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Hi Steve,

As usual, I love your blog! I work in corporate tax, and to say it can get boring/tedious is an understatement. You make two days a week a lot less dull for me, so thank you for that!

Even if I hadn’t read your spoilers, I think it’s painfully obvious that it’s Brooks (and definitely not Chris/Drew). Of course, the crazies on twitter will never apologize for all the bashing next Monday, but I can’t imagine that it did anything but help the traffic to your site.

Anyway, like many other people, I didn’t find Brooks particularly likeable this season. I don’t think he’s attractive, and his personality (ie edit) did nothing for me. However, if the season had ended this past Monday, I would greatly respect him for making the only possible sane choice in this show. The fact that he has spent about 48 hours total with Des at this point makes his indecision completely normal. I can’t imagine anyone would feel ready to propose after that little contact. Ali said it herself in her blog, she may as well have been copying some of your old posts verbatim.

The thing that’s making me lose all respect (not that I had much) for Brooks and Des is that they do end up engaged. If he came back and said that he really likes her, he sees potential, but needs more “real life” time to get to know her before making such a big commitment, it would be so much more realistic. Or if she said no, you just dumped me 4-5 days ago and said you don’t love me, so I can’t accept a proposal at this point (kind of how Jason and Molly dated after all the drama before they got engaged). Unfortunately, I get that the crazies need their happy ending, so the producers wouldn’t allow that”unhappy” ending. It’s too bad, I would like that outcome a whole lot more than a doomed to fail engagement.

Do you think it’s at all possible for a future season to have an ending without an engagement?

On a side note, If I was choosing the Bachelor, I would go with Zak. I think he’s very funny, and (at least his edit is the “type” of guy I tend to go for. I don’t see that happening though.

I’ve spent too much time already analyzing this stupid show. Thanks again for the entertainment!

Comment: Is it possible? Sure it’s possible. I just don’t think it’s likely. They thrive off the fantasy aspect of this show. Having a viewer invest 11 weeks into a show to only at the end say, “Hey, I like you. Lets just date and see where this goes” just isn’t good TV. Sure, it’s the most realistic thing to say at the end of this process, but it’s not what the majority of the viewers want. That’s why I don’t think we’ll ever see it again. Brad 1.0 happened ten seasons ago where he dumped both girls, and we’ve gotten an engagement every season since then. This season is no different.

1. Brooks exits the show last night, causing a massive uproar for all RS readers.
2. Huge traffic to Steve’s website.
3. A cliffhanger finale coming, which will only drive yet more traffic to Steve’s website.

Steve = winning

Comment: As I tweeted out yesterday, Tuesday was a record setting day for the site in terms of number of page views for one day. It destroyed. And wrapped up a great month of July, so I can’t complain.

The thing is, come next Tuesday, the haters seem to think that if I’m wrong, my site will suffer. Couldn’t be more wrong. If I ever had a wrong spoiler to the end of the season, that would only increase the readership that day because of how many people will want to see what I have to say. Hence this past Tuesday. You’ve seen the emails and tweets. “How could you be wrong?” “What happened?” “I thought you said Brooks was gonna win.” Hell, I wish now this show would do 2 part finales every season from here on out after seeing the response the site got on Tuesday. Keep it coming.

Remember what happened when I had the wrong spoiler to Ali’s ending (even though it was corrected the day of the finale)? I followed it up the next season with, you guessed it, the wrong ending to Brad’s second season (even though that was corrected 2 weeks before the finale). And you know what happened after back-to-back seasons where I had the ending wrong? I then spoiled Ashley’s season, I spoiled Bachelor Pad 2, I spoiled Ben’s season, I spoiled Emily’s season, I spoiled Bachelor Pad 3, and I spoiled Sean’s season correctly, with almost every detail being right. So anyone thinking that a wrong spoiler means my sources are drying up, or I’m going out of business, or no one will come to my site anymore is just ignorant. A wrong spoiler doesn’t mean anything other than it’s a wrong spoiler. It happens. Just not very often.

Dear Steve,

I’m a fan who reads, and enjoys immensely, your Bachelor/ette recaps. I want to offer my heartfelt sympathy to you for the loss of your friend, Kidd Kraddick. You wrote a lovely tribute to a great guy, helping those of us who didn’t know him to understand what a treasure he was. I’ll be keeping you, and Kidd Kraddick’s family and other friends, in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment: Thank you.

Reality Steve-

Hey! I’ve been reading your site for years and I love it. You always make me laugh, so thanks for continueing to write about the show.

Very random question, and I apologize in advance if you wrote about this a long time ago and I somehow missed it. But…a few years ago, I remember you writing about someone you know starting a dating competition type of thing for you (maybe competition is the wrong word). Where women sent in pictures and like information about themselves and you guys were going through them and picking some. I remember you saying that once you picked a woman it would not be public information, where you wouldn’t post about your relationship. But, whatever happened to that? Did you ever go through with it? I thought I remembered you receiving information from quite a few women. Did you decide this wasn’t the route you wanted to go or did you actually see any of these women?

