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The Biggest Batch of “Reader Emails” Ever

I believe this is the first time we’ve ever had over 50 “Reader Emails” in a column. For whatever reason, this past week I was loaded with emails daily. Some I just responded to right away, or else this thing could’ve been 100 emails long and you don’t want that. I can’t remember what was ever in the previous weeks “Reader Emails” so maybe there are some repetitive questions. At this point, I get asked so many, I kinda lose track. A lot of questions regarding Tierra, editing, a few pictures, but also one of my favorite emails ever sent I saved for last. Sometimes in the midst of all the silliness of this show, and my sarcastic view of everything that happens, this may seem silly, but I forget that people actually read it and enjoy it. I write to entertain, and hopefully at times I can do that, but a lot of the time I write my column, post it, and never think about it again or any effect it could have on someone. One reader this week explained what this column meant to her and her family.

For your episode-by-episode spoilers to Sean’s season, click here.

So no more dilly dallying around, lets get right to it. Enjoy…

Reality Steve,

1. Given the track record of previous Bachelorettes (they have had more long term relationships) vs previous Bachelors (short term relationships), how was Ben able to last almost a year with Courtney, while Emily couldn’t even last 3 months with either Brad or Jef? Is she too needy? Too high maintenance?

2. If you Google Leslie Hughes, a few images pop up of her from an arrest for a DUI in Florida…any indication if this is really her?

Thanks! I should probably be grading papers….but I’m up reading

Comment: 1) That’s a good question. Much longer than I believe any of us ever expected them to last. As for Emily, I don’t think that anyone she ever met on a reality TV show was ever going to be the person she was going to marry. Just wasn’t gonna happen.

2) Yes. I alluded to this when I first confirmed her as a contestant back in September, and then again in Tuesday’s column. Lovely mug shot, huh?

Hi Steve,

I thought it was pretty funny when you mentioned Lesley H and her extensive IMDb page. I thought I noticed on her little information “bug” (if that’s what you call it) that she was a “Poker Dealer”…. and as you mentioned she’s going to be appearing as a poker dealer on an episode of 90210. I erase all the episodes on my PVR after watching so I couldn’t go back to check. Did anyone else see that?

Speaking of 90210, I know you’re a big fan of the original series. I was a fan too (I use the past tense because I haven’t gone back to rewatch anything like you have), and found myself watching the new series hoping it would be… um… good? I finally gave up after season 3. I don’t even know why I keep watching for that long, maybe because of the guest appearances from the old cast, or the bits of eye candy now and again (I <3 Liam). Anyhow, I was just surprised to see it was still running, since it fell off my radar. The only way I could watch is if I check my brain at the door. Contrary to watching the Bachelor, of course! I also wanted to say, I'm Canadian but I didn't go anywhere near the Bachelor Canada. Not sure how the ratings were, but for me, if you take away the slanted, sophomoric, and skewed blogging from this franchise, it's really not worth watching. Lawsuits = more hype for ABC. I'm sure it helps them sustain or obtain viewers, just saying.... Thanks for the blog! Comment: Don’t even ask me why I still watch the new 90210 because, honestly, I don’t know even know. I mean, I don’t find it terrible, but I also don’t find it all that good either. I guess it’s just because I started watching it from the first episode and I wanna see it through to the end. I doubt it has many seasons left. I actually liked it better when they tried to hold on to 90210 characters from the past, etc. Then they made a conscious effort to separate themselves from the original series and now it’s just another high school show. There’s nothing about it that screams “90210” other than the title.

I have no idea what the ratings for Bachelor: Canada were and nor do I care. Still if you ask me right now what that guys name was, I wouldn’t be able to tell you without googling it. I just have zero interest about programming that isn’t aired here in the states. I don’t think I’m in the minority in that, am I? I mean, are people in the US streaming “X Factor: U.K.” on a weekly basis? I can’t imagine many are.

Hi! Love your recaps!

I just had to add that the preview for next week, I know that they usually lie but this was so horrifying I could not let it go unsaid. In the preview, robyn says “Do you want some of this chocolate (gestures to piece of candy in her hand) or THIS chocolate (points to herself). I. JUST. CANT. Please tell me that she was fed this line.

I know that they are really trying to pat themselves on the back with this whole diversity thing (which by itself is offensive) but to add all these ridiculous nods is just over the top and unnecessary.

Also, Kacie B. Kacie B. Kacie B. I wish I could say that that wasn’t the best part of an otherwise boring episode but her nonsense words was absolutely hilarious. If this is what happens when they bring back an old contestant all the time – they just make fools of themselves – then I am all for it. In terms of the editing, shouldnt someone call them out on using the footage from Ben’s season for her?

