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Arie & Courtney Kissing, Jef & Emily Keeping Quiet, & Getting to Relive One of My Great 8th Grade Moments

The other biggest news to happen in the last few days, is the story that broke Friday afternoon that Arie and Courtney had been on a date the night before. Once informed of this story, I made some calls and was contacted by some people telling me that not only did the date happen, but there were pictures that were gonna be released of them kissing. I figured those would be in the tabloids tomorrow when they hit the stands. Nope. Apparently they wanted this out as soon as possible and TMZ posted the photos early Saturday morning.

Here’s my feeling on this: Arie and Courtney are both single now, they can do what they want. I get it. But that’s not the issue here. Courtney was 6 days removed from her and Ben’s 11 month engagement breakup announcement, and it’s not like her and Arie were just meeting up for coffee. They go on a public date, to the same restaurant that Courtney took Ben on their hometown date? Really? You couldn’t have waited? You couldn’t have maybe cooked dinner at home? You really had to see him THAT bad, six days after a broken engagement announcement? Classless. Both of them. Have some respect. I should say I’m surprised, but I’m not. Both of them have turned into opportunists since their respective shows ended, so I can’t say I expected anything different.

And I don’t know what PR team both Courtney and Arie have, but whoever is giving them advice on how to handle this should be fired. I mean, lets even go back to last month where Arie and Ben hung out one weekend in Northern California and Arie took him out racing in his two seater car. After that, Ben tweeted what a good guy he thought Arie was and he’d make a great Bachelor. Then the day the Ben and Courtney news broke, Arie had the nerve to post this to Twitter:

“@ariejr: Ben and Courtney broke up? Dang… I know it can work, just takes the right couple. #Bachelor #HideAfterFilmingIsKey”

Yet six days later, he’s making out with the girl at dinner? You know what’s sad? I’ve already read stories that this was all a set up and PR stunt. WRONG. These two aren’t smart enough to concoct something like this. Any story that says this was planned and Arie and Courtney planted a paparazzi there to take a picture of them doesn’t know what they’re talking about. These two legitimately went out to a public restaurant, not thinking for a second the ramifications that could come of it, and decided to make out at the dinner table. They were caught by a random fan with a camera phone who happened to be dining there. It was NOT a set up that they planned. Like I said, these two aren’t smart enough to plan something like that. They basically just got caught and now are dealing with the consequences.

What’s even more stupid is by doing that, you’re even opening yourself up to more speculation as to WHEN Arie and Courtney started talking. I’ve already seen people questioning both of their motives here, and neither you nor I know exactly when these two began speaking, but c’mon. Does anyone actually believe that the first time Arie and Courtney had any form of communication was after he found out they broke up on October 5th and went with that tweet? Yeah, neither do I. The fact that you HAD to have dinner six days after a breakup announcement only fuels speculation that this started before that, whether warranted or not. That’s why it was ridiculously stupid.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, both of their actions since then couldn’t be any more ridiculous. Who’s managing these people? In a time like this Courtney, you probably need all the public sentiment on your side that you can get. You know, try and be a sympathetic figure in all this. Yet, she goes and tweets THIS yesterday?

“@bugrobertson: I’ve had a heavy heart lately but my ring finger is much lighter. It was a sad drive across town to return my engagement ring. Focusing on the present these days.”

Mind boggling, really. Does she enjoy pouring salt in people’s wounds, or did she really think that was a tweet which showed how heart broken she is? Unbelievable.

Not to be outdone, her partner in crime thought he’d chime in last night with this beauty of a tweet. Holy crap he’s an idiot:

“@ariejr: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but having met Courtney…I can say she’s a great girl and we had a fun date. #GoodKisser #Single #GiveTheGirlABreak.”

Sh*t, even Arie knows what an insensitive, horrible tweet that was because he’s already deleted it. What’s the point of deleting a tweet that’s already been posted? By deleting you’re basically admitting, “Woops. That was stupid.” UPDATE: That tweet was never actually deleted. It’s still up. Even worse. I can’t for the life of me figure out what goes through these people’s minds. How in the world can Arie possibly look at that tweet and say to himself, “Yeah. This sounds good. This will make me look like I care for Courtney’s feelings and I’ll score major points with her.” SEND. A complete buffoon. Hell, you know what? I’m gonna go the other way on this one. These two pub hounds deserve each other. Serves them right for everything they have coming their way. Since July, I’ve expressed to a lot of you who the real Arie Luyendyk Jr. is. His actions in the last four months have done absolutely nothing to disprove anything I’ve said. Go crazy, Arie lovers. You can’t defend your boy on this one.

