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Bachelorette Desiree Recap & My Thoughts on the Passing of a Radio Legend

Sooooo, do we really need to discuss Drew and Chris’ dates? I mean really? Does anyone even remember they had dates during the show last night? I certainly don’t. I highly doubt anyone got to work this morning and said, “Man, did you watch the ‘Bachelorette’ last night? Drew and Des’ date was incredibly sexy!” Uhhhhh, no. When the show started, we had clips of her journeys with all three guys as Des gave a voiceover while the clips played. I gotta say, Des has zero future in voiceover work because she couldn’t have been more obvious she was reading from a script as she was describing all three guys. I figured usually that stuff is audio taken from ITM’s, but this was clear she went into a booth and read word for word what was written on paper and it sounded horrible. Even the sound quality seemed off like she was in a studio reading this while the clips were playing. It was all quite bizarre. So here’s what she said about all three (thanks to US Weekly for summarizing for me since, well, I didn’t feel like writing this all down):

Chris: “Chris truly is perfect for me in so many ways. We connect on all different levels, and we do have all the ingredients needed to make a really great relationship…I love Chris’ awkwardness, because sometimes I can be a little awkward, and I think he gets me…Chris is everything I’m looking for in a husband, and I would be very lucky to end up with him.”

Drew: “There are so many things I love about Drew. He’s so passionate and so romantic, and we really do have an emotional connection. Kissing Drew just leaves me speechless, and the caliber of Drew’s looks is off the charts. But he’s so humble and so sincere…I feel like if Drew and I were to end up together, we would have a deep connection and a deep love.”

Those were all fine and dandy and standard in pumping up your remaining guys, but then she started talking about Brooks and, well, it was obvious he’s on another level. Hell, she even admits he is.

Brooks: “I have great connections with Chris and Drew, but my feelings for Brooks are set apart from the other guys. When I’m with Brooks, I do see my future. Brooks is unlike anyone I’ve ever known…Brooks is one of a kind, and I love that about him…After the date in Madeira, I felt comfortable enough to let myself say that I loved him.”

Kinda different animals we’re dealing with here. Saying things like “he’s a great guy, he’s perfect for me, he’s everything I’m looking for in a husband, he’s passionate, he’s romantic” is nothing we haven’t heard on any previous season from the lead. But to say “my feelings for Brooks are set apart from the other guys” and “when I’m with him I DO see my future” basically puts her relationship with Drew and Chris to shame. Not to mention the last hour of the show and her practically begging him to love her. And telling him he’s the one she wanted. She looks desperate at this point.

It was quite an interesting night seeing Twitter absolutely explode on me. The amount of hatred and venom that was spewed out while Brooks was breaking up with her was overwhelming. Holy crap. To see all the warm responses, just do “Reality Steve” in a Twitter search and then click “All” to see the love from America. So props to me for almost single handedly breaking the internet last night. People couldn’t wait to jump down my throat to tell me what they thought of me while all that was playing out last night. Some called me a liar, some called me names, some were confused, some said I did this on purpose, some even said I’m on ABC’s payroll, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I guess I can say that every season til I’m blue in the face but random idiots out there will continue to believe I’m somehow a mouthpiece for the show. So ridiculous. So where does that leave us after last night? Here’s what I can tell you: Nothing I saw last night made me change my mind that it’s anyone other than Brooks. In fact, I’m even more convinced it’s him now after seeing how that played out.

I’m assuming most of the people that were jumping down my throat on Twitter and email last night had read my column before, right? I mean, did anyone read what I wrote just last week? Not to mention for weeks I’d been saying I don’t know what the details of what goes down in Antigua were, but that I just knew the end result. Then I specifically said in last Tuesday’s column I thought last night’s episode would end with Brooks cutting their date short, Des crying, and the episode having a doom and gloom type of feel to it while setting up the finale. Then yet still everyone is yelling at me last night while the episode is on, “I thought you said they were engaged!!!” Mind boggling to me how ridiculous some people can get over this when there’s still another episode to go. I guess nothing I say is gonna convince people that she ends up with Brooks until next Monday night, but I’ll do my best to try and tell my side here today.

