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Reality Roundup

It’s back! Had to be at least a year since I’ve done this. Gonna give my quick views on all the shows I’m watching right now. A lot of good ones, some crappy ones, and a few new fall shows that just started up. Lets do this..

Dancing with the Stars

-Val and Kelly are totally doing it. A lot. I don’t care what statement her rep gives on her behalf, I don’t buy it. These two are walking sex objects, and hearing how many hookups have gone on behind-the-scenes of this show over the years, I’m not an idiot to think these two aren’t. And oh yeah, Kelly Monaco is the hottest thing they’ve had on this show maybe ever. Yowza.

-I’m done with Kirstie Alley. Ok, I get it. You appeal to the older housewife who isn’t in the greatest shape in the world. That was so two seasons ago when you were on. Up against everyone else in this competition, she’s obviously the worst dancer there. It’s time to put her out of her misery. It’s old, it’s tired, and it’s not funny anymore. Good riddance.

-I think Shawn Johnson or Gilles Marini are winning this season. I just don’t see it with Melissa, Apolo, Emmitt, Sabrina, or Kelly having enough to outdo them. Then again, as Kelly said a few weeks ago, this show has nothing to do with dancing. They’re all good at this point (well, except for Kirstie) and all have fanbases. If you’re asking me who are the two best technical dancers and who’ve put on the best performances week in and week out? That’s Shawn and Gilles. All the others have done well in certain dances, but nothing to make you think they’re the best dancers. So we’ll see. Just as long as Kelly Monaco stays on my TV for as long as possible and continues to wear mean’s shirts, a bra, and boy shorts with nothing else, she should never get voted off. Ever. Ever. Ever.

-The only one I can see maybe challenging Shawn and Gilles is Sabrina. However, she’s already been in the final two, and she was like 6th on her season, when she was clearly better than most of the dancers there. So her fanbase isn’t big enough to compete. But her dance skills are just as good, if not better, than everyone there. She just isn’t “known” enough to take home the trophy.

-I don’t know what happened to Emmitt this season, but he’s acting much too cocky. I’m not nearly as entertained by him as I was back when he was first on. I think because he won, he thinks he’s better than he actually is. I get a very oft-putting vibe from him this season.

-Melissa? Sorry about your neck. Moving on.

-What was the point of bringing Paula Abdul there for one episode to judge? Yes, I know she has a dance/choreography background, but it seemed so forced and unnecessary. Does Paula have some lifetime contract somewhere that says she gets to show up on some reality show once a year just to keep her name out there? She is so yesterday’s news, it’s sickening. She’s been a horrible judge at everything she’s done, she’s not relevant anymore, and I’m hearing a big rumor that MC Skat Kat isn’t even returning her calls. I’m sorry, but if you’ve ever made a video dancing with a cartoon, you can be forever ridiculed for that. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Take it away…


-Even though we have our very own Scott Ottersen covers this show for the site, I’ve said many times that “Survivor” will always be my all-time favorite reality show, so I obviously have some thoughts on it. I think probably because it’s been around the longest and essentially every single reality show out there that has some sort of elimination format where people are getting voted or kicked off are all because the concept originated from “Survivor.” Remember back when this show first started was during the advent of reality TV competition shows. They set the mold for all these knockoff shows after them, and for that, I give them credit that they’re not in their 25th season. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Also don’t forget that Survivor’s first season finale was watched by 51 million people, which is a ridiculous number that no reality show has ever come close to since, and never will. To be exact, the finale of “Survivor” was watched by 51.7 million viewers, the second-highest viewership of any American television episode during the first decade of the 21st century, exceeded only by the finale of “Friends.” 51 million people watching a reality show finale? That is absurd.

