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“Reader Emails,” Including the “Bachelorette” Premiere Date

Column is up early today because, well, I’m outta here. Figured you didn’t want to wait until I was on a plane to post it, so I might as well do it before I leave. Although because it’s being posted early, I can’t include episode 6 of “Burning Love” because it hasn’t been posted yet. Just go to their website today and it will be posted.

ABC announced yesterday that they will announce who the “Bachelorette” is during the live finale on Monday, March 11th and the season will premiere on May 20th. So that gives me 11 days to find out who it is. Realistically, there are only three women who have a shot at this thing: Desiree, AshLee, and Lesley, and I don’t even think Lesley has much of a chance. As I told you on Tuesday, Lindsay is out. I’m not sure the reason behind it because I know they wanted her and it was her gig to lose, so, I guess she lost it. I don’t think it has anything to do with the rumor that popped up on the that there are apparently nude photos of her out there that an ex is willing to sell to the highest bidder. I mean, that’d be horrible publicity for the show, and IF such pictures even existed and got published (which I don’t even know if they do exist. I find it hard to believe they do), they would never cast that person as their lead. But I’d heard she was out before that story broke, so I don’t think there’s much to it. Must’ve been something else. Anyway, the next “Bachelorette” season begins filming Sunday, March 17th, so guys will be leaving around the 13th & 14th. I’ve got a few solid contestants I will confirm sometime in the next couple weeks. With filming set to begin that Sunday, and the day after the meet and greet always being an off day, my guess is whoever the “Bachelorette” is will be in the audience at the DWTS premiere on the 18th so they can promote her.

The fact that the “Bachelorette” announcement is coming during the live finale all but confirms that Lindsay isn’t it. It would make zero sense, plus look completely insincere, to have her come out, be all sad, get her closure with Sean (since they haven’t spoken since Thailand), then 30 minutes later trot her back out and be like, “And hey everyone, look at our new Bachelorette!” If Lindsay were the “Bachelorette,” nothing she said to Sean when she sees him would be the least bit sincere or real because what would she care at that point? She got dumped three months ago, and if she was the “Bachelorette” any emotions stirred up rehasing their relationship would be fake. So yeah, Trista still remains the only final 2 girl to ever become the “Bachelorette.”

It’s funny how people’s guesses of who wrote the letter changes almost on an hourly basis. When we first saw it in a promo, the majority were guessing Catherine since she’s been known to write Sean nerdy letters all season. Then sentiment turned toward it was AshLee who wrote it because of the way she acted. Then after Monday’s episode that showed a preview of Sean’s mother not being thrilled about him getting engaged, people are now convinced his mother wrote the letter to give her approval. I don’t know who wrote the letter yet, but I’m telling you, it wasn’t his mom. That doesn’t make sense on any level. I’m guessing by the end of her stay with him, she will have already given him her approval. Once again, just because you see something in a promo, doesn’t mean you’re seeing the full story. The letter was not written by mom. And AshLee writing him a letter would only make sense if she’s gonna make an appearance at the final rose ceremony, which she doesn’t. I guess we’ll soon see, but for the record, I really don’t need emails with everyone’s guesses. It’s not like I’m keeping track of who gets it right and who doesn’t. It’s just a guess.

I loved that is now putting a disclaimer at the bottom of all their columns regarding the “Bachelor” that reads: “(P.S. Please don’t post finale spoilers in the comments for those readers who like to be surprised!) Ha ha. Laughable. Do you honestly think that’ll stop people from posting the spoiler? If anything, it’ll encourage them to. There’s really no point in even putting that sentence in there since whether you say it or not, of course some person signing in under an anonymous screen name is gonna blurt out who wins. Impossible not to. It was pretty funny skimming through some of the comments in the link I just attached in this paragraph. Amazing how mad some people get about finding out the ending. Really? You’re seriously MAD that someone told you who Sean picked? Why? Is your day or life any different because of it now? Been doing this a long time, and will continue to do this until the show goes off the air, and there isn’t a single person out there who’ll ever be able to explain to me in a logical way how someone can get so attached to this show to where it affects them on an emotional level to know the spoilers. Your priorities have got to be so far out of whack for you to be affected by anything you see on this show. It’s mindless entertainment.

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  1. iheartvino

    March 5, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    veganemma, I realize the cameras were filming on all the breaks, that’s nothing new. What I was referring to was how they actually aired the 10 seconds or so before coming back from each commercial break. We had never seen that before. I guess they realized they need to do things to mix it up a bit.

  2. shanesmith

    March 5, 2013 at 2:23 PM

    What about this? Ashley Hebert’s sister and Desiree’s brother together???….They already have the attitude and the tats…….Just a thought. bahaha

  3. kjopo84

    March 5, 2013 at 2:24 PM

    The letter definitely isn’t from Sean’s brother, despite the speculation. Chris Harrison, when he hands the letter to Sean, clearly says “She gave this to me, and she wanted you to see this”. Unless the line is from a completely unrelated episode of the show, the letter is from a female.

  4. shanesmith

    March 5, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    Anyone going on the bachelor show should know what they are signing up for. Does AshLee have a right to be upset? Maybe, but she signed up for the show and she should know what to expect. Sean is a classy guy and did a great job. AshLee didn’t handle herself very well.

  5. jf912

    March 6, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    I am not a big Sean fan but I do not believe he said he had no feelings for the other 2 women. I also dont think AshLee is lying…She just heard what she wanted to hear. Probably he said something like, he had special feelings for her he didn’t have with the others… and I believe that could be true… but doesn’t mean what she thought. He also knew she had abandonment issues he didn’t want to deal with if it didn’t work out. I think he hasn’t fallen in love with any of them, so Catherine is the best choice.

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