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Long time reader, first time writer!

While I thought I was at the point where no internet behavior would surprise me, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that I was bothered by the absurdity of the tweets directed at you last night. I’m sure that you are no stranger to backlash, but I can’t get over all the hatred that was sent your way.

I think I am having trouble understanding it mainly because they have more or less set the stage for Brooks to come back (that is if he actually left Antigua), and you have been clear in all your spoilers that you don’t know what happened on the island, but you do know the final outcome.

Since they people clearly take what you say as gospel, why are they so quick to not only believe you – but to lambaste you? After all no one is forced to read your blog! And in the off chance that you were wrong, what would the big deal be? People are acting like you are costing them money or their first-born child.

That’s the end of my rant! I look forward to you addressing “batsh*t nation” with your redemption/”I told you so” post after the finale.

Comment: You should probably get over the internet hate directed towards me. If it didn’t bother me, and I was the one it was directed at, it certainly shouldn’t bother you.

Hi Steve,

With all of the crying and hysterics going on with Monday’s show, I was wondering if anyone else caught Desiree’s lack of geography knowledge. On both dates with Chris and Drew, she asked them if they had ever been to the Caribbean. She then basically said that this was her first time there. What? Wasn’t she in St. Croix during Sean’s season, or am I the one confused? Last time I checked, Antigua and St. Croix are both in the Caribbean.

I read all of the tweets directed at you last night. Wow. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Amazing how worked up some people can get over this show.

Thanks for your time.

Comment: Yes, someone needs to provide Desiree with a map. Maybe Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 was on to something. We need more maps.

Hi RS,

I’ve been reading your site since Jake’s season. I found it originally because I was driving across the country around that time and listening to Kidd Kraddock (because he was on so many stations!) interview you about the season – and I was hooked. I didn’t know Kidd personally, but I listened to him for many years and I from everything I’ve heard he was a good dude. My condolences for the loss of your friend.

Comment: Thank you. Still so bizarre to think he’s not around anymore.

Steve, I don’t regularly watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.
Sometimes, I just come into it toward the end (although I’ve watched
more of The Bachelorette than The Batchelor. I do have a thought
about last night and next week. I agree with you that it’s very
unlikely that either Chris or Drew is “the one”. But I could see it
being that she just decides that neither one is okay and lets them
both down, and that Brooks doesn’t come back. Perhaps when Chris
announced the “live finale”, he wasn’t referring to the usual “After
The Final Rose”, but maybe he was saying that most of the night will
be live. Perhaps she is just going to say, “I can’t do this” and send
both of them home before they can propose, and then the rest of the
night will be a live recap show (where maybe Brooks will show
up–maybe then he will come to his senses). I realize that I may not
know anything, but that’s just my thought.

Comment: Desiree is not single. She left that island engaged to Brooks and still is to this day.

Hey Steve!

First, I want to say I completely agree with everything you said about Brooks coming back. It is the only logical ending. All the people with their panties in a wad need to remember that there’s another episode left, just like you pointed out. Chill, people!

Anyway, my actual question is, I couldn’t help but notice that the fantasy suites for Chris and Drew were kind of… well, crappy. They were tiny rooms with a bed in them. Before they’ve had hot tubs and treehouses and actual fantasy suites. These rooms looked smaller and cheaper than any chain hotel room you can get for $80/night. Any idea what’s up with the pitiful little “fantasy” suites this season?

Comment: I didn’t pay too much attention to the rooms, but if you go to you can check out Desiree’s room.

Hi Steve,

A friend and I recently had a disagreement about a past Bachelor’s season so instead of emailing you I got on Wikipedia. At the bottom of the page it listed Juan Pablo as the next bachelor. Just wondering because you were pretty adamant that they haven’t chosen the next bachelor and that it wouldn’t be Juan Pablo anyway! Although I do know that not everything you read on the internet is true, I value Wikipedia almost as much as your spoilers! Any thoughts?

Comment: Because it’s on Wikipedia doesn’t mean it’s true. Anybody can write something on Wikipedia.

You are SPOT ON in everything said and those that want to berate, yell & cuss at you need to get a REAL life. Entertaining, mindless TV, oh boy, at least a I get to spend time with my lovely wife!

Keep telling it like it is…..

Comment: Let them do what they do. It’s highly entertaining.

Aye Steve!!