-So yeah, they are the gold standard set for reality TV and will never be topped. Obviously nothing is as fresh 25 seasons in, and a lot of challenges are hybrids of ones we’ve seen before, but the concept of the show remains the same and is why it’s so intriguing. You know the worst response I get from people who say they don’t watch “Survivor?” “Ugh, how stupid. I don’t want to see a show with them eating bugs.” Really? Well, if you bothered to ever watch the show you’d realize that the days of them eating bugs and what not ended, oh I don’t know, about 5 years and 10 seasons ago. Maybe longer. I can’t remember the last time they had a challenge where they had to eat pig guts or goat testicles. Doesn’t happen anymore and I don’t expect it to again either. For whatever reason they did away with it, which is probably a good thing.

-And now that they’re 25 seasons in, basically every season is bringing back some returning contestants. I thought this season was a good idea, but were there really people out there clamoring to see Mike Skupin, Russell Swan, and Jonathon Penner come back and compete? Probably not, but it’s still always interesting to bring back a veteran to mix them with people who haven’t played. You’d all think, well, there’s no way a returning player would ever win because of “X, Y, Z” reasons, yet, we saw Boston Rob win on his 3rd time playing. Or was it his 4th? Can’t remember. Nevertheless, that shot down that theory. Do I think either Penner or Skupin will win this season? No. And I haven’t read any spoilers either, nor do I want to. I can just tell they aren’t going to. I think the strategy should be to keep them around for intelligence and guidance for as long as you can, then cut them loose.

-Next season airing in February is another “Fans vs Favorites” (already filmed back in the summer), but I gotta say, wasn’t too impressed with the cast list. Off the top of my head, I only remember a few that were told to me, but I think people may be a tad disappointed when they see the returning 10 players. A couple good ones, but no one really earth shattering. Hell, when I originally saw the list of names, there were 3 or 4 I completely didn’t recognize, and I’ve watched every episode of every season. So that shows how little of impact they made. I can tell you this: Someone from this season is on next season of Fans vs Favorites, which is in and of itself probably an advantage to them, just like casting Russell on back-to-back seasons was. Remember, when they went to film his Heroes vs Villains season right after he’d just completed Samoa, none of the cast members had seen any episodes he’d been in, so they had no idea about his game play and had no idea who he was, hence the reason he made the finals in back-to-back seasons. I’m curious to see how this season’s returning player fares next season. Then again, I don’t even know how far they last this season anyway, but I’m curious to know which season they go farther in.

The Voice

Sorry, but I gave up on this show after the blind auditions. I just can’t take it. Every judge has a hard time giving everyone criticism, there’s too many contestants that make it to the live shows, there aren’t enough background stories to where you can get invested in the singers, and I’m kinda just over the whole spinning chair thing. Not to mention, can anyone that’s not a die hard of this show give you the names of the seasons 1 and 2 winners? Wasn’t it like the same exact type of performer? Also, the fact that they decided to come back with a fall season right after their spring season ended was kind of a joke. Overkill. Idol does it right with one season per calendar year. Same with “X Factor” which has MUCH better singers, I think. I don’t think Usher and Shakira replacing Cee Lo and Christina will do all that much for the show. It does well in the ratings for them, but in terms of where it stands in the singing competition market, I’ll take Idol and X Factor over it every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

X Factor

-Now, we’re talking. Here’s a show I’m legitimately excited about it’s live shows starting next Thursday night. I thought the audition episodes of this season, with no hosts, was the best audition episodes we’ve ever seen on any singing show. The “Hills”-type format they used in showing the auditions and back stories was something we’d never seen before and I loved it. I don’t need narration for that. I don’t need Seacrest talking to the families outside the audition room door, etc. I thought the way X Factor played it this season was excellent. They told some really good stories just by shooting video and running ITM’s. Good stuff.

-With that said, the hiring of Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian makes me want to vomit up my lunch. Ugh. I’m telling you right now, although they will be such a little part of the show, they will suck. Badly. I’m gonna try not to focus on their suckitude, but it’s gonna be hard not to. Name me one thing Khloe has ever done live in her life that didn’t come off as her sounded like a complete idiot. She could bench press Mario, she has a horrible, whiny voice, and she’s never hosted anything in her life. Other than that, great hire X Factor! I am so not looking forward to them hosting the show in case you couldn’t tell.