Comment: Ha ha…the ol’ Reality Steve dating contest. Yes, the dating contest happened. I met five women. They all came to Dallas for a weekend. It worked out with none of them. The end.

Hi Steve,

We’ve been out of state visiting family the month of July. Every year, when we stay at my mom’s house, my kids pull out my childhood toys & my brother’s old toys (my mom saved a few fun ones that she assumed we’d later want — Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, He-Man). Anyway, I laughed so much when I walked upstairs & saw my daughter playing “The Bachelor” with my old Glamour Gals! If you look closely at the picture, some dolls favor former Bachelorettes! I guess my allowing my kids to stay up late this summer has come back to bite me in the booty, since they now know this crazy show exists!

And for the record, my son said, “Drew wears a LOT of stuff in his hair!”


Comment: Now that’s funny.

I have read your column since you started it way back when …
I have never written to you to make comments one way or another, but I just felt the needed to let you know how much I look forward to your humor and exactly the spoilers that you are so on target with.

I talk with my friends about your spoilers before the airing of the show and they too are amazed at how accurate you are and have been. So with that being said …. all I can say is I will continue to read your columns and laugh at your sense of humor in a show that does anything for the ratings. Way to Go Steve!!!

Thank you for the laughs,

Comment: Keep reading. I’m not going anywhere. As long as this show is on the air, I will keep spoiling it.

Hi Steve,

Do you have the scoop on who will be playing Christian and Anastasia yet?

Inquiring minds would love to know!

Comment: Yeah, Jack Black and Janeane Garofalo. Hell if I know.


Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Kidd Kraddick. Glad that you remember all the people that help you in your journey.


1. I’m not convinced that Juan Pablo can be a compelling Bachelor, but at this point don’t you think it will be a little silly to try and prop up Chris and Drew for the Bachelor. This guys were basically reduced to dust on last nights show, so unless they are going to get some major rehabilitation on the finale, I can’t see them being legit. Agree/Disagree?

2. My wife jokingly was looking for you in the crowd for the Men Tell All Show. My question is Where do they get these ridiculous women who gasp and give these horribly overblown looks during the show. Are they contest winners/super fans who write letters to get on the show? It could not be more silly.

Comment: 1) I’ll have to see how Monday plays out with them before I can jump to that conclusion. They are still a ways away from announcing the next “Bachelor” so there’s plenty of time.

2) Most of them are friends of crew members, staff employees, etc. There are a few who are on a mailing list that get invited every season, but for the most part, it’s not open to “Joe Fan” who just wants to get in to see a taping.

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to let you know how much your tribute to Kidd Kraddick meant to me. I have lived in Dallas my whole life and I have so many memories attached to his show. Though I never got the chance to meet Kidd, he was an important fixture in my life. He is actually the reason I even started watching The Bachelor/ette (not a great legacy, I suppose) and found your site (a better legacy). I know that as hard as it has been for me, it must be even harder for those that knew him personally.
Thanks for all the laughs over the years,

Comment: Another fan that found me through Kidd. He did more behind the scenes stuff for my site than many of you will ever know.

I’m not doubting your spoilers at all, because, like you said, Des engaged to Brooks is the only ending that makes any remote sense at this point. No way can she choose Chris and Drew after that horrific break up and I certainly don’t have the feeling that she ends up alone. But ABC is supposed to sell a love story to the casual fans. How are they supposed to buy the love story when Brooks proposes to Des just days after saying that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t think he can ever love her?

Also, do you still think Drew is the front runner to be the next bachelor after all these gay talk? If not Drew, then whom do you think will actually be the next bachelor?
I am among the few who would not mind seeing Drew, because, well, Drew is very, very pretty. Wouldn’t mind looking at him for a few more months at all. I personally hope it’s not Chris because I simply can’t stand another one of his “poems.”

Comment: Because he can easily turn around and say, “I made the biggest mistake letting you go and now I realize you’re the one I want.”

I still need to see Monday’s edit to see if there’s a chance for Drew. I really don’t see Chris doing it.

Hey RS –

I’ve been going through two very difficult situations in my life.. though not my life directly. The 18 year old son of my boss (for whom I’ve worked for 13 years) had a massive stroke and he’s barely hanging on. It’s just unexplainable how someone that young could have had a massive stroke that could lend him to never regaining cognitive or speech function for the rest of his life. And my cousin/best friend just found out her husband of 10 years (days after the anniversary) was cheating on her. I know you’ve heard it all before, but still. I’ve been having to be the emotional stability for various people whom I’ve known a very long time and truly care for.

