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Bachelorette Desiree Finale Recap: What Happened Last Night?

I’m not sure what people are expecting today regarding what we saw last night. If you’re expecting a long drawn out explanation regarding the wrong spoiler for this season, breaking down the who/what/when/where and why, I don’t have it. All season the information I was given had me 100% convinced Desiree was engaged to Brooks. Even as I was live tweeting last night during the show, I was convinced of it. Hell, with 15 minutes left in the show and no sense of Brooks, I was so sure of the information I’d seen and heard this season, that I STILL thought it was going to be Brooks. Seriously. At 8:45, with no Brooks in sight, I texted a couple friends and told them, “Chris is going to propose, she’s going to say no, and the After the Final Rose will start off with Chris Harrison and Desiree, and they will update us on what happened after she let go of Chris, and that’s where we’ll see she is with Brooks.” So yeah, I was that convinced my sources were right this season. Bottom line is I was wrong. No crying, no whining, no trying to pretend it was something other than it wasn’t. For the first time in the last seven shows this franchise has produced, I got the season ending spoiler wrong. Sucks, but what can I do? Move on, focus on Juan Pablo’s season, and get it right next time.

During Ali’s season, my spoiler was Chris and Roberto were the final 2, and then I knew that it wasn’t Chris, so it was either she was engaged to Roberto or single, and I said she was single for the last month of the season. The day of the finale I was informed it was Roberto and notified everyone. Brad’s season was up next, and you remember that for 3 months I told everyone he was engaged to Chantal, then two weeks before the finale, found out it was Emily and it was corrected. The cries from fans back then was BRUTAL. “He’s done. No one will ever believe him again,” “He’s a fraud,” “Get a new job,” etc. Trust me, I heard it all. Did it affect me? Since then, I’ve spoiled Ashley’s, Ben’s, Emily’s, and Sean’s season, along with 3 seasons of “Bachelor Pad” successfully until last night. Sucks being wrong. Obviously I’m not happy, and when you have a streak of 7 consecutive seasons of spoiling come to a crashing halt, it’s no fun. But I just move on to the next season and focus on that. As I’ve always said, I’m only as good as the information I’m given and it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten some pretty good information over the years to have built up the track record I have. Not to mention even the spoilers this year that were basically all right up until the final four when it got real screwy. The last 7 seasons, the sources I’ve had and the information I’ve been given has been dead on. This season it wasn’t. It happens.

Now I understand a lot of you have a ton of questions about who told me the wrong info, why did I believe them, how was it wrong, etc. I understand you have those questions. Unfortunately, I can’t answer them since, well, I don’t really have the answers myself and probably never will. When I’ve been right in the past, I’ve never come back and said, “Well, the reason I knew Sean was engaged to Catherine was because of this, this, and this.” I’ve never revealed my sources and never will. I can’t get into any details like that because it would just open up a can of worms that would be too hard to explain. I never doubted what I was told this season. Sure, over the last couple weeks I had that Nate conversation forwarded to me, I had people saying “I don’t think Brooks is engaged,” and even someone telling me they heard Des is with Drew. Every time I heard something that wasn’t the spoiler I had, sure I listened to it, but it’s impossible to follow up on everything, and all I kept coming back to was the information that I had at my disposal. That information that I was told back in early May regarding the outcome of this show was that Des was engaged to Brooks and I had no reason to doubt it based on who told it to me, what was said, what I saw, and when it came to me. I guess Nate Hartsock was the voice of reason in all of this. Shows how confident I was in my sources. Desiree’s own brother, the guy who was on the show twice and met Chris in Antigua was telling people behind the scenes I was wrong, and I STILL dismissed it in favor of my sources. Yikes.

I know some of you want hard answers as to how the spoiler could’ve been so wrong, and trust me, I wish I could tell you. I wish I could show you everything I have, when I got it, how I got it, and who shared it with me, because I think if I presented you with all that information, you would probably say to yourself, “You’re right. I would’ve totally thought it was Brooks as well.” Sure, kinda rings hollow right now, but there was no maliciousness behind anything I did. I believed these sources and this information to be as legit as I have for any previous season. Even stronger in some cases, and it turned out to be wrong, so yeah it sucks. Back to the drawing board. There’s so many different levels of sources when it comes to my information, that without going into detail of exactly everything I had, it’s impossible to explain. Just know I thought what I had was legit, and obviously it wasn’t. I will now begin to peel this massive omelet off my face.