-The firing of Paula and Nicole and bringing in Britney and Demi makes all the sense in the world from a pop culture standpoint, but time will still tell how good of mentors and judges they will be. I think Demi will be fine, since she’s actually shown us some decent dialogue and criticism during the audition rounds. But lets be honest, I’m worried for Britney. With the trial happening right now with her former manager looking for some money and all this stuff leaking about her back in those days, I can’t imagine she’s in a great frame of mind with live shows starting next week. This could be quite the sh** show to watch. And really, has she given us anything in her judging or critiquing to make us think she’s any good? She’s got the biggest bullseye on her back regarding this season, that’s for sure.

-Can’t say I disagree with many, if any, of the Final 16 contestants. Oh yeah, X Factor heads to live shows with 16 contestants. I just read this morning “The Voice” has 40 when their live shows start? Sorry, but that’s waaaaaay too many. Audience can’t get invested when there’s that many because you forget who’s who and who has what back story. Idol does it perfect with their final 12. Not too few, not too much. 40 is way too many. But as for the teams this season, I’m actually shocked Simon got the groups because, although there are some good groups (Emblem3 will be making an album whether they win or not), I just don’t see a group winning or even getting to final 2.

-I think the reason they gave Britney the teens is because they know that’s where the strongest singers are this season and she’ll probably have the winner in her group, making her happy. I’m calling it right now. Carly Rose is gonna win this thing. A lot of good singers this season in every category, but I think that little fireball is winning it. Holy crap the pipes on her. And if not her, maybe even Diamond White. Although I think Carly has the slight edge on her in the vocals department. Hell, she even has a perfect stage name to get started – Carly Rose. She’ll definitely just cut her last name out of it since Carly Rose is much more catchy. But I like both her and Diamond for Britney’s group.

-For Demi, the only one I was actually surprised that didn’t make the finals was Jillian Jensen. Not necessarily the best voice, and not sure if she could’ve emotionally handled the show, but I thought she’d get cast just for her story. I think Paige will resonate with viewers, but I’m not so sure about Willie. He’s straight out of the 1980’s with his get up, and I think he’s a one trick pony. Then again, so was Scotty McCreary and he won Idol, so I guess anything is possible. Janelle Garcia won’t last, and lets face it, Cece will be must see TV. Especially if she keeps painting her face like a leopard. The most unlikable of the 24 performing, so lets see how long the audience can put up with her. Funny thing is, I think she outsang Paige during the auditions in Miami, but got such a diva edit, I think it’ll be next to impossible for her to overcome it.

-Why should I care about L.A. Reid’s team when he doesn’t? The only guy worth caring about is David Corry just because of the back story he has with apparently they found his birth mother down in Brazil. That’ll be worth at least 6 or 7 episodes of him staying. No doubt they will play that up. Other than that, I don’t think many of his singers will last long. But as long as we get to see L.A. dance in his chair all season with his eyes closed, I’m good.

-Simon actually has three really good groups. Two of which were created by the show. Layla’s and whatever else that one group is called. But Emblem3 is still Simon’s best shot of winning for the 2nd year in a row. They are exactly what the demographic is for the voters on this show, and as I said, even if they don’t win they’ll get a record deal hands down. Bring on the live shows!

Final Thoughts on Some Scripted Shows…

-“Nashville” is the best new show on TV. Then again, I think it’s the only new show that debuted that I’m watching, so, I guess I don’t have much to compare it to. And yes, I’m absolutely biased because I’m a Connie Britton apologist and will like basically anything she’s in. I was just shocked to see that both her and Hayden Panettiere actually could sing. I just figured someone else would lay down the tracks and they’d lip sync over them. Quite impressive. Even more impressive? That Hayden seems to enjoy getting naked every episode.