Finally, it is so annoying how I see everywhere that people keep “predicting” Sean will choose Catherine. She has had almost ZERO time with Sean. They show maybe a couple comments from her during the episode. And then they just release deleted scenes of the two of them on the website. I think they were taken by surprise that Sean chose Catherine and they didnt really have any early footage of them.

Anyways… those are my thoughts!

Comment: I’m sure Robyn was told before that little meeting with Sean that, “Hey, a lot of the other girls are moving fast with Sean. They’ve had 1-on-1’s, they’ve been intimate with him, they’ve kissed him, and your relationship is stuck in mud. You should probably do something to grab his attention,” so that’s what she came up with. Just know that pretty much every conversation you see on this show is far from organic. Whether it’s on a 1-on-1, or a group date, or an overnight date, the producers are always putting ideas in their heads about what they think they should talk about.

Of course someone should publicly call out the show for using footage of Kacie from Ben’s season and trying to play it off like she said it during Sean’s filming. But no one will.

I’m sure the show has plenty of footage from Sean and Catherine from earlier episodes, but for reasons unknown, they’ve just chosen not to show them during the episodes. They have hours and hours of footage to squeeze into an 80-85 minutes block every Monday night. Some stuff is getting left on the cutting room floor. I don’t think it’s coincidental that Catherine was spoiled as Sean’s fiancé 9 days after it happened, and now they’re choosing to not jump right out in the first four episodes to make it seem like that’s the case. Which is fine. They can do what they want. But it doesn’t change the bottom line of what happened in Thailand back on Nov. 17th. They can edit their show however they choose. It’s their show. And I will continue to spoil it.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your insight and much-needed candid commentary on all the silliness that is “The Bachelor.” Not that I needed to be any more cynical than I already was, but I can’t even deal with people who earnestly watch this show without reading your column anymore. Here’s my question:

It’s obvious that stunts like Sean surprising Sarah with her dog are thought up by the producers. But has a bachelor ever thought to do something like that on their own? Do they ever voluntarily propose that kind of stuff, or have input on date activities? Or do they sit by and leave it all up to the producers (and pass it off as their own idea, naturally)?

Good luck with everything going on!

Comment: I don’t know because I’m not there. Maybe some things here and there have been proposed by the lead, but as I’ve said, pretty much everything you see on this show is because it came out of an idea the producers and creator of this show had.

Remember how there used to be date boxes that came along with the date cards, and gave some kind of hint to what the dates were? When/why did they stop doing those?

Ps–good luck with the lawsuit. Hope you stick it to the man (aka douche fleiss)

Comment: Geez, it’s been so long, I don’t even remember the last time we saw date boxes. I can only remember as far back as cards.

I told a story about you recently, and after I told it, I wondered “was that a huge lie, and did I make it up”, so I’m sure you can clarify. Did you once spoil a season on the first episode by seeing the season promo they used to air on night one, whichever female contestant he was proposing to was wearing a pinky ring. You then went back and re-watched, saw who was wearing the pinky ring, and called it based on that?

Is that totes true or not at all?

Thanks – love the site, definitely help me get through the work day!

Comment: That wasn’t me, but you’re referring to Jason’s season. In the first promo of the season, they showed Jason in the end on bended knee with a girl who was wearing a pinky ring. It was figured out by other people that deduced that pinky ring belonged to Melissa. I didn’t post my spoiler about the Jason/Melissa/Molly ending until about 3-4 episodes into the season saying I was made aware of an ending that no one knew about. I then teased it for a month with ridiculous clues just to drum up interest, then I believe 12 days before the finale is when I released what you were going to see on the privately taped “ATFR” show.

And for my sanity, please don’t use the word “totes” ever again. Thank you.

Hey Steve,

Question about what happens after contestants are sent home. (If you’ve covered this already sorry, I’m relatively new to your blog.) I was wondering what is done to ensure secrecy when someone gets cut (especially those that make it far who obviously have the most knowledge of how the season plays out). While the show carries on filming are they permitted to return home to a job, normal interaction with friends and family all the while knowing who,say, the final four are? Is it just a contractual promise they sign that keeps them from blabbing and letting the season’s details out there, or are they somehow sequestered until the show finishes filming? I mean it seems pretty obvious that someone going back to work while the show is still filming their coworkers would know they didn’t win it, and they would let the cat out of the bag. I’m just wondering how “in hiding” these people are compelled to be.

