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Over 100 “Reader Emails”…

Not only did Tuesday set the record on my site for highest amount of page views in one day, but as evidenced by what you’re about to read, it also spawned the most emails I’ve ever posted in the “Reader Email” section. The weekly average is usually somewhere between 30-40 a week, and then a couple times we came close or surpassed 50. This week? We blew doors on that. We are over 100 and that’s with me not being able to print a couple just because it was one that had been asked over and over again. And I’d say over half the emails came in from the minute the episode ended on Monday up through last night.

Remember, these emails are basically all emails sent to me from last Wed night/Thurs morning, through this past Wednesday night. So, you’ll see as you read the tone and subject of the emails drastically changes going from beginning to end. Since I pretty much copy and paste them in order that I get them, it starts out with stuff from the MTA and speculation about Monday’s episode, then it’ll transition into the emails that were written during and right after Monday’s show when people were freaking out, then into questions about Monday’s night’s show, then emails sent after they had read Tuesday’s column and people calmed down a bit. But the biggest thing to me this week, was how many people acknowledged the passing of Kidd Kraddick. Either how much he meant to them, or letting me know they appreciated what I wrote. Still unbelievable to me to think that he’s gone so I thank all of you who took the time out to mention him in your emails. Meant a lot. Let’s get to it. I hope you have some free time today. This’ll take a while…

First off, your column has made this boring season so much more fun! I really think you’re spoiler on who Des chooses is correct, but there is some tiny part of me that unrealistically thinks ABC maybe went through this elaborate scheme to throw off the spoilers. It makes watching this season somewhat bearable, the little anticipation I somehow mustard up.

My first question is why you are so sure they won’t cast Juan Pablo as the Bachelor? In your last column you made it clear that there was no way! You must have some specific as to why you think he has zero chance. I just saw tonight on one of the producer’s instagrams a picture of Juan Pablo (in snow gear so prob from where ever they were during the show production, I forget, I was barley paying attention). Seems like they are really trying to promote him.

Second, do you think Ali FdfsbdgkbdbSKY reads your column and plays it dumb?

Again, that’s for the good laughs, especially this season.

Comment: I have nothing specific as to why Juan Pablo won’t be the next Bachelor. He just won’t. Is he being talked to about it? Yes. But so are others.

Ali comes up quite a few times in reader emails this week. Does she read my column every week word for word? I’m guessing no. Is she aware of the spoiler that’s out there every season? Yes. I can’t concern myself with what she writes and what she says. It’s her column, her own agenda, and she does her thing. I do my thing and our columns are completely separate. Frankly I think she’s one of the most candid, if not the most candid former contestant who has a platform to express her feelings about what really goes on in the show. So for that, I applaud her.

And c’mon, it isn’t THAT hard to spell Fedotowsky, is it?

3 questions for you

1) i know you have said juan pablo would not be chosen for next season bachelor, but when you weigh the duds that have come out of desiree’s season, can you see that their strategy would be to drum up some interest in him (sort of like when you said roberto was going to be the next one to give some ethnic flavour)? i’d be curious how you can see them going for filming a season around one of the boring ones left when they do have some spice at least in front of them if their ratings are down?

2) at the men tell all, desiree seemed to look like michael douglas’ wife, catherine zeta-jones. just wondering if you can put up a side by side of them from des at the men tell all and catherine from something. (by the way i’m a catherine fan, not a des one, but just couldn’t believe the likeness so i guess kudos to desiree’s styling team)

3) you appear to keep track of ratings. do you mind posting the avg ratings from each season since brad 1.0 (i think that’s when i started watching and came upon your blog with deanna’s season). i would like to see how this show has done if you are mentioning it’s pretty in the dumps for this season.

thanks for all you do, i like your recaps and spoilers. spoilers make for better watching definitely!

Comment: 1) Sure, if Juan Pablo ever got cast it would be strictly to finally cast a minority in the role. It just won’t be him. He had zero storyline during the season, and I don’t believe you can force feed the lead on America by throwing him in the hot seat on the MTA for 5 minutes. Not enough of a story.

2) She did? I didn’t think so. With a 100 emails to get to this week and I’m starting this late Wednesday night, asking me to google pics of each, well, that’s just too much. That’s easily an extra :20 seconds I just don’t have the luxury of right now in my busy, busy, busy night.

3) And now you want me to go search for ratings for the last 10 seasons? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I just thought I’d mention that in the MTA, Desiree said that she hasn’t been listening backstage re: Ben, but then brought up the ridiculous comparison of how James thinking about the future was the same as a man thinking about his second wife while with his first.. Wasn’t that comparison only mentioned during the special? I know it’s all staged but c’mon girl, at least keep your story straight.

Comment: I think it was also brought up during that episode by the other guys, so she was probably recalling it from that.

Hello from the great white north, eh

Love the column—read it during Jillian’s season and after for another season or two, then tailed off because I just didn’t have the energy to watch the show anymore. Watched the season this year with my best friend and she was delusional about the show in the way that she didn’t ever think of it as fake. Well. From the beginning I told her I knew the finish result. She caved the next day and texted wanting to know. Now we just watch every Monday to laugh and make fun of the guys.

I just wanted to share how the most ridiculous part of Men Tell All was the “viewing parties” they crashed. Who the hell was that guy who answered the door? I can’t pay my husband enough to watch this show, which is why I watch it at my friends. And all the chalkboard walls with the downlow on the guys…my friend and I were dying. And yes, I love wine. I love cheese. But how convenient these parties all had large amounts of them. And everyone dressed to the nines.

Know what our Monday night was??? Workout clothes on the couch with two beers and a bag of ketchup chips. And then my friend and I pretended for about five minutes what we would do if Chris Harrison showed up at the front door.

The conclusion was to make him go to the back entrance.

You’re welcome to come to our viewing party on Monday, where we are purchasing champagne and getting drunk and are playing a drinking game. Every time someone says LOVE take a drink and if you hear FOR THE RIGHT REASONS take a shot. Dress—sweatpants

Comment: That guy must’ve REALLY wanted to be on TV or something, because lets face it, any guy willing to be the door monitor in an estrogen filled “Bachelorette” watch party on Monday night seriously needs to re-think what he’s doing.

