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Ohhhh, we’re getting closer. Closer to the Aug. 5th finale. You know what that means? Like clockwork, every single season, the closer we get to the finale, the more rumblings you start to hear about the spoilers being wrong. Here we are a little less than 3 weeks away from the finale and I’ve had emails over the course of the past 10 days or so telling me these four things: 1) Desiree is engaged to Brooks 2) Desiree is engaged to Drew 3) Desiree is engaged to Chris and 4) Desiree is single. Without fail, every single season this happens, and for the most part, every single season the ones that aren’t the spoiler I’ve given out have ended up being wrong. I expect nothing different this time around. People I guess just get bored so to drum up interest, they start putting out opposite endings so it’ll get chatter going about the season. I’m also not oblivious to the fact that the “anti-spoilers” being thrown out are most likely coming from within inside the show to try and get people to not believe the spoilers that have been out there for two months. I’ve come to expect it. It’s the same song and dance every season. Lets just all enjoy these last few weeks and wait for Aug. 5th to happen, shall we?

Quite a few “Reader Emails” this week, with topics ranging from whose house they filmed Brooks’ hometown at, more thoughts on the boring season that is Desiree, more gay talk, and one of my favorite “Dr. Reality Steve” emails ever because a woman is seemingly living a real life “Saturday Night Live” sketch. Enjoy…

I really need to get this off my chest. Aside from this cast being the worst I’ve ever seen on the show, I am completely shocked by how dumb these people are. Between Brooks and Desiree’s date during which they kept coming up with “adjectives” that were actually VERBS to Chris’ horrendous poetry, I’m embarrassed for all of them. I mean, isn’t knowing the difference between an adjective and a verb about as basic as grammar gets? And what’s the deal with the poetry? So the mortgage banker is a poet and he didn’t know it? And just when I thought I was going to vomit from Chris’ poorly-executed iambic pentameter overload, Chris and Des proceeded to write the most 3rd-grade level poem imaginable together, immortalize it by putting it into a bottle and then litter by tossing it into the ocean. This entire thing is a train wreck and ABC should be embarrassed.

I know we haven’t had Rhodes Scholars in past seasons and this wouldn’t be the first grammar fail, but there were so many moments in this last episode that were just too embarrassing to watch. For the life of me, I don’t understand why they chose Desiree as the bachelorette and this group of guys is without a doubt the worst and most uninteresting cast I’ve seen on the show. And don’t even get me started on Drew – my gaydar is OUT OF CONTROL with that guy. When they walked together for their one-on-one time during the two-on-one date, they were almost frolicking together arm-in-arm like he was her gay BFF (and I have plenty of them so I know how it goes). Either the casting department was on pills or it was opposite day during casting, but there is NO WAY I buy that they didn’t pick up on the gayness of this cast. There is not one guy in this group I would even consider dating, if for no other reason than I couldn’t trust him around my guy friends!

Oh, and one more thing: please tell me you don’t believe that Zak is actually 30? Unless he has slept in the tanning bed for the past five years, there’s no way he’s a day under 37 … he looks like a leather handbag that was accidentally washed and tossed outside to dry in the sun for 10 days, only to be thrown back into the washer again and then soaked in dirty water for 3 days. There are so many things this season that I wish I could un-see.

Comment: You need to not be so shy in your emails. Please, tell us how you really feel.

I usually watch the Bachelor every season, I even watched Ashley’s horrendous season, but I cannot sit through an episode of Des’s season. We have tried, but are bored to death beating ourselves silly with the remotes and just have to turn it off. Why is it so terrible?? Sean’s was pretty bad too to be honest…. I thought so much less of him after his season. Yuck. But I do still read your blog every week and read the spoilers ahead of time. I read that you said so many people have mentioned to you how they hate this season and I just had to chime in and say they are CORRECT. I don’t watch it anymore.

What are some other shows you watch? That you watch that you actually enjoy?

Thanks for at least trying to make The Bachelor interesting.

Comment: I’m currently enjoying “America’s Got Talent,” “Catfish,” “Couples Therapy,” “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition,” “The Jeselnik Offensive,” “Inside Amy Schumer,” and anytime SyFy wants to re-run “Sharknado,” I’m there. Like tonight.

Hi, Steve,

I’ve always read you posts and I think they’re great. You’re the only guy that can make The Bachelor and Bachelorette more interesting. I watch the Bachelor/ette thing with my wife on Monday nights and the other day I thought of something involving Brad 2

After Brad’s second season all the Bachelor/ette’s exes and you do the exes math, you’ll end in Brad.

