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Hi Steve,

I just wonder if the network got it’s resources together and said – no matter what…. we are going to make sure RS gets the ending wrong. I mean, they’ve sued you twice – why wouldn’t they go out of their way to guarantee you get the wrong ending…

Love the column – I would not watch the show without it.

Comment: You’re making it seem like I spoke to someone from inside the show for my spoilers, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to send you some support after last nights episode. Does everyone forget that there is still Part 2 of the finale airing next week?! It seemed to me Brooks was having some doubts after he told Desiree how he felt, and in my opinion will probably end up changing his mind and coming back next week and proposing to her. You never know what you have until its gone…that will be the line he’ll use. Which would make your spoiler correct…everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions! Just wanted to let you know I still believe in your predicted outcome and think it’ll play out just like you said it would. Can’t wait for next week!

Comment: Much more believable that she’d take Brooks back then her erasing that whole meltdown in 24 hours, and within days is engaged to someone else.

It was really obvious that all Desiree can do next week is choose Brooks or leave single, even without your site.

For viewers, ABC won the slot with a 7 share and 7.77 million viewers according to Zap2It. Suckers.

First, the show format on the final weeks is usually an elimination from 3 to 2, then the final rose ceremony followed by AFTR. Given that there was no rose ceremony and Des declared his love, Brooks never got on the plane away from Antigua and Des is going to accept a long term relationship with Brooks rather than make him go through the pressure of marriage.

Given the show’s track record of breakups and very few successful relationships, you see a long courting period (save one couple) and an eventual decision to marry or break up.

I think Brooks got too caught up on the “proposal”. All the proposal is is accepting the start of the long term relationship which is the show’s reality, but not its premise.

That second hour was the worse 60 minutes of the Bachelor series that I’ve watched… I couldn’t wait for commercials, and I was on DVR. The edit was such that they showed the entire breakup scene in an obvious setup for next week.

Comment: Desiree left Antigua engaged, so any talk about how he’s gonna propose to her on the ATFR, or, they’re just dating isn’t true. She’s engaged.

Hi Steve,

To begin, I too am very saddened by the death of Kidd Kraddick. He was a hero to many; his contribution to New Orleans and his charity was simply beautiful. I wish there were more giving souls like him on this earth. It would be a much better place if so. His family, as well as you, are in my prayers.

I do believe your spoilers. And I agree 100% on the fact that Des made herself look so incredibly desperate and well, pathetic, about Brooks, that America will NEVER believe that Des can date and MARRY Chris or Drew.

A couple of things:

1. Let me, again, say that I think Des made herself look pathetic and completely desperate about Brooks dumping her. The entire time I was watching, I kept thinking, “SURELY this girl has some pride?!” Honestly, if that was me, I would have cried a few tears just for America’s sake, and then told Brooks to get on out with his oily hair. I probably would have been slightly bitchy. But then again, I am such a prideful and strong person (my mom calls me Miss Toughie) I just wouldn’t have handled the situation is such a…. titty baby way.

2. I KNOW Chris and Drew are not chosen in the end… But can you imagine how EMBARRASSED they are as they watch this episode? I literally would call up Des and tell her what a little cock tease she is if I was them. I know the show is all about dating mutliple men, but for goodness sakes, Des. Have a little consideration of the men’s ego. I bet Drew is fuming at his pretty little mouth getting his panties in a wad. And poor Chris…. how many poems is he going to have to write to get his heartbroken feelings out after this ego slam?

3. Again, I do believe Brooks is coming back. And I know you don’t know how he comes back, but I was just wondering… Do you think the show PAID Brooks to come back on, cry, offer his love and allegiance and pretty much claim that he has made the biggest mistake in letting the love of his life go? I can see them doing this for the sake of saving face. The show has to produce a happy, head over heels in love couple. Obviously, anyone with half of a brain won’t buy the “Des + Drew” or “Chris and Des 4-Ever” story. Would ABC pay Brooks to go along with it JUST for the ending??

Thanks for reading my long email!

Comment: 1) I’ve talked to quite a few women since Monday and all of them agreed if a guy they were dating pulled what Brooks pulled on them, they would never have let it carry on as long as he did, and there’d be no way they’d be that distraught over it.