Unless he was getting laid by those women, then it’s understandable.


[Insert comment on how much I love your blog]

Hopefully this isn’t a repeat question. I was just wondering if you have any insight on the confidentiality agreement contestants have once they are off the show and when it is airing? One particular reason I ask is because I noticed that quite a few contestants have come out with pretty serious relationships within a very short time of the finale airing. This season, Lindsay and Lesley were both posting pictures of their boyfriends very soon after the season ended. A few season back Brad called out the fact that Chantal was dating someone new on the ATR Special.

Wouldn’t the fact that these people are obviously dating other people while the show is airing prove that they broke some sort of confidentiality agreement? Just curious!

Thanks for the spoilers and recaps!

Comment: You’re allowed to go back and live your life once the show ends if you didn’t win. Can you date? Sure. You just can’t plaster it all over FB, Instagram, or Twitter while the show is still airing if you made it deep into the process. Of course someone who got eliminated early, they don’t care about. But if you made it to final 5 or 6, and early on when the season is airing, it’s clear you have a boyfriend that you’re throwing up pics of on the internet, they’ll tell you to knock it off and wait.

As for Chantal, don’t forget who was the person who broke that news she was dating Jeff Razore. People tend to forget that when I changed the “Brad is engaged to Chantal” spoiler to “Brad is with Emily” two weeks before the finale, one of the reasons I had to back to up was that I had found out Chantal was dating Jeff Razore and they had been seen out. Kinda hard to be engaged when you’re out with someone else. So that was one of about four tips I had received on the wrong spoiler. And now Jeff and Chantal are married and expecting, so I guess it worked out for her.

I think the drama around the final rose …revolves around Drew. I think he tells more tales on people. She believes him.( and begins to think none of the guys are there for the right reason) When Brooks arrives Chris (Harrison) confronts him and finds that Drew has made up a story about him, and or someone else. Or he told something just on hear say. Chris then sends Brooks to Des to tell her ….what has been said is not completely true.
Des confused but her in heart, she trust Brooks . She confronts Drew with the lie and sends him home.

I may have Drew/Chriss mixed up…but I think …Drew who told the story of James and Mikey …actually may have not even have actually of heard that conversation…it was told to him…but he told it as if he heard it first hand. ( that is a rumor any way)

I haven’t actually heard this story …but I think this is a very possible out come.

Comment: I don’t think any of that happens, but good guess.

Since you were talking about all of the Bachelor/ette connections with HGTV…did you know Chris Harrison hosted “Designers’ Challenge” on HGTV back before his Bachelor days? That’s one of the many design shows I’ve watched over the years and i recognized him from it when I started watching The Bachelor. You may already know that connection, but I just thought it was interesting since you we’re listing the other connections!

Comment: Jesus, does this guy age at all?


Do you think not having the opportunity to participate in the Men Tell All will decrease the F3’s (in this case, Drew) chances of being selected as The Bachelor due to not having that extra exposure and the chance to “audition” for the part?


Comment: Probably not.

Hey Steve,

Have you noticed that Drew Kenney has lost a ton of his twitter followers? Didn’t he have over 50k at the beginning of the season? And now he’s down to 30k. Juan Pablo has more than him even.

What are your thoughts considering the controversy of Drew and/or ABC purchasing those followers in the first place to garner support for his stint as bachelor?

Comment: Not until I read this email did I check and I see as of this morning, he’s at 32k. Not sure why he lost 20k other than all those other followers were bought.

I can’t figure out why everyone keeps saying this season is so much more boring than other seasons. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER SEASON. The only difference is that Des is not witty or well spoken and is just not comfortable on camera. Every single season has boring dates where the couple only talks about what they are supposed to (i.e. if they think they are ready to get married, what their family is like, share some traumatic even from their past). They never show witty banter, funny scenes, etc. on any season, (which bugs me, show them having a fun conversation, laughing together, joking around for crying out loud!). Remember how Jef said that Emily is really witty and funny and they never showed that side of her on the show? Seriously, this season is exactly like every other season, except that Des doesn’t have a lot of variety in her vocabulary.

Also, I keep remembering how Sean and all of the girls LOVED Des. She must have a great personality when she is in a situation where she is comfortable. I know when I am “on the spot” or talking to someone I am not comfortable with, I become very quiet, can’t converse like I normally do, feel very self conscious, etc. I’m assuming that’s what’s going on with Des as the lead of the show now- she’s just too uncomfortable with all of the pressure and can’t be herself like she was on Sean’s season. He never would have been attracted to this quiet, uninteresting girl! Also, in the clip where she was chatting with the girls from her season, she had so much more personality! Just confirmed my theory that she is much more outgoing and fun when she is in a situation where she is comfortable.

Also, I’ll never understand why people complain to you every season about how boring the show is, yet THEY CONTINUE TO WATCH IT. If I was that bored with a show, I certainly wouldn’t turn it on every week!

Love your column, can’t wait to read it each week! Thanks for the fun spoilers!

Comment: I don’t concern myself with those who say it’s boring, because I know they’re watching and, more importantly, reading. You wouldn’t know if it was boring if you weren’t watching it. The ratings were down a good 1.5 million on average from Ashley, Emily, and Ali’s seasons, all season I was sharing emails with you of people saying it was boring, yet the second they start promoting a 2 part finale and this “shocking” ending, what happened? They reached 7.7 million on Monday, easily their biggest episode of the season. So apparently it isn’t all that boring. Hence the reason why this show isn’t going away anytime soon.

Hi Steve,

Not sure if someone already sent this to you but it is an intersting article about unfair treatment of those that work in reality tv. The article talks predominantly about Canadian shows but also British standards. I can’t imagine it’s much different with the US productions. Anyway for what it’s worth, here is a link to the article in the Toronto Star.

Comment: I’ve heard plenty of stories for the way production in reality TV programming gets treated. This is no surprise.