-Can I tell you who’s been the most overrated character on TV for the last 4 or 5 seasons or so? I thought initially everyone loved him, then it kinda waned as the show went on, but now, I don’t find him funny in the least bit. And to hear he’s getting his own spin-off next season is mind boggling. Prediction: It will get cancelled before the first season is over. I’m sorry, but Dwight Schrute isn’t the least bit funny anymore and hasn’t been for a while. Andy and Jim are the funniest characters on that show, and even that’s starting to stretch it thin. “The Office” had a good run, but I think it might’ve went two seasons too long. A couple classic episodes here and there, but not nearly as consistently funny as it used to be.

-Saw the premiere of “American Horror Story,” still haven’t watched last nights, but it I liked it. Not as much as season 1, and knowing the way Ryan Murphy likes to completely go for the more crazy and bizarre with his stories, this show is in danger of jumping the shark. Obviously I gotta see more episodes before I make that determination, but I just wish they would’ve had some continuation with the first season. Or even a prequel. I was well aware that season 2 was gonna be a reboot of the franchise going in, but that doesn’t mean I think it was a good idea. We’ll see. Ryan Murphy is obsessed with gratuitous male ass shots in his FX shows. Is Adam Levine still gonna be able to bang his chick with one arm now? This is stuff I have to know.

-“Modern Family” still remains the funniest show on television, and has a pretty wide lead on the rest of the pack. However, if you haven’t seen “Parks and Recreation” you’re missing out. Brilliant ensemble casting and every single one of their characters is likable. Rob Lowe’s can be a bit much at times, and I get that’s the point of his character, but sometimes it’s just not funny.

-I think some of you may know my obsession with the “Smallville” franchise, so when I saw they were doing a series based of the Green Arrow character, you knew I was in. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to watch either of the first two episodes. But hey, I heard they were good. Just disappointed they didn’t use the same guy they used in the “Smallville” franchise to play him. Very much reminded me of Kasey Kahl. Would’ve been interesting to see Kasey fighting crime with an arrow all while Vienna was blowing up his phone and nagging him on the other end. I know they’re not together. I’m just talking for storylines people. Work with me here.

-90210 summary: Max and Naomi will never last, Annie hasn’t had a good storyline in at least 2 seasons, Adriana will totally dump Dixon and get with the hot promoter guy she slept with in Vegas, and Silver and Teddy having a baby is just weird. The end.

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  1. lobsterandbeer

    November 8, 2012 at 5:12 AM

    @freeasabird I agree with you re/ Whitney , she always looks like she is in pain and I don’t see any chemistry for Brad on her end! He should have given her the boot last night haha! Loving that the fantasy dates were from my end of the world! Although they didn’t do justice to how beautiful NS, PEI and Newfoundland are (and there are more amazing things to do here besides lobster fishing and skeet shooting but whatever) One of the former Bach’ettes, Sophie, is from my hometown and says that although all the women seemed to get along in the house better than they portray on the show, the Women Tell All definitely gets interesting! She didn’t get much airtime at the beginning but she said it was impossible to get alone time with Brad which is why he probably let so many women go in the first 2 weeks. I do find the show very “Canadian” if you know what I mean? There is a difference for sure when compared to the American show. I am surprised I ended up really liking Brad, and his personality is adorable really! I know I have enjoyed watching him more than I will Sean who seems oh so boring and I’m not into his looks either but like everyone else, I will still watch for the female drama ?

  2. randais

    November 8, 2012 at 5:18 AM

    @Kasey – We DON’T need RS, just his blog to make unrelated comments on :D. Speaking of “ugly sides”, re: the comment from read…what the heck motivated that? Thank you, I do what I can, and ditto everything else :D.

    @read – Sorry, but I live for the “snark” remarks, that’s what makes this so interesting. Please elaborate on the “other” bachelor site ….. do I smell a “curiouser” reincarnated?

