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Hey Steve,

I’m a huge fan of your site and look forward to reading it every week!

So here’s my question:

I’m sure you didn’t watch Gossip Girl, but on the last episode they revealed who Gossip Girl actually was. If this franchise ever has a “last season,” would you consider revealing how in the world you find out everything? We know it’s not the contestants or producers, but more than a few of us are dying to know your sources. I understand why you can’t reveal them now… but when this is all said and done, would you? Thoughts?

Thanks for what you do and good luck with everything!

Comment: I watched the first 1 ½ seasons of “Gossip Girl” then just lost interest. So I am aware of the storyline. When this is all said and done, 5, 10, 15 years down the road would I reveal my sources? I doubt it. I don’t see the point and what that’d accomplish. Plus, I don’t think anyone would really care all that much to be honest. Plus, the word “sources,” in terms of what we’re talking about here, is VERY generic. I’ve probably forgotten more of my sources than I remember.

Dear Steve,

Just wondering why you liked Lindsay so much starting from the first episode. Is it because she made light of the first night and was funny, or is it based on something else?

Comment: I liked her in the first episode, I think she’s very attractive, and she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. We’re three episodes in, so maybe that’ll change by season’s end. I doubt it, but you never know. Her, Desiree, and Lesley M would be my top 3 right now. 87th on my list? Tierra and her botox’d head.

Hi Steve, you’ve always said since your first recap that Lindsay is your favorite but we really haven’t seen anything from Lindsay other then that drunk wedding dress mess. And episode 2 although she seemed sincere and honest about her embarrassment in episode 1, we really haven’t seen enough of her for her to be anyone’s favorite.

So is your saying that she is your favorite based on something we’ve seen on TV or do you know something about her as a person off the show that makes you like her so much?

Comment: Wow. Back-to-back questions on Lindsay. And yes, pretty much your whole “Reader Email” bag is done in order of when they were sent to me. So it just so happened that two different people emailed me roughly the same question around the same time. I’m a fan of Lindsay based on what I’ve seen on the show and, well, hearing things as well. I hear things about a lot of contestants every season. It’s part of what I do. So that, coupled with her personality, I just see her as my “type,” even though I don’t have type. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but it did to me.

Hey Steve, just a couple of comments and thanks for the great blogs.

1. ABC should be paying you…not suing you. So many viewers are only watching the show b/c of your blog. I know I would quit watching without your commentary.

2. The whole “Sean is such a great guy b/c he looks on what’s on the inside, not the outside (i.e. one arm)”. REALLY???? That girl is very pretty. I sincerely doubt that the producers would cast a severely overweight girl and have Sean breathless about her courage to be on the show and sympathize with her low metabolism. Or how about a chick with bad skin? Would there be a “sincere Sean” as he listens to her trial an tribulations with zit cream? Anyway, you get the point.

Keep up the great work!

Comment: 1) Preaching to the choir.

2) I agree. And that’s just not for Sean, that’s for any lead. This show is about as superficial as you can get.

Sup Steve- 1. I was wondering, if you are dating someone for a while, would you reveal your spoiler sources to her if she asked? Or would you be too worried that if things went south, she’d sell the info to a tabloid? I wonder the same with magicians-if they’d reveal their tricks to their girlfriend or spouse.

2. Also if you HAD TO choose would you rather appear on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad or The Bachelor?

3. And regarding sYAWN’s season, a question just for fun: marry, shag, or kill: Tierra, Amanda, Kristy.

Comment: 1) Girls I’ve dated have an idea, but I never reveal everything. I never would for the exact fear that you brought up. I inherently don’t trust many people to begin with, so, I doubt I would ever share something like that.

2) Can I choose option 4?

3) I wouldn’t marry any of them, nor would I kill any of them.

hey steve, hello from Haiti! (yer you really do have a pretty diverse and random fan base)
Just a few comments and questions.