I have been listening to Jason and Molly’s podcast. They crack me up. They talk about how fake the show it is. How the producers get you to say things. Also admitted to comments being put out of order. I am not sure if you have listened at all. Also, Molly still loves the show even though she knows it is so FAKE.


Comment: I need to get caught up on all my Jason and Molly podcasts. People seem to love their candidness, and I think that’s great. Then again, they’re not telling you anything I haven’t been saying for years. It’s what the show does and it’ll never change.

Hey Steve-

Thanks for this column. I agree with everyone, this season blows. At least we have your column.

Juan Pablo is the only hot guy on the show, so I applaud them for bringing him a little attention, but unless they’re seriously considering him for the next Bach, why give him that much air time? Since you’ve made it clear that you don’t think they’ll go with him, what was their purpose of putting him in the hot seat and giving him all that attention?

As a side note, they should use Juan for Bach. He’s the only guy on this season I find remotely attractive. They went with someone “sweet” but not hot for Bachelorette with Des, and look where that got us. Des is one of those girls who other girls think is “pretty”…. trendy, classy wardrobe, a very made-up face, high-collared shirts, small boobs, etc. Not really a body or wardrobe that is attractive to guys (like Emily and Jill and even Ashley always wore). Ashley wasn’t super gorgeous, but she wore clothes that were figure-flattering and made her look adorable. Plus she had a personality. I just don’t look at Des and think “gosh I’d love to look like that” like I did with Emily or Jill. Plus, her personality is soo damn boring. I never liked her on Sean’s season, now I can’t stand her. She’s socially awkward. There doesn’t seem to be a connection with any of the guys because all she says are the stupid same one liners she’s fed by the producers “this is sooo amazing…. Madeira is the perfect place to fall in love…etc)

She was a real bitch at the MTA and looked even more stupid because she basically was Ali’s puppet. ABC better learn not to cast another retail salesperson with average looks and no personality. and I like Zak, he seems sweet, but NO NO NO to bachelor for him. He is NOT hot enough to be the Bachelor, and they’ll have another season with ratings in the tank.

ps. Des totally lied when she told Juan pablo that she “had to pick the dates according to how she was feeling and what she needed to know.” we all know the producers have complete and utter control over that.

pps. Please listen to Molly and J’s podcast #11. Fascinating. They talk about how the producers would say something like “I love Jason” and make Molly repeat it. Or they’d take parts of something she said and fuse it into another sentence completely. Like turn “I love puppies” into “I love Jason”. and they said that the good producers all quit after a certain amount of time because “they just can’t do it anymore….it’s just too f**ked up.”

thanks Steve, for everything!

Comment: It’s almost like this person recapped my own columns for me.

As for the Juan Pablo thing, sure they gave him airtime at the MTA to gauge the interest because he’s a candidate. He just won’t get it.

Hi Steve,

Like so many of your other readers, I wanna start by thanking you for making watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette so much more entertaining (and in the case of this season, more bearable). I’ve been following your site since Jake or Brad Part Deux and love knowing what’s going to happen before the show even airs. I feel somewhat validated by Desiree’s season being so horrible as she was my least favorite of the top 4 and I was super bummed when she was named Bachelorette. I’m not going to go so far as to say that her men are gay, but they are overwhelmingly effeminate and unattractive.

I think that a lot of what makes this season so wretched is the fact that it’s anything but a fairy tale no matter how much the show tries to convey the illusion that it is. I don’t want to be Des and I don’t want to date her men; if anything I just want the season to be over so that I can once again watch your spoilers prove correct.

Speaking of fairy tales, I spent the beginning of this week as a proud member of the watch party for the real life fairy tale that is the birth of the royal baby. I just finished watching MTA as a result. I’m sorry that my comments will be a week late but I noticed a few things while watching that weren’t mentioned in your column or other reader emails and thought they should be brought to attention.

First of all, I found it interesting that they so enthusiastically defended Des’ honor when talking about the guy (Jonathan?) on the first night who wanted to take her to the fantasy suite. Des has been particularly eager to kiss many of her guys this season and, while I know kissing wasn’t all that he was alluding to doing with Des in the fantasy suite, she doesn’t come off as the most chaste bachelorette they’ve ever had. She seems to be pretty modern and have modern views on getting physical with a man so the emphasis on her honor was just annoying.

Secondly, and most entertaining in my opinion, I literally laughed out loud when I heard the intro music for the return from the commercial break right before Ben took the hot seat. Did you notice what song it was? It was an instrumental version and I could be wrong, but I’m almost positive that the song was Self-Esteem by The Offspring. I’m a fan of the song and find the lyrics incredibly fitting for what was about to happen: “Now I know I’m being used, that’s okay, man, ’cause I like the abuse.” Clever, very clever.

Thanks again, Steve, and hope you enjoy your reunion!

Comment: As for Des’ promiscuity, well, she did use the fantasy suite with Drew and Chris before entering on a date with Brooks, a guy she clearly liked and wanted more than the other two. What happened in those suites? Well, only they know, but that’s not the point.

Hello Steve,

I’ll be in the minority here… Drew and Brooks are not gay… no, I don’t know this for sure, but the people that think they are just have a narrow view of how men are supposed to act. Sure, I have the fantasies of a big, burly guy with tattoos and a deep voice throwing me down and taking me. Heck when I was a little girl, I had a MR. T beach towel! But when it comes to who I would want to spend every day with for the rest of my life, it’s not him. I want a guy who is kind, compassionate, caring and really has a genuine concern about my feelings. That must be what Des likes, too. Her F4 all fit that description. So maybe the casting directors find out what type of person the lead is interested in and puts a few of them into the mix…? Maybe that’s why we’re seeing more artistic, sensitive type of men this season.

The pictures people keep showing of Brooks in the swimsuit portion of the talent show with his rear stuck out is him making fun of himself. If you look at the lineup of men that day, Brooks’ body is at the bottom of the hotness meter. I guess he probably knew that, and having the type of personality he does, he just decided to make fun of himself and not take it seriously. I thought he was hilarious, almost like a Saturday Night Live skit… funny stuff when he was strutting around like a girl. And give me a break with all of the pink comments. I’m sorry to tell you all this, but it is 2013, men wear pink! Drew is a fashion model, and he probably wears pink all the time, nothing strange about a man wearing pink! Some girls like the sensitive type of man, and some don’t, Des obviously does.


