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Not many emails this week, and some of these are still left over from “Bachelor Pad,” so excuse the outdated-ness (is that a word?). Looks like “Reader Emails,” and “Dr. Reality Steve” will only be every two weeks or so just because there’s not much to ask in the off season.

Hi Steve,

Do you know where Steve Burton, Jason Morgan, General Hospital is going? He has said he is leaving GH, but will not say where he is going? Do you know if he is going to the new show NASHVILLE?

He bought a house in Nashville, so I thought maybe he is going there since Jonathan Jackson, ex Lucky Spencer, GH is there.

Comment: I have no freaking clue what you’re talking about. Do I look like a middle aged housewife who eats Bon Bons all day watching “General Hospital?” Well, I’ll tell you that I’m not. I’m a late 30’s heterosexual man who watches reality TV and writes about it. So there.

I don’t know who Steve Burton is or why he’s leaving General Hospital, but let me take a stab at it. I bet it’s because when he impregnated his wife’s mistress, she went all psycho on him and stalked him and his wife. Once the wife found out about it, she hired a private detective, who she then started sleeping with, and Steve found out about it. Then it all came to a head when it was ultimately revealed that the private detective and the mistress were in on it all together and it was just a grand scheme to bilk Steve and his wife out of an inheritance they were about to receive from Steve’s dying grandfather, who once fathered a child out of wedlock that ultimately became Steve’s long lost brother who showed up at the last minute trying to kill him.

What a completely ridiculous storyline. Perfect for a soap opera.

Hi Steve, I was just noticing on Twitter lately, that after not really mentioning it for a while… all of a sudden Ashley and JP are saying they are seriously planning their wedding…Jef just tweeted they were picking out their venue… and Courtney and Ben mentioned they are planning their wedding more seriously now…what are the odds that they will all 3 be televised since they are seemingly going to happen around the same time…any chance on a triple TV wedding?? haha just a thought, I know that’s crazy but you never know what the Bachelor/Bachelorette producers might come up with next.

Comment: No. Ashley and JP are definitely happening first. Sooner rather than later. Courtney and Ben, as of now, are looking like next year. Jef and Emily? Uhhhhhhhh…..


When the Arie announcement was released (of him not participating on the Bachelor), I thought this was too good/obvious to be true. So I thought maybe Fleiss was pulling out all the stops to pull a fast one on everyone by making everyone think it’s Sean but it would be Arie in the end. There’s no way ABC could pull it off.

I agree, I think the pre-taped segment is just for ABC to show that they care about the lunatic Arie fans, and to just give them an update on their hero. Either that or to promote a charity, but after he skipped out on Graham Bunn’s charity, that seems unlikely.

Comment: Arie’s segment was shot to give the Arie lunatics a small dose of the guy that ABC didn’t want in the lead to begin with, but will help satisfy their needs. It’s gonna be a stupid, humorous segment that no one will care about the next day. Stunt casting. Basically like Kacie is as well.

Hey Steve!

2 things: have you noticed how one of the confirmed contestents – Jordyn – is friends with Ashley Hebert? Is there some kind of bachelor recruiting kick-back or something? It is slightly shady if you think about it – that contestant would have a bit of an inside track in certain ways…what are your thoughts?

Also, I find it SO entertaining when you say anything remotely negative about Arie on your blog and then not even 5 minutes go by and you are ATTACKED by his lunatic fans on twitter. And yes, you are right – they are batsh*t CRAZY. I love how they basically call you a bully and yet….they relentlessly attack you via twitter….hmmm almost like bullying?

Stay cool and keep doing what you’re doing!

Comment: Well, Jordyn is not on the cast anymore, but yes, there was a connection there. And considering Jef Holm’s divorced-hairstylist-mother-of-two is on the show, I’d say yeah, it definitely helps to know someone who was on a previous season.

I know. It’s sad. But I expect nothing less from those people. They are so beyond irrational and naïve, it’s laughable. Let them live in their own fantasy world. I’ll continue to live in reality. Much more fun here.