Comment: Once you’re eliminated from the show, you go home. The only instance in recent memory where that wasn’t the case was last season, for some reason after Sean got eliminated in Curacao, he was kept there until filming was over.

You go back to your normal life once you’re eliminated from the show. I think the thing that a lot of people seem to forget is there’s such a small percentage of their overall audience, I’d say maybe 1%, that are following along during filming, reading me spoil the show in real time, that even have a clue who these women are and what’s happening. So yeah, if you read my site while filming is happening, and you see me say, “Hey, Kacie comes back to compete for Sean this season,” then you see her turn on her Twitter account 2 weeks into filming, well, then you know she’s home. But so many people tune out to this show during the “off season” that, yeah, to you and me and maybe 1% of their audience we can tell who’s home and who isn’t. But to 99% who don’t give a rat’s ass about this show until they see the first promo of the season, they have no clue who’s who or what to look for. And by the time the first promo airs, filming is already over.

Hi Steve,

In the last reader emails you said that the final 2 ladies get to pick an outfit for the finale. But do you think they actually get to pick their outfits? I remember on Brad’s 2nd season I could tell he was going to pick Emily without even reading your spoilers. She was in a pretty creme dress (almost like a wedding dress) and Chantal looked ridiculous in some cheap satin crap. And on Ben’s finale Lindsay, who was usually quite pretty, looked like a straight up warlock in her velvet cape and gloves. Do you think they make the losers look bad on purpose?

Best of luck with the lawsuit!

Comment: Never really thought about the losers dresses, but, I wouldn’t know the answer to that.

Hi Steve,

I hope you will answer all or some of these in next Wed’s column, directly, or whenever:

1) I know you don’t want to talk about Emily and Jef anymore, but can you tell us anything more about the reasons for the breakup. Did you ever confirm that Emily was sexting with Matt Leinhart or with someone else? The only thing I think you’ve confirmed is Jef meeting his ex at a hotel a couple months later Throw us a bone, please!

2) On the dates, do these people ever talk about matters of their religious and political views — We never seem to see it on the episodes — as though religion and politics don’t have anything to do with who a person is and how it would affect a relationship. Sean and Catherine may be mismatched on these areas, or so it seems. Do you have any info on how Sean and Catherine are doing so far as a couple in real time?

3) Is Roberto still in the running to be a future Bachelor?

Comment: 1) I can say I know there were texts between Emily and Matt Leinart, which were backed up by tabloid reports, but until those texts actually appear in print somewhere, people will never believe it happened. And even then, the Jemily fans will say the texts are made up. To that I say: Ask Jef if he thinks that Emily was texting another guy and he saw it. Will he answer you? Probably not. But those that know, know. Best answer I can give.

2) Remember, a 1-on-1 can last anywhere from 8-10 hours. You’re seeing an edited 15 minute version of it. There’s plenty you’re not seeing. And frankly, I don’t think people would watch this show if conversations about religion and politics were shown between two people. No one cares to hear Desiree’s stance on gun control. They want to hear them talking about others in the house, what a future would be like together, and to see them kissing. And that’s basically what we get. I don’t blame them for it.

3) I highly doubt it.

Hi Steve,

I am an EMT on an ambulance in Stockton, California and so I can clear up some confusion in that part of this weeks episode. Anyone who loses consciousness or is confused after a head injury gets a neck brace for the most part automatically. The theory being that if you hit your head that hard, that is also a lot of force on your neck and there could be an injury.

However… anyone who is “alert and oriented” meaning they can answer all your questioning and are awake, cannot be taken or treated in any way that they do not agree to or we can be sued for battery and even kidnapping. It’s reallllly dumb in a lot of situations.

I have seen almost the exact Tierra scene play out where a person (especially in a car accident that was someone else’s fault) is freaking out and wants the ambulance, but “oh wait… you want me to put that uncomfortable neck brace on and lie on a backboard in front of everyone??” and magically they are cured and signing themselves out. We have specific paperwork (called an AMA= against medical advice) for them to sign and they go on their merry way.

Hope this clears up what was going on.

Comment: Thank you. Last EMT email I’ll receive on the subject.

Hi Steve,

No question – just a comment. ABC, the producers, and everyone suing you should actually thank you and every rag discussing said law suit.

Emily’s season was the first I watched b/c I’m a NASCAR fan and familiar with the Hendrick’s tragedy. I was intrigued to see Emily who was mentioned in the news I read about the plane crash. I had no further intentions of following the franchise after that.

It was only when I read an article about the law suit in TV Guide that had a link to your page that I got interested. I had never heard of you of your website. On your site I read some old post and spoilers. I enjoyed you wit and humor.

