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The Bachelor 17 - Sean

The Bachelor Sean Recap Including Updated Episode 6 & 7 Spoilers and Who Shows Up in St. Croix?

-Chris Harrison arrives at the mansion to 13 haggard looking women. Has Chris always been so chatty during these early morning visits in seasons past? I thought he just says, “3 dates this week, two 1-on-1’s and group date. See ya at the rose ceremony. I’m gonna go make sure my 60k per episode paycheck doesn’t bounce. Harrison out.” Now all the sudden he’s Sean’s spokesperson telling all the women what a great time Sean is having and is definitely thinking Sean’s wife is in the room? Quit being Sean’s mouthpiece and go do whatever-it-is you do when you’re not in the episodes. Sean’s a big boy. He can speak for himself. Of course, immediately they flash to Sean not being able to talk right now because he’s in his boxer briefs lurking around the closet trying to find something to wear. This isn’t awkward whatsoever. Yes, it’s creepy that someone has to film the guy soaping himself down in a shower, but now even following him around in his briefs? Geesh. Lesley and AshLee’s panty shots from last week thinks that’s a little intrusive.

-Selma is fired up for this date. Like, super fired up. Selma: “I finally get to open up to him…he can see the real me…take it to the next level, and the next level and the next level…and then babies.” Whoa, what? Needless to say, Selma is a walking contradiction during this whole date. She oozes sexuality, her funbags are popping out all over the place, yet, her mom hates the fact that she’s on the show, her religion doesn’t like her dating in public, and she doesn’t kiss. That make her a whole sh** ton of crazy and has me asking just a few gazillion questions like:

-Why are you even on this show then?
-You know Sean doesn’t play for the Texas Rangers right?
-You do realize that going on the “Bachelor” and not kissing is pretty much equivalent to being in porn but saying you’re “not really into having sex on camera,” don’t you?
-How do you expect to get cast on “Bachelor Pad” if you won’t go to first base with anyone?
-Is the Muslim religion aware of you posing half naked on boats in San Diego with only a pair of shoes covering up your girls? (WARNING: There are dirty words in the song playing in the video, something I’m sure the Muslims love as well)

This whole date essentially had me shaking my head. A gorgeous, voluptuous woman being a giant c**k tease for 20 minutes. How awkward.

-Sean is caught up in Selma’s beauty. “Based on her looks, people assume that Selma is just a pretty face.” Well at this point that’s all we have to go off of big boy considering what a prude she is on national television. So they don’t put her in a bikini during the volleyball date last week, and then we find out she doesn’t even kiss? What’s next? Gonna tell us that a tank top is too revealing and from now on, every date will consist of her wearing a burka? You know what else Selma did this date that I’m kinda getting sick of after 25 seasons? People saying before their date, “I have absolutely no clue what we’re about to do.” Exactly. That’s the point. Why they feel the need to show the audience this clip every single time before a contestant is leaving for their date is beyond me. We get it. It’s a surprise. You know, kinda like how finding out the hottest chick this season is gonna kiss Sean how I kissed my first girlfriend in 5th grade. A peck with zero passion and complete awkwardness. Uggggggghhhhhhhhh. What a let down.

-Selma also becomes the first woman in 25 seasons to ever tell a nationally televised audience how much she weighs asking Sean if he can handle “all 110 lbs of her?” Really? Wow. I didn’t know a woman’s boob weight could ever be half her body weight, but apparently Selma has disproved that. They arrive at the airport to a red carpet and a jet. You know, like most first dates. Selma is in awe. “Is every date gonna be like this?” Not if you don’t put out. Next one will be at Olive Garden, and then if you haven’t let him cop a feel by date #3 at Burger King, not only will he not let you king size your meal, he’s gonna go dutch and leave you there with only the paper crown hat on. So they board the plane and even though she’s dressed like she’s about to run a half marathon, Selma still has in the back of her head she might be getting taken somewhere fancy. Nope. That’s only for the chicks who put out. And while you’re at it, on the plane ride there, if you know you aren’t going to kiss him at any point during the date, maybe you shouldn’t lay all over him with body language that screams “f**k me” while your elbow is firmly implanted in his crotch.