USed to watch this show religiously with my family and friends, wed actually use it for both entertainment and destinations ideas. Anyways after the ridiculousness this show became we all eventually stopped watching it until i stumbled upon your website during jasons season and started watching again alone. You couldnt pay my family to watch it now, aha, they feel insulted by all the fake drama lol

Your wit and dry sense of humor keep the show fun for me and i look fwd to your tuesday recaps so keep them coming.

Anyways i noticed you were a big 24 fan, possibly the best show of alll time (what were you doing watching those 90210 reruns hello!! big points off for you! (yer, bad idea insulting that show, your probably going to pull a Jake PavelKreepy-crooked-weird smile for that comment and yell at me “dont talk about jennie garth dont you dare cutt her off” ahah JK but my annoyance at that fame searching looser is pretty real! aahh

Anyways, was wondering if you watched:
1) damages (glenn close is a genious)
2) scandal (kerry washingtons acting is impeccable)
3) suits ( fun and entertaining )

sorry for any typos im using the mini ipad “ughhhhh i hate it i hate it i hate it ” (just thought id honnor that krysty girl to end since she won that awesome best seller mind blowing HARLE-SAYWHAT cover aahah)

Comment: No doubt the first Haitian to ever email me. And probably the last. Reading that email I felt like I was in a car swerving all over the place not knowing where I was going.

Don’t watch “Damages,” “Scandal,” or “Suits.” My DVR is already filled on a nightly basis.

Hi Steve,

I think you’re super awesome and it’s so embarrassing how much I’ve invested in this show and spoilers, hahaha but I love your column. It makes watching infinitely better. I just have a few questions. I’ve only started reading your column for Ben’s spoilers but read almost every update after that. I just have a few questions.

1) Don;t you think it’s kind of ridiculous that Courtney was in that Bachelor house party reunion or whatever, when Trista made it very clear on sulia or whatever that she hates her. She wasn’t even with Ben but anyhow, ridiculous and hypocritical.

2) Before, you said Sean’s season is going to be different – but in the interview you said that it’s going to be the same. Is that just cause you found out more about the season?

Also, like I said, I’ve only started reading, end of ben’s season so i was wondering why you seem to dislike Chris Harrison so much. I feel like, if anything, seeing the same stupid thing each season, you guys would have the same attitude, haha.

Thanks!!! Sorry if i’m redundant!

Comment: 1) Actually I thought it was most ridiculous that Casey Shteamer was there. Yeah, she’s dating a producer on the show, but still. You look at that group picture of all them and you ask, “Who sticks out like a sore thumb here?”

2) When I said “different” in regards to Sean’s season, I was more referring to who Sean is as a person, and he’s easily more different than any other “Bachelor” they’ve ever cast in the lead. The “I’m gonna hold off on sex again until I’m married” thing being the #1 reason he’s different, and #2, his spirituality plays a bigger role in his life than probably the previous 15 guys (Brad twice) combined. I mean lets face it, I don’t think Charlie O’Connell could spell “spirituality.”

3) I understand Chris is the mouthpiece for this show and he’s only doing his job, but basically everything he writes in his blog, or promotes to the media, or says on Twitter is a lie. So he’s guilty by association. The whole show is essentially one giant lie and he’s at the forefront of it, so, naturally he has to take some of the blame. I probably would like him better if he made fun of his show and didn’t take it so seriously, but he does, and that’s pathetic.

Episode #2 commentary:

(1) If I was Desiree, I would have known that it is prank even if the art gallery was legit.
The actor who was the artist used to act for scare tactics in many of thier pranks. There is a chance that she knew it is prank because she watched scare tactics or simply because it was hell mess of prank.