    @Iheart – ditto you too. and welcome back.

    I won’t engage either but could we please try to stay civil? No reason we can’t all get along and respect the differences. Anyone see Survivor last night?

  3. randais

    November 8, 2012 at 5:31 AM

    @lobs – you forgot your “Bach spoiler” heading :D. Get with the program already. How the heck are we going to keep things straight if you can’t follow the rules? ;D (just kidding, carry on)

  4. karynr

    November 8, 2012 at 5:34 AM

    Ignore the trolls and let’s keep doing what we’re doing.

    Isn’t it funny how the few individuals who keep snarking on the drama of months ago, continue to TRY TO perpetuate the anger and drama. I say “try too”, becasue the majority of us have moved on and just laugh at the angry, bitter people.

    That’s that last I’m saying on the subject. No one is sucking me in again. Especially the two individuals who don’t realize it has gotten old and none of us care.

  5. karynr

    November 8, 2012 at 5:36 AM

    Apologize for typos!

  6. Kaleb

    November 8, 2012 at 5:41 AM

    Some of us don’t even know what went on.

  7. randais

    November 8, 2012 at 5:59 AM

    @kaleb – exactly, consider yourself fortunate. 😀

    Sooooo, Survivor? (Don’t forget your spoiler warnings)

    I actually haven’t watched it yet, but I will by the next time I check in, so dish away.

  8. Dianne

    November 8, 2012 at 6:34 AM

    @lobsterandbeer. Toronto, ON gal here, and wtf is Brad doing w/Whitney!! She is HORRID!! She has no personality, she a whinny biotch, and I’m sorry, but I do not find her the least bit attractive. She really does look like she’s in pain all the time. Interesting..did you notice last night when her and Brad were having a “talk” in the fantacy suite, she looked down the entire time, which is exactly what she did when they had the home town dates, and her dad was having a talk with her. Very, very insecure girl. I SOOOOOO hated to see Kara go..she was a sweetie. But, I think it’s pretty clear he’s going to choose Bianca. Gawd forbid it’s’ll be another Courtney/Ben situation. Loved that the filming was done in NS/PEI/NL..beautiful country, that’s for sure! rock!!

  9. heliofan

    November 8, 2012 at 6:49 AM


    Saw the last 1/2 hour. Love me a good blindside!

  10. iheartvino

    November 8, 2012 at 7:17 AM

    @kaleb, yes, be very, VERY thankful that you weren’t involved.

    @karyn, I think the past month or so of comments proves that ALL of us had moved on except for the original pot stirrer AKA Couriouser, who clearly has switched her handle to readlater. I am not going to get sucked back in either. Not worth it!!!

    Have a great day everyone. Hopefully new column today! 🙂 (and yes I think 300+ comments is a new record)

  11. Dianne

    November 8, 2012 at 7:18 AM bad *fantasy* even..sorry 🙁

  12. woogs

    November 8, 2012 at 7:36 AM

    Moved on! @karynr Have you ever seen a forum called Jokers? Holy crap, I have never seen so many trolls in all my life and self righteous!!..They stalk every tweet, every tweeter, every move the last bach couple make. Then dissect, judge, and criticize every person who, including young college girls. It is quite shocking the mental health of grown women. Im actually surprised they are not arrested for stalking. If I were Jef Holm, I would definately have these people blocked from my life. Helloooo the bachelorette is over!! #sickos Onward…….

  13. Dianne

    November 8, 2012 at 7:55 AM

    Steve just posted on his twitter..glad to know he’s okay

    RealitySteve ?@RealitySteve
    Curious as to who people think Sean’s Final 4 was? Judging tweets & emails, yet 2 see anyone w/ the correct 4. Column today w/ your answer

  14. heliofan

    November 8, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    Wonder if he’ll also address the Cheryl Burke as Bachelorette rumors. Not that I think they are true but interested in his take.

