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The Bachelor 17 - Sean

The Bachelor Sean Recap Including Your Next “American Idol”

With the “Sean Tells All” 1 hr special airing tonight, tomorrow’s column will include a brief recap of that along with your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails. I mean lets face it, I really don’t think there’s going to be anything earth shattering that Sean says tonight on this show. It was taped a couple weeks ago, and he’s just gonna talk about some of the girls he eliminated and break down the final three girls and his feelings. The promo has Chris asking him, “What happened inside the fantasy suite?” Do you honestly think Sean is gonna be like, “Well, let me tell ya’ Chris. The first girl…” Not quite. The season is doing well in the ratings, and this is just a way for them to milk an extra hour out of the season. Sure there will be some footage we haven’t seen, and Sean commenting on things we haven’t heard him publicly comment on just yet, but just don’t expect many fireworks to come out of tonight’s show.

Also, Chris Harrison tweeted over the weekend that the finale on March 11th will be a 3 hr “live” event. That’s exactly what they were calling Emily’s finale last season, which I’m assuming means we’ll get the two hour finale of everything that was taped back in Thailand in November, then once it ends, go to a live showing (well, live if you’re in the EST or CST time zones. Sorry MTN and PST, you have wait) of the “After the Final Rose” show. I’m sure an official press release will be coming shortly from ABC, but based on Chris’ tweet, it looks like they are sticking with last season’s formula of doing the “ATFR” show live so information won’t leak out…even though it’s been out for almost three months.

I’ve had quite a few media outlets and tweets contact me asking who the next “Bachelorette” is. The day I posted the finale spoilers on Nov. 26th, I said then that this was Lindsay’s gig to lose. I will continue to stand by what I said that day because I’ve heard nothing since that makes me think she isn’t at the top of their list. Look, all three girls in the final four are candidates just because they last the longest. I’m sure AshLee, Lindsay, and Desiree have all been “asked” whether they’d be interested in the gig, and I’m sure all of them said they would do it, but that means nothing. They ask a lot of people. Hell, they even talked to Cheryl Burke about it, but that doesn’t mean she was ever a serious candidate, because she wasn’t. They ask a bunch of people to gauge their interest, pretty much all of them say they’d love to do it, but they seriously only consider a couple. I said Lindsay back in November, and all throughout the season I’ve said I still expect it to be Lindsay. Nothings changed. If something does, I’ll let you know.

With “Burning Love” season 2 starting up last Thursday, then episodes 2 and 3 both being released Friday on their website a few of you have asked where can you find season 1. Unfortunately, season 1 is no longer online. I have a feeling because starting next Monday, season 1 will air on the E! channel Monday nights. So it makes sense to draw attention to it airing on E! that they’d remove it to where you couldn’t see it online anymore. If you haven’t seen it, and you’re a fan of this show, it’s a MUST watch. They nail every nook and cranny of this show to perfection, all while making fun of it. My kind of show.

AshLee had her conference call with the media last Thursday to talk about her time on the show. Nothing too major here other than she thinks Tierra could be faking her whole engagement, which isn’t that far fetched at this point. The whole story that her brother told to every media outlet that would listen to him last week seems awfully too perfect and exaggerated. But who knows? If she’s getting married, great. It’ll never last. If she’s not, then it basically proves that everything every one of the girls said about her in the house is true. You post Instagram pictures of your engagement ring, basically inviting people to talk about you, then when it’s finally made public (by your brother no less), you don’t even show a picture of you with your fiancé OR give people the guy’s name? None of it makes any sense, but whatever, that’s Tierra for you.

In case you missed my tweet on Thursday night, let me give you my thoughts on “Idol” as we are now down to your final 40, who perform in Vegas this week. After what I saw Thursday night, I think 39 people are now fighting for second place. Angela Miller destroyed the stage with her original song “You Set Me Free.” If you missed it, here you go.

Angela Miller – Solo – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

She was pretty unmemorable up to that point. In her audition, she told us she has 40% hearing loss in her left ear, and 20% in her right, so she’s got that backstory working for her. Not to mention, she looks like Miley Cyrus and could totally fit the mold of a pop star to win this show. So after her performance Thursday, I figured this girl had to have some music out there on the internet, and sure enough I found her YouTube channel, which has her covering some of today’s most popular songs. And that’s HUGE in Idol world since basically, this whole show is karaoke for popular songs, along with being a popularity contest. I mean, check out these performances of “Skyscraper,” “Wide Awake,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and “Home.”

If she’s able to do any of those on the live shows, this thing is o-v-e-r. That’s exactly what America wants. Granted, a girl hasn’t won in 5 seasons, but the fact that Idol is shoving that fact down everyone’s throat this season, it’s like they are begging people to vote for a woman this season. Regardless, this girl is the best singer on the show this season in my eyes, and has a recording contract waiting for her the second this show ends whether she wins or not. Good luck to her. I hope she does win.

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  1. kasey31

    February 20, 2013 at 9:09 PM

    well just to put it out there.. i AM a fan of catherine. love her personality and lindsays, too.. definitely girls i could see myself being friends with in real life.. much better to spend most nights laughing til our cheeks hurt, with the assurance of knowing if anything serious happens in my life, they are also the first ones i call.. as to the contrary… bitching about men and other girls, making sure i take my shoes off at the door as to not upset an uptight person with perfect carpet, or planning every single time we hang out down to the last detail bc someone wants to always be in control.. the funnest nights ive had have been with friends with personalities similar to catherine ‘s and lindsay’s.. friends like them were also there for me during the worst times in my life, so i think its an unfair assupmtion to conclude that there is no depth to catherine or lindsay bc they are goofy and playful..

    ugh, i hate awaiting moderation!!! jk ; )

  2. chickster

    February 21, 2013 at 12:30 PM

    Does anyone else think there were two creepily inappropriate relationships in this episode? AshLee and her father and Desiree and her brother? I know my father and brother love me, we say it and express it, but these people just seem unnaturally close to each other.

    AshLee’s dad was saying that some man will love her like he does and take his place, yada yada. It’s really creepy for a dad to liken a husband/wife love for a daughter/dad love. It all seemed weird to me.

    And Desiree’s brother seemed more jealous than protective. He acted more like a former boyfriend than a concerned brother. Weird to me. Something isn’t right.

    I feel like the whole season was devoted so much to Tierra’s insane ways that I haven’t seen any real connections develop between Sean and any of the remaining girls. I’m not rooting for anyone in particular and he doesn’t seem to be attached to anyone. For one of the first times ever, I don’t care either way who he picks… it doesn’t matter to me. Dumb season.

  3. kasey31

    February 21, 2013 at 1:37 PM

    haha, chickster- yes!!! thats why i said that des’s brother seemed like a jealous ex bf.. i did get the same exact vibe, not from ashlees dad but more from the brother.. creepy!

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