as to whether he’d be interested in becoming the next Bachelor, and it he didn’t seem to be on board with that possibility. He seems to be among the very few men on the show to actually have been serious about finding love on the show, and given the poor track record of the franchise in successfully pairing the lead with their final choice for the long term, let alone marriage, Sean’s then reluctance to do the show made sense to me. What, do you think, made him change his mind, assuming he’s on board now?

Comment: Sean’s has given mixed messages in post show interviews about being the Bachelor, but it’s all been a company line pretty much. He answered it very diplomatically but has always said he thinks it can work. His question was always “Do I want to put myself through this again,” which left it open ended. Gave him an out if he was never chosen.

Hey Steve,

I’ve finally crossed over from occasional reader to Reality Steve addict. Thanks for the great content this season and I can’t wait for more updates on Bachelor!

Apparently, you are hearing from lots of people who actually didn’t like how the show ended. That doesn’t compute to me, at all.

At last, there was an unforgettable Bachelor franchise moment. I knew what was going to happen but I wasn’t expecting the perfection that Nick delivered in his address to the other contestants and to Rachel. I found it hilarious that she was shocked HE would do that to her, when SHE basically did the same to her best friend.

He rolled into town, played all of those fools, and collected what was coming to him with no regrets and no apologies, as well he should have.

And the cherry on top was how forlorn Michael looked. The girl he screwed over didn’t waltz away with the consolation prize, so now he goes down as delivering the 1st of the 1-2 punch she got. Kinda felt bad for him because I don’t think he is a mean person, really. But still…the F*ck-My-Life look on his face was priceless.

And since I’m finally emailing you after reading your blog for a couple of years now, I just want to commend you for how you have handled the sh*t that ABC has flung at you, unnecessarily. You have balls. Bigger ones than Fleiss fer shure. When I think of you and Fleiss, I imagine you as John Bender and him as Principal Vernon, in that scene where Vernon owns Bender for several Saturdays. I guess Fleiss gave you some Saturday schools, just because he could.

But to me, you are sporting the diamond stud in your ear at the end, and Fleiss is always going to be the douche who struts around with a toilet seat cover hanging from his ass.

Comment: Great analogy. Especially considering it comes from one of the 9 movies that I can recite word for word. I can’t tell you how many times I watched “Breakfast Club” growing up. More than 75 I would assume. Look, as I’ve stated numerous times, I’m not going anywhere. They are not shutting my site down, I’m going to continue to spoil their show, and there’s really nothing they can do about it as long as I don’t break my agreement in HOW I spoil it. Which I don’t plan on doing. I can easily follow the rules laid out for me and still get you the spoilers you need. Not an issue.

Do they like it? Probably not. Do they know it only gives them more publicity and draws attention their show? Absolutely.

Hey Steve!

I just finished watching the season finale online. Right after id done so I found it necessary to go look up more information on it. I came across Chris Harrison’s comments on the matter and decided to post a comment under the article along with every other bachelor pad fan out there. I thought Id send it to you because hilariously enough, I went to check your update on BP3 right after posting this comment and couldnt help but notice that you made nearly ALL the exact same points I did. For that I just wanted to send you my regards and respects, from one reasonable person to the next, for telling it straight as it is and looking at it objectively instead of letting your morals or feelings cloud your judgement. Here’s the comment i made:

I dont think Nick’s argument for taking the money could have been any more compelling or sound then it was tonight. Indeed, there is no reason why he didnt deserve to be up there just as much as anyone else. I completely agree with Kalon’s statement that no one is more “deserving” than another. In the end it is a game, and the merit does not go to the one who was the most loyal, or the one who went the furthest out of his way to compete. The merit goes to whoever is standing last. In terms of his attitude to Rachel, I do believe he mightve gloated and been rather unsympathic, but what else can you do? You cant really sympathize with someone you just screwed over, he knew it had to be done and he did it to the best of his ability. And yes, I do believe he deserved the money, if only for playing the game the way it was meant to be played. And to those who harbour ill feelings towards him for screwing over Rachel…i hate to tell you but he really didnt owe her anything. Rachel, along with the rest of her alliance, ommited Nick from the very start and never had any plans to bring him to the end. After Micheal’s departure, Nick had to force her to stay in the game with him long enough to get to the end, and yeah, as much as Rachel’s voice overpowered that of the other contestants, I watched the show, and I saw enough to say that Nick put more heart and soul (or Rock and Roll if youd rather) into that concert than any of the other contestants out there. I cannot speculate whether he would have won with another partner by his side, but I dont think its right to say that its because of her that he made it to the final. In the end circumstances led to his being in the final, and he chose to stick to himself – as he did the whole game. In the end Rachel and Nick both deserved the money, but Nick won it fair and square. Congrats to him, and best of luck to Rachel in her recovery