I only decided AFTER exploring your posts to watch the Bachelor, mostly to enjoy your commentary.

Comment: Well, thanks. Guess it looks like their bogus lawsuit against me has helped me gain at least one new reader.

Hi Reality Steve,

Love your site!!

Anyways,I have two questions:

1. What do the contestants on The Bachelor eat at the mansion? I heard Selma talking about how she baked but I can’t imagine having every girl make their own food and having to constantly keep a full stocked kitchen.

2. I understand why the producers are hiding Catherine but at the end of the day, how would they expect anyone to believe that it’s true love if they only showed a couple episodes of her and Sean together? As nice as she seems, as of now i can’t understand why they are even together and it will be hard to convince the rest of the viewers!!

Good luck with your lawsuit! Thanks!

Comment: 1) There usually seems to be one contestant every season that’s the “chef” in the house that’ll cook for people. But the handlers are people that are the ones that run out and buy the food for the contestants. Some already made, some not. Like in the deleted scene I posted yesterday with Lesley and Sean, I’m guessing that food was catered in from the outside. Some intern making $10/hour was told to go get some fried chicken somewhere and went and got it.

This reminds me of something. Remember in the promo at the beginning of the season they showed Tierra in the house with a plate of cookies saying, “Who made these cookies? They taste like sh**,” as she throws the plate on the counter? Just realized we never saw that scene this season, since they leave the mansion for good starting next week. I guess it was just a way for them to build Tierra’s character before you saw an episode.

2) Because they don’t care about producing a true love story to their viewers. They never have and never will. If it happens, it’s a bonus. But their job is to produce a television show for you to watch. If people tuned into this show to watch true love and successful marriages, they would’ve tuned out a long time ago considering the track record.

Heyo! How’s it going? Loving all the new posts this season. 🙂 I know you just posted reader emails, but this just occurred to me…

Question! Not sure if you’ve been watching American Idol this season or if you have any idea what the answer to this question is, but if not, maybe you can use your super sources to find out. I’ve always wondered this… During the auditions, you always see the camera shots of the thousands of people in the stadium in each city. I’m guessing there’s no way that every single one of them goes in front of the judges. Do you know what the process is? Is there a preliminary producer audition/screening and then they choose a few crazy and a few really good people to go in front of the judges?

No Bachelor questions this time. 🙂

Hope all is well in Dallas!

Comment: Read this column written in 2010 about how the “audition” shows work, and it’ll answer every question you have.


I know you’ve mentioned before that Emily O’Brien is your favorite contestant, and now you’re saying for this season, Lindsay Yenter seems to be the winner so far. Would you say you’re liking Lindsay more than Emily? They’re both adorable, I see what you mean.

Oh, and HOW AWKWARD was that Guinness world records kiss thing? CRINGE.

Comment: No. Lindsay doesn’t surpass Emily. I highly doubt anyone will.

Hi Steve,

Just want to add my voice to the accolades from all your groupies, I love the column, love the snark, of course love the spoilers, but most of all I love all your insight showing how ABC is really just creating the story they want regardless of the ‘reality’! 🙂

A couple of observations and questions from the past:

1. Ben’s Season- I think it’s interesting that we all hated on Courtney using her opportunities with Ben to boost her modeling career when after the final rose they both almost all but disappeared. Usually the fame whores are very easy to spot and she almost seemed to be hiding in humiliation/actually ‘trying’ to work out a relationship. I might be wrong- but she hasn’t seemed to pursue her 15 minutes like most of the others.

During the season you talked about why they never talked about the skinny dipping moment in the Women Tell All, and I believe at the time you were as surprised as the rest of us that they didn’t bring it up. Any new insight as to why ABC would skip over a huge opportunity to have a bunch of women completely enraged on camera?

2. Bob’s Season- I didn’t watch it, but recently you’ve mentioned that he’s rumored to have slept with 5.5 girls during the season (gross!). I’m just curious, if his season was like all the others, then that would be 2.5 women NOT during the overnights. I realize that there is plenty of time that the cameras are rolling that we never see during the show, but do the contestants have time with the lead, when there are not producers/cameramen/staff around before the overnights?

Thanks for your insight, and happy five years to you and Maddie!!!

Comment: 1) I’d say starting a little fling with Arie, which was never going to last in a million years, was kind of an effort to keep her name out there.

I think the producers knew that if the girls found out that Ben and Courtney skinny dipped in Puerto Rico, none of them would’ve ever thought for a second they had a chance from that point on. There’s a reason they didn’t fill the women in on it and none of them knew until the first promo aired.