There are still plenty of questions I don’t know the answer to that I’m sure you’ll have for me, but if you’re coming to me today asking “Are you changing your spoiler” the answer is a definitive no. I was told from the beginning that it’s been Brooks all along, and there’s nothing whatsoever that leads me to believe she is with Drew or Chris. Nothing. Not to mention after that world class meltdown last night, and her profession of love for Brooks (something she hasn’t said to either of the other guys), and essentially telling him to his face as he was dumping her “you’re the guy I wanted,” that just adds to the fact that I don’t see how in the world it could even possibly be Drew or Chris at this point. No one would buy it. I mean, did you listen to what she said during her crying mess last night? Let me refresh your memory:

“It throws everything off, having Brooks gone. It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart knowing that I have two amazing, unreal guys who do love me. I just can’t love them as much…And that’s not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it’s over.”

So we’re expected to believe after last night, that within hours, or maybe a day or two, she shook things off, went about her business, continued the journey with Drew and Chris, we have a normal finale, two guys come to the altar and she accepts a proposal from one of them? Huh? Like I said, not a chance anyone in the world anyone would buy that. How could you? You can’t compare this to Ali’s meltdown when Frank left then getting engaged to Roberto days later because A) she has since told us it was always Roberto from the beginning and B) Ali never told Frank she loved him and he was the one she wanted to be with. She was just upset that someone essentially turned the tables and dumped her, so she felt like crap. But she wasn’t going to pick him anyway. Des has told America ON CAMERA she loves Brooks and he’s the one she wanted to be with. How can anyone say that and then days later accept a proposal from another guy who she’s clearly stated she’s not as into as much and have it be believable?

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  1. sarald00

    July 30, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    It does seem Brooks had a hard time falling in love due to not wanting to be dumped. It seems he became confused because of it.

  2. darlene38

    July 30, 2013 at 4:23 PM

    Deciding, for a brief moment of insanity, to take this phony reality at face value, I have to say that it is glaringly obvious that Brooks coming back is not only logical ending, but that there is nothing weird or strange in his return. Haven’t we all made decisions in our lives that we almost immediately regretted making, but couldn’t take back? So, he was allowed to take it back, nothing wrong with that. Besides, through the whole torturous event he was so torn and indecisive, the door was left open for pretty much anything. In addition, he has just found that Des loves him and only him, despite other dates and ‘connections’ she made with other guys, mulling that discovery over is bound to effect him in some way. And in real life, the discovery of actually being in love with someone truly can happen suddenly and unexpectedly (happened to me). So, the scenario of Brooks regretting his leaving, post facto realizing that he, too, is in love with her and coming back to claim her, is not that unrealistic at all. That does happen in real life.

    But since we know that everything in this show is producer approved, if not producer created, it is also logical to expect that Brooks was not the only contestant ever to express struggle with this insane notion of proposing after spending 20 hours effectively (if that) with a total stranger, he is just the first one allowed to do that in front of camera! I suspect that in the past the producers would either step in and coaxed them back into the fold, or manipulate their leaving. But the show is getting stale, they came up with many twists already – Ed leaving, Ed coming back, Jake coming back to deliver warning , Reid coming back to be rejected again, Frank leaving and not coming back, Bentley drama … just from the top of the head. So either Brooks’ doubts presented themselves spontaneously and the producers jumped on that band wagon, making him fly to talk to the family again, and creating all those ITMs of second guessing himself, or Brooks was encouraged to have doubts (wouldn’t put anything pass these guys), either way it gave them a not-yet-seen drama for the suckers in front of the TV screens. The whole scene was uncomfortable to watch because both are not very good actors, and it was pretty obvious that Des was somehow forewarned of the impending doom, as she had this subdued look even as Brooks was approaching her, so the dialog, in addition to being inane, was just cringe worthy. The whole scene was. But it was the best they can do to set up what I expect to be a big soapy, emotional, Cinderella-worthy reunion next Monday!! What else are they going to fill two hours with?

    To RS, you are on the ball with your guesses as you are with your spoilers, why do you even bother addressing naysayers, just let the events unfold and everything will fall in the place.

  3. slowry919

    July 30, 2013 at 4:35 PM

    I have watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette for a while, stopped after a while because I found it all very ridiculous and then I found your blog and started watching again. Am I wrong to suggest that it was very obvious very early on that Brooks was her choice (and not just because you spoiled it). Call it editing or whatever, she seemed to develop feelings for him sooner and stronger than with anyone else. Could it be that she knew early on he was her choice so the producers forced them to do this “twist” because without it the season would be even duller than it already was?