2) Hence the reason there’s no way she can be engaged to either of them. Nobody would buy it for a second. Much easier to believe she took back the guy she’s wanted all along then get engaged to Chris or Drew. Either way, Des is screwed. She will get skewered in the public come next Tuesday. She’s with Brooks, and she looks desperate. She’s with Chris or Drew, and it’s a rebound. She’s single, and people will say she can’t find anyone.

3) No, I don’t think they paid him to do that.

Hi Steve

Huge fan of your website. All of my friend’s think I am crazy for still believing you that she picks Brooks. You are the man when it comes to these spoilers and I bow down to you. I read Des’ blog this morning and it stuck out to me at the end she says “Stay tuned next week to find out what happens with Brooks”. It stuck out to me becuase you are supposed to think he is gone. When I read your column today, I loved how you made the point that you see him in the limo and that is it. To me, she basically gives it away that he comes back.

I have read how so many people find this season boring but I love it! It is so nice to have a sweet, down to earth girl like Des on the show instead of another money hungry snob like Emily. I didn’t finish watching her season because she was beyond annoying and I hated her ” I am a single mom and so perfect” act. If you were so worried about what people would say if you go into a fantasy suit with a guy then maybe don’t ditch your daughter twice to go on a reality dating show who’s track record for people staying together after the show is horrible!!! Wow!! That felt good to get off my chest.

Again, love your column and all my trust is in you and your spoilers!!!

P.S. Ali’s E! Blog is beyond stupid. She thinks Des will pick Chris because every time they are in a group setting, they stand next to each other and that is what she did with Roberto. Really Ali??? No one is a stupid as you and how is Roberto by the way?? Oh yea, you guys are another check mark in the Bachelor failed love column!!!

Comment: Yeah, I wrote that on Tuesday. Why do we have to find out what happens with Brooks if he never returns? We should already know what happens with him, because according to what the show told us on Monday, he left.

Ali has her own blog, her own agenda, and writes what she thinks. I can’t fault her for that.

You crack me up, from a normal person to a normal person, good stuff! I love how you reposted the crazies tweets last night…what a bunch of morons! I think you’re 100% right on everything, finally an entertaining episode!

Sobbed all the way to work on Monday while hearing the Kraddick show co-hosts, definitely feel your pain. Such a travesty.

Your loyal reader in San Anton, take care!

Comment: I can only imagine how tough it was for the rest of the crew to come in on Monday, just two days after he died, and do a show. It was tough to listen to.

Hi Steve,

First I want to say, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. You wrote a very nice tribute and its sincerity really showed a great side of your personality.

I was at my 30th reunion this past weekend, it was fun to catch up. I imagine you had as many laughs as we did! We had a 10 year reunion in the room next to ours, I kept joking around saying I was going to go over and show them what a cougar was 😉

Loved the clip of you playing basketball in high school! It’s great they still have that tradition and you were the first!!

My comment goes back to your quote –
and it’s not like Brooks did anything to help her along those lines since he was being so vague and beating around the bush about what he wanted to say. I think with how wishy washy he was last night makes it easier for him to return next week to save himself. He certainly wasn’t very definitive in ANYTHING he said last night.

They either edited so he didn’t look like a total jerk or he was smart enough to watch his words for any kind of come back or future interviews, relationships etc. That had to be the longest kinda sorta TV break up ever, it was so hard to watch and not defintive at all. I wish ABC would have done a two night in a row finale, waiting a week for the drama to end is just too much.

So here’s my question. And maybe I just missed this, is the show over next week or is there an After the Rose show on the 12th?

Keep laughing off the haters, some of those tweets were border line scary!

Comment: Yes. We seem to be getting this question every season now that they’ve done the “live” finale for the last few seasons with Ben, Emily and Sean. The first 2 hours are what went down in Antigua, with Chris Harrison coming in and out of commercial breaks in front of the live studio audience (well, live on EST and CST. MST and PST will be watching later). Then right when the 2 hour finale ends, they transition back to the live studio show for an hour ATFR with Brooks, Chris, and Drew all making an appearance at some point.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure you are getting a ton of angry emails from crazy people today, so I’ll tell you up front this won’t be one of those!

