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The Bachelor Sean Recap Including Clips from Jimmy Kimmel & My Interview with Susie Meister

-I’m sorry, but there was nothing about Desiree’s prank date that I found the least bit funny or entertaining. Here’s why: This whole premise of “You can find out a lot about a girl by how she can handle a prank” is something I’ve never even heard of before last night. You can? Says who? Also, I’m having a hard time believing at any point that Desiree bought any of it. Not like she was in on it and she knew what was coming, but from the second that thing dropped, I didn’t ever think for a second that Desiree believed any of it was real. A $1.5 million piece of art broke and THAT’S how she reacted? She was practically smiling and giggling about it. I’m sorry, most girls would’ve been crying from the moment that thing hit the floor pretty much freaking out over what to do. She sat there, did nothing, had a grin on her face, and didn’t even immediately call for assistance. I think she realized it was a joke the whole time and kinda went along with it. I mean, it’s the same concept as “Punk’d.” When something like that happens, obviously I didn’t expect Desiree to jump up from her seat and be like, “It’s all fake. I know this is a prank,” because there’s still a slim chance it wasn’t and you don’t want to call people liars. But I don’t think Desiree bought it at all. Never did.

-Especially when “Sven” the actor comes in afterwards and tells her, “Yeah, it was only $5.” The whole set up, the premise, the actors, the studio they used, it was just way too hokey to be believable. Not to mention, Desiree already knows she’s on a date and being filmed for a reality show, so she’s gotta be somewhat skeptical already. So when she’s there with Sean, why would Sean need to be pulled away from an “interview?” Huh? When has that ever happened in the history of this show? Sean’s on a 1-on-1 and has to leave her to go somewhere else for an interview, even though they’re in the middle of filming his date? Just dumb. I guess that’s what impressed me most about Desiree. Once the whole joke was over, did you watch her reaction? It didn’t even look like she even thought it was all that funny. Seemed to me like she thought the whole thing was kinda lame and was like, “Ok, ha ha. Now lets get back to the mansion for some sexy time.” And congrats to “Laura,” “Sven,” and “Dave” for their remarkable acting job on this hilariously wild over-the-top knee slapping prank they pulled. Just masterful. I’m sure that’ll look great on your IMDB pages.

-Now lets get to the good stuff. You know, dinner, hot tubs, and Desiree in a bikini. Steak and broccoli for dinner. What a surprise. Too bad Catherine isn’t there to soak up all the beef we’re seeing. She’s obsessed with the beef you know. I know because she’s told me that twice in two weeks now. So for the rest of their lives (you know, because they’re totally in love and will be married until one of them dies), when Sean and Catherine sit down and have dinner together and Sean wants to have his filet mignon and broccoli, Catherine is going to have to make her own dish? Every…Single…Time? Hmmmm, ok. Seems like quite the arrangement that’ll be. What a blast. Anyway, back to a more interesting couple, and that’s Sean and Desiree. Judging from the reaction on Twitter last night and emails I received, Desiree went over VERY well with the viewers. As expected. Very attractive girl, cute, bubbly, doesn’t take herself too seriously, etc. Already people calling for her as the next “Bachelorette,” which is fine and dandy, and sure she’s definitely in the running because she lasts long this season, but it’s not gonna be her. People LOVED Desiree after last night. And you know what? After Sean’s date with AshLee next week, people will LOVE AshLee and say she should be the next “Bachelorette.” And then in 3 weeks, when Sean and Lindsay have their date in Montana, the same people will LOVE Lindsay and want her as the next “Bachelorette.” People have short term memory when it comes to this show.