(2) The phrase Selma teaches Sean to say is in (Arabic) not (Persian). Specifically, it is in the dialect from the gulf region even though I think (if she is part Arabic) she is not from that region, more like Lebanese. The phrase was: enty kolesh helwa = you are beautiful (Arie should take notes lol)

Comment: 1) A couple people told me that after last week’s episode, but since I don’t watch “Scare Tactics,” I had no idea who he was. Maybe she does watch it and noticed he was an actor. Or maybe she just had a brain and saw crappy art selling for thousands of dollars in some rented out wherehouse, along with some $5 piece of glass crap selling for $1.5 million and put two and two together.

2) Yeah, plenty of you corrected me on that one after the fact. My mistake. Since I speak neither, I had no idea what any of it meant or what language it was it.

Hey RS,

Is there any reason that you know about that would explain why Sean is saying in almost every single interview that he fell for more than one person?

Comment: Because I’m assuming he did. In this situation, it’s absolutely possible to fall for more than one person. I firmly believe that. On the flip side, when I hear someone admit that, that just makes an engagement at the end that much more unrealistic to me. Granted, I get that’s what the show “wants” you to do, but it’s why I don’t put any stock into it. Sean’s basically told every media he fell for more than one person in this journey. Obviously, Catherine and Lindsay were probably the two he felt strongest about. I’m sure he struggled with it deep into the season (at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe). Ok, so if that’s the case, if in the end he says to himself, “Man, you know what? I’ve fallen in love with two women, but this show wants me to pick one, so, based on this this and this, I’m gonna go with Catherine.” That’s great, but doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous if you’ve fallen in love with two people, that yeah, you choose one over the other, but you’ve already convinced yourself you’re ready to MARRY one over the other? It just doesn’t make sense, and why I don’t put any stock into a proposal at the end.

Sean and Catherine’s relationship started on Nov. 17th because that’s when cameras shut off and it became somewhat normal. As normal as it can be for two people who aren’t allowed to be seen in public, can only occasionally see each other, and have to carry on a phone/texting/Skype relationship for 4 months before the finale airs. They are still engaged as we speak and it’s been a little over two months since that day in Thailand when he proposed, but until Mar. 11th comes around and they can finally tell the world they are engaged and can be a public couple, then that’s when you see if they can make it. Absolutely, positively, nothing seen on TV during the season can convince anyone whether or not these two will make it. Sorry. No chance. This show is fantasy land. They will make it if once they get in the real world, they realize they fit in each other’s life. If they realize that maybe they have too many differences or whatever, or the logistics don’t work out (could be any number of factors), then they won’t. The odds certainly aren’t in their favor, and living up to the pressure of being the first “Bachelor” to ever marry the final girl he chose has gotta be a lot of pressure too, no matter what he says.

Hi there!

Love your site- you make watching the Bachelor so much more entertaining- I love reading the inside scoop on just how low some of these people can get! I didn’t know if you heard about this, so I wanted to share. I was waiting in the lobby of the car dealership waiting for my oil change, which is relevant because I would never watch The Doctors of my own free will, but Blake, as in abnormally white teeth from Bachelor Pad Blake, was sitting there on The Doctors being a “specialist”! They asked him some dumb question about anesthesia, and he gave some dumb answer, but talk about looking to extend his 15 seconds of fame!

My question is about Brad 2.0 season- I think I remember correctly that you first picked Chantel to win, and then you said it was Emily. What was it that season that caused you to goof up? Some bad intel? Because you usually are spot on!
Anyway, keep on doing what you’re doing! 🙂

Comment: The Chantal ending is long and convoluted as to why I thought he picked her. It certainly sounded logical to me no doubt, and I thought I had everything covered. Unfortunately, I didn’t. There were some miscommunications, along with one piece of faulty info that threw everything for a loop once I realized it wasn’t right, because it set off a chain reaction to things leading back to the day I found he “picked” Chantal that all ended up making sense to me in the end, but probably wouldn’t to my readers without explaining it in detail. I was just surprised it didn’t come to me until there was only 2 weeks left before the finale.

How come they all have matching bikinis? Is it because ABC was worried about them wearing something too skimpy if they wore their own bikinis or is the maker of the bikini a sponsor of some kind?

