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Bachelorette Desiree Finale Recap: What Happened Last Night?

As for what we actually saw take place last night, I mean sure, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I brought this up last week and will bring it up again. So I’m supposed to believe that Des was that broken up about Brooks, the guy she admitted she wanted to pick and was in love with, that within 5 days of him leaving, she turned around and accepted a proposal from someone else all because “I was blindsided by Brooks I never saw what was standing right in front of me?” That’s supposed to make it all better? Hmmmmm, so many questions, so little answers. If that’s their story and they’re sticking to it, then so be it. Can’t say I’m necessarily buying it, but time will tell. Obviously, the offer still stands that if these two get married, I most certainly will buy them a wedding gift. Lets just keep in mind that three months before Chris left to go film this show, he had broken up with his girlfriend that was living with him, this girl, Ashley Thompson. He had met her in Arizona, they dated, she eventually moved to Portland to live with him, then they broke up in late 2012. So now Des is going to move to Seattle with him (where he has recently moved), and they’ve already got a place together. Amazing run the city of Seattle has had with this franchise. Crazy.

So Juan Pablo is the next “Bachelor.” We only found out Sunday during the TCA’s when the President of ABC announced that the next night they’d be announcing the next “Bachelor.” First time the “Bachelor” was ever announced on the “Bachelorette” finale, first time in 10 seasons (outside of Jake) that the “Bachelor” is someone who didn’t finish in the top 4 (Hey James, you did have a chance then), first time the “Bachelor” has been announced six weeks before filming even starts, and of course, first time we’ve had a “Bachelor” that speaks broken English (his tweet today: “Two L.A POLICE officers just came in to my room in the HOTEL to investigate a murder case. I almost CRAP my pants.” Really? 11 weeks of this? Yikes). Needless to say, I’m pretty shocked. For weeks I claimed it wouldn’t be him because I had no reason to believe it was. However, once it was announced on Sunday we’d know the “Bachelor” last night, then finding out it was his birthday yesterday, I even went on Kidd Kraddick’s radio show yesterday morning and said even though I’d still be surprised if it was him, it was looking more and more like it would be since none of the guys who were on last night’s show could get it. You can’t sit there and talk about how you were broken up about getting dumped by Des, then 20 minutes later say, “Oh by the way, he’s our new Bachelor.” So for the 11th straight season, they recycle someone within the franchise, and that should put to rest any rumors that they’ll go outside the franchise to cast a lead again. If THIS season, one where most people weren’t happy with Des’ guys, could produce the next lead, then any season can. All you need is one person.

Juan Pablo was on for six episodes and we barely were shown anything about him. I guess I’m just shocked they are focusing their whole season around a guy because he got a huge reception during a 5 minute “Men Tell All” appearance. It’s completely out of the norm for them, but then again, this whole season seemed to be out of the norm, so I guess maybe I should’ve expected something like this. He’s the most unlikely candidate in that he didn’t finish top four, he was barely shown all season, he doesn’t speak great English, he was a single dad (only had 2 single parents in 26 seasons cast as lead), and up until the “Men Tell All” he was basically a non-factor. Very, very surprising choice. Not only who, but such the early announcement. Why not milk it for 6 weeks and announce it before filming starts? You know the producers love tweeting “Hey BachelorNation, who should be our next Bachelor? We’d love your input,” like they have the last couple seasons. Announcing it now takes the luster of Des’ season, and now there’s really nothing to talk about until filming starts. Guess I just don’t understand why the decision was made so early. I’m starting to wrap my head around why they chose Juan Pablo, I’m just not convinced announcing it now was the best route to go.

However, the great part about announcing Juan Pablo so early is when I start posting which girls have been cast for his season, you know someone will give him a heads up and now he’ll go into the process with preconceived notions about them. In the past, the contestants either didn’t know until it was too late who the lead was, or, the lead was already shut off from all computer access before I started releasing contestants. Juan Pablo, I’m your guy. Just keep it right here on come early September when I start confirming contestants and you’ll be able to do all the prejudging of the girls that you want. I do know that final casting was last weekend in LA and girls should be finding out in a couple weeks whether or not they’ve been cast. Obviously by releasing girls early before they leave for LA, there is a chance that it could be jeopardizing their chances, however I’m not as worried about that as in season’s past after what happened during Sean’s season with Kristy Kaminski. Remember she was posting her acceptance letter and travel bag she got and talking it up non stop about it on Facebook, I posted that she was a contestant weeks before she even left, and they still let her on. So obviously if they want someone bad enough, they’ll cast them, regardless of if I leak it early.