Comment: Ditto. Rachel’s reaction to Nick was expected. Of course she’s gonna be angry and she had every right to be. You’d probably be too if you thought you were about to have $125k and then you didn’t. But it doesn’t mean what Nick did was wrong. It means he took advantage of her emotions in the moment and decided what was best for him.

Nick stated it on the show and even in his exit interview, if he was sitting up there with someone he was in a relationship with, or someone he was hooking up with, there’s no way he would’ve done it. But he wasn’t. He was up there with someone he was thrown together with, had no physical or emotional connection to, and someone who would’ve voted him out the second he didn’t win the next challenge if Erica kept Michael around and took Chris with her.

People have asked me would I have done it? Absolutely. Given the circumstances of who my partner was? If it was the same situation that Nick was in? In a heartbeat. If I got to the end with someone I had teamed up with since Day 1, was sleeping with, and planned on having a relationship with? No way would I have done it. I would’ve shared.

I think that’s where the anti-Nick fans are forgetting or missing the boat. He said he wouldn’t have done this to someone he was close to or in a relationship with. He and Rachel were partners for probably 4 or 5 days total and she was still pining over Michael. There was no relationship there other than a working one. As everyone has said, he didn’t owe her anything. She was not the reason he was still on the show. Erica was. And if you even want to take it a step further, you can technically say the producers were still the reason Nick was on the show because if they don’t allow Chris to take Erica into the voting booth, then Erica takes Chris with her when she leaves, Michael and Rachel stay as a team, Nick is forced to pair with Sarah, and the next challenge Nick and Sarah don’t win, they’re gone.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your blog, spoilers, and recaps, I’m waiting for this franchise to realize that you help keep their fans interested in their show by providing spoilers and back stories. I just wanted to say that I was very happy Nick chose keep, and mention that, what few people don’t really seem to consider, is how hard it is to play the game that is “Bachelor Pad” the way Nick did. Here are some reasons why:

-Keeping a low profile during the beginning, without being voted off involves maintaining a balance of not being too problematic (such as the twins and jamie were) or too boring(the way Paige, the military fan, and the virgin guy were) which I imagine could be hard when appeasing the attention span of a house filled of “reality tv personalities”. Being around a bunch of basically naked drunk singles without getting too involved in shenanigans that you risk blowing your shot at 250,000 is possibly not that easy.

-During his low profile time, he also didn’t “not try” at playing the game, in that he did put in significant effort during challenges especially compared to other contestants like Erica. He was clearly physically prepared, never called out for putting in the worst effort during any performing challenges, and although he may have been last in the questionnaire gameshow challenge, he was considered, by Rachel herself, to be more knowledgeable about Bachelor trivia than he was physically able in the final competition at the mansion. Saying that about “Captain protein” is a pretty strong (pun intended) indication that he was a fierce competitor until the end.

-Socially in the house, he was involved enough to be one of the three guys on Rachel’s group date, indicating that he was friendly enough with the “alliance group” and smart enough not to rub them the wrong way during that period of the game.

-As far as Rachel being the reason he was voted into the final two position, he also had to work hard to keep her in the game. While Jaclyn helped her out emotionally, strategically, Rachel showing other’s in the house that she didn’t want to be there, put a huge target on his back, and he had to work hard to convince others that a girl who didn’t give a sh*t, and a guy whose name they may have forgotten should be kept around over Kalon and Lindzi. He also had to work a lot harder at building a teamwork with someone who was forced to be with him. I think this ultimately made him feel like he should keep the money, and he was bitter about all the complaining and lack of appreciation he got from Rachel. This made his choice much easier.

-Jaclyn and Rachel are good friends and all too, but ultimately Rachel went along with Nick’s logical choice to send her friend home because it came down to whether she wanted to give Jaclyn the prize money, or if she wanted to have a chance to keep it for herself. Rachel chose to keep it for herself at risk of loosing a good friend. Why was she surprised Nick (who almost expressed too clearly that he was there to win so Rachel would agree to keep D-BAG chris) chose to keep the money when she wasn’t even a good friend that he was at risk of losing?