I just wanted to say that I completely believe in your spoiler still. I read your column today and everything you said makes sense, both about why she wouldn’t pick Drew or Chris, and about Brooks coming back. As you pointed out, he never even left the island in the episode. Combine that with Des’s blog today that says to watch next week to see what happens with Brooks, and anyone can tell Brooks comes back for her (or never leaves and just meets with her again in some way). The previews for the two parter also showed someone holding a ring (though I do know that could be from any season since all you see is a man’s hand and ring) and it looks very much like she lets Chris and Drew go early next week’s episode. I doubt after she breaks down like that in front of them over Brooks leaving that either of them would want to propose to her a few days later, even if she does keep going with them. If they did and she accepted than they deserve each other for how desperate they both are!

So, not really a question, just wanted you to know that there are still people who believe in your spoilers and aren’t completely crazy like those on Twitter last night!

Comment: Well we do know from the previews that she goes on last dates with both Drew and Chris, because they gave that away in the promos. The talk on the beach with Drew, and her on a kayak and playing with the sting rays with Chris.

And yes, if you’re Drew or Chris, why would you even want to be with a woman who’s clearly in to someone else besides you? Makes no sense.


I have followed your blog for quite some time and this is the first time I have felt an urgent need to email you. First, let me just say that I have watched the Bachelor and Bachelorette from the BEGINNING and haven’t missed one episode. Am I embarrassed to say that? Yes! However this is where you come in. I, like yourself, believe that the show is a complete farce and the producers make a mockery out of these people’s lives, not to mention the concept of “love.” I never realized how similar you and I thought until Emily’s season and Mr. Jef Holm. I don’t tune in every week because I believe I am watching a true love story unfold, I tune in to watch the shit show that is the Bachelor. It cracks me up to see “bachelor nation” freak out on you, because if you really are a fan of the show, YOU KNOW Brooks comes back next week and YOU have been right all along. Last night was the first time while watching the show I felt like I was watching a “real relationship” moment…Kudos to Brooks and Desiree. I don’t even know why they kept the storyline’s with Drew and Chris going. Those two have to be feeling pretty pathetic right about now.. although I’m sure with the amount of attention they will be getting after all this it will be soon forgotten that they looked like major tool bags on national television. This is why the show has done things differently this time. It has been obvious all along who Des wanted. I liked how when she told Brooks she loved him as he was trying to break up with her he threw his hands up and said something like why didn’t you tell me earlier and she said, “because I can’t.” This is “supposed” to be a show about love and feelings and blah, blah, blah, so if a contestant is into somebody from early on and so much as states it, they are told to act like they are into the others. Then the producers go and grill the guy on his feelings for her, making him scared and he runs off only to realize that he does want Des and comes back, and Des sends Drew and Chris home at the beginning of next weeks episode. The rest of the episode will be spent showing us how much Des and Brooks are meant to be together only to have them break up in a month. I just wish, for one episode, we could hear the ridiculous questions the producers ask the contestants as they are sitting there all vulnerable.

I guess I don’t have any actual question to ask you. Just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs over the years. I love your site and I absolutely love how you call out the producers. Keep of the good work and best of luck dealing with all the crazy a** fans out there.

Comment: There will be crazy fans to deal with whether I’m right or wrong in any given season. Comes with the territory. Thanks for reading.

Reality Steve,

I knew as soon as they started showing Brook’s impending departure you were going to get bombarded with tweets (and I am sure emails, FB messages etc…) but wow! People went mental! I felt sorry for you (not that you couldn’t handle it). This season has got to be by far the dullest season I have watched to date. Your blog is the only thing keeping me watching right now. Mind you last night’s episode was actually interesting for a change. I agree with everything you said in today’s recap and am actually looking forward to the finale. I have no doubt you will be vindicated next week. And please oh please go to town gloating when you are! I look forward to your recap next week. As always thanks for writing. You will always have a fan here.

Comment: I’m just as much looking forward to the finale as most of the viewers because I have just as many questions as some of you regarding how it all went down.