Comment: Ok. Thanks. One vote for “not gay.” Weeeeee!!!!!

Hi Mr. Steve Dude!

I have never emailed you so Hi! I have a few questions and comments…

1) I think 9-10 guys cried this season.

2) Did Zak cry? I couldn’t tell…

3) Do guys you think guys cry to much on the show?

4) I hated/loved it when men cry sense Jason’s season finale… What do you think?

5) When was the last time you cried? (I won’t make fun)

6) Why do you enjoy watching the bachelor/ette? I like it because… I don’t know I just do.

P.S. I went on your site yesterday and got hooked!

Comment: Someone is obsessed with crying.

Please tell me you know about the Fox show, and tell me that that nasty Krissy does NOT win, otherwise, ill stop watching if she does!

Comment: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Fox show. Krissy. No f***ing clue.

Hi Steve!

I just discovered your site a few weeks ago, and I’m so glad I did! It’s always fun reading your posts and finding out the behind-the-scenes info on the show.

So, I wanted to send you this really interesting news article my husband found the other day! He is from Chile, and he reads this Chilean newspaper called EMOL online every day to get a lot of his news. He found an article titled “The Bachelor” llega a Chile para buscar al soltero que protagonizará su próxima temporada, which in English says “The Bachelor” arrives in Chile to search for the bachelor who will star in its next season”!!! This may already be old news to you, but I thought it was really interesting!! The article goes on to say that men in Chile who meet all of the show’s requirements (age, single, etc.) can now apply to an online web contest, and the winner of the contest will then win a trip to the US to continue the audition process against the other men who are auditioning! It said they have until July 31st to do it, so I am guessing that means they are trying to cast someone for this upcoming season?? It makes sense to me now why they focused so much attention on Juan Pablo at the Men Tell All episode, maybe they are trying to get people interested in the idea of having a Hispanic lead for the Bachelor! That’s just my theory 🙂 It also said in the article that this is being made possible through a partnership between a company in Chile and ABC, so it sounds like it’s the producers that are wanting to give this a shot. But I think it would be great to have a little more diversity on the show! And I think it’s awesome that they are even opening that opportunity to people in other countries 🙂 I wonder if Chile is the only place they are doing this! Anyway, I just thought you’d be interested to hear that! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, as I’m sure all of your readers would!

Here is the link to the article:

Comment: The next “Bachelor” will not be some random guy from Chile. Maybe they’ll cast him for a future “Bachelorette” season as one of the guys, but it’s certainly not for the lead initially.

Dear Steve,

I really love your blogs and spoilers but have to disagree with you on the subject of US Magazine. You think that they are “in bed” with ABC but I couldn’t disagree more. Dating back to Emily’s season, US was always coming out with stories about how she was throwing tantrums behind the scenes if her wardrobe or makeup etc. weren’t just right. They were letting us know not to believe the sweet Southern Belle image that ABC was trying to sell us. Then came the sexting scandal which they broke regarding Emily and Matt Leinhardt. Why would they uncover this if they want to always paint the Bachelor/Bachelorette stars in good light? They also were the first to print pictures of Ben kissing other women while engaged to Courtney.

I think it’s People Magazine that are in close with ABC because they never print anything negative about the show and they always get the first photo shoot of the new couples.

Comment: Just because US Weekly prints scandalous stories about the contestants, doesn’t mean they don’t have an in when it comes to spoilers. They do. This show uses US Weekly as a tool to get out what spoilers they want released because it’s more publicity for them. Will US Weekly ever spoil the show in advance? Of course not. But they will allude to stuff and print stories throughout the course of the season to sell a storyline. It happens every season and it’s because they have a relationship with the show.

Oh yeah, another reason it’s obvious US Weekly is in their back pocket? Because US will never credit my site anymore. They used to reference it all the time back when I first started spoiling, and look at that, magically it’s disappeared even though I’ll break something first and they run with it later. You don’t think that has ANYTHING to do with the show going to them and saying, “Look, you don’t reference that guy or his site and we’ll help you out.” They’ve said that directly to other outlets, so I know it goes on. That’s ok. Just goes to show the impact my site is having on this franchise.

Hi Steve,

Been reading your site for years. Finally gave up on Bachelor with Des… she was just that boring for me.

But I saw this other wonderfully awful show where its mostly young men vs young women and the men have always won in the past. It plays about 3x a week with an elimination happening either daily or weekly. I think the winner gets 250k. Everything is recorded but the bathroom. No one screws around as that would be played too.

Do you know which one I am talking about?

Comment: Not a clue.

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  1. syane

    August 5, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    Reality Steve was wrong about Brooks and was wrong about Juan Pablo to HaHaHaHaHa. So funny they handed him to it

  2. practician

    August 5, 2013 at 8:34 PM

    HAHAHA. Check out these two paragraphs that Steve wrote last week. He sounds like some deluded Bachelor fan that he makes fun of sometimes.

    Makes you wonder if Mike Fleiss deliberately tried to fool Steve or if Steve or his sources made a genuine mistake:

    “Lets not forget, this is the first time in the show’s history that they have changed around the ending of the show for a 2-part finale. If Brooks truly left last night for good and we are never going to see him at all next episode, what’s the point of the 2-parter? Why wouldn’t they have just kept the normal schedule, Brooks leaves at final 3, last night’s episode would’ve aired two weeks ago, the “Men Tell All” would’ve aired last night with Brooks in attendance, and then next week Des chooses between her final two guys? I don’t see why they would change the whole schedule up unless Brooks was making a return next week. And did you notice that in Chris Harrison’s blog, or on his “Good Morning America” appearance this morning, it’s not even being brought up, “Hey, is Brooks gone for good” or “Is Brooks coming back next week.” It’s completely being avoided. Even in the previews for next week’s episode, there’s no shot of Brooks, no shot of the final rose ceremony, nothing. Any mention of Brooks next episode and that essentially ruins the surprise because the second anyone hears that Brooks may be returning means that Des is with him since that’s the guy she clearly wants to be with. So they have to make you think he’s gone for good. All we saw was him driving away in a limo last night. Did we see him board a plane? Did we see him pack a suitcase? Of course not. But on this show, the “limo drive” has been engrained into people’s heads that it means that person is eliminated. I don’t know at what point he shows back up, what he says, or how she takes him back, but I can’t be more positive that my spoilers are right and she ends up with Brooks. No other storyline at this point makes any sense whatsoever other than that one.