Comment: When you arrive on this show, you are given a “goodie” bag that has a bunch of products, etc. Bikinis are one of the things included in your goodie bag, which is why everyone’s looked so similar.

Hi Steve,

Are the exit interviews on the bachelor actually done in the limo as they are driving away or are they done In front of a green screen ( and not driving).

Comment: No, they are done in the car you leave in. Sometimes it’s been a cab, sometimes it’s been an SUV, sometimes it’s been a limo, and even Kacie last night got a mini-van.


I remember one time a few years ago where an old season of the Bachelor — I think it was Bob’s season — aired on Vh-1 or a similar station. It was so entertaining to watch after so much time had passed, after you knew who won, and you knew they had already broken up. Why aren’t more bachelor seasons aired in reruns like this? I think they do this with old seasons of America’s Next Top Model, so why couldn’t it work with this show?

Comment: Yeah, I remember they did a “Bachelor/ette” marathon on VH1 a while back and ran like 3 or 4 seasons in a row, but from waaaaaay early on. I’m not sure why they don’t do it anymore.

Hi Steve,

I was reading your recap and just wanted to put my two cents in as an EMT. If Tierra did actually fall or injure herself I can definitely believe that she refused transport. I once had an older gentleman refuse treatment after a grand mal seizure and even denied that it had just happened even though it was witnessed and he had to be rescued out of a pool. The one line that I remember hearing that made me suspect the EMTs weren’t necessarily real EMTs was when one asked “did you get vitals?” That’s one of the first things that you do every time.

Good luck with the lawsuit, I’m rooting for you.

Comment: I got a few emails from EMT’s yesterday and the conclusion was that, yes, a patient can refuse transport if they want. I guess that answers my question that I posed. I just thought Tierra acting like such a giant beyotch while refusing treatment would then make her more at risk and they’d absolutely ask her to at least get checked out. Guess not.

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  1. iheartvino

    January 23, 2013 at 10:09 AM

    I liked this batch of emails. Big props to the person who sent in the comment about Senior Skip Day on 90210- I had forgotten all about that one and I’m a big 90210 Junkie. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that on Monday during the Magic Mountain scenes.

    Totally random, but what’s up with some of the newer ads on this site? I just saw one asking me if I’d like to receive email updates from President Clinton. Ummm… NO. (And it’s not stemming from another site I visited.)

  2. lucky

    January 23, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    Around the time of the first lawsuit, there were ads all over Steve’s website for the Bachelor (and the question was “why is abc advertising on RS while he’s getting sued at the same time”). RS explained that he has no control over what ads are placed. I forget exactly the ad-sale-terminology but it sounded like the site sells blocks of ads and that different ads are placed in different markets. It’s probably in a reader email about a year ago.

  3. iheartvino

    January 23, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    Thanks Lucky, I wasn’t implying that I was under the impression that Steve had any control over the ads. I just found the Clinton ad amusing particularly because I’m a conservative. 🙂

  4. chloeparise

    January 23, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    …”We’re huge fans of Lindsay and Des. Even though we haven’t seen much from Catherine, it’s somewhat confusing or maybe even mind boggling as to why Sean wouldn’t pick one of them over Catherine..”

    Now, THAT made a lot of sense…lol;)

    And of course Sean is saying he fell in love with multiple woman and how hard the decision was…etc..
    I mean, I am sure the producers would be extremely happy with him if he´d wound up saying “You know, I knew without a doubt who I was going to marry after episodes 7, but I couldn´t dump the 3 other girls right there and then.”… Creating suspense (see: editing out Catherine…I just hope that this “masterplan” doesn´t backfire, because I can´t imagine S/C being to happy about it, I guess.)

    Also, I don´t know, but Sean does not strike me as someone who would propose to his F1 while being potentially in love with a bunch of other girls… He could just say that he likes her the most and he would like to give a relationship a shot…
    Plenty of other Bachelors did that before, actually….
    So yeah, I do believe that he pretty much has had his mind(heart) made up if he indeed proposed to Cat.