2) No one’s ever actually explained the 5.5 women thing. Fleiss threw it out there during a special about the show, and it’s kinda taken on a life of its own. He wasn’t specific at all. Was it all during filming? Is he including after filming was over? What exactly was the ½? Nobody knows at this point. Probably should keep it that way.

Hey Steve,

Been a huge fan since Jason’s season, and I have a few very random comments/questions:

1. First of all, THANK YOU for introducing me to 24. I’m obsessed with Homeland but never watched 24 when it first came out because I was a little young at the time. But when you said you wanted to watch Homeland because it was produced by the 24 people, I got curious about 24, borrowed some DVDs and now I’m hooked! On season 5 now J

2. You always talk about how so-and-so got a “bad edit” and that contestants could act perfectly fine then be portrayed as an evil bitch, but then sometimes you call out the season’s villain for their behaviour. You call Tierra “Little Ball of Hate” for example. When you do this, are you simply responding to what’s in front of you and ignoring the fact it could be completed fabricated? or do you actually think the edit is somewhat accurate?

3. I’m sorry if you’ve ever answered this before: Are the leads ever told they have to keep [insert bat-shit-crazy girl’s name here] another week? I was actually shocked 50 Shades of Grey girl was eliminated night 1 because I feel like every season there are a couple over-the-top weirdos who stick around until mid-season. Do producers ever ask the lead to keep someone around for a little while longer for storyline purposes?

4. How religious is Catherine? It’s really saying something that Sean is going to wait until marriage this time around, but Catherine doesn’t seem like an overly faith-based girl so far. Thoughts?

Good luck fighting those ABC bullies! 🙂 Thanks for not backing down! Please counter-sue their pants off!

Comment: 1) Season 5 was the best season of “24.” It’s the season that won Kiefer the Emmy “Best Actor” and it won for “Best Directing” that season. Most critics it would agree it was their best season. It then got a bit shaky after that.

2) It’s a combination of both.

3) Told to keep them? I’d say they are highly encouraged to keep certain people around.

4) I have no idea about Catherine’s religious beliefs, but I’m going to take a wild stab at it and say she isn’t on the same level as Sean. Doesn’t mean she can’t be at some point, but at the time they were filming the show, I highly doubt she was.

Who decides what each contestant’s ‘persona’ will be? i.e. Did Jef decide he’d play the philanthropist working to fix the world water crisis? Or did producers decide to completely exaggerate that themselves?

Seems awfully disingenuous of him/them.

Comment: Producers.

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  1. kasey31

    February 3, 2013 at 8:15 PM

    karyn- no ones head hurt more than mine did while i was typing that! aaand im glad to know that im not the only one who watches for the commercials; although there werent as many funny ones as ive seen in the past, some were good..

    i dont know much about football, but luckily i had a great gf texting me throughout the game and explaining everything to me.. shes the best : ) otherwise, i would have been completely lost.. i know the ins and outs of basketball, but football is completely foreign to me.

    glad the ravens won! i was afraid they were going to lose their momentum bc of the power outage.. crazy stuff.. totes craze! 😉

  2. iheartvino

    February 3, 2013 at 8:33 PM

    What a game that was!! I was getting very nervous in the second half when the 49ers had all that momentum but was relieved that the Ravens were able to hang on for the win. Kasey- glad to hear you liked the game! I didn’t think there were as many funny commercials as usual though.

    I will have to check out the Jen Frase (sp?) blog, I have heard its funny. I agree that Jen Marcus’s blog is pretty good too. (Jen’s Reality)

  3. kasey31

    February 3, 2013 at 9:02 PM

    iheart- thanks, im proud of myself for actually watching a full game for the first time in years… and it was actually entertaining.. who knows? i might even watch more football now that i know a little more about the game..

    ive seen jen marcus’s blog, too.. its good! not nearly as funny as steve’s though..

  4. iheartvino

    February 3, 2013 at 10:04 PM

    Kasey they just get better and better to warch the more you learn about the sport. One of my best friends in TX and I are both diehards and we text each other back and forth during every single Cowboys game, if we’re both at home. We usually text the same thing (or knowing the cowboys, it’s usually the same swear word lol) at the same time.

    And I have yet to come across another blog that is as funny or snarky as Steve’s. I liked Ashley’s funny captions last season but it doesn’t look like she’s blogging Sean’s season.

    Randais- I’m about to watch The Following. DVR’d it on Fri and am just not having the chance to watch it. Probably not the best thing to watch right before I go to bed but oh well.