Bachelor 15: Brad Womack
Bachelorette 7: Ashley Hebet Brad’s ex-girlfriend
Bachelor 16: Ben Flanjk. Brad’s ex-girlfriend’s (Ashley H.), ex-boyfriend.
Bachelorette 8: Emily Maynard. Brad’s ex-fiancé
Bachelor 17: Sean Lowe; Brad’s ex-fiancé’s (Emily) ex-boyfriend.
Bachelorette 9: Desiree Hartsock (boringness person to every have their own season of television on the planet); Brad’s ex-fiancé’s (Emily) ex-boyfriend’s (Sean) ex-girlfriends.

Brad 1 has some exe’s as well.
Bachelor 11: Brad Womack
Bachelorette 4: DeAnna Pappas; Brad’s ex-girlfriend
Bachelor 13: Jason Mesnick (broke up with Melissa and they got back with Molly and now she’s his wife) ; Brad’s ex-girlfriend’s (DeAnna) ex-boyfriend
Bachelorette 5: Jillian Harris ; Brad’s ex-girlfriend’s (DeAnna) ex-boyfriend’s (Jason) ex-girlfriend

Also, did you notice that on Emily and Desiree’s seasons that the 1st guy out of the limo (Sean and Drew) is the guy eliminated after overnight dates.

Comment: Well, I’d say you can play six degrees of separation to Brad mainly because he’s been the only person to be on twice, so yeah, I see what you’re saying. But if Brad was only on once, it wouldn’t be relevant.

I am an admitted reality TV junkie and have watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette every single season except this one………I couldn’t garner the interest in Des, could care less if she finds “love”. So, as the advertisers demographic, I would like to send out this wake up call

I think the producers need to shake it up a bit. Remember Byron’s season, where there were 2 Bachelor choices and the ladies picked which guy they liked best? something to put a little suspense or twist in there because if I hear “our most dramatic rose ceremony ever” one more time I will try to strangle Chris Harrison

I would like it if they would ask the fan’s who they would like to see as the lead instead of them assuming that they know who we care about, was never interested in Des but her brother was a small moment of TV greatness.

And quit drawing out each episode with recaps. If I am watching the women tell all, I have most likely seen the season, have a favorite and know who I am pulling for, and I don’t need you to waste 20 minutes of my time with re-caps of their journey of love. DVR fast forward button is getting worn out.

Next season, for the limo exits, have the lead sitting in a chair facing away from the guys. they can’t see the “dates” but can ask questions and hold a conversation and based on that choose which 3 people go home without seeing what they look like

Or, let the lead see the “behind the scenes” footage. Seeing someone when they first wake up in the morning, or drunk, or handling the boredom and frustration that might come with the living situation is the way to really get to know someone and how they would handle “real life” If we are to believe that these people really want to find “love”, then they should make the situations more real. Give them the choice of a “chick flick” or a guy movie and have them decide which one movie they can see, or have them decide together where to go for dinner. I’m tired of Cinderella crap. Put them in a messy house with a teething toddler and have them clean the house, make dinner and put the child to bed in a certain time frame in order to win a babysitter and a night out, that will help you find your help mate. Or, send them out on a date and have the car break down, they have to either fix it or find their way to a gas station without killing each other – real life

Justin Bieber’s mom was on the View yesterday and she seems……. un-smart, so hope Chris is enjoying that……….

For everyone wanting a gay season, there was a show on either Fox or CW, one of those, where the lead was openly gay and they had a house full of guys, some of whom were gay and some of whom were straight. The idea was that he would go out and use his gay-dar to find the gay that was right for him. I remember really liking him and he of course picked the wrong guy and was crushed, poor man……Maybe the LOGO network would create a GBLT version, I would watch, love is love, no matter how you cut it

Keep on Spoilin’

Comment: A lot of the “ideas” you have will never become part of this show. Not interesting enough. You say you watched 25 seasons but can’t stand to watch Desiree’s. Fair enough. But do you realize the previous 25 seasons you watched all had the same basic premise, with Chris Harrison saying the same things every season, and the formula essentially being exactly the same? For all those saying Desiree’s season is boring or whatever, it’s certainly not because of the format. The format didn’t all the sudden get old after 25 installments. That’s just ridiculous. It’s the same show every season, except a different cast. So I’d blame the cast for the reason you’re not watching, not anything that the show is doing because guess what? They had a meet and greet with 25 contestants (just like pretty much every other season), there was wackiness on the first night with stupid limo exit gimmicks and drunken behavior (like any other season), they filmed dates in LA (like every other season outside of Emily and Charlie), then they left the states and started traveling to different countries (pretty much what they’ve done for the last 10 seasons), they had a 2-on-1 date, they had 1-on-1 dates, they had group dates, they had hometown dates, then they will travel to somewhere for the overnights and final rose ceremony. Tell me how the format of Des’ season is any different than anything you’ve seen in the past 25 seasons? It’s not. It’s the people that are, so there’s your answer.