Why is Melissa Rycroft on Dwts again? Why is ABC giving her work? She’s so yesterdays news. I just want her to go away. Sorry for this randomness. These shows are so dumb, but I can’t stop watching. You def make it entertaining. Thanks!

Comment: Because she finished in the top 3, and the woman who cast her on the “Bachelor,” Robyn Kass, casts many of the high end reality shows. Definitely helps to have someone like that on your side.

Hi there!

Just out of curiosity, do you know what contestants do after they’ve arrived in LA? It seems like they usually have a couple of days on their hands before filming starts. Do they meet each other beforehand as well?


Comment: No. They are sequestered from each other and they don’t see the other contestants until the night of the Meet & Greet when they are literally in the lobby of the hotel waiting for the limo to pick them up. You basically can only leave your room to go to the gym, and you are with your handler the whole time, and everything is spaced out and the handlers are in constant contact with other handlers so none of the contestants run into each other.

In those two days is when you take more tests, do your photo shoot for the ABC photos, and shoot early ITM’s. You know, like ones where producers make you say how excited you are to be there, and how you can’t wait to meet so-and-so, and feed you cheesy lines to spout off about a guy you’ve never even met before. And if you don’t cooperate, there’s a good chance you’ll be cut beforehand. I know one girl on Jake’s season that they wanted her to say some cheesy line about falling in love with a pilot and she wouldn’t do it. They next day she was on a plane back home, along with an envelope with some cash in it. It happens more often than not.


Can you give your comments on the DWTS cast, season in general and specifically the new voting that allows for .5 points?

Also, have you heard anything on locations that Sean’s season will film at?

Comment: I don’t really care for the All-Star season of this show because it completely defeats the purpose of what this show has always been about, and that’s taking someone out of their element and teaching them to do something they never thought they’d do and see who can improve the most. Every single one of these contestants, outside of Pam, finished in the top 3. We know they’re all good and can dance. So yeah, the routines might overall be better starting from episode 1, but there’s zero story arc for any of these people, and I think that’s what most people watch for.

I don’t think the .5 on the voting changes much. They’re all good, and it’s still gonna come down to who has the biggest voting fan base. Nothing more, nothing less. You can make an argument that 10 of those people deserve to win because of how good they are. And five of them already have. So all it means is whoever’s fan base votes the most will win. Pretty much like every season. It’s a popularity contest with a little dancing thrown in.

Hi, Steve! I just started reading your blogs a few months ago, and I’m impressed by how much you know about the behind-the-scenes stuff. Your opinions and such also give me a new perspective on the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad shows! Anyways, I have a list of questions for you (they’re a lot, sorry!), so I hope you can answer them. (They’re all super random also LOL)

1) Other than Erica Rose, are you friends with any of the alumni of the Bachelor franchise? Maybe not “friends”, but are you acquainted with some of them?

2) Do you think Ben and Courtney will get married?

3) Who is your favorite Bachelor/ette from all the seasons? (if u do have one)

4) I remember from Emily’s season how everyone hated Ryan Bowers…Jef said in an interview that he was the most hated guy in the house. Yet on Twitter, he has pics with all the guy sfrom this show and is thinking of going on a cruise ship with them?! Are things that superficial and fake on the Bachelor?

5) So were you saying that the fight between Jef and Emily (about the sexting) was true?

6) I know you aren’t supposed to reveal your sources, but did you always have all this information before you even starting blogging?

7) Regarding BP3, how long does it take to film the whole thing? (except finale of course) Do the contestants have challenges every day? Or is it once a week for them?

Comment: Since you say you just started reading my blogs, I’ll take it a bit easy on you since many of these have been answered before. But I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll throw you a bone:

1. I’m “friends” and “acquaintances” with a lot of other contestants from the show. But I pretty much keep that to myself.

2. I didn’t at first, but the fact they’ve lasted about 9 months longer than I thought they would, I’d say it’s looking pretty good.