  5. iheartvino

    February 3, 2013 at 10:06 PM

    *just now

  6. iheartvino

    February 3, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    *watch not warch. Geez. Ok no more commenting from my phone after consuming multiple beverages when I can’t see what the hell I’m typing. I’m too lazy to proofread before I hit “post comment” sometimes.

  7. ccrider

    February 4, 2013 at 6:03 AM

    Good Monday morning day-after-Super Bowl! Ugh….anyone else wish that they had taken the day off?

    My thoughts….for what they’re worth:

    The game was good and I’m glad the Ravens won. I’m not a Ravens fan but I am an AFC kinda girl and always pull for the AFC to win the SB.

    The commercials were probably the worst SB commercials I’ve seen recently. There was only one that made me feel like it was SB worthy and that was the Taco Bell commercial with the old people.

    Halftime…..didn’t watch, have no i dea.

    I didn’t care for Alicia Keys’ version of the national anthem.

    Jennifer Hudson did a GREAT job with the Sandy Hooks children!

    Everyone have a great day!

  8. karynr

    February 4, 2013 at 6:55 AM

    ccrider, I agree about the commercials. I kept waiting for a good one and wasn’t impressed with any of them. I only caught the very end of the half-time show. How was it? I had to run out to DQ to take care of some Blizzard cravings!

  9. JovisMom

    February 4, 2013 at 7:46 AM

    ***SUPER BOWL***
    I should have called in sick today!!! Left the Rotelle in my crockpot on last night my kitched now smells like burnt cheese! 🙁
    Glad that the Ravens won!!! Anyone catch Flacco dropping the F bomb? Hehe!
    The commercials this year were HORRIBLE!!! The only one I liked was the Clysdale one…. They seem to be getting worse and worse every year now.
    I can’t believe the power was out for over 30mins!! That’s totes crazy!
    Looking forward to tonight!! Have a fun day peeps!

  10. Sunnyside422

    February 4, 2013 at 8:18 AM

    Yup…I head Flacco’s comment! Certainly was excited.

    I too was waaay disappointed in the commercials, except for the Doritos one and I do love the etrade baby. Horses were awesome.

    I was very disappointed in Alicia Keys. I’d like to see someone a bit more enthused. Bet Carrie Underwood would do a credible job.

    Glad the game was not a blow out either.

  11. karynr

    February 4, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    Did anyone else get a little teary-eyed when the Sandy Hill kids and Jennifer Hudson sang?

  12. karynr

    February 4, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    I meant Sandy Hook!

  13. rollingeyes

    February 4, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    I missed the conversation about who we wanted to win the Super Bowl, so I’ll give my input a little late. I am a HUGE football fan and HUGE 49ers fan (born and raised) so of course I was going for the Niners. And yes, I am disappointed with their first half performance last night. I think that if they played the same way in the first half as they did in the second, they would have blown out the Ravens. They just couldn’t get it going in the first half, same as a few previous games. But I love my Niners, and can’t wait for next season.

    Commercials weren’t as good this year. Did like the Space Babies commercial, and of course the Clydesdales are always great.

    Halftime show was HORRIBLE. Over-produced and at points lip-synced (again). And I just heard Beyonce blew the power twice during rehearsals so it really looks like her crappy performance affected that power outage. What a waste of time. What ever happened to great bands just going out and rocking instead of all this electric crap and dancing?

  14. JovisMom

    February 4, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    karynr – I LOVED when the Sandy Hook kids sang. That was so very sweet! Very good thing that they involved them in it.

  15. JovisMom

    February 4, 2013 at 10:21 AM

    @ rollingeyes – I felt the same way about Beyonce’s preformance. Clearly the NFL is a tad confused on who their demographic is…. And why did they have her anyways considering she doesn’t have any new songs? The Destiney’s Child songs are (Independent Woman, Bills, Survivor etc – I didn’t pay much attention to it) all so old! They have to be like 10+ years old!
    Side note – not sure if everyone knows. Justin Timberlake did a mock up of her song and dance to Single Ladies on SNL – you can YouTube it. It is a riot!!! Apparently why he did that is because it got out that one of her back up dancers in that video was really an man!