Is it just me or does Michael Garofola look like Adam in the “Creation of Adam” painting by Michelangelo. Picture for reference:


And no, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell he’ll be “World’s Greatest Prosecutor”

Comment: Ummm, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen Michael G naked, nor do I plan to.

I thought Michelangelo was, you know, supposed to be this really great artist? Did he really make Adam seem like he’s hung like a light switch? Geez. Brutal. Looks like he has a wad of gum stuck between his legs. Not very flattering Adam. Eve must’ve totally faked it that night.

Hi RS (and Maddie),

Two questions for you this week.

1) Why does Fleiss hate Ben? His season was boring but I didn’t think it was bad enough to be hated for. Is there another reason?

2) Are are they still planning on announcing the next Bachelor at ATFR?


Comment: 1) Because he thought he was boring and his season sucked

2) I doubt it will be announced on Aug. 5th. That’s rather early considering “Bachelor” filming doesn’t start til mid September.

When was the last time they announced the next “Bachelor” during the “Bachelorette” ATFR? Have they ever done that? They’ve usually done it during the “Bachelor Pad” finale or in conjunction with the announcement of the DWTS fall lineup of contestants.

Hi Steve,

I’ve read your blog since Jillian’s season, but this is my first time writing in. As people continue to complain about the reasons why The Bachelorette ratings aren’t good this season, I would argue that it is a combination of different issues, including poor casting and the need for ABC to switch things up and make things fresh.

Have you put any thought into what might make the show more interesting? Lately, I have noticed a trend in television shows trying to integrate social media and their fan base more closely into programming. While I think that the tweets shown during The Bachelorette on the bottom of the screen are just an annoyance, I think that some kind of additional social media integration might do the show good. For example, in some shows, they have incorporated the idea of allowing the viewers to vote to keep a ‘contestant’ on longer. Imagine if fans could vote online and have one rose be designated as “the fan rose”? It would definitely be interesting. All of the time you hear bachelors and bachelorettes say that at the time they didn’t see what was wrong with someone on the show, but after watching the footage, they realize what a mistake it was to waste time with someone. Having the nation’s backing on a keeping a certain individual could play into this idea.

Another thought would be to merge the ideas of “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad”. This idea might be crazy, but hear me out: Choose 12 men and 12 women that have all appeared on the show before that still want to find love, or at least date. Separate the men and women, but let each group know what men and women are there. Keeping the men and women separate, let them each have girl talk and guys talk, figuring out who is there they would want to date. They could even play off of the “Bachelor” theme and call this period of time “Bachelor Parties”. Next, they could have pool parties or group dates, and allow everyone to get to know each other better and mingle. After this, both the men and women could submit in private their top one, two, or three choices of who they would want to date. If there is a match, the couple gets to know each other, and go on one of ABC’s romantic dates. If a person isn’t selected, he or she gets sent home.

Think of all the possibilities with this show! It would be super entertaining, and would allow a lot of past fan favorites to get involved in a show that doesn’t have a stigma of being superficial and trashy like Bachelor Pad does. It is also pretty obvious that individuals from past seasons are into each other with all of the flirting that goes on online on Twitter. Having multiple people in search of love would also give the show a higher percentage of having a couple work out, which they seem to desperately need. Eliminating any kind of strategy and money also makes people focus more closely on being realistic with who they could have an actual future with.

Comment: There is zero chance of your first idea working. How can they possibly have the viewers vote to keep certain contestants on when by the time the first episode even rolls around, filming is already over? Makes no sense and logistically impossible. Not to mention, if they want their audience to believe this show is about finding the lead a love of their life, why would the audience have any say in that? It’d become a popularity contest, and what if they kept voting through a person that the lead didn’t care for at all? That idea doesn’t really make sense on any level. You do know this show isn’t live, right?

Your second idea is basically “Bachelor Pad.” Not sure how I see where that would be anything resembling the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.”

