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As predicted, I can see that some of the links I included on a few of Juan Pablo’s girls from yesterday have already been shut down. Like Ashley’s link to her first grade class. Gee, that didn’t take long. It’s expected though. Obviously none of those girls had a clue I’d be posting anything about them yesterday so once they were informed, either by reading themselves or someone alerting them to it, the rush was on to delete stuff. Only a couple days until they arrive in LA then that’s when most Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will be shut down. Pinterest isn’t as big yet, so I don’t expect those that have them to shut theirs off. LinkedIn usually stays up. I’ve got a few more that I’ve had for a couple weeks which I’ll release soon, and just slowly roll them out. During Sean’s season, they put the girls profiles and head shots up on the ABC site three days after filming started, which was the first time in the history of the show they did that. Last season with Desiree, it was back to waiting until about 2 weeks before the premiere. No idea what their plan is this season, but I’ll give you as many girls as I can once I have the most info on them I can. A couple girls I just have a first name and a city, but that’s not enough for me to post. And I usually like to post when I can at least give you 4 or 5 full profiles at a time. So stay tuned as I will be giving you more girls here shortly.

Daily Links

-Ohhhhh, so the whole thing was just an artistic masterpiece, and we just don’t understand the nuances of it? How silly of us. Sorry to question you, Miley.

-I’ve always kinda wondered why Katherine Heigl’s career never really took off like critics thought it would after “Knocked Up.” Uhhh, guess we have our answer now. She’s a bitch.

-I don’t follow the “Teen Mom” franchise, except for what I read occasionally in stories online. But holy crap, isn’t this girl the one that’s complete hot mess not named Farrah Abraham? Hasn’t she been arrested like 5 times already? Honey, maybe giving handy’s in your car ride home is not the way to go when your boyfriend is hammered.

-Here’s a story about Tiffani Thiessen being a mommy. Two things that are disappointing: 1) The fact we don’t call her Tiffani Amber Thiessen anymore. Sorry. That will always be her name. 2) That she hasn’t every adopted the Valerie Malone persona for her real life. Tiffani the mommy is boring. Spice it up a little bit.

-Speaking of old “Saved by the Bell” characters, how awesome is this video of Mark Paul Gosslear answering questions as a 2013 Zack Morris? Genius.

-Vanilla Ice is performing at halftime of the Texans/Titans game this Sunday in Houston. That’s almost grounds for a road trip.

-Did any of you catch this X Factor duo on the premiere last night? They were good, but something seemed a bit off about the whole thing. I’m sure in a couple weeks we’ll find out they aren’t really a couple and they’re ringers that have been singing professionally for years and they were just thrown together for show purposes.

-Yes, a Courtney Stodden story. She booted from “Big Brother UK” last night. I bet most of you didn’t even know she was on it. Hey England, please only keep her there for another week. We need her back in the states. I haven’t been getting enough Courtney Stodden updates while she’s been overseas to wet my appetite.

-One of my favorite shows, “Homeland,” starts up again soon on Showtime. Here’s an interview Claire Danes did talking about the upcoming season 3.

-Oh how the mighty have fallen. Jon Gosselin is now waiting tables. One question: Does he still wear his Ed Hardy gear with his not cool earring? Just checking.

-How many more interviews is Robin Thicke’s little skank going to give? I mean, the VMA’s were like two weeks ago. Sorry sister, you’re already old news. Just go make a sex tape already. It’s the logical next step in your “career.”

-I get the appeal of Ryan Seacrest and why he has so many jobs. Say what you want about him, but he’s good at what he does. However, I’ve never understood it with Carson Daly. He’s a poor man’s Seacrest in my eyes. Yet, he keeps getting jobs. Add another one.

-Television executives are masters at spin control. They have an explanation for everything when it comes to ratings. Look no further than this NBC exec trying to spin why “Million Second Quiz” hasn’t exactly taken off. I know why. Because it has a million different elements in it that none of the viewers fully comprehend. That’s a start.

-“Survivor: Blood vs Water” starts next week, and this video of Jeff Probst was filmed after Day 1 with him giving his thoughts on who might be eliminated early. As much as I love “Survivor,” I can’t get excited about this season – yet. I need to see how the 7,534 twists that have planned plays out. It’s too much for me at this point, but maybe I need to see it first before rushing to judgment.

-Well, I’m glad T-Swift has put the collaborating rumors with J-Lo to rest. I was really starting to lose sleep about whether or not these two would ever get in the studio together. Great interview, dude. Very professional and you didn’t seem star struck at all.

-One of the funniest sports pranks I’ve ever read happened recently to former Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt. You gotta read this whole thing. Classic. If you know Vanderjagt’s personality and what an a-hole he was when he played, this all makes sense.

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