-They land out in the middle of the desert, much to Selma’s dismay. Selma: “I do not do well in heat…at all.” She couldn’t have uttered a bigger understatement if she tried. Sean informs Selma that they will be rock climbing for their date, something that she has never had any interest in doing. Of course she doesn’t, which is why she’s on the date. They’ll never learn these people. You tell them in the casting process, “You know what I absolutely love doing? Rock climbing! And jumping from skyscrapers! And also, if we could tight rope across the Bay Bridge, that’d be great too.” So we get to see the rock formation that they’re about to climb and, depending from what angle you looked at it, as difficult as I assume rock climbing is, they did have ropes and didn’t look all that high. I mean, Chris Bukowski and Emily scaling a whopping 3 story building in downtown Charlotte are calling these two p****es right about now. But what does Sean care at this point? He’s got Selma hot, sweaty, in a tank top and climbing ahead of him. Sean: “You form looks unbelievable.” Oh, I bet it does. Form = your ass from a view directly underneath you. Sean was having difficulty climbing the wall just as much as Selma. Sean: “I was looking for footholes and fingerholes to pull myself up.” Well, look directly above you and I know of a couple fingerholes that’ll help you get to where you need to go, buddy. Sometimes this show just writes itself.

-So after reaching the top of the rocks, Sean stands behind Selma and gives her a firm hug. I know it was firm because it pushed her boob up to a level that was seemingly right below her neck. If she would’ve stuck her tongue out…forget it. Man, is it hot in my apartment or is it just me? Whew. Where was I? Oh yeah, so for the night portion of the date, Sean takes Selma to a chastity belt store and has her pick out her favorite one so she can wear for the rest of her journey on the show. Oh, he didn’t do that? He just took her to a place where a bunch of decked out RV’s were? Just as exciting. It was at this point that Sean was told the real reason why Selma has the sex drive of a blushing 7th grader. She says she comes from a very conservative, strict, Arabic home, where they really aren’t supposed to date publicaly. She was born in Baghdad as a Muslim, her mom would kill her if she so much even kissed a guy in public let alone national television, and hopefully he understands why. Actually, no. None of us do. And you know what Selma? That was a really sh**ty thing to do because now Arie has completely lost his hard on after hearing that. Bad girl.

-Sean’s reaction to Selma’s horrible upbringing to where she can’t bring herself to kiss a guy on national television but she’s allowed to go topless as long as she’s got a pastie and her arm to cover up her melons? “I really do respect that.” Translation: “Hey what on God’s green earth is going on here?????!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? This chick won’t even kiss me????!!!!! Not even a peck on the lips???!!!! Who the hell is organizing these dates anyway? I don’t know if there’s been a bigger letdown in 1-on-1 date history in 25 seasons of this show than that was last night. Am I saying that Selma needs to slut it up and give the guy a lapdance while wearing a short mini? No. But you don’t cast a beauty like that just to have her end up being a giant prude. My God, I had blue balls just watching that date. Sean’s must’ve been the size of grapefruits by the time they rolled up on out of there. Yeah, thanks but no thanks sweetie. And for Lord knows what reason, he gave her a rose. No kissing should’ve = no rose. But whatever. At least now we know why she couldn’t last until at least the overnights.

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  1. emilia0511

    January 29, 2013 at 6:10 PM

    Dawmas, I agree that Catherine is decent looking, but I do not find her exotic looking. This type of woman is very very very common in the United States.

  2. chloeparise

    January 29, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    I am not investing myself in some tv characters(LIKE YOU DO; MAY I SAY!!!) I am sticking up for my friend!… it´s not about people who don´t see a connection with her and Sean or whatever(everybody is entitled to their well-founded opinion), it´s about people who call her a hoe or ugly, when she is nothing but! And she hasn´t done anything to prove your point… Hell, she wasn´t even shown for longer than 30 sec an episode until now?! I just find the completely lack of class or properness that is displayed here mind-boggling. Yet, I guess people easily hide behind their anonymous accounts on the internet.

  3. chloeparise

    January 29, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    And the fact that you don´t see anything wrong with what you say, at least a little bit is just pretty sad.

  4. mella

    January 29, 2013 at 6:39 PM

    wow some of ya’ll are haters! seesh.. just because selma didn’t win, ya’ll have to bash his fiance? that is just low..

  5. iheartvino

    January 29, 2013 at 6:46 PM

    To those of you trashing the looks of some of the women on this show- really??? I suppose all of you are flawless looking and are supermodels? Must be nice.