They are not going to change the basic premise of a show that’s been successful for 26 seasons, and that’s 1 lead, and a bunch of contestants vying for that person. That is their formula they’ve stuck with and I can’t possibly see them straying away from that.

I’m just catching up on the seasons blogs now and I just had to write in reference to Soulja Boy. Don’t be utterly amazed that Soulja Boy was on the Bachelorette. As for the “rap world”, many a rapper does not consider Soulja Boy to be a part of it. Soulja Boy has no dignity or street cred as you put it. His “songs” or “raps” are merely pop anthems (hence, The Bachelorette) and most real rappers have absolutely no respect for him. Go to YouTube and type “Ice T on Soulja Boy”, then scroll down and see what he and other rappers think about Soulja Boy.

Comment: Awesome. Someone from the rap community emailed me. I guess I have more street cred now than Soulja Boy. Sure, that song may have been corny as hell, but “Right Reasons” was one of the better group dates this show has ever done. No joke.

I realized this season that I watch this show every season because I have a harmless crush on one of the bachelors each season.

For example:
JP- loved loved him
Graham Bunn- huge crush
Jef Holm- hot
Andy Firestone- so cute to me
Sean- super fine
Roberto so cute
Brad – very good looking

This season zero, zilch, nada, nobody, hideous, not sexy, no hotties, muscle heads this all = to a snooze fest.

It’s all about the bachelors.

Comment: That seems to be a running them. But just remember, just because you don’t like any of these bachelors, doesn’t mean each of them don’t have a fan base. They all do.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for making me not take this show so seriously. I’ve watched since Jillian’s season and I remember when I would get so heated with my roommate when she would threaten to tell me the winner! I was a sucker.

My question- I remember a magazine article I read (maybe 3 years ago) that was titled something like, “Secrets of Bachelor Production!” It said that if you don’t make it to the Final 4, then you have to pay for all your travel expenses. Is this true? Or was it ever true? Could I be confusing it with a similar circumstance?

Comment: No, that’s not true.


I’ve been a pretty consistent viewer of the Bachelor franchise for the past 10 or so seasons, but I just haven’t found this year’s season to be watchable. There are a number of reasons for this, all kind of coming together in a perfect storm of uninspiring yuckiness on my TV screen:

1. The cast — without question the most boring, two-dimensional group of bachelors they’ve ever assembled. Typically the show is carried by a few common threads that emerge among the opening 25 guys or girls—the player who is a bit diabolical, the trainwrecks and jackasses who are often funny, and the select two or three people who have a legitimate shot and show actual connection to the lead. This year all of those subtypes have shown up, as they always do, but this time none of them have the virtue of being interesting. The diabolical player isn’t really all that diabolical after all, the jackasses are there, but are boring, and the top few guys are all weird and off-putting. They’re not even interesting in a negative sense. I don’t hate them, I just don’t want to watch them.

2. The lead – It’s easy to overcomplicate this, so let’s not. Desiree is a nice enough girl, but she isn’t a dynamic personality and can’t carry the show. In fact, she’s just kind of a regular girl. She doesn’t offend me and doesn’t wow me. There’s just no storyline there.

3. The dates – everything is so predictable and played out at this point. It’s hard to watch a show with a boring cast when even the plot devices are predictable too. Another bungee jump. Another helicopter ride. Another day in the boat. Another live music performance. Yadda Yadda Yadda. The ITMs make me crazy now, as I know to expect some smashed together version of “amazing, so and so looked stunning, I can see myself with this person, so we walk in and there’s this beautiful dinner, family is very important to me, I think I’m falling for so and so, I really want so and so to open up,”…. blah blah blah blah friggin’ blah.

4. Chris Harrison – “gentlemen, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready.” I think where his douchebaggery reaches its zenith is in the staged conversations he has with the leads, where the show tries to create this notion that Harrison is giving them sage advice. Give me a f—ing break.

5. The show just takes itself way, way too seriously. The odds of actually, seriously, no kidding, honest to goodness, really finding a lasting relationship on this show are so damn remote, because the entire premise is pretty absurd. Bachelor Pad was tawdry as hell, but part of what made it entertaining was that the show never took itself seriously (well that, and the occasional incredibly hot woman—Jessie Sulidis, anyone?). Bachelor Pad knows it’s ridiculous, so it doesn’t try to claim seriousness. I just can’t bring myself to take the Bachelor(ette) seriously, and it aggravates me when I watch it.
6. So…I might not watch anymore, but I’ll still read your columns, because I like your sense of humor and tend to agree with your perspective on the show.