  16. randais

    February 4, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    Congratulations to all that were rooting the Ravens on. Unfortunately (for Baltimore), San Fran is now getting free pudding cups from Del Monte or was that a Libby’s commercial? 😀
    Didn’t watch the Brawl. I’ve watched football games before and I get “most” of them but they hold little interest for me. Tried to channel switch during commercials, hoping to catch a few “Super Commercials” but only caught the crappy ones. I had seen a preview for the etrade baby (LOVE THAT LITTLE GUY, wish I’d caught the whole thing) and saw a preview for the Clydesdales (if you read my thoughts on The Follwing, you know, I don’t do well with animals being hurt/upset/affected negatively and that includes giving one away) so of course I’d already cried over the preview and had no desire to watch the whole thing. BUT did catch a few snippets of the Taco Bell one on the Today show this morning, I LOVED IT! Also, caught a few snippets of the 1/2 time show, this morning, not sorry I missed it. Just my OWN OPINION but it seems contradictory to me when anyone dresses the way Beyonce did/does and sings the lyrics she sings then, thanks God at the end. HOWEVER, I watched the opening (again, this morning) with Jennifer Hudson and the kids and, minus her hideous skirt, thought that whole performance was commendable.

    On to this week, looks like a conflict on Tues. since the Bach is running two nights in a row, Smash is back…oh wait, it’s the Bachelor, so no conflict for me :D. I can’t imagine what possessed the producers to think they could EVER compete with the premiere of Smash? Then on Friday, the premiere of The Job, I’m really curious to see how they play this one out. Revenge is back next Sunday! And the previews sure look good!

    Iheart – I MUST know what you thought of The Following. I can’t believe you watched it right before bed! You’re a braver girl than I.

  17. iheartvino

    February 4, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    *The Following*
    Randais, thank goodness I had remembered seeing a comment on here last week about the scene where someone jumped out in that mask, so I knew that was coming. Otherwise I am sure I would have screamed! The episode was good, but I am confused about the very end, where that FBI agent went to Carroll’s cell to give him that book of Poe’s poetry- is she secretly a follower, or would that be too obvious? I’m wondering if the young guy (forget his name) is in on it. How’d the guy in the mask get away so quickly- wouldn’t the young FBI dude be able to stop him since he was supposedly watching the house at the time? All in all it was a decent episode. I’m sure I won’t want tonight’s til the weekend though. 🙂

  18. randais

    February 4, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    YES, everything I was thinking too! How frightening was that when the masked guy lunged? So glad you remembered, so you didn’t wet yourself, I almost DID! Might have to buy some depends just to watch this series :D. I actually could have sworn, when he first walked into that room and they showed the masks, that there was no way there was a body attached to any of them. I suspect that first shot was either so quick no one would catch that or that they actually showed the scene without the body attached then had it come to life, what do you think? I wondered too about the FBI agent bringing him that book….remember I said, “they’re everywhere”? I believe that’s true and I suspect this is what’s going to keep this show fresh. Did you hear at the end, they were saying they think the “followers” are limited to 6 people? I didn’t think about it at first, but I now believe this is the premise of the series…to keep everyone guessing and off guard.

  19. iheartvino

    February 4, 2013 at 12:55 PM

    *watch tonight’s

  20. randais

    February 4, 2013 at 2:01 PM

    So NO “@” in my above post but it still received an “awaiting moderation”…. :\.

    Duly noted Iheart and IF I post about it before then, I’ll definitely head it appropriately so you will know to NOT read it…unless you want to :D.

  21. iheartvino

    February 4, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    *The Following* (again!)
    Randais, so that means we know who 4 of them are, right? Emma, the two not-so-gay neighbor guys, and Jordy. What about that woman who stabbed herself in the pilot, does she count as one of the six followers? If so then there’s only one more unknown.

    Wetpaint has had some good stuff posted lately abut the body at the bottom of the Amanda. We’ll know in one more episode, I think!!
    A few pictures were shown of them shooting a funeral scene- Conrad, Victoria, Jack, Declan, Emily, and Charlotte were all seen in the pictures. But no signs of Fauxmanda or Nolan. A few people commented that perhaps the whole scene was filmed just to throw viewers off but I don’t know. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  22. randais

    February 4, 2013 at 6:55 PM

    Iheart – Denise/Emma, Jacob & Paul/Will & Bill and Jordy AND the girl at the airport are for sure, I would think. Speaking of the “not so gay boys”…clearly, one actually IS gay (or at least sure seems like it) and I get the impression the other one switch hits. I went back and watched BOTH episodes again, especially since I could have sworn the masks were actually on a shelf when Ryan originally walked into the room and I could NOT figure out how the one “came to life”. Well they WERE on a shelf, but then I remembered, Ryan sees the guy, in the mirror, standing next to the shelf with the masks, so that explains that. How about the masked guy? He may be the sixth suspected “cult” member. He did set that guy on fire at the end, not really in keeping with previous killings….. BUT they said after analyzing all the handwriting in the house, nine handwriting samples were found and all their suspects were included so there were five unknowns. That would definitely make more than six members. Speaking of “six” after watching the episodes through again, completely missed that reference to there being six, this time…. The new female FBI agent, if you’ve watched Person of Interest, you may recognize her. She playED an EXlove interest, who just returned, in last weeks episode, and got killed off TOO! Guess I know why now.

