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Daily Links 9/4

Thanks to those of you who sent me some of these links today, or took the time to alert me to some stories I may not have heard of. Keep em’ coming. I’m trying to do about 20 links a day now, but I’d love to have more. Anything you think is pop culture/entertainment worthy that you think I may have missed, don’t hesitate to email me. I was informed by email yesterday that Gia’s mom is going to be appearing on the Dr. Phil show next Tuesday, Sept. 10th. One of the few Dr. Phil shows I’ll ever watch. Hopefully her mother put to rest some of the nonsense that was being spread around out there by people just trying to make a name for themselves. The episode has already been shot and apparently Jake was a part of it as well. I’ll reserve judgment til after the episode airs on Jake’s appearance on that show. That guy has never met a camera he didn’t like, so I hope his heart was in the right place when he went on there.

As a reminder, tomorrow I’ll have a “Daily Links” column up along with a few “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve,” and then I’ll return on Tuesday next week. Also, sometime next week I’ll be releasing a few of Juan Pablo’s girls since women start arriving in LA on Sept. 14th, with filming beginning either Monday the 16th or Tuesday the 17th.

Daily Links

-It was made official on “Good Morning America” this morning when the DWTS cast and pairings were announced. Since 9 of the 12 were already spoiled, not much excitement here, especially when the 3 who weren’t spoiled – Bill Nye, Bill Engvall, and some dude from “Pretty Little Liars” – were not necessarily huge names. Hope ABC/Disney is extending all their resources trying to find that leak. Good luck.

-Former “Bachelorette” contestant and “Bachelor Pad” winner Nick Peterson is getting his own reality show called “Courting America.” I believe he’s already done filming this thing, and honestly, I’m still confused as to what exactly it is. He’s trying to date Miss Alabama, but on TV while they both know they’re being filmed? I don’t get it.

-As if Royal Baby news wasn’t insufferable enough, anything involving Pippa Middleton is even more baffling. So I’m not exactly sure how the hierarchy works in England, but if Pippa is the sister of the girl married to the Prince, she is important why? That’s what I thought. Never understood the hype behind her and never will.

-In case you missed the James Franco roast on Comedy Central Monday night, here are the best jokes from it. Huge fan of these, still have them all DVR’d, but I have one major pet peeve when it comes to comedians. I cannot stand when comedians laugh at their own jokes. Think of the best standups of all time: Carlin, Rock, Seinfeld, Louis CK, do you ever see any of them laugh hysterically at their own jokes? Not that Seth Rogan is a major stand up guy, but it was incredibly annoying watching him host. Worst host they’ve ever had.

-I’m sure you’re all aware by now but former heavyweight champion and actor Tommy Morrison died on Monday. Man, that’s now two young people from “Rocky V” who have now passed away in the last year. Please don’t tell me Paulie is next. Or Stu Nahan.

-Hey everyone, Miley now says she was just trying to make history at the VMA’s. History? Exactly everyone’s point. She’s become a sideshow now and no one will take her career seriously. Unless you’re in the porn industry. It’s only a matter of time.

-I’m always interested in people who make awful career choices, and lets be honest, Katie Couric’s career hasn’t exactly taken off since she branched out from morning television has it? Well anyway, she’s now engaged to some dude, so I figured women would be interested in this. Or not.

-Those of you who were recently without CBS on your TV probably are a little curious as to why. Although it can be confusing, here’s the best article I found that discussed the CBS/Time Warner deal which finally got resolved this past Monday. Yeah, like CBS was ever gonna let the NFL season start with its network being blacked out in major cities. Never a chance.

-I went to the gym yesterday and did a 40 min Insanity video from month one, so beat that 64 year old woman who swam from Cuba to Florida

-In probably the least shocking news of the day, Kim Kardashian wants to do Playboy again. You know what else? The sun rose in the east this morning.

-I’ve never read one page of “Vanity Fair” in my life. I’m guessing that might change now since they decided to put Cleavage Upton on their 100th anniversary issue. I’m all for anything Kate Upton. Always and forever.

-As I am for all things Farrah Abraham. She’s a real rocket scientist. You got a Farrah story, I’ll link to it. I truly appreciate stupidity at its finest.

-Something about this story just seems wrong to me. Maybe it’s because my niece Olivia used to watch “ICarly” all the time, but how very high schoolish of them, no?

-Michael Clark Duncan’s body isn’t even warm yet, and Omarosa has moved on to someone else. A wrestler nonetheless. Horrible human being.

-As if there aren’t already enough failed sitcoms waiting to be cancelled this season, lets just add Lebron James’ newest venture to the list once the pilot is shot. Lebron, stick to basketball.

-I can’t believe I forgot to post this sports story yesterday that happened over the weekend in college football. I didn’t even know it was possible for any human to blow a .34 BAL, let alone a 120 lb female. How is she still alive? Especially when her mugshot looked like this. Her parents must be so proud of their daughter.

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  1. Del Scorcho

    September 6, 2013 at 11:51 AM

    Pippa is important because she stole the spotlight at the royal wedding due to dat ass

  2. karynr

    September 8, 2013 at 11:48 AM

    Seth Rogan did not look like he was enjoying himself.
    I find roasts painful to watch. Most of the participants look like they’re faking the laughter and enjoyment.

    Pippa’s a** is well known because of the wedding. The other day my son saw the picture of her walking into the church, and said “WOW.” the a** sure got his attention!

  3. kasey31

    September 9, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    Karyn- totally agree about the Roast.. it’s a great concept, but I don’t get why someone would ever accept the offer to be Roasted if they’re just going to get offended by it. That’s what the Roast is- it always has been that way, and it always will be that way. But I’ve seen many of the Roastees get pretty upset, which always boggled my mind.

    Farrah Abrams.. wow, there are no words.

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