  5. Sunnyside422

    January 23, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    Steve commented that Sean and Emily will never ever hook up that they were not each other’s type. Question for Steve:
    what exactly is Emily’s type? The buff bar owner didn’t fill the bill, the millionaire, fun guy didn’t, so what/who is her type? Wish he’d answer that one cause I think any guy who would continue to adore Emily and treat her in her accustomed Princess ways would be one I’d say was her type.

  6. Dianne

    January 23, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    @Sunnyside. I think as long as a) he pays absolutely no attention to anything but her would work, b) is filthy rich therefore she’s able to have anything she could possibly want c) is a so-called “good daddy” to her little girl, d) never gets angry, upset, out of line etc. e) pretty much a Ken doll to her pretending to be Barbie. THAT is probably what Emily is looking for. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it?

  7. iheartvino

    January 23, 2013 at 12:56 PM

    Dianne, your description of what Emily looks for in a guy is spot on, but you forgot to mention that she would also like to find a guy who wouldn’t mind her occasional sexting with another dude.

  8. bigfatwoman

    January 23, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    As for me, I just don’t find Amanda all that “creepy” as Desiree calls her. I think she’s very pretty, may be a little odd, but hardly creepy. I’m sure she’s also a victim of selective editing.

    I don’t know…..unless someone is huddled in a corner chanting to themselves, I think one woman calling another woman “creepy” on national television is in poor form and kinda tacky. I think Desiree needs to show a little more integrity and be above the name calling. Like, get over it girl. Enough already.

  9. kasey31

    January 23, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    steve seemed to be in a good mood today, not griping about having to answer the same question multiple times.. thanks, steve! there were some good questions asked, different from the norm..

  10. kasey31

    January 23, 2013 at 10:44 PM

    iheart- haha.. that clinton ad is ironic for u.. and about as strange as smokey the bear telling me to “get my smokey on,” while reminding me that i am the only one who can prevent wildfires.. thats putting a lot of pressure on me, no?

  11. heliofan

    January 24, 2013 at 2:37 AM

    Is anyone going to watch the Te’o interview on Katie today? I’m taping it. Don’t really think it will answer our questions but it should ne interesting.

  12. Dianne

    January 24, 2013 at 6:05 AM

    @iheart..LOL!! Sorry, forgot that very important element that Barbie..errrr..Emily is looking for in a man..hahahaha! Love it!

  13. freeasabird

    January 24, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    Let’s all hope kasey31 was able to sleep last night. Big day ahead being she is “the only one who can prevent wildfires.” That’s way too much pressure to put on one person. I’d be happy to help but I guess Smokey doesn’t think I can handle it. Maybe he will show up later. Good luck!

  14. kasey31

    January 24, 2013 at 7:44 AM

    freeasabird- haha, thankfully its raining in cali, but what about the rest of the country? there is only one “me!”

    heliofan- im recording it, too.. i want to see him look katie in the face and say he had nothing to do with it..

    ok, back to fighting fires! have a good day everyone! : )

  15. Sunnyside422

    January 24, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    Yup Dianne, I’d have to agree with everything you detailed as Emily’s ideal man. Pretty much a robot would do the trick. Or maybe someone who is into superficial as much as she is. She has perfected the role playing…little Southern belle and all.

    Since her has not found anyone in 9 years since she got pregnant maybe most men are looking for more reality in their women and she fails big time.

  16. karynr

    January 24, 2013 at 3:40 PM

    A robot with deep pockets and the ability to ignore high-maintenance whining and behaviors….bless her heart.

    Urban Dictionary definition of bless her/your heart:

    1. This is a term used by the people of the southern United States particularly near the Gulf of Mexico to express to someone that they are an idiot without saying such harsh words.

  17. kasey31

    January 24, 2013 at 7:25 PM

    karynr- haha, so true!

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