Love the column. Have to say I’m pretty addicted to it! 😛

First of all, I am a 17 year old who has developed an absolute obsession with 80’s movies. One of my favorite parts of your column is when you reference them. I always make sure to look them up or search my guide to see if they’ll come on tv anytime soon when you mention one! My questions are what are your top five or ten favorite 80’s movies of all time? And what is your opinion on Flight of the Navigator?

And second, this is really weird and I don’t know if you get this a lot or not.. But when I first discovered your column about a year and a half or so ago and you would talk about Maddie, I thought she was your wife… x) I know, I know.. But you would say things like, “I was watching this with Maddie…” You know, things that a normal human would do and so I just assumed. But then I started getting confused because you started to throw in things like, “She was sitting on my lap…” And I was like.. That’s a little random to just casually mention in the middle of your blog.. Then it all clicked! It was so funny when I finally realized!!

So yeah, I just thought you might find that amusing. I sure did! And I wish you all the best in your future and hope that you find someone great to spend your life with.

Thank you for all the laughs you bring to me every week and thank you for the time you take out of your life to reply to all your readers. 🙂

Comment: A 17 year old obsessed with 80’s movies. That’s a first. Especially considering you were born in the mid 90’s. Interesting? Top five 80’s movies? Geez. That’s tough because I have more than five. In no particular order:

Karate Kid
Back to the Future
Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles/Pretty in Pink
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


When the heck is Kleenex going to beg to sponsor this show? Last night was the funniest 10 minutes of television I have seen in a good while. There was more sniveling and tears than a three year old girl that dropped her ice cream cone in a patch of goat poop.

I wonder if the TPTB did some research and found Jason’s woeful balcony session boosted ratings because it certainly had a Jason feel to it. Too bad Des did not lie down on the pier and pound her angry broken hearted little hands and feet.

I do suspect that Brooks told the TPTB nothing more than most of the other top contenders have told them. Hey, woah! This is moving a little fast. The TPTB sensing a doldrums finale, given Des’s undying love for Brooks, perhaps sought to stir the pot a little and put the yawn fest on hold for a week by encouraging Brooks to voice those doubts whereas others were probably discouraged from voicing their doubts. Feed the doubts of one and starve the doubts of another, seems like a reasonable ratings ploy to me.

Now, Please, please let their reunion be Des and Brooks running barefoot in the sand, crying like little girls with their arms out stretched out landing right in each others waiting arms. PLEASE!

Thanks for a hoot of a website Steve.

Comment: I don’t know how much producer manipulation was behind what we saw Monday, and it’s impossible to prove, but knowing the way this show works, obviously there had to be at least a little. The fact that Brooks even got to go home to Idaho before traveling to Antigua was news in itself. Frank is the only one I can remember that got to go home like that before heading out to the overnight date location.

I really appreciated the way your article began giving honor and proper respect to the late Kidd Kraddick. Wow! Even typing those words out just made my stomach sick.
It’s the lump in your throat and the ache in your heart to make you realize this happened.

Your story of how you met Kidd and the morning show was very cool. I’m thankful for you knowing him as the real person he was. Kind, caring, funny and someone you enjoyed being around.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kidd when I owned my PR firm here in Dallas in the 90s. Bill Bates was a Dallas Cowboy and my client. He opened a restaurant with Troy Aikman, Michael Irwin & other players. Cindi Lauper was in town and on the Kiss-FM morning show— they came to lunch as a promotional stop for a charity something.

Well Cindi Lauper went to the bathroom but ended up away from the table for about 20 minutes. Where I found Cindi and what she was doing is another story — but Kidd was hysterical and made this situation okay in front of a group of 10 people having lunch. What a guy ! He knew how to handle and deal with all kinds of people. Really will be missed in big ‘D’

Love your thoughts and predictions for The Bachelorette too! You keep us all talking and texting each time you write. THANK YOU!!!

Mainly just wanted to say I appreciate you!

Comment: Thank you. In the coming emails, you will see others commenting on Kidd and there was no doubt I was going to reprint those to show how many others lives he impacted.