  4. sportnutsgirl

    July 30, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    Am I the only one who noticed that Des’ interview about her upcoming fantasy date with Brooks seemed to have been filmed after the break-up? It looked to me like she had been crying and was trying not to break down as she tried to act excited about their date. Not sure what that means in the grand scheme of things, but I thought it was interesting. She also seemed very weepy on the MTA show. At the end, she was having a hard time keeping it together. If she is happily engaged, why would she look so sad? I believe RS’s prediction of the outcome, but I also feel pretty certain that their relationship is at least on the rocks, if not completely over by now.

  5. cpwest

    July 30, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    Early this morning, I wrote a post titled, “5 reasons why Reality Steve is right about Brooks and Desiree” — — I just read your post and saw that you also pointed out the no suitcase thing. It’s SO freaking obvious that ABC spun this ending to help boost the ratings for dismal season. And seriously, Brooks hair? Between Des’ limp locks and Brook’s greasy, grungy hair — blech. I was thinking the whole time: “Shush, both of you. Grab a snot rag and go wash your hair.” Kudos to you for calling this season and taking the hits on Twitter like a champ (which in turn, means hits on your site—yay!).

  6. blyth5050

    July 30, 2013 at 6:00 PM

    i want to start by saying my condolensces about your legendary friend and idol.
    Secondly i want to thank you for your hard work again this year. toodles

  7. duckquack

    July 30, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    rock on Kidd Kraddick!

    you go Steve flap it to them!

  8. sassygranny

    July 30, 2013 at 6:15 PM

    I don’t mind a bit of drama ~ it has its place. But I found myself feeling very annoyed at the 45 minutes worth of crying, hard-to-hear dialogue, & tediously slow ending. It felt manipulative, as if the producers tried their darndest to wring every ounce of emotion (ours) out of it. That alone tells me it was a set up; that the ending will be nothing remotely close to what they want viewers to believe.

  9. shelly7878

    July 30, 2013 at 6:22 PM

    I first heard the morning show when I moved to Austin in 2007. The show welcomed me to Texas. I was so shocked when I found out about Kidd – and am so glad you talked about him in your column. Its so weird to drive around listening to 106 these past few days and know he is gone. Thanks for the kind words in your column. Glad to know others feel the same way!

  10. aspen16

    July 30, 2013 at 7:13 PM

    I agree; last night’s episode was pretty boring and way to long and drawn out. Drew and Chris are sweet, but Drew is just too immature and naive, and Chris and the poetry – just too much.

    As for Brooks; even though I can’t for the life of me see what she sees in him (I don’t find him at all attractive – physically or personality-wise) I do have to say that IF what he said to her was genuine (and not producer-driven), my hat’s off to him. What he said made perfect sense – it’s WAY too soon to propose and have the deep feelings that should be there when you do. Des, however, was not convincing. I didn’t see any real tears – for as long as she was supposedly crying, why was her makeup still perfect, and her nose and eyes not at all red or puffy? That seemed fake to me.

    This is the first season (of those that I’ve watched) that they have EVER allowed the star of the show to openly state (long before the finale) that they’re in love with one (and only one) person and completely give away who that person’s preferred final choice was. So, they clearly allowed that to set things up for this “dramatic” ending.

    It does make sense that Brooks could regret his decision and return – after all, in NORMAL life, he’d likely continue dating her and see where it goes – but being pressured to propose at this point is just silly. I fully respected Alex Michel (from season 1) when he didn’t propose but wanted to continue the relationship. That made total sense.

    The ONLY thing that would be believable at this point would be for Brooks to decide to do what Alex did – continue the relationship after the show ends, but not propose at this point. For him to turn around and propose after all THAT (last night) would make him look incredibly fickle, and make Des look more desperate and pathetic than ever (clearly she has issues and is very needy for someone to love her in return – she made that obvious starting with Sean’s season). No woman (with self-respect and a brain) would accept a proposal just a few days days after the speech Brooks gave her.

    So, if they end up engaged in Antigua, they both look pretty foolish. But, it would make total sense for him to decide to stay if he isn’t forced to propose.