  23. kasey31

    February 4, 2013 at 8:20 PM

    iheart- i hope it’s not fauxmanda or nolan!! i have a feeling it’s going to be aiden, and they are just trying to throw everyone off.. i hope! but then again, not to sound morbid, but someone needs to die.. maybe even a main character.. the first season seemed to have so many more on the edge of your seat moments and unexpected deaths or tragedies than this season.. theyre kind of due for something big soon.

    randais- im skipping your teasers for the following, LOVE that show but havent had the chance to catch up yet.. thanks for turning me onto it!

  24. kasey31

    February 4, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    btw, iheart, no daniel in the scene?

  25. jillbeau

    February 4, 2013 at 8:36 PM

    Ughhhh…I just have to vent about this irritating episode! Sean was so annoying tonight. He’s complaining to Chris that he’s confused because some of the girls only want to talk about Tierra because they don’t like her. But, he basically interrogated both Des and Lesley for information regarding the drama in the house surrounding Tierra. Like, I didn’t get it. He seemed genuinely exasperated at the end of this episode, but he was the one who kept bringing it up. I’m not sure what editing had to do with the whole cocktail party, but it was odd. Des actually tried to avoid the topic and he kept pressing her about it…he was the one who brought up Tierra. Sean hasn’t really bothered me this season, but tonight was so irritating.

  26. iheartvino

    February 4, 2013 at 9:04 PM

    Oops- sorry Kasey!! I forgot about poor Danny Boy. Yep, he was in the pictures. I was thinking it may be Aiden too. The previews said it’s someone Emily cares about, so that eliminates the Ryan brothers. And I guess it could be Amanda (faux) since we don’t know for sure that it’s only one death.

    Randais, you bring up some interesting points. I hope the show continues to keep us guessing! Although next time I think I will watch it when it’s still light outside.

  27. Sunnyside422

    February 5, 2013 at 6:22 AM

    Ahhh haaa…husband is now into The Following! Always hard to tear him away from a hockey game…any hockey game!

    I will depend on Steve to detail Bachelor as I just didn’t have the desire to watch. I was never impressed with Sean in Emily’s season. I am so over his constant body exposure. Always felt that he should display some brain muscles and skip the brawn muscles as he always seems to be such a wussy guy no matter his appearance.

    And you all know his way of “kissing” makes me want to puke…I just can’t watch him suck upper lips or areas over the lips of his unsuspecting females! He is beyond awful.

    None of these participants display intelligence either in their behavior (heavily edited though it might be) or ability to speak! No wonder they can afford to take unlimited time out of their lives and their steller careers! They are all dumber than a box of rocks.

  28. randais

    February 5, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    kasey – have you watched any? Love to have you join in the discussions. They’re only two episodes in…make that three as of last night, so catch up, I want to hear your take.

    SMASH is back tonight! THAT’S great tv!

  29. karynr

    February 5, 2013 at 7:09 AM

    sunnyside, I have such a hard time watching Sean kissing too. It makes me sick. I also question his intelligence with the Tierra situation, but who knows what really goes on with all the editing tricks. She’s like a Courtney-lite. Sean seems to have a hard time reading people, or what I call people cues. He’s definitely a nice man, but I don’t find him that attractive.

    Tierra will be perfect for BP. Is that trainwreck coming back for another season?

  30. randais

    February 5, 2013 at 9:38 AM

    Sunny! You converted your hubby! I was thinking, mine might appreciate this show too…may have to try that. It would be reassuring to actually watch it with someone beside me :D.

  31. kasey31

    February 5, 2013 at 9:18 PM

    randais- im all caught up, and i am obsessed!!! so, so good.. not sure what the number thing is all about, but i am sure that this is a show i will be watching for a long time.. i used to love edgar allan poe when i was a kid (as dark as he was he had some entertaining poetry that intrigued me), but i will never be able to look at his writings the same again.. there is so much they can do with this show, the possibilities are endless.. emma killing her mom? the wife killing the officer and getting away? that mask coming to life and attacking ryan? there were so many times i literally jumped.. im just so glad i gave this show a chance..

  32. randais

    February 6, 2013 at 5:03 AM

    kasey – welcome to the club! So glad you came over to the dark side :D.

    Speaking of dark side, I’m moving myself over to the next post….see you there!

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