Comment: One of the better, well thought out emails I’ve ever received. I agree with every point made in this email, especially your first two points. Excellent job. You get a sticker.

You’ve got me totally hooked on Jason’s and Molly’s podcast. They were not my favorite season but I seriously love their podcast! I’m a little confused about something they talked about and I know you can clear it up for me.

Molly talked about a time that they were in the ‘safe house,’ after filming and they needed to call 911. They made a call to the producers who didnt want them to call 911 but because it was serious and needed to, they asked Molly to hide so the paramedics wouldn’t know she was the one he picked because the show had just started airing. She then added (almost like she had caught herself) that their time at the ‘safe house’ was a little uncomfortable at first because Jason had originally picked Melissa.

It was my understanding that Jason and Melissa dated while the show was airing and broke up on ATFR, when at that point he asked Molly to coffee, thus beginning their relationship.

So, my question for you is: was picking Melissa really just faked and Molly slipped up by telling that story or am I wrong about the sequence of events?


P.S. I’m sorry if this was explained at the time, I wasn’t privey to your blog un

Comment: You’re forgetting that the secret ATFR taping took place 6 weeks before the finale, around the end of January. Jason’s season ended filming right before Thanksgiving, he dated Melissa from that point until they taped the ATFR at the end of January. That’s when he started dating Molly, and they had their safe house visits from end of January up until the finale in March. That’s where you were confused.

Hi Steve,

Since I have no good questions relating to Bachelor(ette)itude…

As we know you are a fan of the Burning Love series…I was wondering if you had ever seen Veronica Mars or what you thought of the VMars movie. If you have never seen it, many of the Burning Love characters are also characters in the world of Neptune – Ken Marino (Mark Orlando), Ryan Hansen (Blaze), of course Kristen Bell…Martin Starr is going to be in the movie (though he was never on the TV show). I’m a big fan of the series, and I could see you liking it with your sense of humor. I know you don’t really need more TV to watch, but thought I would pass along a recommendation whether you liked it or not.

Hope you are staying cool in TX!

Comment: Never saw the Veronica Mars show, but I’ve always heard good things about it. I’m a fan of Kristen Bell though. And I’m not talking about her acting. Does she make my list? Ehhhhh, close call.

i’m sure you’ve seen this before, but just in case you haven’t here ya go 🙂


Comment: Brings a tear to my eye. We coulda been something…

Although, if we’re really getting technical here, Ben brought 6 girls to Belize (the location before the hometowns), and eliminated Rachel and Emily in that episode, so do we really know who finished 5th vs. 6th? Ben never specified which one he liked more.

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  1. amyrn22

    July 18, 2013 at 11:18 AM

    I finally had a breakthrough. couldn’t figure out why steve was “defending” the season when he rips on it so much. he keeps saying, the show hasn’t changed, its the exact same format they’ve always used, blah blah blah. Perhaps Steve is getting nervous that the poor ratings and hatred towards this season is the start of this show’s downfall…thus an end to the column. Or even further….if they change the format in any way, he might not get the spoilers he does….thus, an end to the column.

  2. crushonspivey

    July 18, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    “Without fail, every single season this happens, and for the most part, every single season the ones that aren’t the spoiler I’ve given out have ended up being wrong.”

    A bit defensive Steve. We get it, you are typically right, but have also been wrong. Don’t act you haven’t been. For the most part. Could happen again. Although I doubt this season will be the one. Brooks and Des look like a better couple than Des and Drew or Des and Chris.

  3. bigfatwoman2

    July 18, 2013 at 1:30 PM

    I only read the first letter—and my message to that writer is:

    We get it….you don’t like the people on the show and you think they are more dumberer than you.

    Get over yourself and be careful coming down off that horse.

  4. vessel

    July 18, 2013 at 6:04 PM

    Two things:
    1) Do people still use the phrase “Out of wedlock” these days? Even my 83 year old mother has dropped that from her repertoire.
    2) Steve said when he posted the episode by episode season’s spoilers that regarding the 3 overnight dates that ALL 3 accepted. Now today he said something like “Maybe Brooks declined the overnight date.” I don’t want to be too picky, we’ll see soon enough what goes down, but anyone else notice that?