    (I also really wonder, as a couple other people have mentioned, whether he was paid to do this – just so they could boost the ratings. If that’s the case, that’s pretty horrible all the way around, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me!)

  11. ewhusted

    July 30, 2013 at 7:40 PM

    Staged. The whole thing was clearly staged. Practiced. Rehearsed. Coreographed with care in advance to take advantage of the situation and create the cliffhanger. I am disappointed with the producers. I believe Brooks had those feelings but I am convinced the producers capitalized on it to create the two part finale.

  12. tamara

    July 30, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    Oh my gosh.Did you guys notice after Des goes to cry at end of the dock and Brooks says “worst day of my life” while sobbing that his hair was all fixed up again. They straightened out his hair before he continued crying. Hilarious!

  13. rob22

    July 30, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    Others have commented that this smacks of producer manipulation. Of course Brooks had doubts, and those doubts could easily be exploited by a smarmy producer. And Des, for someone supposedly crying didn’t look the mess that a girl who just cried for the better part of an hour would look. Man, fake storyline, fake staged crying. That’s turrrible! But it’s going to get them ratings.

  14. lb1122

    July 30, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    Had to comment…why people feel they have to write you awful hate messages when they think you’re wrong just boggles my mind. You get your info, you report it out and if they have noticed…YOU ARE RIGHT 99% of the time so why people turn on you when it isn’t the exact way you say…even when they do not know for sure it isn’t? That just kills me.

    TIME OUT: You sweet opening about Kidd was so wonderful. Not being from Texas or having heard him I only knew about him form different articles and such..very nice tribute.

    NOW back to what I was thinking. Clearly there is so much more going on. I am applauding ABC for playing their hand slowly in this one. They did not give away teasers from day one about this and that worked well.

    Congrats to you as well…People are worked up about last night and for many the first thought was towards you…that is amazing. I was put on to you about 5 seasons ago and fell in love. I love watching the show more now with your info and side remarks. I love watching for it in the show when I know it is coming (I know some do not so I keep my comments in front of those people down)

    More is so coming and it will be fun to watch it play out. I agree the only other option besides her being with Brooks is her being alone. Clearly he was having a hard time dealing with the other guys being involved with her and it made him think she was more into the others than into him. If he was watching all that should be totally clear now so hey maybe another marriage? I will not hold my breathe but he needed to hear she loved him in order to realize he was in it. Would not be the first guy who had to have it said first. I do not think she I the greatest in relationships form watching her BUT I also do not think she is cruel to just go for a winner aspect.

    I thank you for turning what could have been a very boring season into more fun with your thoughts and posts and I am with you I think your info is spot on.

  15. rob22

    July 30, 2013 at 8:00 PM

    My only hope is that next week, should Brooks return, that they add sub titles when Brooks speaks. I mean, Juan Pah Blow doesn’t speak good English, so it’s understandable that nobody has any idea what he’s saying. But Brooks is American right? So why the hell does he mumble like a foreign born ESL student? What an unintelligible, greasy haired, girly boy he is. What is Des thinking? Oh yeah, right, she doesn’t have a brain in her head. Bless her heart.

  16. thegambler

    July 30, 2013 at 8:27 PM

    I agree with the other blogger who felt there was some manipulation by the producers regarding the entire break-up scene-particularly the fact that we saw Brooks going to visit with his sister and Mother with the cameras being there. Brook’s mother seemed very guarded and did not comment much and his sister felt compelled to praise Des. The only part that seemed real was Brook’s reaction afterwards when he said he already missed some of their good moments together. I also think Des’ tears were real-no woman wants to be dumped by her heartthrob. I trust RS’ outcome, although it is hard to accept right now.

  17. justforfun

    July 30, 2013 at 8:33 PM

    LOL @ rob22! I couldn’t understand Brooks either. He mumbles.
    Last night was hilarious the acting was so bad. This entire thing had to be producer driven. I’m sure the producers noticed early on that watching Des and this group of guys was as exciting as watching paint dry. So they created fake drama. It worked.

  18. lmmc

    July 30, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    Did no one notice that there never were tears when Des was crying? Also, after all her ‘crying’, even her nose wasn’t red. I think it was all faked so people would tune in.

