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The Full US Weekly Story (Retracted), My Emails with Kaylee, & Questions On My Mind

Lets start with the US Weekly story. Look, the only two people who know what Jef told her when they met up in Utah are her and Jef. So yeah, the Jemily fans will say she’s making it up, the texts are fake, blah blah blah. I’m not here to tell you everything Jef told her was true because I don’t know. I think some of it is (Emily texting Matt Leinart because I told you that a month ago and I know Emily has a history with Leinart), and some of it isn’t (I’m just not buying the “You-give-me-125k-and-I’ll-continue-this-fake-relationship” stuff). There seems to be no reason why Jef would agree to do something like that, so I highly question where that came from. However, the texts are not fake. I know a lot of Jemily fans dismiss everything as “tabloid garbage,” but you can’t be so naïve to things. Say what you want about US Weekly, and trust me I have said plenty of negative things about them over the years, but I’m sorry, they cannot run texts from someone’s phone in their magazine if they didn’t happen. Jef has plenty of money, Emily has plenty of money, and ABC has plenty of money to sue US Weekly’s pants off if they completely made up a text conversation. They cannot do that.

Just think back to the three instances in just “Bachelor” franchise history where US Weekly has printed emails and texts to show a story – it happened with Ed and his mistresses back home – which turned out to be true. And Laurel gave them her phone to show Brad’s texts as well – which turned out to be true since I saw those myself. And before you start in with, “Well how do we know Kaylee just didn’t have her friend send those texts to her and she just put Jef’s name as the contact.” Well, for the exact reason I didn’t make up the emails with Kaylee. They could get their pants sued off for making up texts. Plus, in the story, it says they called the number that was attached to those texts and it was Jef’s voicemail. Tabloids all have legal departments and lawyers that read through every story editing out things that you can and cannot use. They wouldn’t be that reckless to not think to call the number Kaylee’s texts were coming in from. You can come up with all the conspiracy theories you want about how the texts are fake, but you’re just reaching. The texts happened. Jef was in Utah that weekend, he contacted Kaylee about meeting up, and that was their conversation. The reason why it’s laid out the way it is in the story is because they couldn’t take 4-5 pictures of her phone (which I’m guessing it would’ve taken to show the whole conversation), because it wouldn’t be big or clear enough to see on the page. So as the editor, you look at her phone, you see the text conversations, then transcribe it knowing that you’ve already checked if the number is really Jef’s, which it was.

So the US Weekly story is pretty straight forward. Kaylee says she hadn’t heard a word from Jef until July 22nd, three weeks after the finale aired. He asked to meet up, she at first agreed, then backed out. So still, nothing happened. She hadn’t told any media about her relationship with Jef, nor that he’d just contacted her even though he was engaged to another woman. Save your, “He-was-just-contacting-a-friend-to-see-how-she-was” nonsense. Please. If you truly believe that, you’re as delusional as I already think you are. Then on Sept. 16th, he contacts her again after he lands in Utah, this time asking her to meet him at his hotel. She agrees, we see the text conversation of how and where they met up, she says he told her all this stuff about he and Emily’s relationship, and they kiss. Then the VERY NEXT DAY, she sends an innocent email asking if she’s gonna see him again, and he texts back saying “we haven’t seen each other for months. I can’t see you. I’m engaged & really happy with Emily.” Then a day later, she gets a threatening text from an LA number telling her to retract any and all statements she’s made? Does that not raise a red flag to anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I am not here to say today, “See!! Jef had a girlfriend before the show…See! See! See!” Not at all. In fact, you can even see in my email to Kaylee that I even question how serious they were. At first she told me they were exclusive and he never broke up with her, but then says she doesn’t know how serious they were based on his actions. She even says in the US story they weren’t officially boyfriend/girlfriend. That’s not the issue at hand. What I do know is he absolutely 100% had a physical relationship with this girl before the show and they were romantically linked at some point in some way. Hey, plenty of guys who go on this show do that. They all have girls back home they are hooking up with before the show. So Jef is no different than the rest. He’s allowed to do that. But when that girl then runs to a tabloid to tell her story, and naysayers run with, “Scorned ex!!! She’s making it up!!!”, that’s where I come in. You may not agree with what Kaylee did, and you may think she’s a young, confused, naïve girl who sold her story to the highest bidder (which absolutely she got paid for this story because it’s a huge headline for US Weekly), but as I’ve said in the past, just because you got paid for a story doesn’t mean it’s not true. Her coming to me back in April proves their “relationship” was real, it existed, and she was a girl that was important to Jef at one point. That is indisputable, even for the Jemily fans. If you can’t accept that, then you’re hopeless.