  5. lilith182

    July 19, 2013 at 5:37 AM

    The guy with the vacation romance thing, it will never work. I’ve been in this situation more than once, and the biggest problem is that the person you meet on vacation is never the same in real life. When every day life stuff, stress, work etc comes into play that isn’t present on vacation you will realize things aren’t the same because she isn’t (and you aren’t) in the same carefree holiday mode. I held onto a fling I had traveling for a year, and only realized when I went back to visit him that it would never work out. And I went to another one’s hometown a few months after we met on vacation and it was still fun, but never would have been a relationship.

  6. fan22

    July 19, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Lilith- sounds like what people go through on the bachelor/ette.

    To the first Dr RS poster: Honestly, what I read was you trying to sugar coat the fact that you have feelings for that guy “R” but you feel bad because you’re in a boring marriage. Hanging around this guy, or any guy for that matter, is only going to lead to bad choices and guilt. You should ask yourself why you married the guy you did. And go on a search to discover ways to actually fall in love with HIM and not just “love” him like you may have to tell yourself you do.

  7. wavecatchingmom

    July 19, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    I agree with what he/she said: “I am finding myself less interested in this season knowing that there will be no Bachelor Pad following. Most of the fun in viewing this show comes from predicting which hot mess will find their way to be on Bachelor Pad and who from past seasons will they hook up with. There’s really no investment, so to speak, in these “characters” knowing that once they’re left without a rose, they’ll only disappear into Twitter-verse and we won’t have another opportunity to make fun of them on tv again.”

    Also, in defense of RS- he did say he doesn’t have much information on what happens in Antigua, and I’m betting that Brooksy leaves after the overnight – he keeps saying how he wants more time alone with Des to find out how he feels. we will see, we will see… but I think ABC is making him the front runner specifically to make play this drama out, why wouldn’t they?
    There are plenty of men who are pretty effeminate but not gay, and there are plenty of people who are bisexual, and they deserve a shot to find happiness with either gender, right? I have friends who have switched sides because it was about being in love with the person…

  8. bfan1

    July 19, 2013 at 5:18 PM

    Sorry Steve but still think you and your source are being fleissed. I think while Brooks may be the initial F1 something happened later on and Drew became the new F1. Chris is still F2 but Brooks and Drew F1A and F1B respectively. They are making it too easy to predict that Brooks is leaving and will come back when he in all likelihood isn’t leaving at all.. I think what happens is that Brooks and Des have a brief falling out and no fantasy date for him. Meanwhile she grows closer to the adoring Drew but still sends him home leaving Brooks and Chris. Cue FRC, she picks Brooks (or maybe not) and everyone thinks that is a wrap but wait she decides she is not happy and Drew is there – she ends up somehow having some time – cue screencaps of Drew on LCD type dates, they have another rose ceremony and she ends up with Drew. They are deliberately hiding all the Brooks screencaps to make you think he is the one who swoops in last minute to propose but I think that’s too easy and Fleiss really planned this well. At the beginning of the season, there is a voiceover of her saying something that she learned that something she wanted is not what she needed which seems to contrast Brooks (want) vs. Drew (need). I think too many times it has been pointed out that Brooks is not that into her and even Chris Harrison has questioned whether Brooks is just going through the motions and Des has made these mistakes of choosing the wrong guy in the past (hinting maybe she does not this time in the very end). Also no hint of Brooks and Des meeting up but Drew has moved to Calif. conveniently close to where Des lives. Drew was pretty hidden and now he is on the front of magazines with Brooks hinting that he is the spoiI personally can’t see Des with Drew (seems too young) but I just have this crazy feeling that MF let the spoiler get out that Brooks is number 1 and spent the whole season focusing on that just to pull a gotcha at the very end.

  9. debra5

    July 19, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    i am so hoping that the new bachelor is Arie. I know you say never in a million years. But I think he will be chosen over Jef. I can’t believe that you say that Arie is like Jef with the girls. That is so not true. We never read anything about Arie and random girls while girls post that Jef is always lurking around college age girls.. After Emily, Sean and Des they need someone to spice this show up. Who better than Arie? I think Drew and Chris are nice but not bachelors.

  10. rob22

    July 19, 2013 at 6:27 PM

    Arie wouldn’t be believable. He’s a total poon hound. But, he may be better than any other show rejects. I’d watch him, but I don’t pretend that the leads are going to marry their F1 anyway.

  11. karynr

    July 20, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Regardless of how Arie conducts his life, and I don’t think he’s that different from a lot of guys, I think Fleiss would see a boost in ratings putting him in the lead. RS really dislikes him, and that’s his right, but I see someone who would add some spice to a tired show. I missed last week and don’t even think I’m going to bother watching it. I just don’t care if it’s Drew or Brooks. And I’ve had more than enough of BP. Three seasons was plenty, and that last group was the worst. Though Nick made it well worth watching at the end! JMO!