    Put yourself in Drew and Chris’ shoes right now. Obviously at the time this was happening, neither of them knew what was happening with Brooks. The guys are separated and don’t see each other until the rose ceremony. Next episode will pick up with her talking to Chris Harrison and deciding how to move forward and then the rose ceremony to, I assume, tell Chris and Drew what happened with Brooks, which is when she starts crying again. But if you’re either of those guys, even though at that time you didn’t know how strong her feelings were for Brooks including the giant meltdown she just had, how do you watch that last night and think that this girl is 100% committed and in love with you, regardless of how she tries to spin it? Obviously I’m talking about if the spoiler happens to be wrong, which it’s not. I’m playing the hypothetical here. I wouldn’t even want to be Drew or Chris at this point. But damn, I will no doubt have a field day next week if she is somehow miraculously engaged to either of these two guys because that would be about the most laughable ending this show’s ever had. Did you read her blog today? Other than saying “find out what happens with Brooks” (what’s there to find out if, by all accounts, last night was his last appearance), Drew and Chris are an afterthought. Not a single person would honestly believe she can willingly accept a proposal from Chris or Drew at this point after what we saw last night. No chance. And if you say, “Well how can she take Brooks back after what he said to her last night?” I’m sure the same people were probably saying why would Molly ever take Jason back as well, and look how that turned out. I will stand behind what my sources have been telling me for months. It’s Brooks. Don’t know the how, what, and why but I absolutely believe it’s him. Next Monday night we’ll finally get our answer. “

  3. practician

    August 5, 2013 at 8:55 PM

    A timeline of RealitySteve’s live stupidity over twitter during the finale. 8:32: 1. “Nothing has changed. What I reported about the final result back in May never changed & I never wavered from it. Enjoy tonight” 2. Yeah, Des seems SUPER pumped to have last dates with Chris and Drew. About as excited as getting a root canal. 3. This is totally gonna be a Ross and Rachel moment. Des will say Brooks’ name instead of Drew or Chris ha ha. 4. We get to hear from Bachelor Nation??!!! Awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear them pretend to not know they’ve read the spoilers & play dumb. At 9:45: Thinking logically: So if there were no Brooks the rest of the epiaode, the show would be over now. One guy left. What else is there to do? 6. More logic: if Brooks wasn’t coming back, why wouldn’t she just tell Chris, “Hey I sent Drew home. You’re all that’s left.” Finally, at 10:46, well into the “After the Final Rose” segment, he writes: “Wow. Uhhhh, didn’t see that coming. No idea what happened. Just means ill have to get it right next season.” HAHAHA RealitySteve was still waiting for Brooks to do something even during the live taping!

  4. christelle

    August 5, 2013 at 9:02 PM

    I am ecstatic that Desiree has ended up with Chris. No matter Steve didn’t get it right this time – this is a fun website and a great place to talk about all things Bachelor!

  5. tamara

    August 5, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    wow. What a surprise ending… and weird! I mean, once Chris sees how much Des loved Brooks won’t he feel really bad??? I mean, if hadn’t left she’d be engaged to him! and the next day she gets engaged to chris after one more date? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think Chris will make a wonderful sweet husband, but she repeatedly said how much more she loved Brooks. Yikes.

  6. justforfun

    August 5, 2013 at 9:29 PM

    LOL!!! Steve gets to eat some humble pie. And he was sooooooo wrong about Juan Pablo! I had no doubt Juan would be the next bachelor. Giant fail RS! 🙂

  7. mesagirl

    August 5, 2013 at 9:54 PM

    BWAHAHAHA!!! Mike Fleiss gotcha and gotcha good!! WTG MF – made this show worth watching again now that the sleuths got shown the door! Love it!! Good luck to Des and Chris!

  8. gailer

    August 5, 2013 at 10:26 PM

    What I would like to know now is if any sources told Steve, no it’s not Brooks. Steve has great sources, so why didn’t they come forward and tell him it was Chris? What was so great about the Brooks-is- the- one source? ABC must have really been sneaky.

  9. Kali

    August 5, 2013 at 10:31 PM

    Wow, ABC sure rocked Steve’s world with this one, didn’t they?! First Des ends up with Chris, and then Juan Pablo is named the next bachelor. Mike Fleiss must be falling off the couch with giddiness.

    It’s so obvious that Desiree “settled” for 2nd choice, and it’s also obvious that Chris knew he was 2nd, but didn’t care. But he never knew for sure HOW 2nd he was until he watched the show last Monday night. Maybe he’ll have 2nd thoughts now that he’s seen it all play out. Good luck to them both in Seattle. They’ll need it.

  10. maybemaybenot

    August 5, 2013 at 11:01 PM

    Somewhere Mike Fleiss is lighting up a big cigar right now.

    Who needs a law suit against RS? Mike Fleiss just got the ultimate revenge.

  11. reese128

    August 6, 2013 at 12:11 AM

    bwahahaha the jokes on you Steve! yikes that was painful! 2 wrong spolilers hahahaha. Thats how you get from being arrogant Steve!!Mike Fleiss scores homerun!!

  12. julie72

    August 6, 2013 at 12:35 AM

    Maybe we shouldn’t kick someone when they are already down. Thank you Steve for a fun, entertaining season with mostly correct spoilers. I wouldn’t watch this crazy show without you. 🙂

  13. caffeinequeen

    August 6, 2013 at 12:40 AM

    Wow. That was really one of the more entertaining finales because I *thought* I knew how it ended based on the spoilers. Des and Chris seem like nice people, so congrats to them. Juan Pablo….. ::fans self:: I’ll definitely be watching, and I don’t care if I can’t understand everything he says.

