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About five of you emailed yesterday informing me that on Jason and Molly’s most recent podcast, they had brought me up and openly talked about having me on the show. I’ve yet to hear the podcast, but will take a listen to it in a couple hours when I’m on the plane. Absolutely I will go on with them to talk about the show. That’s a no brainer. I know it was four years ago, but for a few months, the relationship between us was pretty strained. Jason had gone on a Seattle radio station ripping me, and he had a right to be based on what I was reporting. Probably my worst moment since I started doing this column was when that whole thing went down. Jason and I had a nice, long talk about six months after it happened to smooth everything over, and I even wrote a long apology column that is in the archives of the site if you want to check it out. I’m so glad we were able to clear that up. They are a great couple, we keep in touch here and there, and they were one of the two couples who have received a wedding gift from me. Along with a baby gift. So anytime they want me to come on their podcast, I’d do it. We’ll work something out.

No “Dr. Reality Steve” today just because I only had a couple and I’d rather just wait til I have at least five or so. I do have some “Reader Emails,” but not many. Off to Vegas in a couple hours, so enjoy today’s emails and links, and I’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

Love you, love your site. I only watched two episodes (first and last) of Desiree’s season and kept up solely by reading your site and Tweets. You’re 10 times more entertaining.

I’ve been dying for some past cast or crew member to write a tell all. It seems that only recently contestants have been more open about the behind the scenes crap that goes. I’m wondering what kind of disclosure this people sign and why do they seem to stay loyal after their off the show?

Comment: If they could, somebody would’ve by now. Basically, you’re not allowed to tell any of the show secrets (publicly) for the rest of your life. Sure, people say stuff here and there. But a tell all book that’s solely dedicated to outing the lying and manipulating that goes on behind the scenes of this show? Never happen. Even if a contestant tried to write it, ABC/NZK Productions would sue them before that book ever hit the shelves. You sign your life away when you sign to go on that show, and basically nothing that happens on that show is their fault, and you have no legal recourse for anything.

Other than that, it’s a wonderful contract to sign into.

I just read your letters for the week of Aug 23rd. It reminded me that when for weeks so many were SO upset that you received wrong information about Des and Chris, I couldn’t believe how upset people were. I’ve been wondering why people would be so angry about it, and I had an idea. Do you think that people place ‘bets’ with actual money exchanged about who will win, and all those folks lost? No one mentioned doing it, but I have to wonder. What kind of ‘loss’ or ‘pain’ would someone be experiencing to be that upset with the misinformed ending. The whole show is such a joke, and you make it bearable and funny. Without your weekly comments, there is no way I would tune in. Many thanks for the laughs.

Comment: I’m sure people maybe placed small bets here and there. But do I think anyone would risk their whole savings account or something? No. I just think people needed something to bitch about, so they took it out on me because I was an easy target at the time. And they take the show way too seriously.

Did you see that Juan Pablo now has his name trademarked on Twitter?

I wonder if this means you have to pay him each time you mention his name in your column.

Clearly, he’s in this to find a wife.

Comment: If that’s the case, I’ll just call him JP all season. Or attention whore. One of the two.

Hi Steve,

I’ve only been watching the show for a few seasons (since Emily) and I always read your blogs, but there’s still something I just can’t understand. How is it that these people’s educations and jobs never really come up? Like I know that doesn’t make for great TV all the time, but is there seriously never a situation where a bachelor/ette is not okay with what the contestant does for a living or their education? I know its mostly models and fame hungry people, but I feel like that has to play a role and they just don’t address it. Its come up with a few people (like Michael the federal prosecutor obviously went to law school) but otherwise, education is never discussed. Do you know if the lead specifies that they have to have a certain level of education, or they just don’t care? I actually felt like thats part of why Sean and Catherine got along so well, they both had real jobs and seemed fairly intelligent.

Also on that note, do they cast based on religious or political views? It came up kind of in Sean’s season when everyone knew he was a born again virgin or something like that, but I feel like that stuff doesn’t come up either. Only in one season (I think Sean’s), there were like 4 girls whose dads were all ministers or preachers, so it seemed like they clearly pre-cleared the girls for that stuff. But otherwise, no one says: So, would our kids join my church or yours? I feel like they really don’t show the “important” conversations and from reading Des’s blog, it seems like the producers really don’t let them talk outside of the camera, so it can’t be stuff that just doesn’t get filmed. Any insight into any of this stuff? I know it seems so trivial for reality TV, I’m just so curious to know if that stuff goes into casting or if thats possibly why so many relationships fail afterwards.

Thanks for writing- can’t wait to read more next season!

Comment: I’m sure there have been instances in the past where it was an issue as to why someone was sent home, but it was just never aired. The lead will tell producers their type and what they like, but ultimately, casting decides whose going to be on the show. If it were up to the lead, then for Juan Pablo’s season, all 25 women will be soooooo excited to become a step mom and marry into an already established family, and we know that won’t be the case. You can mark it down right now. It’s a just a matter of which episode it’s brought up by the women in the house, “I heard so-and-so say she really doesn’t want children and is just doing this to be on TV.” You know it’s coming, it’s just a matter of when.

And they don’t show the “important” conversations because this show isn’t about finding a future spouse, and love, and what people have in common. Never was and never will be. It’s a television show meant to entertain.

Hi there! Must be nice to catch a break from all the bachelor crazies , or are you still getting death threats? When Chris was on the show I kept thinking he was the only guy that actually thought maybe he could fall in love because the only thing he promoted was his poetry. And then he goes and publishes a book of poetry. Really dude? It’s funny to me that a guy would sign up for the bachelor thinking “ooh ill get to get my poetry out there” and it actually worked! And Juan Pablo and his tweets ?. I WILL not handle IT. Do you think when he speaks he shouts random words mid sentence? Just my thoughts of the week. Bye. 🙂

Comment: The hatred over the wrong ending lasted about as long as I thought it would – about 48 hrs. I mean really, if someone is emailing me about that two weeks after the show ends, they must truly lead a boring life.

As for Juan Pablo’s tweets, I don’t have the slightest clue why he writes the nonsense he does. I guess he’s just trying to draw attention to himself and get people talking about him.

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  1. michelles0724

    September 8, 2013 at 11:47 AM

    I immediately had the same thought about Jessie Spano’s breakdown when I saw Elizabeth Berkley was cast! So funny. Thanks for posting that clip. I’ve watched it at least 6 times.

  2. kasey31

    September 9, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    That was one of my favorite Saved By the Bell episodes ever haha- “I’m so excited, I’m so excited! I’m so… scared”

  3. kickinanames

    September 9, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    actually, aj and katherine broke up weeks ago, and he’s now dating a brunette from his college named brooke. she instagrammed a picture of them cuddling.

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