  15. kasey31

    November 8, 2012 at 8:26 AM

    i have no clue who the f4 are now, i thought i had an idea, but now im not sure.. did steve post any other hometown pics other than the ones with catherine? i think lindsay yenter, catherine.. and idk who else? thats why we need steve to tell us! haha..

    @randais- true! we do need his blog! lol.. and to answer your question.. yea. .umm, nothing? i think it was partially set up when i defended the revenge comments? im not sure, but for some reason she wont leave me alone.. apparently she knows where i work and has decided to post it everywhere, including events that the salon i work at has.. all i can say is, thanks for the plug? we are doing a charity event that will benefit a a new mom who risked her own life to save her daughter’s life when she was delievering.. luckily, she survived but has never been able to hold her baby.. so yea, come on down if youre in the are and help raise money for a family that really needs it! haha.. other than that, im leaving it alone, too.. apparently jemily isnt the only one being stalked.. and ive never even been on the show!

    @kaleb- it’s scary, i third that youre lucky u werent involved.. be very glad!

    im a proud hairstylist and have answered and helped many of u out with hair questions in the past ; )

    @karynr- agreed. ignoring from here on out.. all they are seeking is attention..

  16. Kaleb

    November 8, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    @kasey31 & iheart & randais
    The less I know the better, I’m guessing.
    My job would now be posted everywhere too. But I work from home…so my address :/

    This is really creepy though Kasey.
    Some people’s children, man.

  17. kasey31

    November 8, 2012 at 9:05 AM

    @kaleb- i know, but what can i do? its been on other sites, too.. this isnt the first time, and it probably wont be the last.. unfortunately.

    k off to work, have a great day everyone! : )

  18. randais

    November 8, 2012 at 9:05 AM

    SURVIVOR SPOILER ALERT – if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know, don’t listen, I mean don’t read.

    @helio – You weren’t kidding…HOLY Blindside! Jeff was backpedaling after the vote like crazy, should have been a clue. When Lisa first broached “her plan” to Skupin, I was like uh oh. Then when she shared with Pete and I saw the look on his face, I knew this wouldn’t end well. Of course, that got out (duh), and I’ve not seen that much scrambling since I used to cook breakfast for a camp full of kids. I love Lisa but I worry about her sanity in this game :D. Abi is an idiot, just that simple. She doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut, which should be always :D. Interesting how Pete got his way after all…at the vote and barely. Pete’s got the right idea of who he should take to the end though, Abi isn’t well liked. I actually really like Malcom, so I was surprised at Lisa’s strategy. I actually can’t wait til next week to see where this goes.

  19. randais

    November 8, 2012 at 9:08 AM


    Oh and one last thing, how exactly did Lisa think that her and Skupin going to the end with those other 3 would work for her? I mean, wouldn’t the “other three” then vote her and Skupin out?

  20. randais

    November 8, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    Did you all notice? Completely disengaged. 😀

  21. Meghan

    November 8, 2012 at 9:13 AM

    I was happy Penner won immunity–I just love when everyone decides ahead of time who they’re sending home, and something happens to ruin their plans!

    Tribal council was crazy…I kind of get why Malcolm revealed his idol, but why on earth did Abbi reveal hers? And then neither one ends up playing it? Smart move, I guess, but too risky for my taste. I must say by the time the actual vote took place, I was totally confused about who was voting with who and for who, so I was surprised when it was Jeff. His comments at the end about making 16 million in baseball but wanting this money made me kind of glad he didn’t win–it’s a game, after all, no reason to be so bitter!

  22. jen224

    November 8, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    I hope the fish don’t bite at @readlater

  23. jen224

    November 8, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    Wow, oops, I was on the page before. So many comments! OMGGGGGG. This comments sections is flying all over the place.

  24. heliofan

    November 8, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Survivor spoiler-

    Yes….after Jeff was so bitter I’m glad he didn’t win. I was glad Penner won immunity. I think Lisa wanted to get rid of Malcolm because he is so likable. I mean who would beat him in the final 2 or 3. It’s just “the Facts of Life….the Facts of Life”. I know, bad joke. Agreed that Abi is an idiot.