  19. cvlhs

    July 30, 2013 at 10:15 PM

    If this relationship between Des and Brooks I’ll eat my hat! He sounds exactly the same as the guy she broke up with, can’t even get out a full sentence and forget his true feelings. If he doesn’t know his feelings how can he possibly express them? Good Grief, what a waste of time for all involved and the viewers. Chris Harrison looked absolutely disgusted when he walked away from Brooks, as was I.

  20. penguinfan01

    July 31, 2013 at 2:53 AM

    I just remember the old saying….it ain’t over till it’s over….This is MF attempt at drama. Remember all you regulars out there, when this show deliberately leads you in one direction, it usually always ends the other way. This is all hogwash. We will know next Monday.

  21. paisley17

    July 31, 2013 at 3:10 AM

    How about we stop talking about Des/Brooks/the other 2 guys and start talking about JUAN PABLO. If this franchise wants to revamp itself, it’s time they go with a fan favorite instead of little baby Drew. Anyone else agree? There is a lot of talk about Juan Pablo being the next Bachelor and so far I haven’t heard much denial… 😉

  22. shana1

    July 31, 2013 at 4:27 AM

    Couldn’t agree with you more about giving Brooks credit. I mean, come on people! It’s only been 8 weeks!
    It’s about time somebody put the brakes on this reality craziness.

  23. TopherM

    July 31, 2013 at 5:27 AM

    I agree with your Brooks comments. It’s a reality show where much is scripted and the only reality is that she sees these guys maybe on three 1 on 1 dates over a month. To make people fall in love in this time frame is unrealistic. So for Brooks to be confused…good for him, he needs to be because that is real vs faking it. All in all, he might have left and then realized he was being dumb. But who knows. He seemed confused even explaining love to his family. Overall, I actually enjoy when these people are conflicted vs the guys/girls who are already in love or “falling” after one date. It’s called desperation. People in it for the right reasons would rather figure it out now than be Star Magazine fodder later.

  24. andelraquet3

    July 31, 2013 at 6:15 AM

    Was I hearing something wrong or towards the end when they had gotten up from the place they were sitting and started walking, had Des made it clear she was not intimate with the other guys even though they set it up like her and Drew probably were? I thought she said something like she was holding back with the others regarding that because she wanted to “give her heart” to Brooks.

  25. realityjoan

    July 31, 2013 at 7:19 AM

    Does anyone ever remember seeing a closing rose ceremony in any of the previews or Des making difficult choices?

    This breakup was foreshadowed from Brooks earlier reservations, Des making him out to be in the lead, and the other guys professing love. We have never seen this in the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I believe this is part phoney and made up on ABCs part. It is almost too obvious. They probably encouraged the other bachelors to tell Des they loved her earlier to make it look worse than it is, Des already knew who she was in love with and then he dumps her. She should not feel any worse than Drew or Chris. I also think she is boring and don’t really believe these other guys, including Zack are that into her. It is made up for the show. Chris and Drew are too boring to be the Bachelor and no one wants to see a season of Chris and his dumb poems. Zack would be more interesting or Juan Pablo.

  26. karynr

    July 31, 2013 at 7:50 AM

    paisley…Juan Pablo…SIGH. Need I say more? Bring it on!

    RS…I’m so sorry to hear about Kidd. He sounds like a great guy and I’m glad you had him in your life.

  27. Sunnyside422

    July 31, 2013 at 9:00 AM

    Tamara: Oh my gosh, I too saw the redo of his hairdo after Des was shown on the dock! How sucky was that? Totally scripted, Wonder how much he was paid to achieve that pathetic acting job?! Both of them deserve each other…silly, goofy, needy people!

  28. ksrsfan

    July 31, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    I totally believe that the drama was set up by MF or someone else. Remember when Brooks was talking with Chris Harrison and Brooks said that he was not in love with Des and didn’t see his feelings changing?!!!! I realize that people change their minds and all (I did), but seriously??? I also believe that if they did get engaged as RS says, that someone put them up to it. This show is so desperate to keep people watching they will stage ANYTHING!
    I am sure that is why we have not seen any FRS footage. Maybe ABC/MF wasn’t sure their “characters” were going to play along!