Some of you have asked today do I think that they cast Juan Pablo just because I said it wouldn’t be him? Brings me back to the point I mentioned earlier. If a network television show is being dictated on how to run their ship by a blogger in TX, then I have way more power than I ever imagined. No, I do not think that they cast Juan Pablo because I said they wouldn’t. Do you realize how much power that would be giving me? Sure, I might be public enemy #1, but that doesn’t mean I’m causing them to alter how they do things with their show. Sure, Chris Harrison last night constantly bringing up Brooks to the live audience was definitely because they knew I was wrong, they knew plenty of their audience was aware of the spoilers, but that was done on a pretty small level. My site isn’t dictating how they run their show, I’m pretty sure of that. Yes, they pay attention to what I say, and they have people over there combing my site reading every word I write, but I absolutely do not think I’m influencing decisions being made by some pretty powerful people in Hollywood. Some “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” announcements I’ve gotten right, and some I’ve gotten wrong. My track record for those isn’t nearly as good as the finale spoiler that’s for sure. Surprised at the Juan Pablo announcement, it’s timing and the choice, but I think by the time September rolls around, I’ll start to come around to it more.

Thursday is going to be quite a day in “Reader Emails.” Holy crap I’m being flooded. It’s probably running 80/20 in favor of “Why are people so bothered you got the spoiler wrong,” but I tell ya, those 20% are lethal. Every negative email I’ve gotten since last night you will see on Thursday. I can’t possibly print every positive one or else you’d be sifting through over 200 or so.

So the plan is I will be doing more writing during this offseason. The “Bachelor” will start filming in mid Sept as always, with the premiere being Jan. 6th. I will spoil anything I can in real time as filming is occurring, will still have “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve”, along with some interviews that I plan on gathering from reality TV people. I highly doubt it will be “Bachelor/ette” people since they are basically forbidden to have contact with me and will be yelled at for doing so. But I am interested to talking to others in the industry and doing more interviews for the site. I’ve always been much more fascinated with the people involved, the how & the why, moreso than the final product, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some interesting people on from some of your favorite shows. By all means, if any of you know people who’d like to do an interview and have easier access to them than I do, by all means, shoot me an email and let me know who you’d like me to try and get and if you can help in any way. I mentioned a couple weeks ago I’d love to have Brande Roderick from “Celebrity Apprentice” on and I’m set to interview her next week. I’ll update you once it’s complete and when I’m posting.

Send all emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you Thursday.

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  1. elizabeth82

    August 8, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    @kinbville: RS doesn’t answer questions posed to him in the comments; you’d do better writing him a reader e-mail. (In fact, he claims he doesn’t even read the comments but I doubt he doesn’t read at least some of them.) I think someone asked him about “Homeland” before and I think he does watch.

  2. lgboone

    August 11, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    I have been reading your column ever since you started writing about “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” I have never emailed you, tweeted you or even left a comment. I haven’t felt the need to really do so until now. I absolutely LOVE your column! It really takes a lot for me to laugh out loud when I am reading something, but I find myself doing it often when reading your column. I think it is because I can totally relate to a lot of what you are writing. We both grew up watching the same TV shows and movies and share a lot of the same opinions. My problem is with a lot of your other readers and the hate mail they send you. I could personally care less Steve if your spoilers are right or wrong. Sure, it is great when they are right, but I’m not going to lose any sleep when you happen to once in a great while, be wrong. I have never read in your column that you are God or psychic so when you give us your spoilers I read them and if you are right that is great and if you are wrong then that is okay too. Like I said Steve, I love your column. I always have and I always will. Thanks for making me laugh and smile!!!

  3. karynr

    August 13, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    iheart….just ignore mikeflessplayedyou. That was nasty. Plus, who the he** cares about the nail salon and why was it necessary to mention it twice? I thought that was strange.

    I still think the finale, and end result, was planned to raise the ratings. They were abysmal a season, and I have no doubt everyone had a role to play, script and all.

    At least she didn’t end up with sleazy Brooks or DrewAnn. Brooks has about as much class as Yean, Flatdi** (love it, whoever came up with that one), Jake the snake and a few others.

    I’m looking forward to watching JP. At least they were smart enough to go with the popular vote, which is why they tested the waters with JP during the MTA.

    I always liked Chris and thought he was one of the more normal, decent guys. I think Des will probably end it eventually, as she seems to like creepy guys who don’t communicate well.

    RS….I’ve read you for years and will continue to do so. Though, I have a feeling another dull season or two, and The Bach will be history. I don’t care how snarky and arrogant you can be, you still keep me entertained (most of the time). One suggestion….you might want to take some writing lessons from Jen Frase and Kristin Baldwin. They are consistently funny without a touch of arrogance or lack of respect for their readers.

  4. ckuhlmann

    August 17, 2013 at 9:17 PM

    Holy wow. That was the most defensive thing I’ve ever read! For someone who doesn’t think he did anything wrong…..calm down!

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