Hi Steve,

I absolutely agree with your assessment of how at all goes down at the final with Brooks. What I thought was the worst part is that knowing she took back…excuse me, she crawled back to…a guy who told her he wasn’t sure his feelings were there. How little self-respect can a girl have? She needed to have a little dignity, pull herself together, and realize that, even apart from this being a TV show, if a guy comes back after telling you he’s not into you then he’s doing it out of pity. Brooks was even saying things that tipped you off to him feeling bad because he hadn’t clued in to how nuts Des was about him. She even threw a cherry on the top of his guilt sundae by pulling out the “Why does no one ever love me” routine.

Instead of stumbling all over himself for an hour trying to be nice while he tore her beating heart out of her chest, he should have said what he did earlier (to Chris H or in his ITM….I can’t remember) that he wasn’t “in love with her”. Period. Dammit Brooks, you should have just ripped the band aid off!

Sadly, Des is OK with someone throwing her a bone because he feels guilty. That’s EXACTLY the solid rock upon which I would want to base MY marriage! To me Brooks coming back is sort of the equivalent of someone turning down an invitation to a party, then feeling bad because the host spent a lot on the food, and changing their mind because they didn’t have anything else going on that night, so what the hell. What kind of lame story could he come up with that would make him seem like a stand-up guy for coming back to a girl he said he just eviscerated? I guess he doesn’t need one, because he’s coming back to a pathetic lap dog whose been whimpering and laying by the door waiting for his return.

Seriously, these two idiots deserve each other. I agree they will never marry, unless of course the whimpering/guilt thing keeps up. That at least can give us the comfort of knowing they will never breed. Run far, run fast Chris and Drew! You dodged a bullet.

Comment: The whole thing is definitely weird, and for the first time, a finale that might be worth the hype it’s being given. Even with a happy engagement at the end, there are going to be questions.

Hi Steve,

So I’m not sure if I’m alone, but I feel absolutely terrible for Chris and Drew after watching the latest episode. She basically admitted she was just going through the motions with them and never intended to give them a real shot because she was set of Brooks from day 1. If I were either one of them, I would be so pissed. Even if they weren’t truly in love with her, they believed they were and were thinking about their futures and this whole time Des was deceiving them. Like telling Chris she would move to Seattle but in her head she’s probably already planning her move to Salt Lake City. Watching the season play out and hearing what she says is probably painful. I am curious to see what happens next week on the finale, but the AFTR will be interesting too to see how those two react to her and her confessions. Knowing how much the franchise likes dramatic moments, I say if the two of them team up and confront her, we could get some interesting TV. Obviously other leads knew who they wanted early, but none have admitted it like she has so this is new territory.

I do believe you that she is engaged to Brooks, but that’s gonna be a rough road for them. Not only privately, because Brooks obviously has seriously doubts about their relationship that don’t fade overnight, but publicly as well because people will probably pity her for taking him back and won’t believe their relationship is real. Obviously there are many similarities between them and Jason and Molly, but there’s one major difference that may play a role. When Molly took Jason back, the show was over. They were able to have a real relationship, be public, see each other whenever they wanted and basically be a normal couple. Brooks and Des had to be in hiding immediately, which isn’t healthy for any relationship let alone one that’s kinda rocky to begin with. I surely doubt that helped their relationship at all. I never immediately write off couples from this show (I even had some hope for Emily and Jef for a while), but I just don’t see them lasting.

Just my thoughts!

Comment: It’s not lasting regardless, but will be pretty interesting to watch.

Hello Steve,

First, my condolences to you for the loss of your friend. That is
always hard.

Finally after all these years of the Bachelorette, they finally had
a semi-sorta dramatic episode – however contrived and unbelievable. At the
end of “Men Tell All,” it was the only time this whole season that Chris
Harrison showed at least a little enthusiasm. I watch the Bachelor/ette
mainly because I was a news junky for years and the news gets worse every day so
I need to watch something mindless.

Sooooo I am writing to congratulate you for yet again being right.
No surprise to me. I don’t understand how anyone can doubt you, but some
people….. It is so obvious that after last night, Des cannot choose Chris
or Drew or no one, so it has to be Brooks. I’m glad your spoilers, recaps,
etc. keep us watchers sane.