I have been reading your column regularly since Jake’s disastrous season and always love what you have to say. When crazy things happen on the show, I always think “Oh, what’s Reality Steve gonna say about this one?!?”. I don’t have a question, I just want to say “Thank you”. I was one of those people who grew up listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning 17 years ago. I now live in an area that does not get his station but tuned in as often as I could via internet or when I came home to visit. When I heard the news, I did not understand why I reacted as if I had lost a friend. I didn’t REALLY know him, but I guess he was just always a constant. I honestly was always a little scared of the day coming that they had to sign off simply because it was time…but never expected this. I respect that you spent a 3rd of your column honoring him and the morning show crew. Some people take the Bachelor and Bachelorette drama so seriously and this is a reminder to cherish the things that really matter and never take anything for granted. I looked forward to your Tuesday column not because of the craziness that happened last night, but because I knew you would talk about Kidd. Thank you. (and have fun with all the e-mails you are flipping through questioning your sources…I still believe! 🙂 )

Comment: That seems to be what a lot of people are saying. Even though there are plenty of people out there who never “knew” him, they all felt like they did.

Steve, not that I think there is a chance in hell you will read my email, but it makes me happy to think you might. So here it is. You are good man! You are the only reality blog I read. Love your style and directness but more than anything I love that you say things as they are and you stand by what you say. You are bang on!

So like you, I believe Brooks comes back! And like you, more importantly, I am really sadness by the passing of Kidd. 53…way too young to leave this life!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with all of us who really care to read you!

Comment: Thanks. I will continue to do what I do and tell it like it is for as long as I can.

Hi, Steve,

I want to thank you for your well-written and insightful tribute to Kidd Kraddick. I knew you were a friend of the show and made an appearance in-studio earlier this year, so I was waiting to hear your thoughts about his passing. I grew up in the Dallas area, and I’m one of those fans who have been listening to him ever since he started on KISS FM in the early 90s, so I was devastated by his sudden death. I never met him and knew nothing about him outside of his radio show, yet I feel like I lost a close friend or family member. He had that kind of impact on his listeners, and he will truly be missed. And he is the reason why I started following your blog!

On a Bachelorette-related note, have you noticed that Mario Lopez has been correctly predicting the outcome on Extra? Last season, he was adamant that Sean picked Catherine, and of course, he ended up being right. And this time, he predicted that Des will pick Brooks. It could be a fluke that he’s just guessing correctly- but today on Extra, they talked about Brooks leaving Des, and then Mario “predicted” that Brooks will come back and propose to Des! I think he secretly reads your blog but won’t admit it. I know he’s not the only one who does that, but if that’s what he’s doing, it’s just not right!

Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Comment: I don’t watch “Extra” so no, I haven’t heard what he’s been saying.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for updating your column after last nights show. It’s ridiculous that you have to defend yourself, people don’t mind reading your spoilers and then turn so quickly! What losers – keep on doing what you do. I enjoy your website and look forward to you proving everyone wrong.

Thanks again!

Comment: It’s funny because yes, they all have a choice whether to read or not. And beyond that, not only read it, but then choose to either believe or not believe the spoilers I relay on to them. You can’t play it both ways. You can’t believe a spoiler, and when it’s right, say “Steve, you’re the best” but if it’s wrong, come back with “Steve, you’re a jerk off. How could you be wrong?” Doesn’t work that way and makes you sound highly hypocritical. I have been wrong in the past on some things, and maybe I’ll be wrong in the future about things as well. But all I can say is I’m right way more than I’m wrong, and no one else is giving you any information/spoilers regarding this show, so you might as well just look at my track record and go from there.

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say. I really thought your start of your blog was very nice. I only have heard of Kidd Kraddick through your site over the past few seasons. But everything I’ve read online since his passing tells me we truly lost one of the good ones. I thought it was very gracious of you to take time to address his passing.

Now as for the show last night… I don’t know why people were freaking out on twitter. I checked your feed while watching the show and people seriously need to calm down. The episode was obviously being set up for his return next week. It was obvious and you stated all very valid points as to why in today’s column. I think people just like to make a big deal about nothing for no good reason. But glad it is drawing more viewers to your site!

Comment: It’s nice to get both sides today. Some people saying they’d never heard of my site until they heard me on Kidd’s show, and then emails like this that say they’d never heard of Kidd until I linked to some of the interviews I’d done. Man, it is really bizarre to think about when next “Bachelor” season rolls around that I won’t be able to talk to Kidd about it. Still hard to comprehend.