-Finally, I also think the fact that the game continues off-camera for several weeks before the final votes and choices is another reason I applaud Nick for not choosing Share. The game is outside the mansion when filming ends, its happening over social media, and any interaction the final four have with each other or any other contestant directly or indirectly. Nick reassured Rachel up until he was escorted off stage into the deliberation room that they were “on the same page” and that takes effort and stamina. Go Nick.

To Rachel: why was the audience applauding? Because we watch television to be entertained and Nick just gave us what we never suspected in a reality game show as predictable as Bachelor Pad; A twist ending; that is, at least if you don’t read steve’s blog.

Thanks for letting me indulge and procrastinate on studying!

Comment: All great points. Nothing much more to add to that. Dead on.

Hey Steve,

A few questions for ya….

1. Do you know if there is there anything going on with Kacie B and Dave Goode? I have noticed quite a few pictures of them together on instagram. Seems quite odd that she would hang out with him of all people…

2. Who is the vet/fan relationship that started/continued after the show that you mentioned?

3. Do you know if the fan Dave (I think that was his name) is dating anyone from the show?

And last but not least, are you going to show us your before and after pictures when you complete your 60 days of insanity?
Comment: 1. No, Kacie is not with Dave Good.

2. Unfortunately, that’ll have to remain under wraps for the time being.

3. No idea who Dave is with.

4. No, I’m not.

Hi Steve,

I really love your behind the scenes insight and agree with almost all of your observations, especially your analysis of Nick and his decision. I have a few questions about the Bachelor Pad finale and would love to hear your thoughts.

1. I am still wondering why the twins left the show. I heard a rumor that it had something to do with a fight they had over Tony. If this is true, why wouldn’t they have shown that on the show or at least had Chris ask them about it at the reunion? It seems like a missed opportunity that Jeff Probst wouldn’t have missed. Also, it could have taken the place of some of that pointless recap footage.

2. Is it just me or was Jamie trying to dress like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and just failing miserably?

3. Do you think Nick changed his mind about sharing only after he saw the footage of everyone dissing him? Perhaps if he had made the decision right after the show without seeing any of the episodes he would have shared?

4. Why were Chris and Sarah acting like they were still together, kissing and all if he is supposedly now with Eliza (or was at the time)?

Comment: 1. It was because of Tony. Don’t know why they didn’t show it.

2. Only Jamie can answer questions behind her wardrobe atrocity that night.

3. According to him, that’s why he changed his mind. Remember, when they went back to film the finale on Aug. 26th, there were still two episodes that hadn’t aired (the Aug. 27th & Sept. 3rd episodes). So Nick said in his interview with the media that all the contestants were shown the final two episodes before taping began so they could talk about all the stuff that went down. He said when he saw those episodes is when he realized none of them respected him being there and that’s when hed made up his mind to do it.

4. Chris and Sarah aren’t together. Nor is Chris with Eliza. Chris is a one man wrecking crew right now, just plowing through women across the eastern seaboard at a record pace. Props to him I guess.

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  1. colonlc10

    September 13, 2012 at 11:14 AM

    Hmmmmmmm Sean. Not sure how I feel about him being the Bach but it might be ok. He seems like a nice guy and will probably have a “hard time” saying bye to the women he doesn’t choose. I wonder if there will be any crazies like Courtney this time around. Didn’t care for her but she did bring the drama which is what the network wants!!!! I would have like Jef to be the Bach but instead he has to deal with the Princess now. ;o) Please don’t bring Erica back for the next BP if there is one………….her gavel banging is enough already. Go away! ;o)

  2. karynr

    September 13, 2012 at 11:28 AM

    I’m bummed about Sean. I sure hope they bring on some interesting women, becasue IMO he is as bland as they come!

  3. iheartvino

    September 13, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    I’m fine with Sean being the Bachelor. I agree with Steve in that the contestants are the ones that make it an entertaining season, regardless of who the lead is. I just hope that Sean doesn’t allow Fleiss and Co. to manipulate and control every single decision he makes. Sean seems like a decent guy and I’m looing forward to watching his season.

  4. jessica1

    September 13, 2012 at 12:14 PM

    I was thinking about how future votes might go — and I think the only leverage any final couple will have to “force” each other to Share might be this:

    You might trust them but you should constantly assert to them, that if they don’t intend to Share and if you even get a whiff that they will vote to Keep, you will purposely vote Keep as well, to force the money to go to panel of contestants.