  14. Nobody

    August 6, 2013 at 4:01 AM

    At least we now know the reason for the fake crying and terrible acting last week. Who professes their undying love to someone one day, but then 2 days later says the same to someone else and agrees to marry the person? It was never going to be Brooks in the first place, and just reinforces the idea that everything done on the show is nothing more than scripted drama.

    And before some of you ladies chime in with the “waterproof mascara” crap, that stuff doesn’t prevent tears from flowing, it only keeps the mascara from running. The girl was acting last week, and this week too. Lots of fake crying, but no tears. The entire ending was totally scripted and poorly acted out.

  15. strick432

    August 6, 2013 at 5:35 AM

    I knew something was up when Brooks had not come back by about 9:40. Wow – just wow. That’s all I can say. Very surprised Steve got it wrong about Des but not Juan Pablo. I knew he was going to be the Bachelor. Dang Steve, what happened dude?

  16. goosiegirl

    August 6, 2013 at 6:07 AM

    I never felt that Reality Steve’s comment about Juan Pablo being the Bachelor was a spoiler. It was his personal feelings, based on the history of the show. Because the Bachelor franchise had never gone so far down in choosing someone to be the Bachelor, Juan Pablo had very little chance. More than anything, I felt the producers probably chose him because they knew Steve was wrong about the ending, they knew that many people felt Steve’s comment about Juan Pablo was a spoiler (even though it wasn’t), and they wanted to stick it to him some more.
    On another note, I wanted to say that I do appreciate Reality Steve’s site, and I will be back next season, even though he was wrong. We are all wrong sometimes, even for work things, but we should keep it in perspective that what Steve does is for entertaining purposes. Nobody is going to die or be injured because he was wrong. And if you lost money or something due to this, that’s really your own fault. You shouldn’t be gambling in the first place, if you aren’t prepared to lose.

  17. kjopo84

    August 6, 2013 at 6:23 AM

    Agreed goosiegirl…I was actually quite happy that Steve was wrong in this instance, because I always thought Chris was a much better match for Des. I know a lot of people are saying “oh he was second place”, but keep in mind: SO WAS MOLLY and she and Jason seem to be working out well. Also, in Des’ defense, even when she told Chris H. that she was at the finish line with Brooks, she did still say she was falling in love with Chris. She clearly had strong feelings for him and with the huge blind spot that was Brooks gone, she could finally see a little more clearly what was best for her. She is much more likely to last with Chris than a guy like Brooks.

    Wish them the best, they do make a very beautiful couple.

    And I can’t wait to see if this will be a subtitled season of the Bachelor! Oh man Juan Pablo, you give me the vapors!!

  18. kjopo84

    August 6, 2013 at 6:26 AM

    To me, the best part about RS being wrong is that all the people who follow him were wrong too. People like Jimmy Kimmel who “mysteriously” predict the ending and always seem to have it right haha!

    Interestingly enough, Ali F. was correct in saying it would be Chris.

  19. Sunnyside422

    August 6, 2013 at 6:32 AM

    Remember Steve’s spoilers are only as good as the info given to him by his sources. He makes this terrible show worth looking at occasionally and I’ll continue to read his blog. Anyone bashing him now, can leave and close the door behind you.

    Observations: how far Brooks sat away from Des…almost fell off the couch and how she could not stop looking at him. She settled for Chris just to have a ring. So sad.

    She was still sobby when she met up with Drew…all Brooks related. So 2 days later, she does a complete 180 and falls madly in love with Chris. Not buying it at all.

    She was so not into Chris sitting next to him. There was not the giddiness that previous ‘ettes displayed. Chris seems a nice guy who was also willing to settle with a woman who is not 100% into him. I don’t give them a huge chance to remain together.

    Sean…dull, boring…the same ole story about no wedding date but not stating exactly what he and Catherine were actually doing now. Oh wait, I know, insurance CSR taking a stab at Hollywood! Good luck with that.

    Whole episode made me grateful the show is over with!

    Juannie is definitely there to find a wife…as he prances around the stage practically bowing and posturing to the screaming fools! My prediction…he picks the blond with the largest hooters. And why oh why would a man…any man…attend that after show and let the world know what a tool he is?!

  20. locondcoco

    August 6, 2013 at 6:47 AM

    RS really struck out this season huh? i’m RS will go on and on how he got every other spoiler right, blah blah blah. bottom line is, not only did you get the F2 (actually, F3 for that matter), he completly swung and missed on Juan Pablo. What did he say? see 6th paragraph:

  21. strick432

    August 6, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    Anyone else noticed that Chris H. kept saying would Des be the first Bach EVER to walk away alone? If I recall, Jen Schefft chose no one. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  22. locondcoco

    August 6, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    thanks practician for that! good to see RS eat his words…haha. lets see how he handles it today.

  23. Dianne

    August 6, 2013 at 7:06 AM

    Steve, I don’t know what happened here, but you have some explaining to do..big time! Me, personally; I couldn’t care less about how Des picked Chris..the entire thing was so, so staged, it was not even worth watching. BUT, your sources let you down in a big way (including you being adamant JP would NOT be the next Bachelor). Don’t skirt around things, just lay it out flat. We’re all adults, we can take it. Thanks

  24. texaschick

    August 6, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    I have been watching Bachelor for ten years. It was my only respite during law school, and is still my # 1 vice. The show is much better than it once was. Steve — I am so glad you got it wrong. ABC must have paid your informant $$$ to misinform. A double agent. At first I liked your column. Now you come across as way too full of yourself and arrogant. And I prefer not to know because it ruins the series for me. I think you need to go find a real job and stop jousting at ABC windmills. You also got Juan Pablo wrong. This dullest of seasons did turn out to be the most exciting. The reason ABC let the fiction endure was because once Drew left, it would have been too easy if there was no drama. Continuing the Brooks cliffhanger kept us all watching. And it gave me a respite from the Dallas heat and Summer doldrums. Kudos to ABC for fooling Steve. I hope no one ever informs him again. I like it much better this way and do not think he should make a living out of bringing down a show that some people actually enjoy watching. I am a lawyer; my daughter is a Doc; and this remains our favorite vice. Better than a beer to unwind. Butt out Steve.

