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I think if for next season they cast Zak AND Juan Pablo as bachelors, it would be marketing genius. You have the goofy loud guy and the sexy exotic guy–hilarity ensues. Plus there would be so much more drama if they both liked the same girl or the same girl liked them both, etc. etc. Do you think ABC would ever do something like this? Just popped in my head and was curious on your take.

I’m single again and I need an interesting season of the Bachelor (franchise) to watch, dammit!

Comment: Two “Bachelors” in one season? No. People already complain that we barely get to see any relationships forming with one bachelor, how could they possibly pull off two?

Hi Steve:

I have always wondered about some of the music that is in the background of The Bachelor/Bachelorette…specifically the music that is heard usually during the final rose ceremonies or final dates.

It starts at 12:59 here. I’ve always wanted to know what the song was! If you have any clue at all or know how I could find out please let me know!

Comment: Sorry I’m not caught up to date on my top 10 guitar riff songs on the market. No idea.

Hi Steve,

A few thoughts and questions…..

The bachelor franchise is really just a reality show Arie is with Courtney, Brad is with Ashley Frazier. I am sure there are more. If it doesn’t work out with one, on to the next. I am sure there are plenty more examples. My guess is the entire group has oral herpes or worse. I wonder if they cancelled bachelor pad to reduce the spread of STDs.

Anyways…..curious if you know of any bachelor or bachelorette that got together with their 2nd choice after the fact?

Do you think the producers put out decoy spoilers or decoy sources for you? My guess is you see right through them. Would love to hear stories! They are probably more entertaining then the show.

Basically a 5 hour finally……thanks for making this fun! Drinking game words….journey, proposal, and brooks forester

Comment: Your first two couples on there are no longer together. Arie is chasing barely legal skirt, and I believe AshLee and Brad are broken up.

The only one who comes to mind was Lorenzo, who started dating Sadie after he broke up with Jennifer.

Hmm so apparently ABC isn’t above shameless plugs. I literally LOLed at Des saying during the opening scene in Antigua “..and I really love staying at bla bla bla resort”.

I do have a question this week. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before, or if you’ve already answered it but I have read all of your blog posts so I don’t think you have.

Do they really take each person to the side DURING the date like “ok come here reeeal quick were going to interrupt your date and the only 3 hours you get alone with your shared girlfriend so we can get your generic opinion on the date and how you feel”? Or do they film the next day or something just wearing the same clothes?

Also, I cringed during the whole first part of the show with Drew. I think he feels the need to kiss Des more than he breathes because he wants to prove to himself that he’s straight, when he’s clearly not. I could actually feel the awkward when they sat 3 feet apart Indian style on the rose petal covered bed

Thanks Steve for reading I love your blog!

Comment: Yes. Before, during, and after the date are when the ITM’s are filmed. That’s why they’re called “ITM’s” (In The Moment). When you’re talking to the camera, you are supposed to talk about how you were feeling in the moment, even if you’re filming it the next day. It’s also while the dates take so long. Each person is split apart to film their respective ITM’s talking about the date they’re on.

I just have to say:

1. Thanks for the spoilers and;
2. Thanks for the hilarious retweets hating on you.

How are people this dumb to not realize that you’re right? If Brooks ACTUALLY left, they would have had the show run the same way it has every other season – final 3, MTA, finale. Anyway, thanks! It’ll be fun watching you be right next week and watching Twitter blow up again!

Comment: Come Monday, I’m guessing my Twitter feed will get bombarded again and it’ll be one of two things:

1) I never doubted you Reality Steve
2) You were wrong!

Monday will be fun.

I know that this show is totally fake, but that was one real f***ing breakup. Been there, done that.

Comment: Was it really a breakup? Brooks couldn’t seem to verbalize anything he was saying, and judging by some of the comments he made of “I miss those moments of being with her already” and “I don’t want to leave her” certainly left room for a return. He is not finished with her by a long shot.

And as I said Tuesday, it is much easier to believe that Brooks did a 180 and realized he let a woman he cares about go and she takes him back than it is to believe she got over Brooks and everything she said and did in 24 hours, only to become engaged to someone else days later.