3. Emily O’Brien. No question.

4. Yes. Very superficial and fake.

5. Yes, it happened.

6. No. I never had any spoilers until Jason’s season. I had written for 7 years before having any spoilers. But since Jason’s season (minus Jillian’s), it’s come every season.

7. BP3 takes a little over two weeks. Each episode basically covers 3 days of filming.

How does Paige have time to film the Bachelor since she is constantly hanging out with Chris and Nick? LOL Also, wouldn’t she already know Sean?

Comment: Guess she found time in her schedule to break away from Chris to do the show. I’m sure he’ll get over it.

I don’t see how Paige would already know Sean. As far as I know, she wasn’t in attendance at anything that he’s been at since Bachelor Pad filming ended. You don’t have to worry. Sean isn’t picking Paige either.

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  1. aslawren

    September 27, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    So are the emails between the two of you in US weekly?

  2. JovisMom

    September 27, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    Wow!!! I wonder what the emails are about! It seems to me that whatever it is it doesn’t favor Jef.

  3. maxi

    September 27, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    Blah. Sorry, I don’t buy the Emily/Jef stuff, Steve. I genuinely don’t care if they make it in the long run, but I do feel they are together and happy now. I seriously doubt Jef would move to NC, become Ricki’s soccer coach, and carry on a fake relationship just to get half of emily’s Bach money (per the us mag story). Say what you want about Emily, but I do think she’s a good mom and wouldn’t insert the man in her daughters life if she wasn’t sincere.
    On the topic of your emails, I am curious to see them, do you have proof such as emails/texts between this source and Jef?? If not, that’s a really lame story you’re hyping.

  4. neeks101

    September 27, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    Did anyone else read the cryptic Keltie Colleen tweet that Emily sent out? About being strong or something? Notice how the everyday love tweets have stopped? Maybe they’ve not separated, but I’m maybe *something* did happen. RS says the source has photographic evidence that the US Weekly story is true right?

  5. ashella

    September 27, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    I don’t find it surprising at all when friends of former contestants/leads are on the show… after all, it’s all about who you know, right?

    Anyone care to summarize the US Weekly article that Steve is referring to?

  6. maxi

    September 27, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    @ashella, I haven’t read it, but here is the link to the site article:

    @neeks101 I’m not sure if there is photographic evidence, I thought Steve was referring to a picture of their actual source. Maybe I’m reading it wrong though. “However, after US Weekly’s cover story came out yesterday, and had an actual person (with a photo) as their source”

  7. youknowme

    September 27, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    Could care less about Jef and Emily.

    I LOVED Sean when he was on, I LOVED Kasey when she was on. I think they would make a cute couple. Do I think he will pick her? Nope.

  8. canpov

    September 27, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    To the girl with the friend engaged to the loser……Invent a friend who LUCKILY got out of the same situation your friend is in. don’t compare the two relationships, just tell her about your friend that finally realized she could do better. Tell her how this friend was with the guy for a few years and how he always ‘let’ her foot the bill on everything. How he didn’t respect her as a person, how he was a sponge. Tell her you’re really proud of this friend for realizing she is worth more. If you were away for 6 months, there are bound to be friends you have that she won’t be too suspicious of.
    Like I said, don’t compare – she’ll make the comparisons later.
    If it seems to be taking too long to sink in, later drop a line about how she found an amazing guy who treats her like a queen. It’s worth a shot!

  9. lucky

    September 27, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    Steve – you are so awesome! You are totally making my week – 3 columns and a fourth tomorrow (can’t wait). I loved the clip from Brad 2.0 and forgot how many great girls he had on that season (Chantal O, Michelle, the 2 Ashley’s, and oh yeah, fake Emily Maynard). Thanks so much for posting the pic of Ed and Sarah. Now everyone knows that they are selfish losers. I actually read all of your emails and your advice is pretty solid. I think you took the “being over 30 and no kids, no divorce” the wrong way. To a lot of women, your situation is definitely much more desirable than having one or more ex-wives and having kids.Please keep up the fantastic work so I can continue to enjoy! Have a great night.

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