  25. sassygranny

    August 6, 2013 at 7:28 AM

    Most of us have, at one time or another, eaten a hefty portion of Crow. I prefer mine with chocolate!

    All’s fair in the world of reality TV. You gave it your best shot, but this time it fell short of the mark. Shame on us for wishin’-n-hopin’-n-thinkin’-n-prayin’ about stuff that, in the big scheme, simply does not matter.

    No stone’s to throw here. But I must say: I felt Des’ late love/marriage interest in Chris felt a wee bit contrived, if not altogether disingenuous. Time will tell …

  26. Dianne

    August 6, 2013 at 7:31 AM

    Whoa, texaschick! Please tell us all who exactly is making you read Steve’s posts, and who exactly do you think you are posting such drivel! OMG!! So, Steve got it what? I’m not too impressed by it myself, but I certainly wouldn’t dare put up a post like you just did. I think the only one that needs to “butt out” is you!

  27. Curmudgeon

    August 6, 2013 at 7:32 AM

    Don’t feel bad Steve. Your predictions are still almost always right on, and you make this trashy show watchable. However, it appears one or more of your sources have been compromised, and fed disinformation by the show producers, or ABC. Recheck your network of informants. (Gee, that reads like a spy novel, doesn’t it?)

  28. vessel

    August 6, 2013 at 7:33 AM

    People spewing hateful comments because Steve is actually…GASP….human and fallible is absolutely pathetic. It’s a stupid TV show, who cares? Get freaking over yourselves. He’s mostly right, so this time not, big effing deal. If his being wrong affects your life so much that you need to rudely slam him on social media then I suggest you actually GET a life.

  29. kjopo84

    August 6, 2013 at 7:34 AM

    You’re right strick…I thought the same thing when Chris H. said that. But I guess he’s counting on American’s having short memories!

  30. Curmudgeon

    August 6, 2013 at 7:37 AM

    This has happened once before, where ABC tricked Steve with disinformation about the final Bachelor(ette) outcome, only that time he caught it at the 11th hour, and this time they managed to trick him all the way to the end. Yet in every episode up to the finale, Steve’s spoilers are still correct.

  31. bostoncpa

    August 6, 2013 at 7:49 AM

    Yes, Steve was wrong about the “winner,” but I’m really confused on why his “spoiler” about the Bachelor was wrong. He never said it was a spoiler, just that he didn’t see it being Juan Pablo. That’s not a spoiler, it’s an opinion. Yes, his opinion was wrong, but he never backed it with anything other than his reasoning.

  32. goosiegirl

    August 6, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    Thanks @bonstoncpa, that’s exactly what I said! Due to the history of the show, Juan Pablo didn’t really have a chance. But due to the rest of the bachelors being either boring or too controversial (aka people wondering about their sexual orientation when really, it’s none of their business), I don’t think they had much of a choice.

  33. Kali

    August 6, 2013 at 8:14 AM

    To texaschick: I’ve wondered that myself: is part of this “game” actually for ABC to go person by person to see who is feeding what information (if any) to Steve. I understand there are multiple sources, but if the sources are ABC employees or related to the show in any way, it would only be a matter of time before they found out who was giving what information away. And the best way to do that would be to give bad info to one person at a time and see what happens to it.

    For the people who have been crucifying Steve since last Monday night, though, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Steve’s information is only as good as his sources. So let the chips fall where they may. This may remain a big deal in the days, weeks and seasons to come, or it may not. Just please go on with your lives and let Steve and ABC go on with theirs.

  34. Sunnyside422

    August 6, 2013 at 8:19 AM

    Laughing at all the vitriolic and vicious remarks on Steve’s Twitter and here. Really folks have their panties in a wad over this silly show! Not a biggie for me.

    And Texasgirl, no way no how has Steve “brought down this show”. In fact, his spoilers have probably driven a good many to the show to see how his spoilers pan out. And he was pretty darn accurate this whole season with the episode by episode details.

    No one is forced to read Steve or any blogger spoiling this show, so find a good book to read (which I do during a good portion of this show) and get a life.

  35. bigfatwoman2

    August 6, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    I was definitely one of the ones tweeting Steve hateful things last night. I kinda have a hate hangover this morning.

    Yes I need to get a life. That’s for sure. Seriously, I’m backing off from this site and making comments.

    My biggest issue with Steve and why I spewed so much last night is that I can’t stand his arrogance. He is so 100% certain in his predictions all the while laughing at anyone who doubts him.

    Now that he’s wrong, he again laughs at all who chastise him and retweets their messages in true mocking form.

    I don’t know. I guess I just wish the guy showed some iota of humility or appreciation to his readers.

    Anyway, happy for Des and Chris. Whether it lasts or not, she chose the better man.

  36. bostoncpa

    August 6, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    I also don’t understand all the craziness about Steve being wrong. I will continue to read his column regardless (I love his recaps). I’m pretty sure everyone here commenting will as well.

    He was wrong, he will have some sort of explanation. He will have to eat crow. Okay, who cares? I would expect that everyone has bigger problems in life that the spoiler to the Bachelorette being wrong. If not, can we trade places? I’m pretty sure he has gotten more emails/traffic to his site from everyone flipping out.

    Next season everyone will know that there’s a chance he’s wrong. But again, who cares? It’s still entertaining.

  37. addicted2rs

    August 6, 2013 at 8:32 AM

    In the past when RS was wrong he was able to correct it before the finale aired with Ali and also Brad 2.0. This time he never got the correct info, which I don’t fault him for. But he has been a dick about saying he is 100% sure of things like Emily never doing the Bachelorette and that Juan Pablow will never the the Bachelor etc… how about stop saying you are 100% sure about things. It makes you look foolish.

    Love the spoilers. Lose the cocky attitude.