  12. Sunnyside422

    July 20, 2013 at 11:28 AM

    I didn’t watch all of BP last summer…just not interested…but agree that Nick was awesome in the finale! Best move ever and all his reasoning was spot on for keeping the money. And people actually felt sorry for Rachel! Not me. She treated him like left over garbage…he owed her nothing!

  13. kjopo84

    July 20, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Bahahahaha!!! I drive a dodge stratus!! Omg I’ve said that a million times too!

  14. elizabeth82

    July 22, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    Anyone else not interested in the “MTA?” It’s my least fav episode of every season anyway, and since this is such a weird season I’m even less interested than I normally am. I might have it on in the background–sometimes on mute–while I’m doing other stuff.

  15. iheartvino

    July 22, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    Elizabeth, nope, you’re definitely not the only one! I haven’t been watching this season since the one when Bryden left. It’s just been too boring for me and I haven’t even had it on at all on Monday nights. I’m skipping tonight, but I will probably watch next week’s to see if anything weird happens with Brooks and how the F3 goes down. I’m sure it’s just creative (and by creative I mean misleading!) editing but I’ll probably still watch. I have ZERO interest in watching the MTA though.

  16. strick432

    July 22, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    Anybody know why the finale is Aug 5 and not next Monday?

  17. elizabeth82

    July 22, 2013 at 11:59 AM

    @strick432: Because they still have the overnight dates and then the F2. MTA was shoehorned in earlier than usual (greeeaat).

  18. elizabeth82

    July 22, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    Anyone watching “Whodunnit?” I’m really enjoying this show (certainly A LOT more than I’m enjoying “The Bachelorette” this season). Bummed that Dana and Sasha were just bumped off; I was rooting for both of them. I think the killer might be Cris. I don’t think we’ve been given much info with which to discern the killer’s identity. They do have those enactments of the murders with the killer all dressed in black and face hidden; from that, it doesn’t look like it’s someone big in stature like Geno or Ronnie. I did think that anyone who got moved to tears (i.e., Melina and Dana) were likely not the killer because that would be some pretty good acting. Come to think of it, Geno teared up last episode too. So I think it’s between Cris, Cam, and Lindsey.

  19. strick432

    July 22, 2013 at 1:42 PM

    GOOD LORD they are dragging this out. I thought the finale was next week….I’ve watched every season from Alex Michel – and I’m about BORED to death this time. I’ll still watch, though. Guilty pleasure.

  20. rob22

    July 22, 2013 at 2:48 PM

    Maybe it’s time for a black Bachelor. Seriously. This would be a great gimmic for ratings and I think we’re over the whole interracial issue… and if not, it would generate a lot of buzz. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are plenty that would sign up. Just keep Kim Kardashian away from the proceedings.

  21. strick432

    July 22, 2013 at 6:35 PM

    Juan Pablo or Zak will be the next Bachelor.

  22. bigfatwoman2

    July 23, 2013 at 5:04 AM

    Totally agree @strick….they both sealed it last night. It’ll probably be Zak….too much of a language barrier for Juan Pablo, but damn he is hot.

  23. bigfatwoman2

    July 23, 2013 at 5:06 AM

    Oh so hard to hide your sociopathy, huh Ben?

  24. jackie22

    July 23, 2013 at 5:16 AM

    They definitely did a good job of talking up Juan Pablo last night. Having all of the ladies cheer and talking about his daughter. I’d LOVE to watch that season of the Bachelor… just to hear him talk and to look at him… SWOOOOON 🙂 lol

  25. strick432

    July 23, 2013 at 5:51 AM

    He is pretty hot! And I’m sorry, but Zak turned me off with the singing thing. I was embarassed for him. It wasn’t good.

  26. rob22

    July 23, 2013 at 6:13 AM

    Yes, Fleiss and Chris were really pimping “WonPahblow” for the next Bachelor. I agree that they undermined Zak by letting him sing that ridiculous and embarrassing song. He’s completely out now. Presuming that they won’t go the Gay Cabellero direction with Drew it could very well be WonPahblow. Well, I guess the Bachelor has another 2-3 months to get WonPahblow through a Berlitz course and teach him to bathe daily. It seems kind of like a reverse My Fair Lady. That could be the narrative. Poor, dirty latino from backwards country, who’s been hit in the head by too many soccer balls, cleans up, learns proper english (including that WonPahBlow is not how it’s said in America) and cruises hot american chicks with big breasts. It could work.