  29. karynr

    July 31, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    I just read CH’s latest blog and he makes Des out to be not very bright. He kind of through her under the bus as far as her intelligence. I think Des has no idea how to read people cues and pick up on things going on beneath the surface. Actually, even when it’s in her face she doesn’t seem to see it, unless or until someone else points it out. CH said he doesn’t know how she missed a lot of the signs with Brooks. She certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer!

  30. karynr

    July 31, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    Threw….in a hurry

  31. Caroll

    July 31, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    I believe that Reality Steve is right. Who wouldn’t want the publicity of getting “engaged” (only to break up after awhile)…being on all those TV shows and in the magazines. I think Brooks and Des will be together for awhile and then break up as most of the Bachelor/ette couples do.

  32. bnfan

    July 31, 2013 at 8:36 PM

    I don’t think this is the time that the lead has told Chris or a producer who her/his front runner was. This is just the first time that they CHOOSE TO AIR it — to make the dramatic irony that much starker when the audience sees Brooks having doubts while clueless Des was still gushing about him. I don’t think the producers told him to break up with her. Sure they knew what was going on; they flew him to visit his family. They were just glad this happened to save a otherwise average season.

    And that’s another thing. It’s my opinion that it’s just an average season, not a “boring” season. No more different than Ali’s season. I think people start getting on the “boring” bandwagon after two seasons like Emily’s and Sean’s with higher ratings and start having high expectations.

  33. juanita24

    July 31, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    I agree with others. This feels set up drama. In some ways this looks like a take off of the bachelor parody called burning love – Julie season ending , where Blaze leaves and returns 3 times to her waiting arms.
    I too question this all . I think the Brooks voice over was not done in real time , his hair was groomed between crying sessions, and Des eyes were never red . And she doesn’t run to hotel or even a bench but to a long dock so we have dramatic pull back setting.
    So next week Brooks will return contrite saying I now have that painful love I always wanted and love that you love me . So marry men and I will spend my whole life making this all up to you . And cue, happy kiss , tears, rose and music.
    I want Juan ( give me diversity please) to be the bachelor but believe baseball poetry Chris will be the next one. Roses are red Chris is now blue but he will be the bachelor and we will all watch him too

  34. burlioz

    July 31, 2013 at 8:56 PM

    I feel so bad for Des and even for Brooks. I can’t imagine how this is going to play out. I do hope that somehow they can work it out.
    Btw Reality Steve I really enjoy your posts!

  35. nikitaz

    August 1, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    What you said about Kidd was wonderful. He was a fixture for many and such a giving man. He will be missed.

  36. PaperStreet

    August 1, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    Why do people keep saying Des had no tears and was not even red? Adjust the color on your TV, people. Her entire face was red!

  37. m1e1

    August 1, 2013 at 4:22 PM

    I think either this episode was 100% fake and she knew what was coming or she really didn’t care as much as “the crocodile tears” and did the interview about loving him after they taped the “break up”. Because I looked closely and she did not shed NOT even ONE tear. She was sobbing n covering her face and as soon as she would look up, no tears…and make up was still in place. Go back n look…NO REAL TEARS…NOT EVEN ONE! I was laughing when she kept trying to wipe underneath her eye HOPING she had made a tear. Not even one…so I was kinda blown cuz I’m a fan of the show and the first idea it was getting fake when that guys GF surprised him at the house saying they were together, cuz she was def an actress…anyways disappointing that there’s so many FAKE moments!!!

  38. ktbeth

    August 1, 2013 at 6:03 PM

    Great poem juanita24! I laughed out loud!!!
    Brooks will be back! Desiree says on her blog “Stay tuned next week to see what happens with Brooks, my broken heart, and the remaining men.”
    Why would she write that unless, indeed, something DOES happen with Brooks!

    Loved your tribute Steve! What a great way to honor your friend!

  39. Trista

    August 2, 2013 at 6:21 PM

    First of all… I would not even know who you are if it were not for Kidd…. Second of all.. HELLO…. have you not learned about the “MASCARA ALERT”….. That was so beautiful!!!

    Kidd had a knack for knowing talent… He saw it in you!!!

    My flipping husband… who SAYS he is not a fan of “The Bachelorette” checks on your website more than me (weekly, maybe daily)…. THAT SAYS SOMETHING.

    Thank you for that wonderful post. It so made me cry because it was from the heart!

    I am going to print it because from all the celebrities this was honestly the most heart felt!!!