  38. deperlee

    August 6, 2013 at 8:50 AM

    Hey bigfatwoman2- I totally agree! I was also throwing a lot of shade RS’s way last night on twitter. You hit the nail on the head:

    “I don’t know. I guess I just wish the guy showed some iota of humility or appreciation to his readers.”

    Emphasis on the ‘appreciation to his readers’. He’s pretty disrespectful to most of them as evidenced by his reader emails.

    I’ve read this blog since Jake’s season. Back in the day, RS was the little guy throwing a rock in the cog of the great machine, if you will. These days, he is as big and bad as Mike Fleiss, Chris Harrison, and the Bachelor Franchise and has let that power go straight to his head.

    Whatev’s. I’ll still read this blog next season (spelling/grammar errors and all) UNLESS another little guy comes around and beats RS to the punch.

    Here is hoping this total defeat of RS by Fleiss (even Fleiss’s edit had RS thinking he was correct to the end) brings RS back down. He needed a good ego blow.

  39. freckledsmile99

    August 6, 2013 at 8:56 AM

    Bigfatwoman2 – I totally agree with you!
    RS – just a bit of humility or an iota of oops would be really nice to your readers who stick by you through it all and are not haters.

  40. goosiegirl

    August 6, 2013 at 9:04 AM

    If people really don’t like someone’s attitude, they should stop enabling it. If Steve’s attitude really bothers you, stop enabling his site’s existence by coming back to it. A part of why the site is so popular is the persona he has from it, and telling him to change it is absolutely ridiculous. So either put up with it, or leave.

  41. deperlee

    August 6, 2013 at 9:09 AM

    goosiegirl- I’m not here for Steve’s recaps or attitude. I’m here for spoilers and gossip. Dirty habit, what can I say?

  42. freckledsmile99

    August 6, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    @goosiegirl – totally hear you on that. Though, I too, love spoilers. Guess I will have to find another site. Sigh.

  43. shirkingviolets

    August 6, 2013 at 9:15 AM

    Will Chris and Des get married? Who knows. I think they have just as much chance at it as any other dating couple. I think she’s got more of a chance with Chris than she would have with Brooks. As for her changing her mind, or accepting Chris just to have a ring on her finger, sometimes the person we think we want isn’t the right person for us. Chemistry isn’t everything. It’s important that you have some, but just because you have stronger chemistry with someone, doesn’t make them the right person for you. If the person I thought I wanted had wanted me, I would have made the biggest mistake of my life. If Chris and Des are happy with the decision that they have made (and they appear to be) then our opinion of if he is “sloppy seconds” doesn’t matter.

  44. Kellie

    August 6, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    I haven’t read this blog entry or any of the comments yet and I don’t know if Steve reads all the comments, picks and chooses ones he reads randomly or if he reads any of them but, before I read anything I just wanted to say that I’m not here to talk sh!t about Steve being wrong or point fingers or rub it in his face of whatever. I don’t read his blog because of his spoilers. I read his blog because of his writing, his sense of humor and his attitude towards this ridiculous show. I wouldn’t watch it without him. Actually, I discovered his site while looking for Jersey Shore recaps and enjoyed it so much that I thought “maybe I’ll check out the Bachelor and follow along with his site.” And I’ve been loyal ever since. His spoilers are just an added bonus. And hey, we can’t all be right 100% of the time. I have little respect for the people that will talk sh!t to him or do any of the things that I said I wouldn’t do because they don’t see beyond the spoilers into the important things, like the SUBSTANCE and hard work that Steve puts into this site. So, THANK YOU STEVE!!

  45. locondcoco

    August 6, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    Steve, Shoulda listened to Nate!

  46. liz123

    August 6, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    @bigfatwoman2, you said it perfectly! Show a little humility, dude. I, too, am backing away from this site. I discovered that it totally ruined this season for me because I fast forwarded through so many other dates (like many of Chris’s) because I thought they were unimportant to the outcome. Huh, how stupid was I?? If he’s going to be wrong, then I’d rather not know what he predicts. I know he’s been wrong before & bounced back, but there are 2 reasons that I’m done with RS after this one: 1) I think Fleiss has fixed the leak. He either has him figured out now or has him in his pocket 2) The guy has zero humility. He should say “oops, sorry guys. Totally believed that source. Sorry you wasted your time reading my false spoilers”. We’ll see what he says next time he posts a column. He could potentially keep me & many others if only….

    Those of you who are staying for the column: At least Steve knows his humor is sophomoric, but it’s way too much so for my taste. I’m going to Jen Frase exclusively for my recaps from now on (not that I ever read Steve’s anymore. They had become redundant & even dumber than the show. Check out Jen Frase if you haven’t. HILARIOUS! Blows Steve’s recaps out of the water in the humor arena!

  47. laurennpoore

    August 6, 2013 at 11:42 AM

    Hi Steve I think whoever your source is at abc tricked you so you would look bad to the public !! I still support you! Time to get some new sources !!!

  48. katybok

    August 6, 2013 at 12:55 PM

    Like a lot of Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, I keep up with Reality Steve. Most of this season was boring, but the last few weeks had so many twists, it was actually kind of interesting. I was not looking forward to Des picking Brooks and it was a pleasant surprise she picked Chris. This is a tv show people…so what if Steve gets it wrong now and then. Since most of them never get to the altar, what difference does it make… Just makes it more fun to figure out if he’s right or wrong.

  49. david66

    August 6, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    Just a thought: maybe the producers saw Juan Pablo as a potential “next bachelor” early on, and intentionally didn’t give him a lot of air time as a result. Face it, it’s getting a little tiresome to see someone proclaim his undying love for the current bachelorette, get cut, and then turn around with a smile on his face as he pursues other women. Juan Pablo has less baggage in the viewers’ minds because we didn’t see or hear him claim that Des was his soul mate. We know something about him but he’s a bit of a fresh face as well.

  50. chg1008

    August 6, 2013 at 1:39 PM

    This is entertainment, not life or death! The wrong information was provided, so what, it made the show more interesting. I’m thrilled Des & Chris are together. For the first time EVER, I feel this couple will actually make it and they are real.

    Steve, I enjoy your website and the best of luck with all you do!!

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