Dear Steve,

I’m not expecting this to be an email you can respond to because I can only imagine after tonight’s episode you will be receiving hundreds of emails, however I felt compelled to send you this nevertheless because I have a few comments regarding all the haters out there, I’ve been a huge fan of yours almost from the beginning, your predications and outcomes have always been right on over the seasons and although I do read the outcome you provide prior to the season I love and look forward every week to your blogs and recaps because I always know no matter how my weeks going I’m going to be entertained on Tuesdays with your perspective, sarcasm and funny insights. Although I’ve been following you for years on your blogs and more recently on twitter I never thought id be one to write to you, I made an exception last week when I emailed you regarding your continuances of your live video chats because they were missed greatly this season,I thought that would be the end to my emails to you until tonight. I live in San Diego and therefore am on PST, before the show even started here I started reading the retweets you were sending out , here’s my comments :

1. If these people are such haters and are so happy for your supposed misstep on the ending then why the he** are they even following you to begin with? Obviously they wouldn’t have known about your information if they hadn’t read your blogs.

2, You have always provided almost 100% accurate outcomes to all seasons, so why are these people doubting you now?

3. I want you to know that I am a huge fan of yours for what you provide to the public and I still believe that its not over yet, who’s to say that Brooks doesn’t return next week and the ending ends up just how you predicted?

4. Regardless of the outcome, I for one will still be a huge fan as will all my friends who have jumped on bored over the years. Please keep doing what you do and know its appreciated, looking forward to next season and hopefully some video chats!

Thank You for the time and effort you put into this weekly.

Comment: 1) Because there are some people in this world whose life is so boring, all they care about is wanting me to be wrong. It’s sad.

2) Because there will always be doubters no matter what. Just the way it is. I could predict 999 things out of 1,000, but there will be people out there who will continuously harp on the one that was wrong.

3) It does

4) Thanks. I’m not the least bit worried about losing my audience because a spoiler is wrong.

Dear Steve, you descipable booblehead that’s 38 years old and lives in the same city as Jason Mesnick’s 2nd Fiance and The Bachelor 17,

I just wanted to let you know from a guy’s perspective about this crazy thing is that you are losing you mind these days. Don’t be calling Des boring, or Jason Mesnick a stupid dumb retarded booblehead single dad from Seattle that doesn’t know how to fall in love.You’re really stupid. Jason and Molly both HAVE minds while you are this crap 38 year old single guy spoiling on what happens on The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. How about you become our next Wendy Williams/Kris Jenner/Katie Couric? That’s a great career for you. Then we can get your show cancelled. Also, you should’ve amitted that you might think you’re wrong earlier, than having you website crashed last night. It’s called Red Flags dummy. WOW. Such as BS jerk.

Molly- Just let you own husband know that from a guy’s perspective that Jason Scott Mesnick has a mind and this descipable shit 38 year old doesn’t have a mind and that I don’t want to mention HIS name.

I bet you for $43 that the next pick for The Bachelor will be wrong.

Steve, just find a better career for you life.

Comment: The funny thing about this email is they also cc’d Molly on it. Her and I had a good laugh about the whole thing. Namely not knowing what the hell this person was even trying to say. I think I seriously enjoy half assed, poorly spelled, rambling incoherent emails like this more than anything else. They are fun to share and I think you’d agree. Always great to laugh at the ignorant.

Seriously, how do you deal with these idiots on twitter?

I am sure you are also dealing with the same breed of people on facebook, email, etc.

Sorry you have to put up with this nonsense. I think some people just want for you to be wrong so badly they are going crazy. Sad they don’t have better things to do.

Also, I don’t understand how so many think this is already over?

I totally agree with you that Brooks comes back… if he didn’t how else will they fill TWO hours of finale next week?

Even if you wind up being wrong, I still think you are awesome.

Although, I really hope you will be vindicated next week.

Keep doing what you are doing…. you make this show so much better!

Comment: How do I deal with them? I laugh at them. And share them with everyone else.

And yes, there are people that would like nothing better for me to be wrong. Not sure why that’s such a big deal to them, but it is. They must lead one hell of an exciting life.

Did you notice her eye makeup didn’t run down her face.. even with all that crying! IT always runs or they have found a miracle makeup that will make someone a fortune!

Thanks for a great read!

Comment: No I didn’t. Maybe her tear ducts are dried up.

With all the people hating on you I just thought I’d let you know that I still believe your spoilers! But even if you were wrong I would still not bash you the way people are on twitter and I’m sure in your inbox right now. It’s just not necessary.

No response required, just wanted you to read a positive email today! (though I hope it’s not the only one)

P.S. If there’s a turnaround and she does pick Brooks (very likely) then you’re probably having a great time with this

Comment: Monday will play out how it will play out. Either way, I’ll be back here on Tuesday to talk about it. And spoil next season. And the season after that. And the one after that. Nothing will change on this site.