Hi Steve,

I wanted to post this as a comment, but had some trouble registering.
With regards to the Brooks/Des breakup, Brooks claims he doesn’t feel in love because he doesn’t feel pain when she’s not with him (his words). I took that to mean he doesn’t long for her. He also claimed that love is feeling vulnerable. I agree. Now, best case scenario…the reason he didn’t feel love or vulnerable is because he kept up his defenses because she was dating other guys. Had it been a normal dating situation, he may have let down his guard, felt vulnerable, and called it love. More likely scenario…he really doesn’t love her. He is second guessing the breakup because they had some nice moments, she’s pretty and sweet (albeit vacant). When she told him she loved him and that she wanted to give her heart only to him, he crumbled. He began to let down the defenses and question his feelings. (Who hasn’t had the experience of regret and increased attraction while breaking it off with someone? The second the other person is no longer yours, he/she becomes more desirable.) In any case, he will convince himself that he does love her, will beg her forgiveness and tell her he was scared and did not allow himself to feel vulnerable/love and she will take him back with open arms. They will breakup within a year.

Comment: Logical explanation. Hey, I wrote back in April a month before this first episode even aired that Brooks Forester isn’t ready to get married. Not a chance these two will ever get married anyway, but in the short term, they’re engaged.

Hi Steve!

You really do belong in the job you have. Even without the amazing spoilers, your comments are great because you’re smart about TV. Your take on the Brooks leaving thing makes so much sense… I read your post before watching Monday’s episode and it seems so obvious that they’re setting it up for him to come back. Of course there’s no way they would have edited things that way if she were going to pick one of the other guys. Well done.

My question is this: this season has been the most boring, lowest ratings, etc., they needed to shake things up. Is there a chance they staged Brooks’ exit and return, or at least encouraged it, to make things exciting? I know this is extremely immoral, putting Desiree through that, but would they do that?

Have a great night!

Comment: Impossible to say whether or not Brooks’ “exit” was staged. However, the word “immoral” is not in these producers vocabulary. The last thing they’re concerned with is taking the moral stance when it comes to this show.

Hello.. I normally dont visit your site that much, just to see who wins on the bachelor or the ette … and i dont even watch either show.. but since you said that brooks was the winner and left, i had to visit it again. but i was even more surrprised to read your wonderly written, heartfelt tribuate to kidd.. i have to say that I no longer live in dallas, and now in chicago, with the hopes that his show would play here when i moved. I was very sad to hear it would not. kidd saved my life when i first moved to dallas, but making me laugh on a daily basis when i was depressed from moving to dallas and not knowing a single person. He, every single morning, made me laugh my ass off to there would be tears or i peed in my pants. but… it also touched my heart with his heartfelt bits, and the way he would turn sadness into joy, or give a family the breaking and entering christmas, to make sure that a terminal or disabled child could have one weekend or normalcy and a trip to disney world… he was just illuminated greatness in everything he did. I have just been so sad this week. i have grieved for him… i listened online last night to the show that the brave people who worked with did their first show of Kidd Kraddick in the morning without Kidd.. it was just was completely heartbreaking.. but, i was very touched by the 1000s or people whose lives Kidd touched. i was just amazed at how many people will have to find a way to go on in the morning without kidd… what is the world without him? less funny. more sad, and less great…

Comment: What Kidd did extended beyond what you heard for 4 hours every morning. His Kidd’s Kids program will live on and that’s where he made such a huge impact on so many people. It’s ironic and somewhat pleasing that he died during one of his Kidd’s Kids charity event. Seems fitting. If there was any way he wanted to go out, what better way than that, which was doing what he loved to do?

This whole Brooks thing is right out of a Danielle Steel novel. Girl and guy meet, fall in love, guy/girl says it’ll never work (or gets a disease, or gets paralyzed, or goes to war, or says they’re not worthy, or…..) so they break up. They are heartbroken, devestated, miserable, loney and desperately in love; he/she have second thoughts; the music swells, the rainbows and flowers are brilliant; they run to each other, fall into each other’s arms and ride the white unicorn with the flower lei into the sunset and live…..well, hopefully happily ever after.

As my thirteen year old granddaughter says while watching all the kissing Des does…”I’m gonna puke all over my shoes.”

Comment: Probably the best description yet of the story arc for Des and Brooks over the course of this season. Remember, this is a TV show and they have a story to sell. It’s a roller coaster ride they take people on and this one no doubt had its peaks and valleys. It’s all part of storytelling.