What would really be laughable would be if she did accept a proposal
from either Drew of Chris and then Brooks showed up. She would certainly
dump them fast. That would be something new. And by the way, with all the
mumbling I have to turn on closed captioning to understand most of the

Thanks for being there. And ABC should pay you. They get most of
their viewers because of you.

Comment: The best ending this show could possibly have at this point? Brooks coming back, pulling a Blaze from “Burning Love” and saying, “Nah, I gotta bounce” and Des being left in Antigua a crying mess just like Julie.

Hi Steve,

I find it so odd that Des told Brooks on national tv that she loved him before the finale? I thought Des isn’t supposed to share anything with the contestants about how she’s feeling until the final ceremony. I heard Des say she loved Brooks and she was whispering that she told Brooks a few days ago she was going to tell him that she loved him the day of the break up. I guess they allowed her to say what she felt on camera due to the circumstances? Is Des allowed to tell the contestant who she will pick because it seems like Brooks pretty much knew Des would pick him by the way she was talking to him off camera?

Comment: According to Chris Harrison, that wasn’t the first time Des told him she loved him, it was just the first time the cameras showed it. He said they needed the audience to understand where all this was coming from. Oh, ok. Thanks for the heads up buddy. Huh? She said it to you during your talks in back-to-back episodes that Brooks was the one for her.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your blog! I just watched Part I of the Bachelorette Finale. Thought I share with you my “guess” for next week’s finale.

Like you, I still believe that Desiree will end up engaged to Brooks.

I think that Brooks will come back next week asking Desiree for a second chance, and tells her how he made a mistake. Desiree will give him that second chance because she’s obviously in love with him.

Then I think Desiree goes to have a talk with Drew and ultimately tell him he’s not the one. Hence the scene at the beach. Remember that scene? And how Drew was saying, “It will never work!” Before I thought that was him telling Desiree that they would never work. But now I think he’s actually talking about Brooks and Desiree…Like how Brooks had to second guess their relationship and leave, so Drew probably told her that it will never work.

Anyways, Drew will leave in the limo…

And I think Desiree will continue on with her week…Chris and Brooks will meet her family. It has not been shown on the promo ’cause they don’t want to think that Brooks is back. Plus it’ll be weird to just show Chris meeting the family.

Then Desiree will have her last dates with the guys. I’m sure of this ’cause we still haven’t seen that scene of Desiree and Chris playing with the stingray yet. I’m pretty sure that’s their last date. And obviously, they didn’t show clips of Des’ last date with Brooks, but they definitely will have one.

And we all know how this ends, Brooks proposing to Desiree. Anyways, this is my take of it and I thought I would share it with you.

Anyways, just wanted to say I really like your blog! Always look forward to reading them before every Bachelor/ette seasons.

Comment: Seems logical as well.

Hey Steve,

First, my sincerest condolences about your friend Kidd. I’ve gotten painful news in a similar situation (during a once-in-a-lifetime trip in Cabo) and I found it almost impossible to manage conflicting emotions. Your reader base is definitely feeling for you, as well as for Kidd’s friends and family.

I also have a question about Brooks’s (how the eff do you make a name that ends with an ‘s’ plural?!) ITMs. You’ve alluded to the fact that Bach producers will do anything to get a reaction from the lead/contestants, including making them cry. I know that the dude was pretty quick to unleash the waterworks, but I’m still wondering what producers said to him to get the reaction that they during his interviews. I’m imagining something along the lines of “How do you feel knowing you broke Desiree’s heart and now all of America hates you?”

Anyway, I still believe your spoilers (of course) and even more than next week’s episode, I’m interested to see how the AFTR goes down. If nothing else, the heavily-edited audience reactions should be fun 🙂

Comment: It’s Brooks’ with an apostrophe at the end. My English teacher would be proud.

They could’ve said a number of things to him to get him to cry. They’ll keep digging until they do, and some of the time, it has nothing to do with the show. With Brooks, they could’ve easily delved into his past relationship with his father. Hell, he cried about it during his first dinner date with Des, so it is possible that’s the tactic they used.