    They either Share or get nothing.

    Of course, the other contestants will try to put doubt into the finalists heads that they are lying to each other, to get them to vote Keep and give the money “away”.

    So it’s all a mess-with-your-mind game anyway.

  5. jessica1

    September 13, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    And by the way folks….did I see that ABC is doing a REVENGE MARATHON THIS SUNDAY?!?!?

    And I’m out of town….why why why?!


  6. bigfatwoman

    September 13, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    As long as he doesn’t open his mouth and they don’t show his lanugo covered face — I’m good with this choice.

  7. JovisMom

    September 13, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    I’m excited that Sean is the Bachelor. I didn’t care of Emily being the Bachelorette cause she alreaty “won” same with Reberto he “won” Ali’s season. Oh well…. I’ll have to do some looking around for Sean in Dallas. I wonder where he hangs out?

  8. laney2012

    September 13, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    I must be behind the times, because I don’t recall hearing about the final 4 splitting the money last year. Did that come up during the finale or afterwards? Anyone have any details?

  9. nicolerh1975

    September 13, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    I’m excited Sean is the next bachelor. He is a nice guy and HOT!

  10. iheartvino

    September 13, 2012 at 2:04 PM

    @jessica1- I was excited about the Revenge marathon too, but I looked at the listings and they’re only showing four episodes for the marathon. (Pilot, Daniel’s proposal to Emily episode, the engagement party episode, and the finale) It’s the same episodes ABC has available to watch online now.

    Regardless, we’re getting much closer to Sept. 30! 🙂

  11. iheartvino

    September 13, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    @jessica1, my bad, they’re only showing three episodes on Sun. I think it’s the ones I listed above except for the one where Daniel proposes.

  12. nora j

    September 13, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    I think Sean will make a good bachelor…or at least he deserves to be the bachelor….he seems serious about finding someone and settling down. I preferred to see Arie but I’m at least glad it’s Sean over Roberto.

  13. nora j

    September 13, 2012 at 3:30 PM

    wtf I doubt Rachel could/should/would sue Nick. That would be ridiculous. It’s a game show. If someone can sue someone for that…the options for the ending would be pointless.

  14. nora j

    September 13, 2012 at 3:34 PM

    Oh yeah…Rachel didn’t “deserve” the money any more than Nick. She maybe had more friends than he did but that’s about it. She didn’t really do much the whole show. Of course i don’t blame her for being mad..i would be too but I mean Nick wasn’t anymore wrong than Rachel not picking Jaclyn to go into the finals…she took away the chance for $125k-$250k for her own good friend…because of money.

  15. nora j

    September 13, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    sorry but I’m laughing that RS even brought up Rachel suing Nick…that is SO dumb cuz it’s a game show…that option is out there. Otherwise Rachel should have just raised her hand and said “well we don’t need to do the ending cuz Nick and I have a verbal contract that we’re both gonna pick Share” lol.

  16. azak

    September 13, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    Law student here. FYI, verbal agreements over $500 are not enforceable…anything over $500 has to be in writing. A lot of factors depend on whether or not this would be an enforceable contract, but if he just promised to give her half, it’s not valid. A contract consists of an offer, acceptance, and consideration. Nick would have nothing to gain by giving her half, so there would be no consideration as well. No contract.

  17. azak

    September 13, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    I just realized that I was thinking about the sale of goods for the over $500 situation, so that doesn’t apply. I still don’t think there would be consideration here, though.

  18. oyoung1117

    September 13, 2012 at 7:54 PM

    So excited Sean is the next bachelor! This is the first bachelor since Jason I am actually excited about and on board with. I like handsome, nice, all-American boys! He is going to be great. And since I actually like him I’ll actually be more invested in who he picks. While with Ben, I thought he deserved Courtney and they made a perfect narcissistic pair, Brad has always got on my nerves and I just didn’t care. And Jake, what can one say about Jake? He was awful and he chose Vienna for heaven’s sake! I am so glad it isn’tRoberto!

  19. linds

    September 13, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    I wonder if the story about Sean has to do with Emily Obrien. They seem to flirt it up a bit on twitter. Just a guess. I saw that the other day she told some girl she dodged a bullet by not waving at Sean at the park. I assumed it was sarcasm. Anyway…

  20. linds

    September 13, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    I just happened to look at Sean’s twitter because of the rumor he was the next bachelor (which is obviously true).