That’s all to say, I turn to your blog for a break from reality… which is ironic since this is a “reality show”… and your comment:

“If Nate Hartsock is ever knocking at my door, I’m assuming it’s because he’s there to deliver my pizza”

made me snarf my tea that I had just sipped. That was absolutely hysterical. Thank you for your humor. I truly needed it.

Comment: Thanks. I was pretty proud of that one myself.

I follow Ashlee Frazier on Instagram (don’t ask, I have a morbid fascination with all things Bachelor) and she just posted a pic if her with Mike Chabala and hashtagged (it should totally be a word!) #newbachelor. Is there any truth to her now rampant rumor or is that jut her wishful thinking? Btw, you are awesome…like you didn’t already know that 🙂

Comment: Who is Mike Chabala? Whoever he is, no, he’s not going to be the next “Bachelor.”

First off, I believe your spoilers. I believe Des is in love with and engaged to Brooks right now.

With that said, I’m watching Brooks tell Chris Harrison that Desiree isn’t the one. That he’s not in love with her the way he should be in love with a woman he is about to ask to marry him. And Chris is sitting there, borderline angry, because ABC f*ed up and let a rational human being slip through their extensive psychological evaluations. How dare him, after seven weeks and four dates NOT be prepared to put a ring on it?! HOW DARE YOU BROOKS!!

Way to go, casting.

Speaking of casting, I know you’ve read this a thousand times. But Desiree….no. No. She’s not it. Emily was a gorgeous single mom with an incredible back story and thousands of dollars in hair extension and plastic surgery. Ali was charismatic and charming. Ben sucked but he had Courtney who was television GOLD. I don’t care what anyone says; that girl’s comments were as spot on as they were cruel and they were f***ing hilarious. And even Sean was great. I’m a black woman from Chicago. He’s a super religious white republican from Texas. Even with that enormous difference – I would have totally bought and bagged Sean like a delicious Cabernet on sale at Dominick’s.

And now, we’ve got Desiree. I’m sure she’s a lovely, kind and smart young woman who has a life filled with fun girlfriends and a slew of ex-boyfriends that just weren’t that into her. But she’s not for television. Case in point: her final three has two gay dudes in it and one of them dumps her (!!!!!) on their fantasy suite date. Are you kidding me Desiree? And the fact that she is engaged to him right now???! I. Just. Can’t.

Ok , I’m sorry, this is a rant email but I had to get it off of my chest. Yes I am 1) really that upset and 2) completely embarrassed at how upset it made me haha.

Can’t wait to read your recap of this sh*t show.

Comment: Easy. It’s ok. It’s only a TV show.

However I do agree with you that Desiree hasn’t made for great television. Been saying it all season. I don’t think she panned out like they expected her to.

I have a private Twitter account so you’d never see my tweets, but I keep seeing all these crazy people tweeting to you and your retweets AND your website crashing…. just had to tell you that I still believe in you and your spoilers. I think the producers are really intimidated by you and your ability to spoil the season(s) so they are trying to throw everyone off (including you) when in reality they probably paid Brooks to do this whole thing and… they’re still engaged. You’re awesome and good luck with the crazies! 🙂

Comment: Whatever happened, I really don’t think they paid Brooks to do this. No way.

I know you said from the very beginning that Brooks will be the one engaged to Des at the end but you also said you had no clue what all the drama was about. Now that you know about Brooks leaving Des, do you still believe that he has a chance of coming back and proposing to Des in the end? Or now do you think Des ends the show because of Brooks?

Comment: Yes.

Des ends the show? Uhhhh, no.

Maybe after Monday’s episode airs I will reveal the information I had for this year, minus any names or direct conversations I had, and you can see why I knew the ending but no details surrounding it.

Then again, I very rarely have had exact details about the final episode. It’s very hard. I didn’t know who wrote Sean the letter last season, but that spoiler was right. I didn’t have many, if any, details regarding what happened in Switzerland but I knew Ben and Courtney were engaged. So this season is really no different from the others.

I feel for you already with the emails your going to get… I think abc did two parts to punish you for a week 🙂

Comment: Hey, do it again next season. And every season from here on out if its gonna generate the type of attention the site got on Monday and Tuesday. Bring it on.


You called it right. Brooks may ‘leave’ but there is no way he does not come back, especially the way they presented the first part of ‘the most dramatic finale ever’. No way do we get 2 more hours and end up with Chris or Drew, especially after what she said about them through the tears to Brooks (something like ‘I have feelings for them but nothing compared to my feelings for you’).

At least we saw real emotions instead of the bad producer-scripted action that we usually get. Otherwise Brooks and Des are Oscar nominees for fake bad acting all season and then real good acting on the jetty. If the whole Brooks leaving thing was producer setup then they far exceeded their usual standards.