    Gunmetalblack, I think we get how you feel about Catherine. I don’t see why you feel the need to keep commenting about the same damn thing over and over again. Catherine has shown ZERO signs of being a Ho or a slut. I think she’s beautiful and she’s definitely shown (in the short amount of time she’s been on the show) that she has lots of personality. I know some people that don’t think she’s pretty, but everyone has their own opinion. But to call someone ugly and make assumptions and talk sh*t aboit them on here when there’s nothing behind it is just mean. I think AshLee, Catherine, Lindsay, Sarah, and Desiree are all beautiful girls.

    Sarah- that’s funny you bring up Jamie-Lynn Sigler, because just last night I was thinking that Lindsay looks a lot like Jamie-Lynn, but with slightly lighter hair. I looked on imdb and in a couple of her pictures, it looks like she and Lindsay a could be twins! I don’t see as much of a resemblance with Selma but I’ll have to look again on Mon.

  6. randais

    January 29, 2013 at 7:04 PM

    **The Following**SPOILER ALERT**
    Oh my this show is scary, intense, action packed, and gory…SO GORY. I DIED when that guy/mask “came to life”, seriously my heart almost beat out of my chest. SOOO glad “I” don’t have a pace maker, thinking I’d need a jump start if I did. These people (the cult) are diabolical, evil and brutal. Then when Jordy jumps out of the ceiling…..I don’t do scary, but I can NOT stop watching this show! Ok sorry for any spoilers but you MUST watch this show!

  7. fan22

    January 29, 2013 at 7:54 PM

    Wow to the people (or same person on two different accounts since you basically said the same thing) who bash someone who has gotten 30 seconds of air time and hasn’t even come close to looking trashy or throwing herself at him. And it’s not beefcake.

    Anyway, thanks for a great recap Steve. Now I see why Sean doesn’t end up picking Selma. She is beautiful and funny and entrancing but I think they’re just two different people from two different upbringings. Nothing wrong with that. But it is interesting that that video is floating around yet she plays such a conservative role.

    People can take this show for what they want it to be: a beauty contest, a love story, a one hour brain cell killer, a Reality Steve fact checker, whatever. But at least be tactful with your comments!

    First time commenter! Yay!

  8. strick432

    January 29, 2013 at 8:02 PM

    A few observations and comments from the posts and the show last night.
    I shouldn’t have read randais’s Biggest Loser spoilers, but I did anyway. Have it DVR – about 2 week behind.
    My husband, who hates all reality shows, maybe with the exception of Duck Dynasty, Ice Road Truckers, and Moonshiners, commented that Catherine was the prettiest girl he had seen. He also thought the dress Lesley picked out was horrendous. The first dress she had on fit her better and would have been a better choice.

    iheartvino – totally agree that I don’t mind the butt and underwear and half dressed shots of Sean – I like his body better than his face.

  9. strick432

    January 29, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    I do the same thing kasey31 – I go back periodically during my day at work and re-read Steve’s posts. Pretty damn funny if you ask me.

    Regarding Ben Taylor and Sade – I like Ben’s version, but nobody – I mean NOBODY – can sing a Sade song like Sade.

    And I did see Catherine sitting beside Sean last night at the cocktail party after the roller derby debacle before they went out and kissedl

  10. nora j

    January 29, 2013 at 8:09 PM

    now why are we comparing Selma and Catherine again? Selma is pretty but she looks kinda older….she has a 40 year old mom look….Emily Maynard did too. Catherine looks the opposite…like she is 18. I mean Selma is pretty but RS is right…it’s RIDICULOUS and hypocritical to be on this show and then say you’re Muslim and can’t date in public…made no sense….which leaves me to conclude Selma is kinda immature and retarded…sorry JMO…also after awhile Selma is annoying. Tierra is annoying too but I don’t know why they’re making her out like she is evil because she is not. Courtney (Ben’s season) was evil. Tierra is on Vienna’s level…annoying but not like mean or evil. If Tierra is mean to the girls it’s cuz they started kind of like treating her like crap first. I thought Ali was biatch for the way she treated Vienna and I feel the same way about Robyn and some of the other girls.

  11. sheilamagato

    January 29, 2013 at 8:26 PM

    We were all getting along so nicely last month! How does a silly show like the Bachelor make people fight?! 😉 IMO, we can’t judge these women, since we only see what the producers want us to see! We don’t get to see every moment of their time with Sean, so how can any of us know how true their connection is!
    *The Following*
    I am hooked! The first couple episodes were great and I have always loved Kevin Bacon! 🙂

  12. bigfatwoman

    January 29, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    Gunmetalblack—I feel like you either know Catherine, know someone who knows her OR you’ve had a bad experience with someone who looks like her….because your repeated comments about her are particularly hateful and odd.