    Thank you Steve!!!

  40. Natalie

    August 4, 2013 at 6:37 AM

    I am wondering if I am related to Desiree. One of my ancestors married a Joseph B. Hartsock from Virginia back in 1900. I know she lives in California, but how can I find out if she has roots in Virginia or Kentucky? It isn’t that common a name.

  41. krista

    August 4, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    Well, Desiree is going to be proposed to by the last “two” guys. But she will deny them both. She will be standing at the top of the hill sad and alone, thinking how this could be the end… Brooks comes walking up through the trees(whatever the scenery is) and explain how being on a show, finding love, he didn’t think it was possible and that is why he was doubting himself. He realized he does love her, they’re together and engaged now. The End.

  42. netmouse

    August 5, 2013 at 4:33 PM

    OK, I’ll watch. For a couple of reasons. Your opening was really great about your radio buddy Kidd. You are a really nice guy. And because you gave a good reasoning as to what is happening tonight and made a lukewarm show sound exciting. See ya at 8 p.m.!

  43. bkb12936

    August 5, 2013 at 8:24 PM

    Stick a fork in you Steve, you don’t know anymore than anyone else LOL> You just got played sucka. ABC got the last laugh on you. You will never be trusted again and you were wrong about Juan Pablo being the bachelor also LOL. You better stop being so arrogant now and be a man and be humble now. You need to keep your business you better kiss everyone’s hinder and admit you don’t know anything really LOL

  44. practician

    August 5, 2013 at 8:35 PM

    Another legend has passed, and that’s RealitySteve, who was totally wrong! Be entertained by these two paragraphs that Steve wrote in this recap, he sounds like some obsessed fan who is beyond reality!

    HAHAHA. Check out these two paragraphs that Steve wrote last week. He sounds like some deluded Bachelor fan that he makes fun of sometimes.

    Makes you wonder if Mike Fleiss deliberately tried to fool Steve or if Steve or his sources made a genuine mistake:

    “Lets not forget, this is the first time in the show’s history that they have changed around the ending of the show for a 2-part finale. If Brooks truly left last night for good and we are never going to see him at all next episode, what’s the point of the 2-parter? Why wouldn’t they have just kept the normal schedule, Brooks leaves at final 3, last night’s episode would’ve aired two weeks ago, the “Men Tell All” would’ve aired last night with Brooks in attendance, and then next week Des chooses between her final two guys? I don’t see why they would change the whole schedule up unless Brooks was making a return next week. And did you notice that in Chris Harrison’s blog, or on his “Good Morning America” appearance this morning, it’s not even being brought up, “Hey, is Brooks gone for good” or “Is Brooks coming back next week.” It’s completely being avoided. Even in the previews for next week’s episode, there’s no shot of Brooks, no shot of the final rose ceremony, nothing. Any mention of Brooks next episode and that essentially ruins the surprise because the second anyone hears that Brooks may be returning means that Des is with him since that’s the guy she clearly wants to be with. So they have to make you think he’s gone for good. All we saw was him driving away in a limo last night. Did we see him board a plane? Did we see him pack a suitcase? Of course not. But on this show, the “limo drive” has been engrained into people’s heads that it means that person is eliminated. I don’t know at what point he shows back up, what he says, or how she takes him back, but I can’t be more positive that my spoilers are right and she ends up with Brooks. No other storyline at this point makes any sense whatsoever other than that one.

    Put yourself in Drew and Chris’ shoes right now. Obviously at the time this was happening, neither of them knew what was happening with Brooks. The guys are separated and don’t see each other until the rose ceremony. Next episode will pick up with her talking to Chris Harrison and deciding how to move forward and then the rose ceremony to, I assume, tell Chris and Drew what happened with Brooks, which is when she starts crying again. But if you’re either of those guys, even though at that time you didn’t know how strong her feelings were for Brooks including the giant meltdown she just had, how do you watch that last night and think that this girl is 100% committed and in love with you, regardless of how she tries to spin it? Obviously I’m talking about if the spoiler happens to be wrong, which it’s not. I’m playing the hypothetical here. I wouldn’t even want to be Drew or Chris at this point. But damn, I will no doubt have a field day next week if she is somehow miraculously engaged to either of these two guys because that would be about the most laughable ending this show’s ever had. Did you read her blog today? Other than saying “find out what happens with Brooks” (what’s there to find out if, by all accounts, last night was his last appearance), Drew and Chris are an afterthought. Not a single person would honestly believe she can willingly accept a proposal from Chris or Drew at this point after what we saw last night. No chance. And if you say, “Well how can she take Brooks back after what he said to her last night?” I’m sure the same people were probably saying why would Molly ever take Jason back as well, and look how that turned out. I will stand behind what my sources have been telling me for months. It’s Brooks. Don’t know the how, what, and why but I absolutely believe it’s him. Next Monday night we’ll finally get our answer. “