Could there be an outside chance of a Brad1 repeat? She choses nobody? I dont see it and there is no-one else to make a dramatic return and even the Bachelor Pad sheep will not buy Drew or Chris as sloppy-seconds.

Comment: If they are hyping the finale as just as intense/riveting as last episode, how can they do that if Brooks never returns. There’d be nothing out of the ordinary if she just has two final dates with Drew and Chris, each guy meets her family, she chooses one and dumps the other. Nothing about that finale would be any different than any previous season, so why would you have to break that up into two parts?

No, she is not alone and single. She is engaged.


For the first time in I can’t even remember how long, I actually watched the final half hour last night because I was curious about what the “most emotional moment ever” was going to be this go round. Well. It’s not every day you get to see two people flood an entire island with their tears of PAIN! and REGRET! and I’M SO SORRY! and QUIT SAYING THAT! Pass me a tissue, Tito…

ABC could not have made it more obvious that Brooks ain’t gone yet by the complete lack of “Next Week On The Bachelor” previews. Really, guys? Tradition dictates you’re supposed to say “most dramatic final rose ceremony EVER” at least twice, and give us a shot of the Bachelorette looking misty and woefully overdressed in the middle of a garden/courtyard/glacier. Throw in the fact that there is clearly NO WAY Des could say “yes” to either of the remaining two after that soap opera meltdown, and sorry, you really DON’T have the drama you wanted. It’s Brooks or nothing.

So Steve, if you say it’s Brooks, then I believe you, but I am SO PISSED OFF. ABC has won. Doesn’t matter that the ending is spoiled, doesn’t matter that Brooks could not have been more off-putting with all the sobbing like a little girl, doesn’t matter that I haven’t watched the show in ages, I’m going to watch the finale. Because I now really want to know how they’re going to bring these two together and make it last for an entire show, I will be exposed to ABC’s advertisers and Chris’s bland clothing line. Despite my cynicism and general loathing, I’ve been sucked in. Which is what they want. I want to go wash my brain out with soap…

I can’t imagine what your inbox must look like this morning, so I wanted to make sure you had at least one supportive email in all of it. I started to say it’s got to be Brooks because the producers couldn’t possibly drag out “nothing” for two hours, but then again, they’ve built an entire franchise out of basically nothing… Still, I’d say all the signs point more than ever to your spoiler being correct, and I look forward to your vindication next week.

Hang in there.

Comment: Of course they’ve won. They win every season because as much as people whine, bitch, moan, and complain about whatever they want for whatever season – they still watch.

What the heck happened last night? I thought Des ends up with Brooks in the end, so what happened?!

Comment: I don’t know. You tell me.


I saw the bashing your were taking on Twitter last night. Let me qualify things by saying I still think your spoiler is correct and I’ll explain why.

First, I’m sure you’ve heard stuff like this before, but honestly this is first time I’ve ever emailed ANYONE about a “reality” show. I actually never thought about putting the time and effort in to it until this morning.

If some of the things I mentioned have been mentioned before, I apologize. I try to do a pretty thorough job of reading your column, but I’m sure there are some things I miss.

Has any one ever noticed, not in one preview or tease, it appears that Des is standing at an alter waiting? I remember them showing that many times in Sean’s season and I know it’s happened before, but not this season.

Also, hasn’t it been like a month now since we saw an emotional Drew, apparently on a beach crying and being comforted by Des. I remember at the time some people were saying he was “coming out” to her. What if it’s her telling him good bye in Antigua?

Comment: No, they haven’t shown us anything about Des in her final dress or something of the such because they want to drill it in people’s heads that she ends up alone. Which she’s not.

Des and Drew’s conversation on the beach with him saying “It just can’t work” is a conversation obviously surrounding Brooks.

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  1. keepitreal1

    August 6, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Desiree is sooooo annoying. Her sobbing is ridiculous. Does she know what real problems are? She sobbed b/c brooks broke up with her while 2 other men are waiting in line to marry her. There is a couple in Pennsylvania who’s 2 year old son died of Leukemia last night. That is something to cry about. Desiree, you sobbed on national tv because some fool you have known for 10 weeks broke it off with you. Then a few days later, you decided you love Chris- then you cried about that because “no one has ever loved you this much before.” Girlfriend, look outside of yourself and put it in perspective.

  2. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:28 AM

    Oh come now posters,no need to fight amongst yourselves. Can’t Catherine (mikeflessplayedyou) and Dana(iheartvino) kiss and makeup or are you both going to drag eachother through the mud like you did last year? Come on we all can just hate on RS together!

  3. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:30 AM

    I miss my fabulous ladies, and to see you fight like this is just plain plain wrong. Stop attacking RS for making a mistake, stop attacking each other, why oh why can’t we all get along. Liz123 can get along with everyone…she has nothing better to do.

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