After reading Ali’s blog post today about last nights episode, she writes as if she never reads your spoilers and Im wondering why she does that? (At least Im pretty damn sure she reads you, I mean what past contestant doesn’t?) Does she still have to be a shill for the franchise and has to pretend she has no idea how it all goes down or how it ends? Seems so silly.

Thanks, Steve. I never doubted you for a minute (during last nights Twitter feeding frenzy)

Comment: Ali’s blog has nothing to do with mine. If people want to acknowledge the spoilers in their blog, they can. If they don’t, they don’t have to. Sure, it comes across as ignorant to not acknowledge what’s being said, but that’s their choice. It’s their blog, they can write what they want. I don’t concern myself with what others say. I can only control what I say and what I write.


You’re probably overwhelmed with emails this week, but I’m sending this one anyway. I read your column today and you hit so many good points, only some of which occurred to me last night while watching the Bachelorette episode.

I’ll be interested to see what happens. Last night, for me, was probably the most interesting episode I’ve seen of this franchise. At least, the last 40 minutes or so were very different and interesting. From your commentary I gathered that you thought it went on too long. It was a little long, but I found it riveting. Maybe being a female has something to do with it, but I’m really fascinated by human relationships at times. I felt this was genuine, unlike about 95% of the other things that happen on this show. Their emotions seemed real, and it was not overly edited like most of the scenes on this show are. Maybe it made good drama all by itself.

You mentioned that Brooks was not making direct statements about his feelings. I think that is understandable. If you have ever had to tell a person in a relationship how you really feel (if it’s not what they want to hear), you will understand that such things are very difficult. I thought he was being sensitive to her feelings. And she was very tuned in and knew what he meant anyway.

I truly can’t imagine what will happen when he comes back next week. I think you are completely correct that he will. Nothing else makes sense. As you said, why have an episode next week if it’s only going to show Des abandoning the show? And she certainly can’t choose either Chris or Drew after this. You are right on target about that.

One thing, though… I’ve experienced and also observed relationships that have that unbalance that seems to exist here… where one of the couple is totally smitten, and the other one cares but is not smitten. These can work out, but in my observation the ones that can work usually are when the man is the smitten one, and the woman cares and decides it is what she wants. I haven’t seen many (or any?) last for very long when it’s the other way around, when the woman is head over heels and the man is not feeling it that way. So, I’m very skeptical that Brooks would be making the right move by going back into the show. It is possible it would work out in the long run… anything is possible. But it seems very unlikely.

Thanks for reading (if you did).

Comment: I don’t think it’s working out in the long run at all. But hey, it’s certainly going to be entertaining to watch.

I wouldn’t necessarily define Monday’s episode as riveting or interesting. I think I’d just call it different since, like you said, it’s something we hadn’t seen before.

Hi Steve –

I’m one of the people that didn’t chastize you after the breakup as you’re so right. After Des told Brooks she loved him, he said, “why didn’t you tell me that sooner”. That right there said, he’s coming back. Plus, why would they give him so much air time after the break up? That whole discussion went on forever! Usually, they send the guys on their way with a minute of monologue. Plus, what guy cries that much over a girl they met 2 months ago? He does love her, but got scared.

Comment: Everyone will be playing “Monday Morning Quarterback” come Tuesday. Once it all plays out, the Chris fans will have their theories, and the Brooks fans will have theirs about everything. The bottom line to me is there is no possible way she can go from letting all of America know that Brooks is the one who had a relationship better than the other two, Brooks is the one she loves, and Brooks is the one she wanted to choose, to all the sudden forgetting about that within 24 hours, moving on, and days later accepting a proposal from another guy. Not happening.

Hey Steve,

So I know you keep saying that Drew will be the next Bachelor, but what is so wrong with Chris? He is soooo perfect! He played for the Chicago Cubs – why have they barely mentioned that? I think that’s pretty impressive, but also how he’s this serious career guy now.. so Chris is not only athletic, but SMART!

Chris reminds me so much of Sean Lowe in his abilities, yet humility. He’s REAL. And…Just amazing.