Hey Steve!

So sorry to hear about Kidd Kraddick also. My condolences, as I know how much he meant to you. He will be missed.

Now on to the questions.

1. Does ABC give condoms out to the men in the Fantasy Suite? Have you ever heard of a pregnancy that resulted from the Fantasy Suite?

2. Have you considered the possibility of Nate Hartsock for the next Bachelor? Before you laugh and so no way, just hear me out. He would increase ratings for this show that was falling fast this season. Talk about a good back story. They could play it up that Nate’s sister found love and now it is Nate’s turn. They could really make it out that Nate played a big role on Sean’s season and this season helping his sister out and now Des will help out Nate and guide him. They could even have Sean return during the middle of Nate’s season and give him advice. Imagine the drama that would play out week to week and how millions would watch just to see what a train wreck Nate would be. No one else has really made a good run at being the next batchelor other than Juan Pablo, so why not Nate?

3. Do you see Des being on the next Dancing With The Stars?

4. Steve did you notice that Chris has a receding hair line and had hair on his chest? Before you say big freaking deal, many men are balding and have chest hair, consider that never, never in the history of the show has someone been chosen to be a contestant who is balding and has chest hair. As a matter of fact, can you name another male contestant or lead other than Chris who is balding and has a hairy chest?

5. I tried to find Reality Steve and your name on Wikipedia. No such luck! Is there a reason why Reality Steve or your name is not listed in Wikipedia? It would be good to see some background information on you there.

6. What was the most surprising thing from your 20th reunion? Any of the hot girls from high school now fat? Any of the stud jocks now bald and ugly? Any of the douchebags from high school turn out to be nice guys?

7. When you go out on dates with girls, do you ever find all they want to talk about is the Bachelor or Bachelorette?

Thanks Steve and keep up the good work! Don’t pay attention to the haters!

Comment: 1) I don’t know. I’ve never been in the fantasy suite while the couples have been in there. A pregnancy? If there was one, it’s never been made public.

2) Nate Hartsock? Are they filming next season at San Quentin?

3) No.

4) Well there you go. Chris isn’t chosen because he has a receding hairline on his chest. I’ve heard it all now.

5) I think just in the last few weeks, I’ve given plenty of background information about myself. Not to mention numerous interviews in the past. I’ve got nothing to hide, so, I don’t see any reason why people can’t know my background and where I came from. The only thing you will never hear me constantly talk about is my dating life. It’s pointless.

6) Surprising? Probably how close knit our class was. Everyone by the end of the night was in agreement we shouldn’t wait til our 30th to have another reunion. Looks like we’ll have one at 25. And if I have to get involved in the planning, I’d do it. It was that much fun.

I can honestly say that most every girl from my class looked better now than they did back then. It was astonishing how good some of them looked. Granted, I’d seen a lot of their Facebook pages and kinda knew going in, but it was just as impressive in person.

7) No. I’d like the person I’m dating to have an idea about what I do, is familiar with the whole Reality Steve thing, and is aware of the show. In fact, I’ve noticed that if they are completely oblivious to all that, it’s probably not gonna work. It’s just too hard to explain what I do to someone who doesn’t watch TV or is unaware about this show’s phenomenon, because to them, they don’t see how I can make a living off this show. They’ll never get it.

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  1. keepitreal1

    August 6, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Desiree is sooooo annoying. Her sobbing is ridiculous. Does she know what real problems are? She sobbed b/c brooks broke up with her while 2 other men are waiting in line to marry her. There is a couple in Pennsylvania who’s 2 year old son died of Leukemia last night. That is something to cry about. Desiree, you sobbed on national tv because some fool you have known for 10 weeks broke it off with you. Then a few days later, you decided you love Chris- then you cried about that because “no one has ever loved you this much before.” Girlfriend, look outside of yourself and put it in perspective.

  2. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:28 AM

    Oh come now posters,no need to fight amongst yourselves. Can’t Catherine (mikeflessplayedyou) and Dana(iheartvino) kiss and makeup or are you both going to drag eachother through the mud like you did last year? Come on we all can just hate on RS together!

  3. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:30 AM

    I miss my fabulous ladies, and to see you fight like this is just plain plain wrong. Stop attacking RS for making a mistake, stop attacking each other, why oh why can’t we all get along. Liz123 can get along with everyone…she has nothing better to do.

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