Not a lot of Sean news to get to today other than to mention filming has moved to Canada. So episode 5 will be all the dates that took place in Whitefish, Montana and episode 6 will be in Canada. I was told this morning that someone on Twitter had spotted them in Banff, then got an email response from someone who confirmed it. I had no idea they were going to Canada. Nor do I know where they’re headed next, but if/when I find out, I will tell you. I think I may know where the final rose ceremony is, but not confident enough yet to run with it. Still need to do some digging. I’ll tell you that when I know as well.

Also, yesterday ABC finally released the news that broke last week of Ashley and JP’s wedding being televised in December. ABC still didn’t give an air date of the wedding, but in the exclusive I broke on Twitter on Friday night, Ashley and JP will be getting married Dec. 1st in California. Now, we’ve only had two weddings in this show’s history, so we don’t have much to go off of. What we do know is that the wedding won’t be live. Too much to edit down for them ever to do that. Jason and Molly got married on a Saturday and then in aired ten days later. I expect Ashley and JP’s wedding to probably follow the same pattern. The wedding will be taped Dec. 1st, and then air on Monday, December 10th. That’s not confirmed by ABC yet, but I expect them to at least wait 7-10 days from the day of the wedding before they air it. And according to the press release, this sounds like it will be very similar to Jason and Molly’s wedding special. First hour of the show will be Ashley and JP’s journey, video footage of them in their home life now, clips from the upcoming bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding planner activities, etc. then the last hour or so will be the actual wedding footage. No word yet on where in CA it’s taking place, but I’m sure as we get closer, that will end up leaking at some point. Too many companies and PR teams involved in this event for it NOT to get out at some point. Good luck to those two. Hopefully they won’t get rained on.

As for those that didn’t see, the Bachelor racial discrimination lawsuit was thrown out by a judge, as I suspected it would be. Essentially, the parties agreed that the show itself is protected by the First Amendment, but they disagreed as to whether the casting process is.

The judge dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice holding that casting decisions for reality TV shows are necessary to that particular show’s creative content. By doing what the Plaintiffs asked, the court would be driving a wedge between the casting process and the shows end product. This is ultimately protected by the First Amendment. The casting process and the end resulting show are inseparable and must both be protected to ensure that the producers’ freedom of speech is not abridged.

As the Judge stated:

“Ultimately, whatever messages The Bachelor and The Bachelorette communicate or are intended to communicate — whether explicitly, implicitly, intentionally, or otherwise — the First Amendment protects the right of the producers of these Shows to craft and control those messages, based on whatever considerations the producers wish to take into account.”

So there. However, don’t think it’s the least bit coincidental that right after this lawsuit was filed, Sean’s season has more African American women cast (four) than they’ve probably cast in the previous 16 seasons combined. That definitely wasn’t by accident. Does this mean we’ll ever get an African American lead in this show like the Plaintiffs in the case were striving for? I still don’t see that happening anytime soon. If they haven’t done it in 25 seasons, why would they all the sudden do it now?

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  1. JovisMom

    October 18, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    @ absolem – I never knew all that about Dolly! I always liked her and thought she came off as very kind and down to Earth. Wow, what an amazing woman?!?
    @ everyone else – Any ideas on what RS may be getting JP and Ashley as a wedding gift?

  2. flightgirl

    October 20, 2012 at 5:57 PM

    Reality Days and Nights had a story about Emily back on Jan 10, 2012. This comment was in the comment section and says so much about who Emily really is:

    “Back in 2004 I was living in southern Virginia when that plane crashed that killed Ricky H. and his fam. I was one of the emergency responders in a lil place called patrick county – and i worked that scene for 4 days and nights including helping the VA State Police load and sift debris and bodies. very sad.

    The Hendrick family came to the site for 2 days. A pretty blonde chick was there too and some said she was dating Ricky. I was tasked to help with the family and assist them. Tragic cannto describe it. Broke my heart. Except for her. She acted like a spoiled total bitch even barking orders at family members (yes, honestly). But baby when those sat trucks and cameras rolled in she turned on the tears, trying to get interviewed. At one point she asked me if she could stand in the background of the cameras during live newscasts on WDBJ7 and WXII12. I lost it in disgust and left their camp, preferring to return to the mountaintop and haul debris down on ATVz.

    It was the last accident I worked before moving to LA full time. Then when I heard about her and her fame? I barfed in my mouth. SOme said the baby is nto really rickys but the hendrick fam didnt ask for a paternity test just so they could cling to Rickys memory and this Emily girl took advantage of their pain. Just when you think youre jaded from shallow celebs (like thsoe who anon blog on celeb sites-lol) someone always stuns you more even.”

  3. nora j

    October 23, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    OMG I’ve lost all respect for Arie. Courtney is the most annoying person in the world. Can’t stand Ben either so don’t give a crap that they broke up but ewwwww…Arie and Courtney? And Arie and Ben were friends kinda. How stupid.

    And LMAO about Emily and Jef….I thought they were a dumb couple to begin with…its ended even faster and more retardedly than I expected hahaha.

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