    To me, she seems lovely. She is adorable. Doesn’t seem to be taking this stupid show too seriously and has only been guilty of making some silly comments about beefcake. For all we know, she’s embarrassed about those comments too.

    I wouldn’t doubt that Selma and Sean did some kissing off camera. Do you really think Selma would have an issue with kissing if she knew her parents would never know?

    I was also embarrassed by the “winner winner chicken dinner” comment. Not sexy at all Leslie.

  13. iheartvino

    January 29, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    Oops, sorry, was typing way too fast in my earlier comment. “Aboit” = about.

    Well now I’m dying to watch last night’s The Following. Thank goodness Time Warner has free OnDemand so I catch some of the other shows later or over the weekend. My poor DVR already gets too much of a workout on Monday nights.

  14. kasey31

    January 29, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    strick- ok, glad im not the only one.. ha, that line will make me laugh for a long, long time : )…

    so glad to finally see others sticking up for catherine! i was wondering where everyone was.. ive had such great conversations with so many of u, and i truly believe the majority of us are genuinely a nice group of ppl.. its just sad when there are a few that viciously attack a girl that is expectionally “above average” looking and call her ugly. there is just no need for that. especially when she has done nothing to deserve it. not sure who wouldnt think shes pretty? but everyone i know that watches the show thinks shes absolutely adorable.. more importantly, it isnt all about looks. in my profession, im constantly reminding women how beautiful they are despite their age, height, weight, ethnicity, and it makes me sad when i see how cruel people can be. but in a society like ours, its not surprising, unfortunately.. thank goodness she is skinny, or we’d probably be saying shes too fat.. we are so critical. but i guess criticizing others makes some ppl feel better about themselves.

    fan2- i agree, seems to be the same person obsessing over selma..

    iheart- i defintely see the resemblance!

  15. kasey31

    January 29, 2013 at 10:07 PM

    and by “expectionally” i meant exceptionally ; )

  16. bachelorfan1

    January 29, 2013 at 11:14 PM

    Just a note for the rude girls who were calling catherine a ho. Ho’s don’t usually leave a room for privacy for a simple kiss. In fact if she were a ho she probably would have reveled in the the fact that the other girls had 2 watch her make out with sean. There was a post on wetpaint from seans blog where he said she was so shy about kissing him that she burried her face in his chest n didn’t look up. He also said she was so excited after the kiss that she suggested they “frolic” and that they skipped around on the driveway. Ho’s don’t act like that

  17. randais

    January 30, 2013 at 5:12 AM

    @ strick – after all of the dress comments, I went back and played that part of the show, and I totally agree with you, the first one she tried on was way more flattering than that gray one that had a fan attached. She also had only picked out that first one originally until Sean (who apparently has no taste in women’s fashion) encouraged her to pick others. That was very strange, I thought. Sorry about the spoilers :\… I did preface it right? I’m trying to make sure I do.

    @sheila – yeah another convert!

    Did anyone else catch Deception from Monday? I have to admit, while I did watch it and still like it, The Following is better and I’ll watch that before all else now. Just have a lot of catching up to do on Tuesday.

  18. randais

    January 30, 2013 at 5:16 AM

    @iheart – get on that catch up, I want to hear your opinion on The Following. I too played catch up with Top Chef, yesterday with On Demand. What exactly did we do before all this technology…oh that’s right, I had a VCR on every tv :D.

  19. Athena

    January 30, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    @The Following – I’m hooked too. It’s really scary, and I’m not sure how much I like that part (gulp). Kevin Bacon can make a great villain, so it’s interesting to see him as the good guy in this one.

  20. mariet

    January 30, 2013 at 7:59 AM

    I am not understanding all the discussion about Selma’s morals and not kissing Sean. There’s nothing to debate. Just watch the video Steve posted. She couldn’t be more of a hypocrite.

  21. strick432

    January 30, 2013 at 8:40 AM

    no randais you prefaced your Biggest Loser spoiler but I read it anyway!! No biggie – obviously I love spoilers or I wouldn’t be on this site!!