  27. Sunnyside422

    July 23, 2013 at 7:16 AM

    No interest in Juan at all and hard to understand him. But to each his own.

    I flipped channels so didn’t (deliberately) watch all the interviews with the “bad” guys and when I realized Zak was about to sing (use the term loosely), definitely went back to HGTV. How could he allow himself to be made such a fool of…or maybe he thinks he CAN sing!? NOT.

    As I have said numerous times…poor Des saddled with this bunch of nothings!

  28. Dianne

    July 23, 2013 at 7:28 AM

    This actually might be the perfect opportunity for Fleiss et al to get some new meat for the next Bachelor. You have to admit, the crew that are leftover from this season are pretty bad (other than Juan P of course!). I can see Juan P as the next Bachelor, as adorable as he is, I think the language barrier may be a bit too wide. I haven’t been following “faithfully” this season, but did tune in for a bit last evening. All I can say is “ick”! TOTALLY creeped me out!

  29. Dianne

    July 23, 2013 at 7:29 AM

    *can’t* even..sorry 🙁

  30. strick432

    July 23, 2013 at 8:48 AM

    Seems we are all of the same opinion about the “song” sung by Zak. He made a fool of himself – again – on national television. Poor chap.

  31. bfan1

    July 23, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    Now after watching MTA, I changed my opinion F1 is Chris. I think Brooks and Drew take themselves outside and Chris is last man standing. I think Brooks may return but she will reject him – I think he may end up being the next bachelor. Even Des’ and her brother have been making hints about her F1 and it sure does not sound like Brooks. Plus Chris has a new twitter – that looks awfully suspicious (like in a safe house similar to what JP and Ashley had.) Chris has had the most 1 and 1 dates and kisses too if you look at the board – Drew is 2nd and Brooks (3rd) – maybe this is the final order. MF even made a comment about the ending come out of left field (baseball reference). So now I think it’s Chris. Who knows – this ending looks like it is anyone but Brooks.

  32. pdub

    July 23, 2013 at 8:56 AM

    I agree that they are totally grooming Juan Pablo to be the next bachelor after seeing MTA. I think he’d be a good choice. Steve always says “Drew has his fans,” but he also has 5x as many people who think he’s gay (myself included). It was very clear that Juan Pablo has more fans, plus it’s almost more appealing that he didn’t get a lot of screen time or get involved in the drama. I don’t think the language barrier is that bad, it’s more endearing than anything. I could listen to him try to pronounce yodeling all day. Plus, it might even increase the franchise’s demographic. It became clear in the last election that you can’t win the presidency without the Hispanic vote, so maybe tv producers should take note of that, too! It would also help with criticism about the lack of diversity on the show.

    By the way, I found Des really annoying on MTA. Anyone else? All season I thought she was boring, maybe not that bright, but nice enough and very pretty. Last night, however, I thought she was irritating. All of her attempts at jokes fell flat, and she was over the top when she confronted the “bad boys,” who really weren’t that bad.

    Let’s hope the producers have some sense and choose JP. I guarantee it will be a better, fresher season.

  33. bfan1

    July 23, 2013 at 8:59 AM

    Also Chris was the only of the final 3 featured in bloopers feature where they were sure to show Des’ beaming reaction.

  34. elizabeth82

    July 23, 2013 at 9:18 AM

    I’d rather watch a season of The Bachelor in which I can understand what the man is saying . . . so I donno bout Juan Pablo. I also just wish he’d get rid of the neckbeard. Anyway, he’s OK, seems genuine, etc., but why all the hoopla? Not a fan of Zak always bursting out in song, but I’d be happy with him as Bachelor. I think how adventurous he is makes him appealing; he’s also pretty intelligent as people on this show go.

    Either of these choices, though, would be MILES better than Drew (unless they break mold and do Gay Bachelor). And I kind of can’t see Chris carrying a season–I liked him out of the limo but then all the horrible poetry! And he’s a bit bland. If Brooks isn’t F1, I don’t want to see him as Bachelor. Too effeminate and doesn’t seem ready to settle down.

  35. Athena

    July 23, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    Count me as the minority of 1 who didn’t hate Zak’s song. It’s the white around his irises in his eyes that sometimes bother me. But, I do like his adventuresome and creative nature. So, either he or Juan Pablo would be fine with me. About the ending: I’m still voting with Steve and think they’re just trying to Fleiss us.

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