Now, Kaylee came to me in April. I told her she could definitely go to a magazine with her stuff and they’d run with it. It was too good not to for them. This is exactly what tabloids look for. But she didn’t want to. Even said there really wasn’t anything to do at that point other than be upset for a little bit, then just move on. So she did. I never brought it up, she disappeared, and this was a dead story. She could’ve said something from the beginning to make a quick buck, but didn’t. She watches the finale play out, the guy she was “seeing” is now falling in love with another girl on national TV and getting engaged, Kaylee’s story basically shot up in importance and value (in the tabloids mind), and she STILL didn’t say anything. Moved on, dead story, she speaks to no one. She’s ready to just move on with her life, even admits in the story that she got a boyfriend, and then here’s Jef coming along sending a text message messing with her head. You saw her emails to me. She obviously cared about him and got zero closure whatsoever. So after rejecting him once, he contacts her AGAIN, this time wanting to meet up, so she gives in. While meeting up with him, she claims he tells her all this stuff about how his relationship with Emily isn’t as it seems, and he tries to kiss her. Any girl would be pretty floored by that point, especially after what Jef and Emily had shown everyone publicly. Then the next day she sends an innocent text and he claims he hasn’t spoken to her, hasn’t seen her, and does a complete 180? THEN, she finally decides to tell her story. To be honest with you, I don’t blame her. I think any girl in that situation would.

If Jef had never contacted Kaylee again after returning from the show, it certainly doesn’t look like Kaylee was ever saying anything. I told her to back in April – she didn’t want to go on record. I reiterated it again to her back in May to say something – she still didn’t want to do it. I never hear from Kaylee after May 17th, I drop it, and I never plan on mentioning her because I respected her privacy and what she told me. I never thought this was ever going to come up again. I was convinced either 1) Kaylee was lying about the whole thing, or 2) She really wasn’t interested in money, attention, or revenge and had just moved on with her life. This was a non story as far as I was concerned. Then, she’s the cover story on US Weekly with some pretty incriminating text messages and conversations she says she has with Jef. So it looks like the straw that finally broke her back and made her tell her story, was Jef contacting her on Sept. 16th back in Utah, then completely dismissing it the next day.

You and I can sit here and debate what Jef said to her during their drive in the car until we’re blue in the face. Only Jef and Kaylee know what was said. All I’m here to tell you this: If Jef is gonna run to People magazine the day after his brother confirms the “Emily-is-texting-another-guy” story and say it’s not true, I’m REALLY curious to see what he says about this. Even the most objective person who has read all of this today has GOT to be asking themselves questions. You go on TV with your public engagement, you tweet pictures and Instagrams of how happy your life is, yet so many other stories are suggesting otherwise, you definitely open yourself up to the public if they want some answers. Maybe Jef will provide them, maybe he won’t, but here is what I think are the two biggest things Jef needs to address:

1. Why contact Kaylee? What good could’ve POSSIBLY come from contacting a girl you were involved with before the show, two months after the fact when you’re an engaged man and you know the tabloids are hot on your trail? Jef, if a private event in South Carolina where only family was involved STILL ended up in your brother ratting you out to a tabloid about a fight between you and Emily, how stupid do you have to be to meet up with a former flame publicly in Utah? Really?

2. Why did you meet up with Kaylee in Utah (regardless of what was said, regardless of if he kissed her or not), then the very next day send a text message saying you haven’t seen her in two months and do a complete 180? Awfully, awfully fishy to me. Remember, that Monday Radar Online reported that Jef had been seen with a girl the night before. So I’ll play Sherlock Holmes again here and say it seems to me that Jef realized people saw them out, realized Kaylee or someone close to her released it to a tabloid, then he was forced to backtrack. I don’t know any other possible way to read that text. But hey, Jef, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Tell us your side about what happened Sept. 16th and 17th. Until then, it certainly doesn’t look good.

To me, it all boils down to what the hell is he doing even contacting Kaylee again. We have proof. He did it. If you don’t want to believe it’s proof, you’re burying your head in the sand. I don’t care about whether or not a kiss happened in that hotel, I don’t care about this bribery story to keep their relationship going, etc. To me, that’s not the story. The story is that these two (Jef and Emily) seem to go out of their way to constantly tell us how in love they are by tweets and pictures, yet, we now have the story about her texting Matt Leinart (which I told you a month ago and US Weekly finally confirmed this week), and then this week’s story of him meeting up with an ex. Look, Sean’s season has started. The two of you aren’t that big of a deal anymore. You’re the latest reality TV couple. No one will care in a couple months. I’m sorry, but if you’re a happy couple, rumors don’t just keep popping up every week about how things aren’t the way they seem, and someone’s sexting someone else, and someone is meeting up with an ex. Please. After a while, it’s like “Ok, not everyone is lying and out to get you.” Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and that’s definitely the case here.

Whether or not Jef ever decides to address it is up to him. But he was so quick to shoot down his brothers claims to “People” magazine, if he doesn’t address this and say he never met Kaylee and those weren’t his texts, isn’t he basically admitting it’s true? If you shoot down one story, but give a “no comment” or go silent on the next, the public is going to think it’s true. Then again, I don’t know how he can deny he texted or met up with Kaylee since she attached her name to the story and showed us the proof. But hey, I’m willing to listen. The US Weekly story even addresses the fact that Jef has been very good about his tweets and Instagram pictures to keep people thinking a certain way.