  25. absolem

    November 8, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    If an individual is posting another individual’s personal info (like place of employment) especially with very specific details like street addresses then RS should block that person from posting. That is very creepy. If you agree, please email RS & ask him to do that. Yes, they’ll create another name, but he can block them again or block their IP address entirely.

  26. ccrider

    November 8, 2012 at 10:24 AM


    @meghan….I too was totally confused about how that vote was going to go. I’m still confused about who’s on whose alliance and who is being disloyal to their alliance. But that’s what is keeping this season of Survivor so interesting. I liked Jeff and was sorry he got voted out but I also agree with those who are saying they’re glad he’s gone because of the money comment he made at the end. I’m a Malcolm fan and hope that he and Denise go all the way.

  27. lobsterandbeer

    November 8, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    @randais HAHA …FINE!!


    @Dianne Agree totally! I wonder if she is getting a bad edit? Doubtful, and her face during the rose ceremony.. too funny! And Brad reprimanding her and basically telling her ”you are being selfish and you ARE staying so STOP” haha!! She does avert her eyes a lot, usually a sign that she is either insecure or hiding something! Kara was gorgeous and I’m not seeing chemistry with Bianca either? (although more than he had with Kara)
    Canada DOES rock! I love where I live!

    Oh and if Cheryl Burke is the Bachelorette I would rather watch bowling.

  28. randais

    November 8, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    @lobs – MUCH BETTER!

    I guess since we’ve all pretty much paid RS’ rent for the month on this post alone, it’s probably time to move on to his “NEW” post! I know, only 2 weeks in between too! See everyone over there.

  29. wowza1

    November 8, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    Long time reader and fan of Reality Steve, but I have never commented until now, I even set up an account and everything which was much more simple than I thought it would have been ha. I just want to put in my two cents, which I am certain I will get attacked for.

    Another Revenge lover here, so I do like reading what everyone has to say. A lot of you have brought up some great observations and picked up on things I might have missed in some of the episodes, so I enjoy the Revenge talk- Keep it coming!

    What is with the scary posts? I can’t believe someone would publicly state where another person works! That is pretty damn serious to me and not cool at all. I don’t care what the other person did. Which brings me to my next point.

    @Randais- You don’t seem like a very nice person. You come across rather bitter and rude. You also seem like one of those “it doesn’t matter much” unless the attention is directed at you. “Did you all notice? Completely disengaged?” Obviously not, if you had to make that point clear. I had a pretty good feeling if that comment was aimed your way your reaction would have been quite different. YOU seem to do the most commenting, and at every chance you get, you take a jab at Steve. Pretty pathetic. Sorry to all of the “Randais” followers and fans out there, just stating my honest opinion.

  30. aatex

    November 9, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    Curiouser/Lucky/Grabby/Graboid/Readlater – leave my name out of this now that you’ve returned. Stop posting people’s private and personal information on a very public blog. Old news, nobody is interested anymore. Didn’t Steve warn you about that recently?

    Wowza1, I’m not attacking you but based on what happened here a few months ago it’s not a smart way to welcome yourself to a blog and call out a long time poster, especially one that has a lot of good friends here.

  31. readlater

    November 9, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    @aatex, Darling, oh how I missed you! So did you finally convince randais, kasey31 and iheartvino that you are not couriouser??? Aatex 1, Fab 10 zero! Way to go girlfriend! Please don’t be hard on Wowza1, these long time poster bitches just brought your place of employment into the comments I wouldn’t be defending them, unless you are into that type thing, coming back to get tortured by these bitches.. Be free! be free and don’t let these bitches pull you into their drama. Randais is still hating on Steve so who knows if she will join a facebook site to bash Steve and take in lies and spread them about Steve. Honey you are better than them, do no let them suck you back in! 🙂

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