What are the chances Chris will be the next Bachelor???? (crossing my fingers…)

You talk about Drew’s backstory, but hey, Chris has a weirdo father who feels up random women Chris brings over, and has his father/son talks while sticking weird balloon things up his son’s nose.

Comment: I don’t think Chris would do it. I’m sure he’s candidate, but not a strong one.

I’ve been a faithful reader for a few years and am entertained by your angle and have adjusted all my thinking in how reality tv works. It makes it much more understandable and enjoyable for me. Few possibly simple questions:

1. I know why they can’t wear sunglasses, but did this episode seemed more obvious how hard it would be to enjoy a day of squinting and a possible headache? Chris looked miserable on the beach when talking…. And later when Brookes and Chris H had their chat, they were often talking with one eye open. Especially the host who’s always on camera. I know it’s silly, I guess I wonder if its a common complaint for those on the show. It’s noticeable for me

2. I believe you with your spoiler for the ending. I always do, and I also see how it makes the most sense. Those producers are tricky in getting more viewers! Explains 10 years of success. My thought is, the only way I could see this being realistic after all that Brookes said, would be if he came back and said “can we have more time together”. Not “will you marry me?”. Not yet. Otherwise it sounds waaaay too crazy to have a drastic heart change be believable. Des seems as though she’d be settling, or lacking major confidence to just jump right back in. I guess I’m wondering what you think? Also wondering, would the producers ever allow something like that– Brookes to come back and make a plea for more time with her? In real life they probably wouldn’t have broken up, just continued to date like normal until they knew if they could be serious. The pressure of the time frame is what ended things. Would the producers allow him to just come back and continue to get to know and be with her / date more? What if they both pleaded for that? Or is it black and white: you either propose or you’re going home. Done.

Thanks for answering! I know my question is partly just wanting your opinion.

Comment: 1) I’m sure it is. It’s very noticeable as a viewer. Chris Harrison looked like One-Eyed Willie during his chat with Brooks.

2) Could they allow it? Sure. But they didn’t. She’s engaged.


Its Wed night, and I just watched Monday’s episode. I had read your post from last week, so I knew basically what was going to happen. I fast forwarded most of the boring episode.

My take…it was a complete joke, and producers had worked with both Brooks and Desiree during the weeks leading up to this episode. No doubt they received bonus money.

I saw only one tear drop from Desiree (one eye). She covered her face with her hands for what seemed like an eternity (it was probably only 45 seconds). I will bet she was directed to try to bring on major tears from BOTH eyes, but only managed one single tear, out of one. Now come on, if this were real, (i.e. she in love, and he telling her he does not feel the same), most woman would be sobbing…the tears would be flowing so hard that her face would have been moist. Did not happen….only loads of sniffles (poor actors can manage sniffles…harder for most people to fake tears). Also, during their conversation on the bench, the whites of her eyes were a beautiful brilliant white. Tears make your eyes red.

This entire scene was orchestrated by the producers.

Comment: I have no way to prove she faked her tears and all of that was producer manipulated, so there’s no point in discussing it.

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  1. keepitreal1

    August 6, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Desiree is sooooo annoying. Her sobbing is ridiculous. Does she know what real problems are? She sobbed b/c brooks broke up with her while 2 other men are waiting in line to marry her. There is a couple in Pennsylvania who’s 2 year old son died of Leukemia last night. That is something to cry about. Desiree, you sobbed on national tv because some fool you have known for 10 weeks broke it off with you. Then a few days later, you decided you love Chris- then you cried about that because “no one has ever loved you this much before.” Girlfriend, look outside of yourself and put it in perspective.

  2. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:28 AM

    Oh come now posters,no need to fight amongst yourselves. Can’t Catherine (mikeflessplayedyou) and Dana(iheartvino) kiss and makeup or are you both going to drag eachother through the mud like you did last year? Come on we all can just hate on RS together!

  3. babyonemoretime123

    August 7, 2013 at 4:30 AM

    I miss my fabulous ladies, and to see you fight like this is just plain plain wrong. Stop attacking RS for making a mistake, stop attacking each other, why oh why can’t we all get along. Liz123 can get along with everyone…she has nothing better to do.

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