  45. bkb12936

    August 5, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    HE doesn’t know crap thats why. WHen he tries to predict things on his own he is wrong every time, His sources got paid more by ABC LOL. Steve is history

  46. practician

    August 5, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    Enjoy this timeline that shows realitysteve thought that books would win it up until 45 minutes into the after the final rose show: 8:32pm: 1. “Nothing has changed. What I reported about the final result back in May never changed & I never wavered from it. Enjoy tonight” 2. Yeah, Des seems SUPER pumped to have last dates with Chris and Drew. About as excited as getting a root canal. 3. This is totally gonna be a Ross and Rachel moment. Des will say Brooks’ name instead of Drew or Chris ha ha. 4. We get to hear from Bachelor Nation??!!! Awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear them pretend to not know they’ve read the spoilers & play dumb. At 9:45: Thinking logically: So if there were no Brooks the rest of the epiaode, the show would be over now. One guy left. What else is there to do? 6. More logic: if Brooks wasn’t coming back, why wouldn’t she just tell Chris, “Hey I sent Drew home. You’re all that’s left.” Finally, at 10:46, well into the “After the Final Rose” segment, he writes: “Wow. Uhhhh, didn’t see that coming. No idea what happened. Just means ill have to get it right next season.” HAHAHA RealitySteve was still waiting for Brooks to do something even during the live taping!

  47. practician

    August 5, 2013 at 9:24 PM

    Steve’s mistake was one of these:

    1. The source had anecdotal evidence that was right for all the episodes except the last two. Your mistake was trusting it.

    But if the evidence was so flimsy, your source(s) would have been wrong about other episodes too, but they weren’t.

    2. The source had first-hand or very good knowledge about all the episodes, but the producers decided to switch things up and that there would be a new, more trusted crew for the final episodes. So the information was accurate for the first episodes but not for the last two.

    Again, if the evidence for the final episodes were flimsy, then it was your mistake and misjudgement to call it for Brooks.

    3. The source(s) had first hand knowledge, but deliberately told you a mistruth because the source(s) were deliberately misdirected or wanted to manipulate you.

    The thing though is that you never claim in your postings that there was a rose ceremony with Brooks and Desiree, correct me if I’m wrong. If that is the case, then the source didn’t intentionally mislead you.

  48. momf4

    August 5, 2013 at 9:26 PM

    I am not mad at Reality Steve. Yes, I did “cheat” and read his spoilers…and believed them. He was wrong, again. But, it is my fault for believing him. For believing anything I read is wrong. Experience things firsthand if possible, do your own research as thoroughly as possible, observe carefully if you can and come up with your own conclusion. Don’t rely on anyone, anytime. Rely on yourself. Don’t be a follower, be a leader in EVERYTHING you do. PS – I think Brooks is gay. Nothing wrong with that, I just think he doesn’t know it yet.

  49. pbtemp

    August 5, 2013 at 11:48 PM

    Thank you for all of the nice things you said about Kidd. I really enjoyed reading that.

  50. texaschick

    August 6, 2013 at 7:16 AM

    1. I never liked Brooks. Thanks goodness he did not come back because if D had chosen him after his departure — zero respect for her. He exemplifies a lot of what is wrong with men. 2. Re Kidd Kraddick. Never listened to him. I’m an NPR gal. Need some substance in the AM. So I am watching at a distance. But seriously — this is a “grown” man who purports to be a role model for kids who is a chain smoker and diet soda addict and no wife to at least make him get a checkup. How could any doc have missed that kind of artery blockage? What’s wrong with his employer that doesn’t even require a physical of their money maker Star???? Station must be run by men. Their bad.

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