  22. goosiegirl

    January 30, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    ***Nora J*** actually, Steve has said Vienna was a major bitch on her season. They just edited out all the parts because she was F1. I personally think Vienna and Courtney are on the same level, and Tierra is right up there with them.

  23. Sunnyside422

    January 30, 2013 at 10:39 AM

    As Steve always says, certain participants are given certain “parts” to play and Tierra’s is this season’s bitch. She’s doing quite well in that role…whether it is factually her personality or manufactured by producers for drama. She is a pretty girl…I’ll give her that and Vienna was definitely not attractive.

    Since Sean is so bland, perhaps Catherine is a feisty, fun loving person to balance him out. Maybe she can teach him how to kiss…one can only hope as he is cringe worthy in that department! And licking his lips, (as well as the girl’s upper lip…ugh) as he does frequently, is annoying. Thought we’d seen the last of that in a man with Benjie!

  24. jillbeau

    January 30, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    Thanks to everyone who pointed out that Ben Taylor is indeed James Taylor’s son. I watched the video Steve posted of his version of “By Your Side” after I read the comments, and he has the exact same style of guitar picking and strumming that his father uses. I agree, Sade’s version is better, but Ben’s version is also good.

    I actually found this episode sort of boring. I was watching it on my DVR and found myself fast forwarding through most of it. I have a feeling that Leslie was really nervous during her date which is what led to all the “holy moly” stuff. To quote Mean Girls, “it just kept coming up, like word vomit.”

    It was nice to see Catherine and Sean interact a little more this episode. I’m still not 100% sold on their connection, but I look forward to their relationship developing over the next few weeks. All they show is her commenting on his looks…”I’m so attracted to you” *giggle, giggle*. It’s cute that they’re attracted to each other and like to laugh a lot, but I’m hoping there’s more depth than that. And if it works for them, well, that’s all the matters and who really cares about my opinion.

  25. iheartvino

    January 30, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    **The Following**
    I noticed last night that Fox airs each week’s same episode on Friday nights at 9PM. I probably wouldn’t get to it during the week anyway, so this is perfect and now I can DVR it and FF through commercials. I hate how recently OnDemand added more commercials and you can’t FF.

    Bachelorfan1, I agree 100% with your entire comment!

  26. montrealaise

    January 30, 2013 at 7:19 PM

    All of the girls on Sean’s season are good-looking (certainly much more so than the average girl on the street) and some are drop-dead gorgeous. However, attractiveness is a total package, and I find that my opinion of their looks is changing depending on how they act. For instance, I initially thought Tierra was very pretty – now, I don’t find her that good looking any more.

  27. punka

    February 1, 2013 at 11:33 AM

    This whole Selma thing has me amused. No one is denying that she is gorgeous physically. She is. Totally. I mean, wow.

    But come on people, let’s look at the reality. First, she went on a rant about how Iraqi dating must be done in private, how things cant be seen, then she posts a youtube of herself topless, but covered. OK then.

    Next, she was all over Sean telling him how much she wanted to kiss Sean, but wouldn’t on TV. In other words, no cameras equal GAME ON for Selma.

    Morals aren’t what you do when everyone is watching, they are what you do when NO ONE is.

    Selma will make some dude a great wife and mother one day, but I can see why Sean choice not to pick her, compared to how things moved quicker with other beautiful women. Because this crop of women at this point are very beautiful and balanced. Best ever, except for maybe Brad’s 2nd season. But I might rate Sean as having he best luck that way with his group.

  28. thedoctor

    February 1, 2013 at 11:02 PM

    Wow, some real idiots posting. As mentioned a million times, we do not see everything that goes on. I did find it curious that Catherine and Sean talked about all the times that they have spent together. So yes, heavy editing .

    I am not sure if is that I know Catherine is the winner, but there seemed to be an abnormally number of face shots of her for no reason.

    As to Selma and her Muslim values. Just as good some who proclaim to be good Christian girls and good Jewish girls, do not live up to that ideal. I don’t see any strict Christians or Orthodox Jews dressing in the way Selma does. Her family may be strict Muslims, but she in not..

  29. jmariegirl

    February 2, 2013 at 8:52 PM

    I enjoy hearing the fun details about one of the most hated/loved/controversial shows The Bachelor. Your latest blogging about the most biggest batch of emails was very enjoyable to read. Some are hilarious, and the last one was very touching. I hope everyone takes time to read those. Interesting observations too. I hope we see more air time of Catherine. I’m curious to see what it is about her he is drawn to.

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