First of all “Hey, Steve”, truly enjoy reading your posts.

Second, I concur that this is one of the most painful seasons of the Bachelorette that I’ve ever watched. Thank GOD for my DVR to get through the rough parts.

Okay, the reason for my email. Can ABC be that serious that people were falling for the “crap” of emotions between Brooks and Des? If I’ve ever seen poor acting and soap opera wanna be’s, last evenings episode was it! For all the sobbing Des was doing, I didn’t see one tear, her make up was perfection at the end of it all and there was enough hiding of Brooks face with his hands that he could have done a Dawn dishsoap commercial. PLEZZZZZ. Thank goodness I had a half way decent bottle of wine to get me through the last few minutes of that episode. I must say I do watch this show (anymore) for the actor/actresses who are using it for a giant screen test.

Keep up the good work!

Comment: I think the biggest thing right now that people are seeing is that some think Des and Brooks were acting, and some think it was legit. Hell if I know. Impossible to prove so there’s no point in discussing it.

I almost typed “Haha you suck” as the subject line, but you’re probably getting plenty of those emails today so I didn’t want you to think I was serious.

If anyone has half a brain, then they would see how obvious it is that she ends up with Brooks after last night’s episode. If he had actually gone home, then the season would have ended yesterday with Des telling the other guys to peace out. Or at least telling them that Brooks left and she has a lot to think about. The central questions for next week would then be “Will Des continue her journey with the two remaining men? Will they be willing to stay after seeing how much she cared for Brooks?”

Brooks is going to come running back within minutes of her discussion with Chris Harrison

And if that doesn’t happen and you were wrong? Who cares. On to next season 🙂

Thank you for all the entertainment, regardless of the outcome.

Comment: Precisely.

Hi Steve – what happened last night – your prediction was wrong……that is so unlike you. Perhaps someone purposely gave you incorrect information. What a stupid season this has been!!!!!

Comment: Yeah. Totally. I have no idea what happened. Maybe you can fill me in.

Steve, I’ve never written before but I do get a kick out of all the people thinking you are wrong. I have to say the “bad” girl in me kind of gets a giggle thinking how stupid they will feel when Desiree does in fact end up with Brooks. People really take this crap seriously. It’s a hoot. Just for sh**s and giggles, it would be fun if you were wrong, but I know you are not….

Comment: I actually think it’d be hilarious if I was wrong because of the venom that will spew out of people’s mouths towards me. We’ll get to see all of them in their glory, and trust me, I will re-print every one of those emails if I’m wrong just so you can see how many people out there take pleasure in seeing me be wrong. But don’t get your hopes up.

My opinion is that Brooks didn’t think Des was going to pick him so he was
going out on his own terms because when she told him that she loved him
his remark was “Why didn’t you tell me?”. She said that she was going to
tell him that day.

So then he went back and decided he would marry her whether it was
on his own or by producers is yet to be known. It doesn’t make good tv
for it to happen.

I didn’t think that the bachelor/bachelorette was allowed to tell say anything
otherwise it would ruin the final outcome surprise. Although I have heard
Trista say that Alex told her on the final date that he was going to pick her
and then didn’t and actually called her the day after taping to apologize.
If I remember the conversation he told her that if he had to chose at that
moment he would chose her. I think that was so she would spend the
night with him because after that comment in the bedroom they covered
up the camera with a cloth.

I have also heard that if the couple stays together for a year that they
get some kind of financial compensation to the tune of $500,000. Is
that true?

Thank you for your time and the information you provide

Comment: No, that $500k is completely untrue. Then everyone would stay together for a year because why would you pass up that kind of money?

Hi Steve!! Aside from being hilarious and so blatantly honest, you truly have a gift for expressing your insights in such an articulate manner…thank you for taking the time to write and for being so entertaining to me and countless others!

I agree that Juan Pablo probably won’t be the next Bachelor…he barely speaks English and it would be rough trying to muddle through his broken grammar and figure out what he’s trying to say all season.

Do you think they would consider going back a few seasons and selecting Ames Brown as the next Bachelor? Yes, he’s an odd bird but he was a fan favorite and had girls screaming and howling the loudest for him on the Men-Tell-All during Ashley’s season. Also, who can forget one of the most romantic gestures in the history of reality TV when he quit Bachelor Pad by running after the limo to be with Jackie? Aside from his glaringly big veneers, he’s quite attractive and appealing to many women (myself included!). He’s the smartest, most educated person they’ve ever had on that show and seems to travel quite a bit. Thoughts?