All season long I was telling you I didn’t have any information regarding what happened in Antigua and all I “knew” was that she was engaged to Brooks. Brooks “leaving” last week was just as surprising to me as it was to you (even though the promos and press release hinted towards it in the weeks leading up) because I was never told that. I kept harping on that all I knew this season was the end result, which is usually the case. I mean just thinking back, when I said Ashley was engaged to JP, Ben was engaged to Courtney, Emily was engaged to Jef, and Sean was engaged to Catherine, I don’t really think I ever had any specific details regarding the ending other than, well, this is the ending. It was no different this season. It was “Des is engaged to Brooks” and I left it at that because I knew nothing else. I didn’t think it was out of the norm for reasons I just explained, but some people seem to think it was. Sure now looking back on it maybe that should’ve been a clue, but at the time, why question it when that’s exactly how it went down in previous seasons when the spoilers were right?

Hindsight is of course 20/20 and the Monday Morning Quarterbacks will come forward now saying, “Well, what about this? And what about this? How did you not see that?” I can’t pay any attention to that stuff because it’s irrelevant now. The spoiler was wrong and there’s nothing I can do to change it. I’m certainly getting a kick out of the reaction on Twitter based on some of the things I’ve been retweeting since the show ended last night. Just wanted to give people an idea of how maniacal some of the fans of this show are that they blame me for whatever happened last night. I’m getting a kick out of them. Bring on the hate. People have every right to jump on me because the spoiler was wrong when I was insistent that it was right all season. So sure, I expect negative feedback. Comes with the territory of what I do. Does it bother me? Of course not. If it bothered me, I wouldn’t be retweeting it for everyone to see. To say “You need a new job” or “You’re not reliable” or “Your spoilers suck” is just ignorant and funny to laugh at. The way I look at it, Olivia and Nicholas are coming out here this weekend to stay for a week, yesterday I found the house I’m moving in to at the end of the month, and college football season starts in three weeks. Things are great on my end. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the fact the spoiler was incorrect. I don’t like to be wrong. Nobody in my position would be. I’m just able to compartmentalize it better than some others and realize this is just a bump in the road. Seven seasons of being right, one season of being wrong. The second Juan Pablo’s season starts up, I’ll be spoiling that in real time just like I did Des’, Sean’s, Emily’s, Ben’s, and Ashley’s, etc.

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  1. elizabeth82

    August 8, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    @kinbville: RS doesn’t answer questions posed to him in the comments; you’d do better writing him a reader e-mail. (In fact, he claims he doesn’t even read the comments but I doubt he doesn’t read at least some of them.) I think someone asked him about “Homeland” before and I think he does watch.

  2. lgboone

    August 11, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    I have been reading your column ever since you started writing about “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” I have never emailed you, tweeted you or even left a comment. I haven’t felt the need to really do so until now. I absolutely LOVE your column! It really takes a lot for me to laugh out loud when I am reading something, but I find myself doing it often when reading your column. I think it is because I can totally relate to a lot of what you are writing. We both grew up watching the same TV shows and movies and share a lot of the same opinions. My problem is with a lot of your other readers and the hate mail they send you. I could personally care less Steve if your spoilers are right or wrong. Sure, it is great when they are right, but I’m not going to lose any sleep when you happen to once in a great while, be wrong. I have never read in your column that you are God or psychic so when you give us your spoilers I read them and if you are right that is great and if you are wrong then that is okay too. Like I said Steve, I love your column. I always have and I always will. Thanks for making me laugh and smile!!!

  3. karynr

    August 13, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    iheart….just ignore mikeflessplayedyou. That was nasty. Plus, who the he** cares about the nail salon and why was it necessary to mention it twice? I thought that was strange.

    I still think the finale, and end result, was planned to raise the ratings. They were abysmal a season, and I have no doubt everyone had a role to play, script and all.

    At least she didn’t end up with sleazy Brooks or DrewAnn. Brooks has about as much class as Yean, Flatdi** (love it, whoever came up with that one), Jake the snake and a few others.

    I’m looking forward to watching JP. At least they were smart enough to go with the popular vote, which is why they tested the waters with JP during the MTA.

    I always liked Chris and thought he was one of the more normal, decent guys. I think Des will probably end it eventually, as she seems to like creepy guys who don’t communicate well.

    RS….I’ve read you for years and will continue to do so. Though, I have a feeling another dull season or two, and The Bach will be history. I don’t care how snarky and arrogant you can be, you still keep me entertained (most of the time). One suggestion….you might want to take some writing lessons from Jen Frase and Kristin Baldwin. They are consistently funny without a touch of arrogance or lack of respect for their readers.

  4. ckuhlmann

    August 17, 2013 at 9:17 PM

    Holy wow. That was the most defensive thing I’ve ever read! For someone who doesn’t think he did anything wrong…..calm down!

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