-Absolutely Desiree was well liked after last night based off early reaction, but most people usually are after a good 1-on-1 date. I guarantee you we’ll see the same reaction from AshLee and Lindsay’s 1-on-1 dates coming up. So while I’m not getting too carried away with Desiree’s date, I will say that Sean definitely seemed to be into her more than Sarah. Not that that was too hard, but their interaction was much more intimate than it was with Sarah. I even found myself asking, “Man, why didn’t he pick this girl” a few times while watching their date. The answer? I have no idea. Hell, maybe Sean made a mistake. I guess we’ll see later on in the season what his reasoning was, but from what I saw, he was pretty smitten by her and she seemed much too normal to be on this show. Especially when she told him, “I don’t know much about you that most people do.” Translation: Somehow I got dragged onto this show and I have no idea how since I don’t watch it. Probably a good thing Desiree. This show corrupts people. I think you should stay as far away from it as possible now that it’s over. The FB friend requests from the guy who got eliminated in episode two 4 seasons ago, you should probably just ignore those. There’s one reason and one reason only why he’s contacting you, and it’s not so he can share his filet and broccoli recipe with you. Hey, just lookin’ out. You can thank me later.

-Time for the hot tub. Our first one of the season. Desiree clearly looks like took maybe one bite of her dinner since anyone who scarfs down a filet with vegetables and chases it with some red wine knows that they’ll probably have a pouch showing at the end of the night. Not Dez. Lookin good. But now it’s time to get serious. She asks Sean what love and marriage means to him. Sean: “I’ll start with love.” Dammit Desiree, see what you’re missing out on by not watching this show? If you would’ve bothered to watch last season, you would’ve already known what Sean thinks of love because he screamed it in front of a bunch of unsuspecting Englishmen in the middle of the park who thought he was nuts. All while Emily looked on thinking, “Even though I have every reason in America to pick this guy, I think I still like that cute little 13 year old boy who signed up to be on my season and came in riding his skateboard. Ricki needs someone her age to play with.”
Sean and Desiree make out heavily in the pool. She gets a rose and immediately becomes my second favorite girl this season behind Lindsay. There’s a race for 3rd right now. Lesley M. has a small lead on, well, everyone else. There aren’t many others that I seem to care for this season. I don’t think the show could go wrong with either Lindsay or Desiree as the next “Bachelorette,” but like I’ve said, it’s going to be Lindsay.

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  1. jessica13

    January 17, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    umm JovisMom, saying, “Have a nice day eating carrots! I’m going to Burger King for lunch.” is NOT taking the high road. Nice try though.

    I totally agree with you, Natasha.

  2. jessica13

    January 17, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    karynr, Natasha wasn’t mean in the slightest. Clearly you and JovisMom are BFFs, and anyone who reads these comments knows that…

    I think it’s pretty shallow and offensive to say “no self-respecting Teaxan would marry a vegetarian or vegan.”

    Beyond that, saying someone looks like a drag queen is MEAN – not what Natasha said. I completely agree with Natasha and Meghan.

  3. randais

    January 17, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    I’m not sure a drag queen would agree jess…..just saying.

  4. karynr

    January 18, 2013 at 3:26 AM

    jessica, I’ve interacted with jovismom quite infrequently over the years, and, as she can attest to, a lot of times she and I have not agreed over a few situations. If commenting or having someone’s back a handful of times over the years constitutes being BFF’s in your mind, so be it. I’ve never met or interacted with her outside of RS’s site. I just don’t like blatant unwarranted attacks.

    That’s my last word on the subject. I just don’t like attacks on individuals. It’s so easy hiding behind a computer saying mean things directly to someone.

    As far as the word “tranny.”. I belive it’s been used a few times recently by RS and some of the people making comments about some of the contestants. In fact, if you read other Bach recaps, it’s used quite often in regard to Kristy.

  5. jessica13

    January 21, 2013 at 9:45 AM

    “Unwarranted attacks”??? Wow…somebody leads a very sheltered life.

    BTW – who says Reality Steve, or his blog content, are the authority on moral behaviour? You’re the one who accused someone of being “mean” so I’m merely pointing out that you’re the pot calling the kettle black.

    Just sayin’.

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