Comment: Ames? You’re joking, right?

Hey Reality Steve! I know it must be hard for you to have lost a really good friend in Kidd.

Anyways, I was wondering if you knew who the winner of Whodunnit? is and who the killer is! I’m dying to know!

Comment: I went back and listened to Monday’s show on their FB page where Kellie, Big Al, J-Si and Jenna spoke for the first time about his death. Incredibly hard to listen to. The outpouring of affection by so many people across not just Dallas, but the US, shows the impact Kidd had. It’s much larger than any of us could imagine.

I’ve never seen “Whodunnit?” so I have no idea.

Dear, Steve. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your columns and spoilers immensely and hope that the haters aren’t getting to you. You pull no punches, you’re the most—-and probably the only—–straightforward communicator on the web. You’ve always made it abundantly clear that the spoilers come from sources, that you’re not an eyewitness. You know only what you’re told, though your sources are very good.

For attackers to accuse you of lying is absurd. They need to dial it down, get a little perspective, maybe go out and get some coffee.

Hold tight and ignore the naysayers. They’re being ridiculous.

Comment: Exactly. I’m just relaying things that I’m being told. Have I been wrong before? Sure. But I’ve been right waaaaaaay more than I’ve been wrong, which has established my credibility. The haters can’t hate all they want, but the fact of the matter is I have zero competition when it comes to this arena. It’s not like anyone else out there is doing what I’m doing, so I’m not too worried.

I put spoilers out there every season and people can choose to believe they’re accurate or not. My track record speaks for itself. If something is wrong, I’ve ALWAYS owned up to it, and always will. Come Tuesday, I’ll be here no matter what.

Hi Steve,

Been a reader of your blog for a few years now and I love your posts. Even though you’re getting a lot of sh*t about being wrong on Brooks, I’m still totally confident that you’re right. Like you’ve said, it wouldn’t make sense to have a two-hour show next week otherwise. Plus another hour if they end up doing an After The Final Rose show. I have a few questions/comments for you:

1. If Des is so positive she loves Brooks, why is she going on overnights with the other men? Reminds me of Brad and Emily when they basically broke up after the show because she just couldn’t understand why he was still being intimate with the other girls when he claims he knew it was always her. Wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens here.

2. What could Brooks possibly say to make her take him back? She’s played herself up to be this super independent woman all season and I can tell you that a super independent woman would not be taking him back after that stunt. Even if she does take him back, not really a solid foundation to build a relationship on. She will question every day if he’s going to flip flop again and dump her yet again.

3. How did I not know Chris Harrison split from his wife of 18 years last May? How awesome would it be to make him the next Bachelor? He could even pause each rose ceremony to say, “Ladies, this will be the final rose tonight”.

Thanks! And don’t listen to the haters.

Comment: 1) Because that’s pretty much what you have to do. I mean, if she turns down Drew and Chris for the overnights, doesn’t that kinda give it away?

2) She’s loopy over Brooks. I would think a, “I made a huge mistake and can’t be without you” would have her running back into his arms without hesitation. This is the guy she wants, she’s made it known to everyone, including the audience, so what would be so hard about believing she’d take him back if he admits he made a mistake? There are women in this world who stay with men and take men back who verbally and physically abuse them. Des couldn’t take Brooks back if he admits he made a mistake and he misses her?

3) Not sure. It was talked about a lot. Not to mention the constant jokes I’ve made in my blogs about it. Chris Harrison is not going to be the next “Bachelor.”

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  1. keepitreal1

    August 6, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Desiree is sooooo annoying. Her sobbing is ridiculous. Does she know what real problems are? She sobbed b/c brooks broke up with her while 2 other men are waiting in line to marry her. There is a couple in Pennsylvania who’s 2 year old son died of Leukemia last night. That is something to cry about. Desiree, you sobbed on national tv because some fool you have known for 10 weeks broke it off with you. Then a few days later, you decided you love Chris- then you cried about that because “no one has ever loved you this much before.” Girlfriend, look outside of yourself and put it in perspective.

  2. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:28 AM

    Oh come now posters,no need to fight amongst yourselves. Can’t Catherine (mikeflessplayedyou) and Dana(iheartvino) kiss and makeup or are you both going to drag eachother through the mud like you did last year? Come on we all can just hate on RS together!

  3. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:30 AM

    I miss my fabulous ladies, and to see you fight like this is just plain plain wrong. Stop attacking RS for making a mistake, stop attacking each other, why oh why can’t we all get along. Liz123 can get along with everyone…she has nothing better to do.

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