I’m sure this story is far from over, but as I’ve said since July, this isn’t going to end well. These two are never getting married. And it’s not just because of what Kaylee told me months ago, or just because of the US Weekly story – those just add to it. Trust me, there are other rumblings behind-the-scenes about these two that have been going on ever since their relationship became public. I’ve factored all of that in when I tell people I don’t think these two are getting married. I’m just one guy with an opinion, but I think those of you who are objective and can keep an open mind understand that I do hear things about this franchise and am told stuff that 99.999% of people don’t know about. Some I can share, some I can’t. But I think I’ve been pretty good at telling you things that are going to happen before they do. I feel bad for all the parties involved in this story, Jef, Emily, Kaylee, Ricki, etc. The stuff I’m hearing behind-the-scenes about these two is completely outweighing what’s being shown publicly. Sooner or later, I think it’s gonna catch up to them.

Whew. Four columns in one week. I need a break. See you next week.

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  1. iheartvino

    October 2, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    I don’t think it was a dream sequence. It shows “three months earlier” after that scene.

    Wetpaint has the best Revenge coverage out of all the sites that cover the show, that’s how I knew months ago that Takeda was going to be played by another actor. I love their weekly recaps, and the fact that they give little tidbits of what’s to come without giving away any major spoilers.

  2. colonlc10

    October 2, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    @Randais yeah your probably right but I’ll be sure to catch back up tonight. Best show ever!!! I had a feeling “Vic” would be fine, show wouldn’t be the same without her. :O)

  3. colonlc10

    October 2, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    Steve really should start a page for Revenge. Imagine all those “clicks & $$$$”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. randais

    October 2, 2012 at 6:22 PM

    @iheart – I did see that, now that you mention it, guess it didn’t register. So the sunken boat is what we are leading up to right? The rest is backtracking, just like last year, guess that makes sense.

    I agree, colon, no Vicky would be tragic.Still curious how they will address the rest of the passengers on the plane, especially “the mistress turned traitor”..that should be interesting.

  5. kasey31

    October 2, 2012 at 10:15 PM

    yea, i read an interview with mike kelley where he said that every season he is going to follow the same format as the first.. start off with an event, then lead up to what actually happens throughout the season and return back to that event.. so im sure that the amanda does end up at the bottom of the ocean, but im also sure it isnt jack who is down there with it..

    the whm is an interesting storyline.. im still not ruling out that he is in contact with david clarke.. there have been many times the whm could have spilled emily’s real identity and hasnt, so i know theres more to his story..

    im also excited to see that they casted emily’s mom! jennifer jason leigh.. i know mike kelley was saying that was going to be his primary focus during the break.. to find the perfect fit to play the part.. he wanted someone as diverse as madeline stowe, and im sure she will bring a lot to the table, shes a great actress.. he also said that emily is going to learn that her mother did have some type of mental illness (although it seems vic kept her locked up longer than she needed to be?) he said hes also going to delve into emily’s struggles with finding out about her mom and her illness, and as she learns more about herself, she’ll also find out whether or not she might have inherited some of her mom’s disease..

    and yea, aiden is the character’s name youre referring to, randais.. not sure exactly what his role will be, but it will be significant this season.. i wonder what plan takeda has for him in regards to emily bc we did see aiden take off after her, following takeda’s orders..

    one thing is for sure, this season is gonna be good!

  6. kasey31

    October 2, 2012 at 10:22 PM

    sorry for the novel, why does it not look this long when im typing?? haha..

    one more thing, my initial thought is that lydia doesnt survive the plane crash and vic exits last minute.. but, if they are truly building a case against conrad, maybe she is also in hiding? i just dont see the trial happening for some reason.. i think other things will come up, and the story will take a whole new direction.. but we shall see!

  7. debb0

    October 3, 2012 at 5:30 AM

    Thanks @iheart for the Wetpaint tips. So now that we know all the twists from season 1, there’s no way they will kill off Jack in the sunken Amanda. Although the person is a married male & wearing Jack’s shirt, think it will be one of the new characters such as Em’s new love interest or Daniel’s half brother (spoilers released by abc themselves, clever) similar to killing off Daniel’s friend (his name escapes me), in season 1, who was not one of the main characters and not well liked. Read also there will be a wedding this season, hmmmm, so maybe the groom is the guy in Jack’s sunken boat. Or, maybe Jack sell’s his boat as Nolan asked him in episode 1 if he’s still selling it. I have to re-watch the episodes to catch all the juicy clues.
    Great show, great writing!

  8. kasey31

    October 3, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    @debb0- tyler! and i agree, it will probably be a new character that they bring on this season, but one who has a major role while hes on, just like tyler did..

    i didnt think of that.. maybe nolan does buy it to help jack out with his bar.. in that case, i would think emily is the reason it is at the bottom of the ocean..

  9. randais

    October 8, 2012 at 5:18 AM

    And right on cue, exit white haired villain and enter real Mandys new hero (Nolan’s not going to like that).

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