  21. DawsMA

    September 14, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    Linds, good point. I was wondering if there was a romance brewing between Sean and Emily O’Brien, and perhaps he wouldn’t take the gig over it. Seems she is taking the grade school tactic of teasing the boy she likes. Guess it didn’t pan out this time since he’s about to meet/date 25 other ladies!

  22. Meghan

    September 14, 2012 at 9:17 AM

    Wow Steve, you couldn’t have included even ONE email from someone who disagreed with you??

    Not excited at all about Sean. He seems like a good guy, but kind of bland, and I don’t find him that attractive. Such a shame they didn’t go with Arie!

  23. pdxfan

    September 14, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    I’ve been thinking about how all of this will change as a result of Nick’s decision, too. If I were on the show, and felt like sharing the money at the end, I would tell my partner that I was definitely choosing “Keep” no matter what, in order to not get scooped. I would make it extremely clear that there was no way I was varying from that plan, BUT that I was committed to sharing the money with my partner if I won it. It is possible that they could be so angry by my aggressiveness that they could choose “keep” just to keep me from having any, but I’d be willing to bet that wouldn’t happen given the backdrop of the previous decision and the sum of money involved.

  24. swills13

    September 14, 2012 at 4:09 PM

    @azak, no offense meant, but you might want to hit the books a bit harder before you graduate/ take the bar, as your analysis comes up a bit short. You are correct as to the required elements of a valid contract, but there is absolutely consideration here if there was an agreement. The consideration would be the promise of each to “share,” thus giving up the potential to receive $250k (meeting the requirement of a legal detriment needed for consideration). Similarly, there is detrimental reliance by Rachel if she voted “share” because of the agreement. If there was an agreement, the terms of the BP contract (and inclusion of waiver of rights to sue) would probably be the determining factor. RS apparently doesn’t understand how legal fees work, either, when he said that Nick would have to pay legal fees if Rachel sues. Generally, the winning side in such a case can get the court to order the losing side to reimburse their legal fees. Either way, I love Nick’s decision.

  25. lcs85

    September 15, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    I think I would choose keep if I was too be in such a position. Yes, there is the risk that your partner chooses keep as well and you get nothing, but if you choose share, then you run the risk of your partner choosing keep and loosing half of it. Choosing keep would just ensure that if I did get the money I would get it all 🙂

  26. jessica1

    September 15, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    pdxfan – airport fan? hmmm

    You say they should vote Keep but then share, I think they should vote Share but if suspect double-cross, they should force a double-keep vote and be forced to give all away.

    If this show comes back, there won’t be a single sane contestant at the end; so much “what will he/she do”, especially after Nicks vote.

    But I bet the producers will NEVER EVER let a lovey dovey couple win again. They’ll manipulate to get a high controversy, deceitful couple to the finals.

  27. rollingeyes

    September 17, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    @jessica1….your ignorance is showing. pdxfan doesn’t mean they are a fan of the airport. I moved to Porland, OR a few months ago, and I came to realize the people in Portland refer to the city itself as “PDX”…..not just the airport. It is just a nickname. My assumption (and you know what they say about assuming things – but I’m sure my assumption is closer than yours) is that pdxfan is just a “fan from Portland”.

    That said……hello to pdxfan from another Portlander. I am loving it here!

  28. rollingeyes

    September 17, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    Crap…..yes you spelling nazis, I missed the “t” in my first “Portland”…..wouldn’t be my first mis-spelling, won’t be my last. Love to you all.

  29. jessica1

    September 17, 2012 at 11:32 PM

    rollingeyes – ah yes, the usual inclusive, friendly banter we’ve all come to know and love. it was A JOKE. I know exactly what it is and i was saying hi to A FELLOW NW’r. Just pointing out the *name* has a double meaning….

    you are well named and your attempt at snark was wasted. go back to the pearl and pretend to be a hipster.

    to pdx, if you took offense, none meant.

  30. Dianne

    September 18, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    girls, girls..claws in please, claws in!

  31. JovisMom

    September 18, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    I’m from Dallas and we refer to our city as DFW for Dallas Fort Worth…

  32. serpephone

    September 19, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    I too am from Dallas… DFW… had no idea PDX is Portland..

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